Live Cold Calls to the BEST Lead Type | Wholesaling Real Estate

Live Cold Calls to the BEST Lead Type | Wholesaling Real Estate

I’m doing this because a lot of my
subscribers were dying for another cold-calling video from me. I don’t want
to say dying like y’all was like dying for it, but like, it was highly requested to
do another cold calling video, and I was like instead of just doing one, let me do
multiple. That wasn’t my idea somebody was like, “Can you do 5-10?” I was like
bet. So I got ten for you guys. 10 exactly. Let’s see how many I can get
before I actually have– I do have an appointment at 12:30. So, let’s see how
many I can knock out in these next 29 minutes. Alright ya’ll. So what I’m doing
is I’m calling landlords. Plot twist. So I’m not calling motivated sellers,
I’m calling motivated landlords to see if they will allow me to sublet their
property and do my little thang, you know. Do my thang in they property. *phone dialing* Feel me? I crack myself up. “Hello. This is Thomas. Please leave a message after the tone.” “Por favor, deja su mensaje déspues del tono. Gracias.” Hola.
“At the tone, please record your message when you’ve– Oh, he’s in a meeting, he just texted me.
“–recording you may hang up or press one for more options.” *beep* Hey Thomas, my name is Dara and I was
calling about your rental property in Riverdale. So whenever you get this
message, please give me a call back I’m really interested in it, I saw it on
Gosection8 website. I do not have a section 8 voucher, but as soon as you get
this message please give me a call back. Thanks. *call end sound* Alright, next. Thank you, next. *phone dialing* “Hello?” Hi, is this Roosevelt? “Yes it is.” Hey, Roosevelt my name is Dara. How are you? “Ok, I’m doing alright, and yourself?” Good. I was wondering if now is a good
time. “I’m sorry?” I was calling you about your rental property and I was wondering if now is a good time. “Yes, I can speak to you now.” Okay. “What would you like to know?” So I saw the– that you had it listed on Go section now are you accepting non-section 8
renters? “I’m sorry? Repeat that.” Do you accept non-section 8 renters? “Yes, I do.” Okay great. And so just a little bit about myself: I work for a real estate
investing company that specializes in short-term rentals and corporate leases.
So I was just reaching out to you to see if you’d be interested in an opportunity
where you receive the rent that you’re asking for. And instead of having to worry about maintenance, you know, that’d be our responsibility. So we would
lease it from you, paying you exactly what you asked for, but we would take care of the cleanliness, maintenance, and upkeep of the property. “For how much?” So how much were you asking for the property? What was your rent price? “Rent on Section is $1700.” $1700, and is that
negotiable? “That is negotiable.” Okay. Yeah, so well first, I mean from– from the description and the pictures that I did see, it looks like a great property so I would like to go and
see and make sure it’s a fit for us but because we are taking over the
maintenance and we typically like to do long-term leases, so minimum one year as
many as five, ten years leases if you’re up to that. So um you know we would have
to run our numbers to see what I could offer you for the rent but it wouldn’t
be anything drastically different from what you’re asking, I just want to make
sure that it is actual market rent that we are paying. “Yes, it’s ready. It’s ready. The house is ready to go. I remodeled the thing and put a lot of money into it. “How soon can someone come out there and look at it and ya’ll do what ya’ll need to do and get back in touch with me.” Okay. Did you renovate it yourself? Are you handy? “I’m not handy, nah. I had it done–” Aww. *laughs* It looks good though. It does look good. Umm– yeah so solid
that’s good now how about the access are “Yeah I just had a new roof put on it and everything. I mean I really took care of the house. Yeah, so it’s solid, that’s good. Now how about the access? Are you gonna– do we have to meet you out there to show it or is there a lockbox? “Yeah, somebody can meet me out there to show it now, it’d be great, ’cause I’m on my way there now. Can you hold one second?” Yeah, I can hold. [Three hours later] “Yes, I’m back with you, I’m sorry.” Okay that’s no problem. Um so yeah, I don’t know if I can meet you out there right now. I do have somewhere to be I have an appointment at 12:30, which would take about an hour or so. Do you live in the area? “So someone can be out there at 1:00 is what you’re saying?” Oh no no, because, like I said,
the appointment I have is at 12:30 and that’ll be an hour so it would have to
be sometime after 1:30. “Ok. So what time do you suggest?” Umm I think maybe I can make two o’clock work trying to beat traffic, too. “That sounds good.” Two o’clock? Ok. “I’ll meet you out there at 2.” Alright and let me ask you something else,
Roosevelt, so you would be okay if my company is leasing from you and we allow sub-tenants to rent– to live in the property on short term? “Yes, from you guys? Yeah, ya’ll gon take care of the maintenance and everything?” Yeah, exactly. Yep. “Yeah, I wouldn’t have no problem with that.” Okay and then as far as your rent, what is– what is the– “So let me ask you something, let me ask you something” Yeah. “If I was to do that, sign a contract with you guys, and say the tenant moved out, the house was empty for two months, will I still get paid?” You will still get paid, yes. That’s a great question. “Yep.” Mm-hmm. “Ok.” You’ll still get paid and now, um, so as far as your– you said the rent is
negotiable, what kind are you– I know you’re a seventeen, but what is the best
you can do? “I mean the best I can probably do about $1550.” Fifteen fifty? Okay. And I, yeah, I appreciate you working with me on
that so that’s definitely something I think a little bit more doable for us. So
I’d love to come and check it out I’ll be out there with my partner, Helen, and
we can meet you at what did I say? Two o’clock? “Two o’clock will be great.” Two o’clock. Okay, sounds good. Thank you so much, I’ll see you soon. “Alright, bye bye.” Bye. That’s one! Did he sound desperate to you? I don’t know. The property looks good, though. Why am I talking so soft? I don’t know. *chuckles* Property looks really good, um, he’s open to
subleasing. Woot woot, next. *sings* Thank you, next. *phone dialing* “Hello?” Hi, is this Tracy? “Yes.”
