Luis Ortiz, Real Estate Lead Generation & First Jobs | #AskGaryVee Episode 221

Luis Ortiz, Real Estate Lead Generation & First Jobs | #AskGaryVee Episode 221

– On this episode, we
had a really good time. (laughter) (hip hop music) You ask questions, and I answer them. This is The #AskGaryVee Show. Hey everybody,
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 221 of
The #AskGaryVee Show. Our first guest in our
new deluxe office and I’m super excited about it. We didn’t even talk about the white on white which
I’m very excited about. – I thought we talked about– – You’re showing, you’re showing
some good stuff here. I like it. – I just came from a
26 day trip by myself. I’m allowed to show my
chest hair which is tanned. – You went 26 days by yourself?
– 26 days. – That’s where this came from?
– Yes. – Where’d you go? – I went to for Greece and
I want Italy and I went from Pisa to Florence to Sienna to
Luciano, Chianti, Perugia, Rome, Rome, Positano, no Sorrento,
Positano, Positano, Martifico, Capri then Sicilia, Sicilia,
Santorini, Santorini, New York. – You drank a lot of wine?
– Yes. – Good. – And I met a lot
of beautiful woman. – Very nice.
– I met a lot of great people. – Nice.
– Yes. – You had a great time. What a great show
see you guys later. (laughter) Alright. I know a lot of the audience
is going to know who you are, why don’t you address
that like where you came from but I also know you’re it seems
like this 26 day trip has a little bit to do
with the transition. I think you’re expanding and so
I’d love for you to spend a few minutes to create
context for everybody. Thanks Tyler. – Is a very interesting time in
my life because just recently, on the beginning of the year
there was a part of me that was, everything that I do
I have to be obsessed about. – All-in. – I think that you can be good
at many things, you can only be great at the things
you’re passionate about. – Yep. – I’ve been doing real
estate for about 10 years now. I’m part of the show
“Million Dollar Listing” which just finished this
season five and– – And you’ve been
on since season two? – Season two, yes. – So you did four
seasons of the show. – Four seasons together. At the beginning of this year
there was something about me that was, I consider
myself to be a very happy guy. And when the year started I was, there was part of me that
was very, very sad. Normally, you’re in a situation and you can identify
why you’re sad. You lose something,
you miss something, your girlfriend leaves you,
you’re sad. At this particular moment I did
not know what I was sad about. I think I’ve been sad for quite
some time but I was very good at convincing myself that
things could be worked out. But at this point it just seems
to be the one time that I just couldn’t convince myself. And has been eight days under
my sheets without waking up and that to me was very strange. The fact that I could not point
out exactly what the reason why was and one day I remember this
was the beginning of the year I came to I was shooting
the next day on “Million Dollar Listing” where
you sit down in the interview chair and you explain everything
that’s going on in the scene and I called a friend of
mine and I said, “Listen I don’t
want to shoot. “I’m very, very sad and the
fact I don’t understand “why am I sad
makes me even sadder. “I just don’t understand
because I want to fix it.” At some point I started crying
and crying but like I’ve never cried in my life. When I had nothing left
I sort of saw something. I said you know when you’re
hungry your stomach growls. So you feed it and it stops. I think the mind works
like that in some capacity. Where it’s instead of growls or roars or whatever
it becomes sad. We don’t know we can feed it. There’s something that was
missing and I was trying to understand what that was. At that point, when I already
sort of lost, I was about to open the door that I already knew
what was behind it but I didn’t want it to open and for once
I realized what was making me sad but I never could have pointed
out at that specific thing because it was something that
was considered the perception- wise by the rest of the world to
be the only thing that I could not be sad about
which was my job. – Right. – Because it was the biggest, my biggest year in my
10-year career. I was on a show that people
would kill to be a part of. – Giving you unbelievable
brand exposure to get deals. – Yes.
– Yep. – The problem is–
– You were finished? And when I say finished–
– Yeah. – I’ll tell you why I said it, it happened to me in
the wine business. When I won, when I built at the
time the biggest wine shop in America, I didn’t care anymore. It happened to me in sports. I do not like the Yankees
and the Rangers anymore. I look at Madison Square Garden
and I’m not excited to see the Rangers play because in 1994
they won a championship and I felt that’s it. – What was your part in sports? – The Rangers, as a fan.
– Okay, okay. – They won the
championship and that’s it. They can’t win, they can win
more championships but it’s not a higher level. And so of the two teams of the
four team I grew up loving, the Yankees and the Rangers that
won championships I stop caring. But the Jets and the Knicks, it’s just the thrill
of the hunt. – Yes.
