MAN #TRUCKLIFE Hotel: Welcome Home in Sitges!

MAN #TRUCKLIFE Hotel: Welcome Home in Sitges!

Hi guys! We are in Spain, on the coast, for the MAN #TRUCKLIFE Hotel. What is #TRUCKLIFE Hotel? It’s simple: MAN has now created a living room for trucklife 2.0. Let’s see now why. You rarely have to climb a hotel room but no problem. So, this is my room, now set up a little bit here. This is a coolbox! Check out…! Great! We already have something to drink. We have some storage space here, which is important. Well, it’s really kind of cool. I’m actually feeling right at home here. So, now let’s see what’s technically new here. You notice that everything is even more organized here. The switches are new and this LCD display is new. Very tidy. I’d say: off to the beach! Let’s enjoy the weather! Are you coming with me? Here we go! Yeah! There you are! We definitely have to go to the beach in this weather. Here, by the way, are the room neighbours. Different from a hotel! Honestly, how awesome is that! You have a hotel room right by the sea! It couldn’t be better! This has been a really cool day. But now you have to go out because I’m getting ready for bed. Bye, see you tomorrow! This is how you wake up. Better than a hotel room! The reason why we are here at all is the Home, Speed Home Tour. In the course of this tour there were contests and the winners won a hotel room like the one that I have now. We’ll visit the winners now. Some of them are already sitting there. I’ve talked with the guests because from a trucker’s point of view there is also a feel-good aspect. They also said, that these are significant improvements. Very nice. Indirectly, you even have the opportunity,
to test the new cab, but you don’t notice it because you live in it! You live in it for two nights. Playfully experienced!

8 thoughts on “MAN #TRUCKLIFE Hotel: Welcome Home in Sitges!

  1. Winter is coming and he goes to the beach =)

  2. Can i get to work with you?

  3. Dann weisste bescheid wennde ein lkw fahrer bist

  4. Where's this parking? I wanna go there with my MAN as well.

  5. Man.tudo. dê. Bom

  6. Sid

  7. MAN is Life. Best Power truck

  8. Du kannst hoffen das du nette Zimmernachbarn hast sonst wirst du durch was anderes geweckt das nicht dein Wecker ist

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