Hi Tracy, my name is Dara, how are you? “I’m doing fine, how are you?” Good, thanks. I saw your property in Riverdale listed on the GoSection8 website for rent. Is that still available? “Yes.” It is still– “It will be available March the 2nd.” March the 2nd? Ok. Um and is now a good time to talk about it? “Yeah.” Okay, great. So like I said, I meant– I saw it on GoSection8, I do not have a section 8 voucher is that ok? “Yeah that’s fine.” Ok, great so um just
so you know a little bit about me, I work for a real estate investing company and
we specialize in short-term rentals and corporate leases. So I was just reaching
out to you to see if you’d be interested in an opportunity to receive the monthly
rent that you’re asking for in full and on time, but we would be the ones to
maintain the property, clean it so you don’t get midnight calls about toilets
and things like that. So, you’d get your rent every month like you want, but you’d
have less of a headache and management to do. “You’re a property management?” Um, no, but we have property management
in place. So what we do is we put short term tenants in a property and we are responsible for any wear and tear that they may or may not cause. “And how do you get paid?” So whatever you’re asking, we just ask the subtenant more than that and then we get the difference. So you don’t have to pay us, we’ll make sure that you get your month every single your rent every single month. “Ok so what you guys do is put short-term tenants in there? Why not long-term?” Just because that’s our business model and short term is is typically more
lucrative for us is what we’ve found. We have traditional rentals as well
where we just get monthly rent but we’ve noticed with the short-term, you know,
it’s just a better turnout; it’s not passive income though, unfortunately; it
is active, but it’s worth it for us in our business model. “And anything that goes wrong with the house, you’re responsible for?” Correct. So anything that’s not structural more or
less so if something happens with the roof, you know, nine times out of 10, a
tenant isn’t the one who went on the roof and, you know, damaged it. So if it’s
not anything structural, then yes. So if it’s, you know, because a tenant had a
kid flush a toy down the toilet, we would look into that and take on that
responsibility. “Oh okay so it would have to be “like, if the pipes went out, if the
furnace went out.” Right, exactly. Exactly if something happened with the hot water he– “You would cover that or you wouldn’t cover that?”
No, we wouldn’t. So if it’s something that’s already more or le– if it’s come with the
house, like your roof, your windows, your hot water heater, your furnace, then it
would be case-by-case but more than likely if it wasn’t due to a tenant, then
it would be the owner’s responsibility. “Oh okay. This is my cell phone, so if you want to, you could text me your information.” Sure. I can text you my company’s website,
you can definitely check us out and you’ll see that we have all five star
reviews on Google so we are legit but um definitely ponder on the idea. We do
have other homeowners who are in this exact same situation that we’ve done
before so wouldn’t be our first time. And no matter the vacancy on our end, you
would still get your rent. “Okay.” Okay? “So even if you don’t put someone in the rental, you’re
still going to pay me?” Yeah, so the thing is with a short-term, you
know, some days, some months we may be all the way booked, and sometimes we may not
be. Regardless, you are still gonna get your rent. “Okay. Alright, yeah, text it to me.”
Okay, and then moving forward, if it is something you’re interested in and want to pursue with us,
how will we schedule an appointment to see it; do we meet you or does– is there a lockbox on the house? “No you would meet me.” Okay. “And I will be there March the 2nd.” Oh okay, March the 2nd, you did say that. Okay. So we cannot view it until
around that date? “Yes, correct.” Okay. Okay, great. So then when I send you my email, sorry not my email, my website and information, when would be a good
time to follow back up with you? “Ummm” “Give me a week.” Okay. I can do that, Tracy. So, um,
as soon as we get off the phone, I will text you the information and I will
follow back up with you in a week. “Okay.” Alright. “Thank you.”