– It’s just the climb. And I don’t know if this is what
happened for you but this is more for the audience, for me,
whether it’s the market saying so or I’m saying for myself
when I feel like I’ve got to the mountaintop I need
to go somewhere else. It’s not like, I don’t know, it
doesn’t have to be that you sold the most volume of homes,
dollar amount in the world it’s just for you you’ve
hit the highest point. – And I was doing–
– Is that your true? – Yes. I just feel that the reasons I’m
doing what I’m doing today is very different from the reasons I started doing
this when I started. When I started I was
passionate about it because for the first time I was able to do
something that everybody told me I was not able to do without
conventional wisdom, upbringing, an education and everything in
between and I became very good at it because I was
passionate about it. But there was a point
that I now make and everything was just the same. The clients were bigger,
the numbers were bigger– – But it was the same game. – It was exactly the same so my
mind was no longer stimulated and I just felt like I was– – Have you figured
what you want to do next? – I have no idea
but I’m excited. – The 26 days was maybe to try
to find out or just to enjoy? – No, it was a way to explore myself that’s why
I went by myself. – And? – Well, I learned
a lot of things. First of all, it’s very interesting
that you have a gut feeling and most people are,
when I discovered this when I was on the phone with
my friend that night and I discovered that what
I was doing was not making me happy it made me feel relief but
it made me feel scared– – Sure. – because I had realized
that this is not what I like to do and knowing myself I know
that I’m not going to spend a day doing something I don’t like
because one thing can never take back is time I knew that I had to leave it
but I was scared. If you ain’t scared I think
you’re doing something wrong. – Of course. – And at that moment
I said, “You know what, fuck it.” The next day I went to the
interview chair and I talked to the producer and I put all the
cards on the table just to put myself in a situation–
– Sure. – where it was already out.
– Suffocate it out. – There is no way–
– Yep. – I could turnaround. And going out in Italy I realized that
we must do this time. We will always be in a situation
I think that we will cap out and– – Yeah. – we start from scratch again with
everything that we’ve learned. – Look, you’re either
moving or forward or backward. – 100%.
– It’s binary. It just is. – What I discovered is and Gary
you and I don’t know each other that well but being self-aware
is with something very powerful and I’ve realized that people when they see the show I was not the one that sold the most
but people would stop me on the street and they’ll never say, “That was a nice price per
square what you sold last week.” No one ever from Australia to
Sweden to the United States. Everybody that watched it and
the scope that we had of viewers everybody always
said the same thing. It’s not just what you
do, it’s how you do it. – Sure. – It inspired the
fuck out of me. – Yeah. – I want to go on a
date and I’m afraid. I rewind your episodes and I just
watch you do your thing because it’s not what you do
it’s the way you do it. So I realized I have the ability
to connect with people and to inspire people especially the
fact that I’m young and I can inspire older generations
and newer generations, I think there’s something much bigger
than just brokering transactions because the reality is I never
and will never aim for money. Money just happens to come with. And that’s what I realized.
And I said I want to do– – Did you save some money so
you could go on this journey? – I spent it all in Italy. No.
(laughter) – I was like what, I was like
look you’ve sold some homes. – Yes. – You brought
some real property. – Yes, yes, yes. – So you got a little of
nest egg to give you time to figure it out.
– Yes. – I don’t know if you know this,
this is a Q&A show so we’re going to let India
ask the first question. – What a beautiful name.
– [India] Thank you. – [Gary] Ah!
– [Luis] Ah! – [Gary] Listen, I told her
earlier today that she might find her husband today.
– That’s weird. – [Gary] Go ahead.
– First one. (group laughter) – First one from
Push Pull Sales. – [Gary] Push Pull Sales. – [Voiceover] Push Pull Sales
asks, “How do you balance “professionalism and personality “especially since you
are both so high-energy?” – How do I balance– – [India] Professionalism
and personality? – I don’t. – That was what
I was going to say. (India laughs)
Yes. – I thought you were going to, actually that’s actually
a funny moment. We need to look at that clip. I thought that’s what you were
going to say so I’m like you know what I’m gonna
to get this in quicker. (laughter) That’s basically
what just happened. – I think so. – I think that’s
the real answer. – It’s a blend.
The whole thing. I don’t think something is
professional there’s a way to describe or categorize the word
professionalism but I think it’s something you do
in your life and– – Plus the market
gets to decide. Who decided that
cursing was not professional? Who?
– Yeah, exactly. – The Church 5,000 years ago? I don’t know.
And that’s fine. – And even if it was the Church
who says it’s not professional. – 100%.
