Living in Murrieta, CA – What I LOVE and What I HATE

Living in Murrieta, CA – What I LOVE and What I HATE

Today we’re going to talk about the
three things I love about living in Murietta and the three things I hate and
we are starting right now Hi everybody welcome to my channel! I’m
Jessica Genung with Realty One Group Southwest. If you are new here please
consider subscribing to my channel right down here. We are going to be talking
about all things Murietta and Temecula. So let’s start with the three things
that I’m not so crazy about. The first thing that I’m not so crazy about living
in Murietta is going to be the summer heat. 25% of the year it is very hot. July
and August are going to be your hottest months and the average highs are usually
around the 90s and it certainly can get over 100. It’s very hot. Almost everybody
has air conditioning I recommend that you have that. We also recommend a whole house fan is wonderful and a pool. Many people have a pool if you don’t have a
pool you might want to consider making a friend with a neighbor who does have a
pool which is what we’re gonna have to do this year because we just sold our
house with the pool. So we’re really nervous about that. The second thing that
I’m not so crazy about living in Murietta is the traffic. Traffic is
continually increasing. The population growth in this area has has been
overwhelming. I grew up 30 minutes from here and I
remember when there was literally nothing here. In 1980 the population of
Murietta was about 2,200 people and in 1991 the city of Murietta it was
incorporated and the population was about 24,000 that’s in 1991 now the
population is over 113,000. So with that crazy population growth it has led to a
lot of increased traffic. Now I will say Temecula versus Murietta,
Temecula I could definitely say it has more traffic than Murrieta.
But neither Murietta or Temecula is anywhere near as bad as LA traffic.
You’re not going to have gridlock so it’s it’s not that bad. My third least
favorite thing about living in Murietta is that this is a commuter town. There
are not enough local jobs due to the population growth that I just talked
about if you’re lucky enough to get one of the local jobs in Murrieta or Temecula
that’s great. Otherwise your next best option
is going to be to work from home. Or what a lot of people I know do is is you do
have to commute and oftentimes you’re commuting an hour or an hour and a half
or more each way, so that is not fun. Now let’s get to the three best parts about
living in Murietta so my first best reason for living in
Murrieta is that it is affordable for Southern California. Not only is it
affordable but it’s nice! Oftentimes in California if you’re going
somewhere that is “affordable” it might not be that nice but Murrieta is. You
have beautiful rolling hills, views, large nice houses. In the 400-500 hundred thousands
you can get a gorgeous large beautiful house in a great neighborhood. In the
300s you can get a smaller starter home and in the 200s you can get a condo. You
can get a nice condo! Number two is that Murietta ranks very
high in safety. Safe Wise is an online resource that analyzes California cities
and they come up with a list of the 50 safest cities and last year in 2018
Murietta was number 2. This year’s just came out in 2019 and we dropped to
number 5 we are almost always among the top 5. The top 5 they kind of shuffle
around but Murietta is almost always in the mix. Safe wise, they analyze FBI crime
statistics and census population data and that’s how they come up with this
list. If you want to read more about California’s safest cities and are
interested in checking out Safe Wise’s website I have included a link down
below in the video description. The third and best reason for living in the city
of Murietta is the proximity of so many fun things to do. Just within Murietta
alone, you’ve got Old Town, which is developing quite nicely. There is a lot
of new restaurants with outdoor seating, there’s historical buildings, there’s
shopping, there’s tree-lined streets, many fun things to do in Old Town. If you are
in the mood for a hike you could head up to the Santa Rosa plateau which has
miles and miles of hiking, top of the world views and even if you hike deep
down in, there are seasonal waterfalls. Beautiful scenery up there. Just a 20 or
30 minute drive to Temecula you will find over 40 wineries and all the
amenities that go along with that. So of course you have your tasting rooms, you
have wonderful restaurants, you have beautiful scenery, you have spas, you
have live music, you have a ton of events to do. Murrieta is also close to about a
half a dozen casinos, the closest of which is going to be in Temecula and
that’s Pechanga Resort and Casino which is a huge casino, it’s bigger than any
casino in Vegas and it has tons of entertainment options. Of course you have
your gaming, your slots and your table games, but you also have a comedy club,
you have concerts, you have an RV park, you have like a huge outdoor area with
five pools, you have a spa, you have a world-class golf course, tons of fun
things to do there. And that’s just one of the many casinos that’s like within a
half an hour drive. Other fun things to do that are located within an hour of
Murietta if you head North you could get to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Newport
Beach, Long Beach and the aquarium there. If you had South, you have the options of
going to the world-famous Zoo, you have the Safari Park, you have Sea World, you
have downtown San Diego, Coronado Island and all the wonderful San Diego beaches. If
you decide to head north east of Murrieta,
you could go to Big Bear. You can get there in a little over an hour and go
skiing, you’ve got Joshua Tree National Park and
Palm Springs. I could do a whole video alone of all the fun things to do that
are within like an hour proximity of Murietta. Thanks so much for watching my
video. I hope that you learned a little bit about what it’s like to live in
Murietta and if you want to see more videos like this don’t forget to
subscribe, right down here. See you next time!

34 thoughts on “Living in Murrieta, CA – What I LOVE and What I HATE

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  27. I live in & just ADORE the Temecula Desert, which I moved to from South Philly 12 yrs ago for my job in San Diego. ONLY thing that is unsettling is the amount of homeless & how our major just turns his cheek & they closed the Pantry, which I used to volunteer at, that was the only place for resources & help for our broken & poverty stricken residents. And YES…the traffic is horrendous at ANY time of day & WAY too many people in such a small area. Cost of living is very very affordable (I own a condo off Temecula Parkway by Pechanga), & we have beautiful developments & condo communities. So sad they just deconstructed the Old Town boardwalk. Old Town will never be the same & was the very first structure build in our desert. Many fun things, especially having the San Diego Coastal beaches less than an hour away, & our GORGEOUS nightly sunsets. Plus our scenic view is brrathtaking! One has NEVER seen a sunset like ours! Great video…thank you honey! LOL…we just do not need more people!

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