Thank you. Have a good one. “You too, bye” Thanks, bye. Yesss, you gotta get to the private landlords, ’cause they the ones. *sings* they be the ones *sings They be the ones. Mind you, this is not scripted; I don’t
even have a script written on this, so don’t ask me for no script. This is literally, genuinely what I’m offering these people. Why are we not calling this person? *phone dialing* “Hello?” Hi, is this Nicole? “This is Nicole.” Hi Nicole, my name is Dara
how are you? “How can I help you today?” I’m calling about your rental property in Riverdale. “Mm-hmm?” Is it still available? “It is not.” Oh noo! Okay. Do you have any others? “Umm, not at this moment. We probably will have one in College Park in the next couple weeks.” Okay. So is it okay if I follow back up with you in a couple weeks or so? “That’s fine.” Okay. Well, thank you so much and have a great rest of your day. “Thank you, same to you.” Alright thanks, bye. That’s okay. That’s okay. The next one. We will get the next one. We’re on caller number four I think. *snapping* [I’m] bustin’ em out. *phone dialing* “Hello?” Hi, is this Jared? “Yes.”
Hey Jared, my name is Dara, how are you? “I’m good, how are you?” Good, thanks. I was calling about your
rental property in Riverdale. Is that still available? “I’m sorry it’s been rented.”
Oh no! Do you have any others? “No ma’am.” No? Okay, this is your only one? Alrighty well
thank you so much. “Alright.” Alright, bye bye. *sings* On to the next one, we gon get it in. *phone dialing* “Hello?”
Hi, is this is Jimmy? “Yeah” Hey, Jimmy my name is Dara, how are you? “Who’s this?” Dara. I am calling
about your rental in College Park. “Oh. Uhh, that’s something working right now. I’ll save your number.” Oh is it not available? Or I didn’t catch that. “Yeah, right.” It’s rented out? “Not yet.” Oh okay, but you’re not looking for any new
applicants? “We’re gonna wait and see. We got two more months.” Oh okay gotcha ’cause I saw it listed already so is it okay
if I follow up with you in about a month or so? “I’ll keep your number, and I’ll call you in about 30 days.”
Alright, sounds good, thank you so much. “Yes ma’am.” Alright have a good one, Jimmy. Bye. Jerome! What it is? I don’t think I’m gonna edit any of this. *phone dialing* Ya’ll gon get the raw in between what happens on these calls. *phone dialing* “Hello?”
Hi is this Christy? “Hello?” Hi, is this Christy? “It is. How can I help you?”
Hey Christy, I am calling about your rental property in College Park. Is that still available? “It is. Are you on the housing program?” No, is that gonna be a problem? “No it’s not. Um, as long as you can afford the rent, ’cause he does want thirteen. He has not gone down a penny. But as long as you can afford the thirteen, that doesn’t matter. “If you are open market, you just will
have to make at least twice the amount “of rent to qualify, have a good rental
history. It does– the application will do “a background check as well as it will
pull your credit, but I’m not looking “solely at your credit to base the
decision. They’re basically trying to get “a feel for how you pay your bills, but you
definitely would have to make at least twice the amount.” Okay. And when you say who– when you say “he”, are you the property manager or the homeowner?
“Yes.” Oh okay. “Yeah, I am the property manager.” Gotcha gotcha gotcha. Well Christy let me um– I thank you for
sharing all the information with me, if I could just tell you a little bit about
myself: so I work for a real estate investing company and we specialize in
short-term rentals and corporate leases so I was hoping to reach homeowners who
would be open to the idea of receiving the rent–if he’s stuck at $1,300 that’s
fine and we have no problem paying him that a month, but just to let you and him
know that we wouldn’t be occupying the place. We would put short-term renters in
there and we would maintain the cleanliness and upkeep of their property. You think
that’s something he’d be interested in? “No I don’t think he’d be interested in doing anything like that. I’m sorry.” No? Okay. Did you want to pass the idea along to
him? I can give you my company’s information as well if this is your cell
phone. “Um sure, you can send it over.” “You can send it over to me; if you want to
send me an email that’s fine and I’ll show it to him, but I don’t think that’s
something he’d be willing to do. Okay, and what’s your email? Alrighty, I’ve got that. Okay and do you
manage any other properties? “I’m sorry?” Do you manage any other properties and
have homeowners who may be interested in this? “I do manage ’em but most of them aren’t “gonna want to really do that. I don’t
think like with the wear and tear stuff “that comes along with it and just
letting any and everybody move in there “I don’t think that they’re– any of my
guys are gonna want to do that. “But I do appreciate you calling.”