– How many square feet is this? – I have no idea.
– 15,000, 10,000? – No, I think we’re, how many
square feet is this office? I think we have 50,000. One and a half, so this
is 32 and downstairs. I think that’s right.
Pretty cool, right? – Yeah, amazing.
It’s a great office but I don’t. – I definitely don’t.
I’m the least. As a matter of fact my biggest
thing is I want to make sure I don’t become a
caricature of myself. One thing that I’m proud of you
asked me over the last two or three years is that I’m not
doing schtick for schtick. I’m in my zone but my belief is it should go
completely outer space. Plus, the best part is I love
underestimating, like I love being underestimated
and then delivering. – Yes.
– The climb. That’s all it is
for me is the climb. Everything’s the climb and so,
for me, I think I probably even forced it subconsciously early
on that I wasn’t going to dress the part. I’m just–
– Or it’s you. – I’m just not, yeah.
– You’re just you. – I think professionalism gets
to be, I, for one, do not judge somebody as being professional
or not professional depending on they dress or how they
talk, I just care if we can win. (laughter) You know? I just want to win I don’t
care what they look like. I even let Patriot
fans on my team. – Can I, I want to
go Snapchat of this? – Yeah, no worries.
– I don’t know why. – Because it’s the greatest.
It’s super important. – When I first
download, can you? There’s not too much Snapchats.
– Yeah. – Go crazy.
– And my crew knows what to do. – Yeah.
– Get in there. Face swaps. – When I first download it,
I didn’t understand it. – Most people didn’t. – What it’s going for and then
you understand it you see the ability of telling stories–
– It’s unbelievable. – then you can’t
live without it. I got 30 minutes of
content every single day when I went to Italy.
– Really? – I took everybody
on everything. Good, bad, drunk and when I get
drunk I get very philosophical. (laughter) Three in the morning. – Let me tell you
where it’s going. India? – [India] From David.
– David. – [Voiceover] David asks,
“How do you overcome objections “based on perceived lack of
experience, looking young or “doubting your ability?” – We both had this too. Go ahead, you go
first on this one. – I think that there is nothing,
you can’t argue with something genuine and I think if you
care and you’re serious about whatever it is you are doing and
you’re really passionate about it no one can
argue against that. And when you’re young you could
be three years old and you can look, you can actually look at
the three-year-old boy but when you speak from the heart there
is no age to that and I think people will respect that
until nobody can argue some thing that is real. – Let me go in an
interesting direction. Dying to hear what
you think on this. I think it just doesn’t
matter and let me explain. I actually think that a lot
of people didn’t take my wine advice when I was
24 and looked seven. I think a lot of people even
10 years ago didn’t take my business advice ’cause I didn’t
look the part or this and that. I actually think is the question
India, audience, Luis, everybody that’s actually a post game. What I mean by that is it’s
just I’m a broken record. It’s results. When you come with passion and
both of us come with passion da da da da da. If we lose we were full of shit. If we win we were passionate. So what I’m fascinated by with
entrepreneurship and the game is it actually doesn’t
matter in the beginning. Somebody’s gonna
give you a shot. If you knock on 1,000 doors
there’s people that say yes. I say yes all the time to
things that make no sense. DRock. You know, I do it– (laughter) it’s true. I do it all the time. Winners do that. It’s really funny winners are
the one that put winners on. – Yeah. – But winners also deal
with a lot of losing players. But winners and optimists
are always going to give you that shot. Right? One episode I definitely saw
in the background working with Lizzie, I mean I know TVs a lot
more staged but I’m sure it’s replication or maybe real
I don’t know how you guys rolled you go to that Nets game.
– Yeah. – That dude, that’s a big dude. Winners get, Stephen Ross. One of the biggest developers in the world is my
business partner. Winners give people at-bats. And so I would answer this
question in saying look, 90 out of 100 people are gonna say no
the game is proving those 90 wrong later. I got an email the other day
from a former client that makes me want to fly. I hate to think that I am
built on I told you so but I’m build on I told you so. I love that feeling.
I love that feeling. It’s a great feeling. And I just think that that’s
how people should be driven. Recognize that your, there’s
nothing you and I are going to say that’s going to change
somebody who wants to say no to that person because they look
young and don’t have experience. It’s not about who says no it’s
about who says yes and then you have to deliver.
