MahaNakhon: Building Thailand’s Tallest Tower | The B1M

MahaNakhon: Building Thailand’s Tallest Tower | The B1M

Adding a major new tower to a well-known city
skyline is a difficult task. But one team faced with doing just that in Bangkok took
a unique approach to blending their structure in. This is MahaNakhon… Bangkok is one of the largest and fast-growing
cities in the Far East. Its rapid expansion has resulted in historic architecture and
rich Thai culture rubbing shoulders with glass corporate headquarter buildings in a vibrant
and diverse cityscape. The 77-storey MahaNakhon tower was conceived
in 2009 at the height of the global financial crisis and amidst considerable economic uncertainty.
It was intended to mark the excitement and ambition of Thailand’s capital city, its name literally
meaning “great metropolis”. PACE Development progressed the project, employing
the design skills of OMA’s Ole Scheeren as their architect. Scheeren’s unique design sees a ribbon of
pixels wrap the building, preventing it from overpowering the surrounding city. The pixels
melt the tower with the sky above and the city below, dissolving its base into Bangkok’s
famous bustling street life. They also offer panoramic views to those in
the residences; an innovative tactic that has helped to increase the appeal of such
properties. Construction of the USD $620M structure began
in 2011. From a 3.6 acre site, a poured in-situ concrete frame was steadily constructed and
the tower began to rise into the Bangkok sky. 97,000 cubic metres of concrete and 16,000
tonnes of steel reinforcement later, MahaNakohn topped out at a height of 314 metres – which
is around 1,030 feet or nearly 1.2 million pixels. The building’s structure consists of a concrete
core containing the lift shafts and key vertical service routes, surrounded by 12 concrete
columns and further columns toward the envelope. Outriggers are installed at three intervals across
the building’s height to prevent swaying; avoiding any discomfort to occupants. The construction programme had to account
for pouring concrete in Bangkok’s humid tropical climate and for the practicalities of
bringing concrete mixers to site in one of the world’s most congested cities.
Efficiencies were also inhibited by the building’s pixelated form creating unique floor plates
throughout its height. The tower’s façade is formed of almost
6,500 glass panels. Those toward the top of the tower stand a mighty 4.4 metres tall offering
uninterrupted views and weigh in at 440KG each. Completed in 2016, MakaNakhon now offers a
luxury hotel, high-end residences and a daring roof-top bar across 135,000 square meters
of space. 22 lifts service the building, the fastest of which move at eight metres a second,
taking people from street level to the summit in just 39 seconds. The breath-taking views that await those travelling
to the top make it easy to see why MakaNakhon’s highest value apartment was recently sold
for USD $13.6M. The unique structure is now Thailand’s tallest
building and makes a striking addition to Bangkok’s skyline; an exciting new twist
in one of the world’s most vibrant cityscapes. If you enjoyed this video and would like to
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    Everyonce can ask me
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    Open it 3d king power new video

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