Making Profitable Real Estate Videos – Borino Coaching for Agents – PT 3

Making Profitable Real Estate Videos – Borino Coaching for Agents – PT 3

I also see the cool things remember this
watched it I can’t imagine the second part check this out right here where do
we have it here Google and NAR did that study 85 percent of people want agents
with video but notice the second number right here only 15 percent of agents so
far are making videos only 15 percent and the number one reason they don’t
wanna make videos down uncomfortable on camera number two they don’t know what
to talk about we’ll take care of that in the course like I told you you’re going
to have over 100 videos content what you talk about but only 15 percent you know
what that means opportunity for you you can be the next uber in your area I’m
not joking you can develop connections with people
spread your message get to be known in certain neighborhoods or in certain
bracket that’s the cool opportunity that’s in your hands right now
sooner or later agents will figure this out fuck all I need is a phone a little
microphone hell yes I’m going to do that as opposed to door locking 16 hours a
day now you still need to prospect please hear me on this this will not
replace the prospecting this will just get your face out there connect with
more people give you opportunities to talk to those who are on do not call it
who you cannot read you don’t have a phone number who don’t answer your calls
or your mail who throw out the shit you send them who don’t open your emails
this will be another Avenue because one of the things I’m going to show you also
is how to create a little one-on-one videos we can get on your phone and send
a personal message to somebody supposed to just texting them for example it’s
pretty cool way of communicating okay make safe cafe has a really good
question can you give us some examples of content for your videos that’s a
really good question Kathy I’m going to give you several I mean like I said
you’re going to get 100 and I think there’s a 95 topics to talk about in
your videos but there are several you can do right now one of the most
powerful ones where I would start is take either an existing client or a past
client and record a 30-second endorsement testimonial from your client
it is one of the most powerful videos because now we have a third party who
your service endorsing rather than you tell talking about you not that there’s
anything wrong with it sometimes that’s necessary and we’ll go over it but if
you can record two maybe three even one sure little testimonial with your past
client your Golan that’s worth a lot and I’ll tell you how I would use it but
first let me tell you how to shoot it you’re going to take a smart phone
you’re going to get one of those microphones one of these you’re going to
clip it on your client you’re going to put your camera on a little tripod I’m
going to show you which tripod to get cost about twenty five thirty dollars in
the next week’s video you’re going to put the phone on the tripod hook up the
microphone into the camera you’re going to sit your client eye level with the
camera about four or five feet away from the camera so they’re shut about this
slide okay so we can see the features of the face which is important from
psychological standpoint you’re going to stand slightly behind the camera to the
right or to the left you’re going to ask the client a few questions the way
you’re going to record it is you’re going to record the entire take once
maybe twice if they really love but don’t worry about the perfection it is
not the perfection of the video it is authenticity
that will make it impactful then in a post-production all you’re going to do
is take out your questions so all we see is your client telling to the camera or
to you which is okay to if they’re looking at you that’s fine too in some
of documentaries or news you see the person is not looking into the camera
but slightly to the left which creates an impression visual impression of the
viewer to be witnessing a conversation either way will work now for the
questions you’re going to ask three maybe four very simple questions you’re
going to tell your client Mary would you be so kind and introduce yourself on the
camera and she says my name is Mary Smith I am from Washington DC would you
please tell us about your situation before you met marina we were we wanted
to sell our house and we couldn’t sell it it was on the market with another
agency for six months we didn’t get any offers we get discouraged to get off the
market and then we got a phone call from ballina what was your experience with
marina would you share briefly what’s your interaction with it where it was
very nice very friendly he was unlike every other agent we met he was very
pleasant non pushy he explained to us our situation after some questions was
genuinely interesting helping us what did you do next we
decided that we still wanted to buy a condo down in Florida so we listed our
property and in 30 days we had a great offer and it was a very pleasant very
easy experience we were highly highly impressed with the professionalism
always our calls have been answered a question that been answered it was a
smooth transaction from start to finish would you recommend Barrino to others
who are in a similar situation who are thinking about time absolutely yes if
you want an agent who is very professional who will help you will be
honest and upfront and will always be in communication with you but we highly
recommend arena to everybody else that’s it takes about 38 45 seconds cool now
you take that you take your questions out of that and now you have a nice
video at the end you can put a call to action a little slide just a little
artwork with your name your contact information now you have a testimonial
but here’s where the fun begins you can use that video of course on social mix
socially dia on your business Facebook page on your website on your personal
Facebook page video will get tons of attention Facebook is really pushing
video big time you can boost it if you want to so the online channel is
important step 2 you’re going to email it to all your potential sellers hey
just wanted to share with you record the letter interview one of our sellers
they’re giving some opinions little back piece use humor be a little
self-deprecating that’s cool send it to everybody now but killer stuff imagine
you’re standing in front of an expired listing a potential lead and you’re
having a conversation and if your smartphone with you in the middle of the
conversation the seller says you’ve heard this question before you guys how
are you in a different how do you work very different from all the other 12
agents the plumb line and you say you know what another me telling you Oh
somebody else tell you you cue up the video on your phone and you hand it you
literally put it in their hands and you let them watch the 30-second clip how
many other agents do you think do this have you ever done it pretty cool right my ball nobody else
does this you will be the only one do you think that will have an impact on
the seller not just the fact that somebody else who was just like them
that who they can relate to is telling them why you are the best choice but
that you answer that question in a way that nobody else would answer you know
why because 99% of the agents would get into well we have the best marketing
plan and we have this many buyers and we are the number one in the area all that
know is bullshitting nobody wants to hear no solo wants to hear Sarah given a
real authentic answer from a real authentic person extremely powerful
30-second clip you have on your phone and I’ll give you one more
you are the listing presentation you’re talking to the seller you’re going
through the listing presentation you have it on your laptop or you have it on
your iPad and as you’re talking to know what I decline who is in a similar
situation as you guys check this out and in the middle of your presentation you
play the testimonial imagine the impact how many other agents do that you’re
going to blow away your competition just with a little clip like that think about
that a real person telling them hire this guy he’s your best choice we were
just like you trying to sell we didn’t get it done this guy got it done he’s
awesome use it all you need is one maybe two I wouldn’t play two but I would have
them on standby maybe have one front visible went from expired one from past
client one from current listing you with me on this super powerful way of
introducing a new element I’m with it I’m with technology not just the
testimonial itself but how you present it where you suddenly perceived it hits
with it or she’s got it you would me what do you think you

2 thoughts on “Making Profitable Real Estate Videos – Borino Coaching for Agents – PT 3

  1. Fantastic Job Borino! Great Practical ideas for using videos…

  2. Borino my man. Im very selective of who i intake advice and tips from. Being a new agent of only 4 weeks i feel its important to build a solid foundation. And i like your style man. When i start making sales one of the first things i will purchase is your fsbo package. I feel like i can be really good at this. A high status and powerful agent. So when i watch your videos it inspires me. I want what you have and more im young hungry and driven. Its a slow start but im on this ride for good Cant wait to learn more from you

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