– Yes. – And then when you deliver
everybody looks back and says, “Of course, you had passion.” There’s a million people running
around that had passion but then they ended up becoming losers or scam artist because
they didn’t deliver. – And I’ll tell you something, I think being
young is one of best assets someone can have now
because when you have that passion and when you have that
conviction about whatever it is that you believe in that you’re
pitching or selling or whatever it is that you’re doing the fact
that you look young and there’s a beauty to it. I think now like you’re
saying it’s changing. – Well, it’s a good
era for young too. With Zuckerberg and the
social networks and Snapchat and Evan Spiegel. Young has never been more
professionally accepted. Anybody complains about being
young now doesn’t realize that my, I’m 40, my generation young
men for the first 10 years of your business
career you you ate shit. – You have a video
about old people feeling– – The reverse.
– The reverse. – Thank you very much. Alright, lets go. (laughter) Oh video. – [India] Video from Clayton. – Hey Luis, let’s talk leads. What is the best way you
have found to get leads? Besides referrals. and I know referrals are great. They’re an essential part of
every business but what’s the single best way you
found to get leads? – So early in your career
before anybody knew you– – I actually still do it. – Which is?
– Cold calling, man. I love cold calling, man.
I swear. – We are pretty similar, bro.
– Yeah? – I believe–
– I love– – There is no leads,
you have to go take them. – 100%.
– Go take them. – And the sound of an
inventing voice over the phone will never change. – And by the way digitally, too. How are we sitting here? You emailed me and said
that I want to be on. I’m like okay. – And you responded
in like two seconds. – (laughs) I’m fast.
– Yeah. That was pretty impressive. Yeah, I think you know cold
calling, everybody it’s the same bullshit, with women
what’s the script there’s a book of “The Game.” What the fuck kind
of game is that? Then there’s a script for I
understand but the person that you’re pitching today will have
a different mood tomorrow, will have a different way of
seeing things tomorrow, so you’ll never know what day
you are going catch that person. As long as you’re yourself and
your very convicted about exactly what is you’re saying
and whatever it is that you’re getting their attention you will
get their attention on a bad day, on a good day while they’re
having sex or getting a blow job under the table,
it’s still (laughs) – I love it, I love it. I’m excited for the comments. (laughter) Look, I think what you’re
referring to that’s very, very important is that and
this is why I talk in boxing references–
– I love this guy. – I think it’s counterpunching. I think it’s counterpunching. – 100%. 100%. – You love me because were both
salespeople and what salespeople know is you get another
at-bat and you have to react. – If we were actually
outside the office and were having a cup of coffee.
– Yeah. Why shouldn’t we have, wait a minute, you just censored
yourself from a glass of wine yet you said blow
job three seconds ago. I thought was super interesting. – No, no, no.
– But did you hear it? I drink wine.
– Tequila. – Okay, great,
I’ll drink tequila. – Shooters.
– Okay. Interesting. – So if we’re doing
that, I like you because– – Well, listen I’m
extremely likable. – Yeah. – Do you know about this?
– Yes, I can see that. – It’s a big deal.
– I can see that. Let’s go. India. India, I’m extremely likable. – India, tell him.
Tell him! – [Gary] But admit it,
I’m stunningly likable. – There’s a mountain of
clips of me praising you. – [Gary] I want more.
I want more. – [India] I need a super cut.
– Alright, let’s go. – [Voiceover] Nice Tat Co. asks, “What’s your ‘major key’?” – What’s my major key? – I got the reference.
– Yes, yes. (laughter) I think my major key is,
you know, only doing the things that make you happy. I think you can only, I think when you’re happy,
you’re creative. When you’re
creative you produce. When you produce
you see results. When you see results
you do it over again. Most people think they’re not
creative or they don’t have the ability to create,
that is not true. I think everybody has the
ability to be great and they just may not know it yet. But I think that when they are
in position when they’re happy, like authentically happy, they
can build things that he never thought they could so I
think that’s would be my key. – My major key you brought up
earlier which is why a lot of my team smiled. I think self-awareness
is the key. – Self-awareness. – Because I think it similar to,
you know it’s funny, you also said something that I push
against a little bit which is being great is an
interesting definition. Depends on how one defines it. I believe that anybody can be
the best version of themselves if they can find the thing that
they were naturally meant to do that’s the best in them.
Right? And I do think that, I
think self-awareness is just– – And that comes from getting to
know yourself and spending time to understand yourself. You know, it allows you to be more convicted about
certain things. – It’s funny, for me I never,
I’m almost feel like I’m meditating in
parallel with my speed. – Okay.
– I’ve never– – I like that actually. – I feel like I’m
doing it in parallel. – I love that.
– You like that? – I think I do it too
and I never realized it. – Yeah. What I haven’t done and I’d like
to do is a 26 day trip to think about it but, to me,
I do it in parallel. – Yes. – I’m in motion and
reflective at all times. – Yes, yes, I love that. Is there a term, have you
come up with a term for that? – I think it’s Vaynerism.
