Luxury Real Estate Tour in Istanbul Turkey: Marina 24

Luxury Real Estate Tour in Istanbul Turkey: Marina 24

Welcome to Realty Turkey I am Derya and
today I am in Mimaroba, Büyükçekmece a seaside area in Istanbul. Cause today we
are visiting the sales office of Marina 24 One of the most outstanding projects
of Istanbul. This modern and alluring office has so much to tell you!
So let’s start. Located in the beautiful coastal part of Büyükçekmece, Marina 24, for sure, will be the shining gem of the district. Iit has all the pleasures of
a seaside town in the Mediterranean region. The area is famous for its
holiday-like lifestyle since it’s full of restaurants, cafes, colorful stores and
cheerful seagull screams… Along with the relaxing summer breeze, Mimaroba carries the tracks of its rich history. See the historical bridge built by the very
famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. Apparently the area once was a
significant point in terms of trade route. Remember that Mimaroba takes its name from the famous architect Mimar Sinan. Now imagine you are living a holiday
life in Istanbul because you have a very special, cozy yet an elegant home! So
let’s see what marina 24 offers us. The project is still under construction, so
we’re gonna check the model which will give us an idea about what it will look
like. Marina 24 is right on the coastal line. Nearly
every apartment is facing the beautiful sea it has a large and lushly planted
park just between these fabulous buildings and the sea, so you can take a relaxing
walk on the enchanting coastal line or have a wonderful time at nights with
your beloved ones. This area is for everything you need.
Here is a large social complex where you can find a beautifully maintained wellness
complex with a spa and an impressive massage rooms, a sauna and a wonderful, endless swimming pool which creates a sense of infinity while you’re swimming,
and also reorganize your time because Marina 24 have an alluring shopping area
just right beneath your stunning apartment The only thing you need is just to
take your jacket and go downstairs, here are the most fabulous brands waiting for
you! Now it’s time to explore the sample
apartment. Believe me, this four room immaculate apartment is attracting real
relaxing seekers. Let’s get in! So first of all this exquisite and
contemporary separate kitchen will hit all cuisine admires. In this kitchen
which processes all the essentials you need, it will be an unmatched joy to cook
watching the immaculate view right out of your window! Well look at this
light-filled living room which offers a sense of pleasure and enthusiasm. You
must have noticed the 3,5 metre floor to ceiling height, isn’t it sublime? Stepping
into the apartment is like stepping into your secret, gracious territory. Look at
this over-size windows! They are just extending along the living room and take
you out to the adorable seaside right over here.
Now imagine yourself lying here on your sofa listening to a nice song while
you’re just watching the sun shines! As you walk through the master bedroom
you will notice that every inch of this room is sunkissed an idyllic. This dream
master bedroom has a stylish touch and richly detailed interior design. Just
think you’re waking up to this unmatched resort-style room! Also a functional but yet chic bathroom offers you everything you need after a long and tiring day. This
simplicity actually creates a sense of spaciousness and certainty at the same
time. I so well know what you’re thinking
about! Now you’re wondering how much this amazing apartment will cost for you. So
why don’t you visit for more information our website
See you soon bye bye!

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