Market Leader | Real Estate IDX Website | Price | Reviews

Market Leader | Real Estate IDX Website | Price | Reviews

Good afternoon/ Good evening my name is
Robert Newman I am a real estate online marketing expert located in California.
Tonight what we are talking, today/ tonight whatever time it is. What we’re
talking about is Market Leader. this video is one in a series of videos where
I’m talking about providers that make real estate websites. This provider makes
a real estate website that is typically classified as a low-end IDX site. What do
I mean by that, that means that the site is usually not that fancy and what
you’re going to do, is you’re going to put in a search it’s just Seattle. Let’s
just do this. okay, and we’re gonna get search results that’s really mostly what
this site is good for. Right, you’d have to really work hard to see some
extra value out of this website. In other words what do I mean by that? Convert
leads, usually these very low end very low costs IDX systems don’t generate you
much leads and they certainly don’t do it without a lot of extra effort. So
let’s talk about lead generation for a second as it relates to Market Leader.
Market Leader has a separate lead generation program that has nothing to
do with your website. What they will do is they will provide leads for you at
twenty to thirty dollars a lead and these leads will. So here’s the product
real estate leads and what they’ll do is they’ll just give you a handful of
these. Now a quick addendum to these leads. I don’t have any customers that I
know of that are using this service. I can tell you from experience that a, what’s
called a direct advertising lead. That’s a lead that’s generated off a search
engine. So we do a search and you see these down here. These are ads, so that’s
where our leads are coming from. So I’m just clicking on an ad then they’re signing
up with the search platform or whatever mechanism Market Leader is using to
capture lead and that can’t hand it off to you.
Direct advertising leads as opposed to informational leads. Like these are
information released long articles that really talk about the search query. okay,
a lot of information so these kinds of leads tend to be much better and the
numbers work something like this 1 in 15 or 1 in 30. Somewhere between 15 and
30 of these types of leads to get a close. So my advice to anybody thinking
of using Market Leader’s advertising program have three to six hundred
dollars that you can take a match to and set it on fire. If you have that, you
should go ahead and try Market Leader there’s a lot of other sources where you
can spend money they’re all equally as risky at that low of an amount. I know
it probably sounds like a lot but honestly direct advertising requires a
healthy budget. Any kind of real estate advertising really does. If you really
want to make sure that you’re gonna get what’s called a cyclical return. In other
words get yourself into a process or a loop where you can keep investing money
and keep seeing results and thus justify the advertising in the first place. Most
of the time I don’t recommend that any realtor try direct advertising without
having a minimum of fifteen hundred dollars to spend, minimum and if you
don’t have that you should be looking at other mechanisms to generate leads.
Alright, so another thing that I do when I’m doing a reviews on providers that
make real estate websites is I’m going ahead and I’m looking at them from an
SEO perspective. This is Market Leader, they’ve done pretty well. They’ve been in
business for damn near 20 years, they should be doing well at some point or
another somebody with some SEO experience actually got a hold of their
website. For the amount of years that they’ve been in business and for their
marketing position they have sold, Market Leader has sold for more money than any
other real estate software company has ever sold for. It was sold in, was
acquired by Zillow in 2013 for a hundred and seventy million dollars. Resold to
Constellation Software for 23 million. Constellation Software has a division
called Perseus and Perseus owns Z57 and Zurple, So you’re talking about the
same group of companies. Let’s talk about that for a second so on top of a not
very inspiring website. All the companies that are owned by this group of
companies doesn’t have a very inspiring reputation. I know of three companies and all of them have three and four stars and typically speaking with all three of
these companies you can use whatever mechanism that you want to sell their
services. They really don’t seem to give a crap, to be honest. You can go on it.
Though I don’t recommend that you take my word for it. If you’re. for what it. You
should not be researching Market Leader unless you have a mentor or somebody
that is directly referred you to them and says that they will show you how to
make money. There are other solutions, other types of real estate websites of
the same, in the same category same pricing that have a hundred percent
better features which is probably why Market Leader is losing both market
share and value over time. One thing that Market Leader does have however and one
of the reasons it made it onto my top twenty list is it does have a lot of
customers. The fact that it’s been around for so long. I’ve shown this a few
different ways but most web manufacturers or website providers
they have signatures on the sites that they’ve produced this one is powered by
Market Leader. So Market Leader is essentially saying they’ve got a CRM and
other tools. I haven’t seen them, I have seen their tutorials for these tools and
they’re all very bad I’m going to cover that in a second. So I don’t have a great
deal of faith that with the tutorials being bad that the tools themselves are
very good nor do I have very much input from customers saying they’re very good
and I did read about 50 of these, of the hundred or so reviews online and they
weren’t very good either so I’m taking a large set of experience but I am a
big believer in you should collect your own data I’m just trying to point you in
the right direction but Market Leader is outclassed in every way. The only thing
they’ve got that other people don’t have is a lot of customers they have close
to probably 13 to 15 thousand real estate websites online. One of the few. That makes them one of the bigger companies of this type. Agent Image is
larger and Placester is much larger with a few hundred thousand customers
and Placester by the way would be one of the places I’d take a serious
look at because for $80 or $90 a month Placester will make a much better website
for this. One that is unlocked for leads and give you a really good experience
with a wordpress platform as opposed to this customized platform that market
leader has used and most of the tools I don’t think work that well anymore. Let’s
get into that for a second market leader does have a YouTube channel that talks
and supposedly gives you training. So I went through it I watched five of the 12
available videos. They’re so bad I can’t even actually get through the rest of
them. So this is one of the their tips. They’re telling you to be on your laptop
at open houses promote their monthly e-newsletter and use flyers at events.
Okay, if your a real estate agent and you don’t
understand that you need to have a flyer at an open house, please find another
career. Use postcards to build businesses, how? how? Mailing to the, are we using
Geographic farming? Like what? Like link or code your business cards. I just,
this stuff is antiquated in addition right before this they’re saying you
should be on your laptop linking into Facebook groups some of the Flyers
and that’s not that that’s such a bad strategy
it’s just that these days any savvy online marketer, like the
marketers that are going to give you really good advice are going to tell you to
hire a virtual assistant to do all this repetitive digital promotion and send
traffic to your site that way. You can get a really good digital assistant for
three to five dollars an hour in the Philippines that speaks perfect English
that will do this all day long for you. You’ll get hundreds or thousands of
visits and you’ll spend a total of thirty dollars assuming that this is the
method that you wanted to go. So they’re ridiculously out of date
and I don’t yeah, I can’t anyway sorry, I can’t get to it. So ultimately my
my total advice on this is be be wary if there’s a reason that you’re going with
market leader maybe you’ve heard from your mentors mentor or something like oh
I used to make good money or I do make good money. There are certain real estate
professionals that have been using Market Leader for close to 20 years. If they’re
gonna say I make great money doing this that isn’t good for you. You need them to
show you specifically what tools they’re using and how they’re using them before
I would invest a single penny. That’s what I would be before I’d invest one
single dime into market leader. Alright, I hope this was helpful thanks for tuning
in again my name is Robert Newman and I am the founder of inbound real estate
marketing or inbound REM. See you on the next video.

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  1. Horrible company with deceptive practices – AVOID

  2. What is an online lead service that you would reccomend?

  3. AVOID this company at all costs. They should be prosecuted for false advertising! I will not go into too many details, just do your research.You will be hard pressed to find anything positive about them.

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