Luxury Real Estate Tour in Istanbul Turkey: Nurol Life

Luxury Real Estate Tour in Istanbul Turkey: Nurol Life

Hello everyone I am Derya and welcome to
Realty Turkey now we are in Seyrantepe to visit a gracious apartment
with a clear bright view. It is rising on a perfect area which creates the feeling
of being right in the heart of Istanbul next to the Maslak-Levent line and
easy location to the third Airport. Yes, this dazzling tower is nestled on a key location with an adorable forest view! I want to give you a special tour at a
two hundred five square meter apartment and this elegant 50 storey tower. Look at
the fabulous outer façade materials shiny glasses and natural stones. A splendid first impression! Look how fascinating! An impressive lobby with 9-meter ceiling and marble covered floors are welcoming you when
you’re entering but before starting our house tour I want to surprise you with
its incredible social areas. So let’s see what this elegant residence offers! So what makes this alluring apartment
and Nurol life unique is also its social areas the irresistable charm of
luxurious life in Nurol life includes sophisticated social areas such as
cinema and gaming room, fitness center, bath, sauna, meeting room and swimming
pool as well as comfortable guest room for your friends and pet care service.
Isn’t it a total residential comfort? Now it’s time to explore a delightful
house the first moment when you enter this 3-bedroom apartment you discover an amazing feature. Do you see the 4 meter floor to ceiling height? Isn’t it spacious?
By the way, beside this, this entrance is also functional.
Do you see this useful closets? Designed as a practical, gleamy,
yet lovely space to cook, this kitchen will reveal your best smile. So tons of
details such as integrated appliances and quality materials feature everything you require in the kitchen. We can say this is both an exhilarating space corner and
a lovely place to have your breakfast. See this from ceiling to the floor window,
isn’t it a refreshing space to stop for a minute and then have a look at the
gorgeous view. This is your main entertaining area.
Again have you noticed the calming atmosphere around? Yes again 4 meter floor to ceiling height, natural light conquering every detail in this
entertaining space floor-to-ceiling windows which you can open entirely make you feel special. Look at this heart stealing view! This tower combines the beautiful lush trees all along the Belgrade forest and also the
urban face of Istanbul. Imagine yourself looking at the window at night. Wouldn’t
be spectacular to lie on your comfy sofa and watch the eye brightening lights of
Istanbul nights? This is the master bedroom and this
bedroom can blow your mind. Look how tranquil, cozy and warm. You can see that this master bedroom was created for recovering from a tiring day and
loosening up. Here you have shades of Belgrad forest and modern silhouette of
Istanbul through the window. realtyturkey

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