– Parallel meditating? – I don’t know.
There probably is. I’m so under, I’m such an F
student people are just laughing right now. They’re like no
you mean “bajuga”? Yeah, of course. – I actually like that.
– That’s what I do. That is literally what I do. I’m basically auditing in
real time, it’s a matrix as I’m moving fast as shit. – But you’re always meditating
for the rest of my life. – For the rest of my life
that’s why I’m so happy. – Yes, that’s why you
evolve so fast. That’s why, I’m
pulling opposite directions. – But everything (inaudible)
everything, ah, I love it. I love it. (laughter)
I love it. – We have one more
question, right? – [India] One more, yeah.
– Yeah, let’s do it. – [India] Last one from Chris. – [Voiceover] Chris asks, “How
many jobs have you had before “being super successful and
how has it helped you now?” – My first job was a janitor. – Where were you born?
– 1996 November 13. Get the fuck out of here.
Stop. – November 14th.
– What? – Yep. I was married
on November 13th. – What?
– Yep. Yep. Interesting. November 13, 1996.
– 1986. – ’86–
– ’86. – oh, thank God. Thank God, I feel way better. ’86. I was like ’96
he looked so good. I was like ’86, good that was
right before AJ was born so I was getting super pumped for
my birthday and the last one without my little bro.
– That’s insane. – Awesome. What we’re
talking about again? I got so excited. – First job.
First job. – First job. So you were a janitor,
but where you born? – In Puerto Rico. – Right and how old were
you when you came here? – 16. – Great so you come
here at 16– – At Fort Lauderdale
to Florida– – Okay. – and I worked as a janitor at
nights at a community college and I want your
Hollister during the day. They never even put
it on the floor. I was in the stock room putting
on sensors on the shirts. – Nice.
– But you know,– – And then what? – And then I became, I worked at a film school working on the rental departments putting all,
getting the gear out and putting it back in and organizing
and putting that all together. You’ve done that? – [Staphon] Yeah.
(laughter) – But it’s amazing.
– Yeah, Staphon. – I’ll tell you something
a job never defined me. I thought I always, I understood
what I was doing it and I always try to make it, when I was
when I was cleaning bathrooms– – You made it fun?
– Yes. I was caught dancing with my
broom at seven o’clock at night. People would tell me you’re the
happiest janitor I’ve ever seen. But, you know, it actually
allowed me to do something. – What did you do
right before real estate? – Film directing.
But that wasn’t a job. – Oh wait, wait, wait I also
saw this clip I mean it Lizzie watches this all the time so
it’s in the background you had some crazy success
you had weird hair– – Yes. – and you had a
successful thing happen. – Yeah, I was until I did a film
that to me it was not a disaster it was a disaster because
I wasn’t able to understand storytelling too well so
the picture looks amazing. Great cinematography
but there was no– – No soul? – I couldn’t tell a story well
so you could see people having a conversation but there
was no soul behind it. – Mhmmm.
– I was too young to do it. I was 19 and I got very
frustrated that’s how it started in the, that’s a
longer story but– – We need to
figure out that story. That’s it? – [India] That’s
all the questions. – This was fun. – [India] Yeah, it was fun. – So the guest always gets
asked the community a question. So you’ll get hundreds if not
thousands of replies on Facebook and YouTube to your
question from them. Now, based on what I sense here
we have a lot of similar vibes so this audience is very
much in this ecosystem so you can ask them anything. You can ask them to predict the
score of tonight’s Yankees game, you can ask them the meaning of
life, you can use this up for market research if you really
are curious about something or just whatever you thought
about in those 26 days. – I actually would like to know
how many people and I think and I have, I would really like to
know how many people are doing or working on something that
they already know doesn’t make them happy but they convince
themselves they should stay for the sake of safety-ness. – Most.
– Most. So I’d like to know,
and please be honest, I’d like to really know– – Yeah we’ll send you the links. You’ll read ’em,
you’ll get in there. – You know. – This was fun.
– It was amazing. – Thanks for being on the show.
– November 14th. – I love that.
– (speaking Spanish) – What time were you born?
Did you almost make it 14? – 1:03. – PM?
– AM. – Oh, oh no that’s the
beginning of the day. And I was 3:30 AM so yeah.
Alright. You keep asking questions,– – Yep.
– we’ll keep answering them.

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    If any of you have ideas, do let me know !

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    "Profanity is the effort of the feeble brain to express itself forcibly"

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