Living in Hayward : 5 Things I Love About Living in Hayward and 5 Things I Don’t (2019)

Living in Hayward : 5 Things I Love About Living in Hayward and 5 Things I Don’t (2019)

Today I’m gonna be talking about five
things that I love about Hayward California and five things that make it
not so great. So join me as I talk about it in this video right now! If you
haven’t joined me Casey Serafino-Lee for any of my videos
before be sure to press that subscribe button below and the bell. It’ll let you
know when I have a new video each week. I would love to have you join me. So let’s
talk about the things that I don’t necessarily love so much about the Hayward area. The first thing is traffic. We have a couple of major freeways. Actually
a few major freeways that kind of come through Hayward. The first one is highway
880 sometimes referred to as the Nimitz freeway, and it kind of runs north-south
through Hayward. And it’s actually it’s pretty jam-packed a lot of the day
especially around the 92 which is the highway that goes from Hayward to San
Mateo. It’s the San Mateo Bridge and no matter what time it is, it seems that
that interchange right there at 880 and 92 It always slows down no matter what time
of the day it is, so you just kind of anticipate it. It actually goes at a
slow steady pace. I’m not trying it at 3:00 in the morning but I would imagine
at 3:00 in the morning it’s a little bit less busy. But anyways you just kind of
get used to the traffic. You get used to the best time to come and to go. And
honestly I live two exits away from my real estate office. If I leave at 7:30 in
the morning it might take me 15 minutes to get there. If I wait until 9 o’clock in the morning when the commute traffic is kind of
dying down, it only takes me five to six minutes to get there. So you kind of learn when to travel and when the best times to go are. The second
thing that I really dislike about Hayward and maybe it’s in other places is
the ants that we get. I don’t know if maybe the people who are building
Hayward, they looked for the places where there
was the most ants and they built on the ant farm
and that was Hayward, Now I have to say that usually in the summer they’re a
little bit worse but the other thing that I’ve noticed is a couple of years
ago we repainted our house and we caulked all the way around it so we basically
filled in hole little holes and the cracks and everything that were around
the edges of our house. And you know, we didn’t realize until about just a couple
of months ago that the ants, we didn’t have any for the last few years. So that
definitely helps. We in our household we choose not to spray so we either have
ants and we just kind of wipe them up as we go but having the caulking and those
things around the house it really really helped a lot. So the third thing that we
don’t necessarily like here in Hayward is earthquakes and actually let me just
say I’m from California I’ve lived here almost my whole entire life. It’s kind of
something that you get used to. You don’t sit on the edge of your seat waiting for
an earthquake to come, you actually, you know I have to be honest most of them I
don’t even feel them. It’s when they’re only really big ones and we’ve only had
probably five or six larger scaled ones in my lifetime. The 1989 earthquake which
was pretty big around here it was one that you could definitely feel and I was
in the car at the time. It was it wasn’t even frightening at the time. I guess
living here all the time you’re not really scared of them. And actually like
I said I don’t feel most of them and a lot of them happen in the middle of the night I
don’t know why that is. Number four thing that I don’t really love about Hayward
is, well it is a city. It’s not really a countryside.
I would really love it, I’m kind of a country girl at heart and there is
a lot of people so if you love a lot of people and you love diversity and you
love cars and traffic this is the place for you! I actually have to say that I
love the diversity here, it brings a great intermix of people and I actually
love that even though I brought it into my dislike side. But it is a city.
My number five dislike in Hayward is the fireworks. We have amazing fireworks on
the fourth of July but unfortunately we also have fireworks that start in June
and go through August. I have to say my dogs don’t necessarily love it and for
whatever reason the people in Hayward they really love their fireworks. So if
we could keep on July 4th that’d be great . But I’ve kind of just honestly
come to know that on the 4th of July and the 4th of June and the 4th of August
they’re gonna happen. So let’s go on to the things that I love about Hayward. The
first thing that I love about Hayward is the weather. It has got to be the best
thing about the Bay Area. So we did have a hot spell recently because someone’s gonna
