LSE Real Estate Economics and Finance | Course Trailer

LSE Real Estate Economics and Finance | Course Trailer

Real estate markets are competitive, which means
that whenever there is an investment opportunity, there will be others
who want to go for it. If you want to make the right choice today, you have
to know where prices and rents are going to evolve in the future and only the person who understands
the fundamentals that determine real estate outcomes will be able to make
the right choice today. A lot of work is happening at the moment,
in the market is very senior figures making decisions based on their gut feelings. Those gut feelings are based on years and years
of observing what’s going on in the market. What we teach you is to bring alongside that in-depth
knowledge and experience that, you know, you may well have, a set of tools to say, okay, how can
I think from a more analytical perspective about this residential retail investment that
I am thinking about developing. The group that developed this course have 20 years
of experience in delivering, teaching in real estate economics and finance. Everyone that you are taught by, on this course, will
have taken those insights from the real estate and urban economics and finance literatures
and applied them to real-world problems. And this will give you an edge over everybody else who
may have some understanding of what’s going on may have some experience, but doesn’t have the structure and the framework to understand what really is driving the real estate market. Please join us for this eight-week
LSE online certificate course.

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  1. I will definitely take this course sooner or later

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