Okay, no problem. Well thank you for your time. “Thank you. No problem.” Okay, bye bye. What you don’t need to do is waste your time or
energy trying to convince somebody because the objection was the wear and
tear issue, but with Airbnb, your property will be always staged-ready if
you want to sell the property, whatever. With me doing it all on Airbnb. But um, yeah,
I’m not gonna spend my time trying to convince somebody because on to the next
and we had already people who are interested; somebody want me to come out
there in like two hours so. Yeah. This is caller number I don’t know. *phone dialing* But they own two properties that I’m calling about. Hi is this Koy? “It is.” Hey Koy, my name is Dara, how are you? “Great, great. How’s everything with you?”
Good, thanks for asking. I’m actually calling about your two rental properties in Atlanta, the ones
that are right next to each other. Are they– “Those two have been rented.” Oh my God, no! Do you have any others? “We don’t. Not at this time.” Okay. And when you say “we”, are you a a real estate investor or a company? “Well it’s just– I’m the company. I am the company. Oh okay. “Yeah. *laughs*”
Gotcha, gotcha gotcha. Well I like the sound of that. Um okay well, I want you just to get
an idea of who I am and what I do as well. I’m also a real estate investor and
my company specializes in short-term rentals and corporate leases. So we reach out to homeowners and landlords like yourself who would
just love that passive income that mailbox money. Except you don’t have the
headache of worrying about maintenance and repairs, because that will be all our
doing. So we pay you whatever rent you’re asking every single month, and we
would maintain the cleanliness and the upkeep of the property we’ll keep it
always sale-ready, meaning that if for whatever reason you ever wanted to sell
the property, thanks to us, it’ll be in like-new condition as far as the
interior. We’re not doing any repairs or anything but we would keep it up. So just
to keep that in mind for any other properties that you do have that come
available, we definitely work with homeowners to give them exactly what
they need as far as the rent that they want and peace and quiet with their
tenants. We typically do no less than one-year lease and as many as five, ten years leases as well so you’ll have a long-term tenant with us. “Okay. Let me get your number. Let me get your number, please.” Yeah, absolutely. Let me know when you’re ready. “I’m ready for it.” “I’m sorry, your first name again?” Dara. D-a-r-a. “Dara, okay. Rental. Okay.” And if you want to write down my company as well, you can definitely feel free to look us up and visit our website “Got it. I appreciate it, Dara.”
No problem. And yeah I’m definitely looking forward to working with you. The two units that
you had, I’m not surprised that they got snatched up that quickly
because they were a great deal. So if you have any other come available,
definitely just let me know. “Alright now.” Alrighty well thank you, Koy, have a
great rest of your day. “You too.” Thanks, alright, bye bye. It’s okay. *sings* On to the next one, we gon get it in. Heard the crowd rockin’, let the beat spin. If you know any of
these songs that I’m humming and singing *whispers* Comment below. “Record your message after the tone.
Simply hang up when done, or for delivery options, press the pound sign.” *beep*
Hi, this message is for Angela. My name is Dara, and I was calling about
your rental property in Douglasville. I saw it on the GoSection8 website. If
it’s still available, please give me a call back. And if I have the wrong number please disregard this message and have a great
day. Thanks. Uh-oh, I only have ten minutes. I hope nobody calls me back because–
That’s a wrap! That was all ten! Did I get all ten? Score! That was all ten, so out of ten, I had two
voicemails, and one appointment, and one interested: the lady Tracy. And then the
guy, Koy, was really interested so he got my contact information.
One, Christy, was not interested but I’m gonna send her my information anyway. And
I think that was a recap of all of them so yeah. This was me doing cold calls to
landlords, private landlords. Except for the one property manager, which
is like urrgh, I don’t want middlemen. So, private landlords to see if they will
be open to having me sublet their property. And I thank you so much for
watching. Do I have any tips to share? I don’t know, like I said, I don’t have a
script I have credibility with my company’s LLC
and the website and the fact that we are on Google with five star reviews. So if
you, for some reason, don’t have all that information that’s okay because, as you
know, nobody really asked for that, I just offered that information. So you can twist
your approach just a little bit and still be extremely credible. And, yeah you
guys, if you want to purchase this shirt that I have on: this bird dog shirt, then
look down in the description box below. There’s a lot of good stuff down there
so don’t be in my comments asking me stuff that’s already in the description box. If
you want to consult with me, that’s down there, too. I’ve got contracts and leads
down in the description box as well. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up,
subscribe to my channel, share it all over the Internet, and thank you so much
for watching. I’ll see you in the next one.

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