comment on this. We did have a hot spell about two weeks ago and it was about a
hundred degrees. That is literally the hottest temperatures that we get here I
have to say that this week it’s probably around 75 degrees at the hottest and it
is summer and one thing you learned to do here in the summer is layer up. It’s
usually overcast in the morning you get to the afternoon and you can wear a
t-shirt and by the evening it’s time to put a sweatshirt on again. But you know
what it’s not too hot here. We don’t have high high humidity where you’re worried
about your hair being really frizzy and then in the wintertime we got a good
amount of rain but our winters typically they’re not below 45 to 50 degrees during
the day. It’s definitely like you could just wear a sweatshirt outside and be
okay of course unless it’s raining then you just need your raincoat or your
umbrella. And let me just say this is not Seattle, people love their umbrellas here!
Number two is the parking in Hayward. We have great parking. If you’re going
shopping, there’s parking at the mall we have Southland mall nearby, there
is huge massive amounts of parking around there. If you want to go downtown
to go to our wonderful restaurants and go shopping downtown we have two
– free parking garages. If you want to look around for street parking, there’s
usually street parking. If you’re going to the ice-cream shop you may not park right in front of it but you can usually get a parking spot
within a block of where you want to go. Number three
Hayward is close to everything. We have shopping here. We have two new movie
theaters, we’re so very excited about that and we have lots of dining in the
area. The other thing is that if Hayward doesn’t have something that you want,
let’s just say you want to go to Whole Foods, it’s two towns away in Fremont or
if you want to go to Trader Joe’s it’s one town away in Castro Valley. So if we
don’t have something in Hayward you’re not gonna have to travel really really
far to get to it, usually with one or two towns you’re gonna be able to get to it.
Nordstrom’s you can go out to Stone Ridge Mall or you can jump across the
bridge and get it right on the other side. We have everything within a half of
an hour you can find pretty much everything. Number four is our arts and architecture in the city of Hayward. We have so many
awesome homes around we have Victorian homes, we have craftsmen’s homes, we have
so many beautiful pieces of architecture and I have to say that within the last
couple of years the city of Hayward has actually taken it upon themselves to
hire artists to go into some of the underpasses and overpasses and the phone
boxes that are around on corners and I have to say that it I’ve really, really
enjoyed watching them come in, and I’ve kind of ‘oohh and ahh’ and watched the
artists as they’re painting on the underpasses.
It’s great and I love seeing the different pieces of artwork. I love that
the Hayward is having these installations of art and the
architecture around. It’s awesome – and I have to actually have a plug for the
City of Hayward the Historical Society that’s downtown you can go in
there and you can see a lot of history. Art history all kinds of things like
that. And
five and this is my absolute favorite. As an outdoorsy person, we have so many
outdoor recreation opportunities. We have East Bay Regional Parks in Hayward and
the surrounding communities and we also have Hayward Area Recreation Department
and we call it HARD here in Hayward. We have some of the best park systems for
everything, for going to lakes and swimming, for hiking for bicycling, even
horseback riding in the park system we have right next door in Fremont (Well
not right next door) But actually two towns away in Fremont, we have
Mission Peak. It’s the highest peak in the area, and I’ll put my picture here on
the top of Mission Peak. It takes you about a good two hour hike. Take a
beautiful day to do it. You can see the whole entire Bay Area on a clear day, you
get exercise and oftentimes you’re hiking next to other people and you chat
with them and it’s a little bit of camaraderie and everyone who’s out there
hiking are awesome people. So anyways if you’re looking for outdoorsy
opportunities, it is here in Hayward or like I said in the surrounding
communities. We have a tremendous amount of things to do. If you want to do it we
have it mmm…. paragliding..We have it! We have it at Mount Diablo out in Danville!
That was the one thing I was thinking about that we didn’t have, but I just
thought of it! So thanks for watching. Head over to my website, which is in the
description below, and you know what? Feel free to look around, look at houses on
there if you’re thinking about moving to Hayward, I would love to be able to
help you! I am a no-pressure person. Again don’t forget to subscribe down below and
I’ll see you on the next one!

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