Marsau Dismisses LaTisha’s Desire to Work in Real Estate | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

Marsau Dismisses LaTisha’s Desire to Work in Real Estate | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

I wanted to talk to you
about moving forward with me and my real estate license. I would be doing it
just maybe part time, or taking care of
the kids part time. OK. Most important thing, our kids. I mean, I understand
that, but the problem is is that I still
want to do something else outside the household. Like, I just don’t want
to be in a household with the kids all
day, every day. This is what I said in
the beginning, sweetie. Like, at the end of day,
we’re not coming off the deal. We made a deal.
– So– Whoa, whoa, whoa. What I’m trying to
say is that it’s been decided, long time ago. Play your role, baby. So what’s the point of
spending all the money, and doing all the background,
and getting the license if I’m not going to use them. To me, it was for fun. OK. OK. T– I’m done with
the conversation.

21 thoughts on “Marsau Dismisses LaTisha’s Desire to Work in Real Estate | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

  1. First lol

  2. That end comment from Marsau was actually madness wrapped up in his words. He doesn't realise he has shattered her dreams

  3. I couldn't be Tisha. He is flat out disrespectful and mean with it too! What happen to happy wife happy life? He allowed her to get that license for fun? It couldn't be me! I was gonna do it regardless!

  4. Eff that! I’d do it my way ANYWAY. He could get on board or get gone. 🤷🏾‍♀️ He’s controlling tho & she’s in denial so things will most likely remain the same. 🙄

  5. Controlling much 🤔

  6. Is that her father or her husband?!!!!

  7. the way she even approaches the issue is like that of a child asking their father if they can go outside and play. that’s setting up the stage for him to respond with either yes or no. he helped her pursue a license just to amuse her momentarily, like a kid. if she wants to go ahead and be taken seriously as a working mom, she has to take matters into her own hands. and exhibit those qualities for herself.

  8. I get where he’s coming from BUT wow dude couldn’t compromise. Aren’t here phases to a relationship? What will she do with herself when the kids grow older. I see resentment from a mile away.

  9. Also no one’s fate is 100% decided. I understand this was the decision/ the roles the vowed to play in THEIR marriage. All she wants is to add to that role. She doesn’t want to lessen her part as a mother. So if she wants to change a little I think it’s ok. Who doesn’t want their spouse to grow ??

  10. If he is doing his role as the provider, she is able to do her role as a nurturer. That's what they agreed on in their marriage. He's saying I don't need any help providing, he got this🤷 however, he didn't have to say it was for fun. He could have said as a backup 🤦

  11. No man would stop me from working, if it's something I want to do.

  12. Eventually he's going to change or he's going to lose her.

  13. this looks like she's Marsau's daughter. Doesnt seem as though he respects her or her feelings at all

  14. I see a divorce or separation in this relationship

  15. He is more of a father than a husband. You cannot let a man have that kind of control over you. If she can work part time and still take care of those children I think it is fine. You have to be careful when you go into a marriage with people who have a certain way of thinking.

  16. Play your role, we made a deal and it's been decided! WOW!!

  17. This negro is getting on my nerves…I feel like he's cheating…she is a joke to him

  18. He'll never respect or take her seriously, and she'll never grow up unless she leaves him.

  19. I'm confused and I'm all up for girl power but if they talked about it before they even started having kids. Is it fair to go back on the arrangement?

  20. she seems very immature and childish

  21. He calls her sweet but wen his friends does it its an issue

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