Listings To Leads Overview for Marketing your Listings for Real Estate Leads 2018 [21:57]

Listings To Leads Overview for Marketing your Listings for Real Estate Leads 2018  [21:57]

– [Lori Ballen] Alright, we’re
going to go ahead and take a tour of the Listings2Leads
Listing Marketing Platform, so that you can understand
all of the things that this system can do for you. And, I’ve heard from people,
that they find the dashboard to be a little bit geeky and
overwhelming, so I wanted to kind of show you where
everything is and how you might want to use things as I have done in my real estate business. And so, the first thing
you’re gonna notice is there’s a profile section. Now when you first set up
your Listings2Leads, you’re gonna be adding your company
logo, your broker name, because that’s how your listings
are gonna be imported into here through the MLS syndication,
the name of your company. You’re gonna have a
username and you’re gonna have a password. Now, here, you’ve got an option
to put in a primary email, send leads to, send listing
toolkit, emails and flyers to. My alternative email is
actually the email that I use through Parsey, that funnels
all the leads in from Listings2Leads into Parsey,
which then integrates into my CRM, which is Infusionsoft. So you have the option here,
as you can see, to add several, including a BoomTown notification. Then you have your email you
have set up with the MLS, so this needs to be the
email that you have set up with the MLS. Then you’re gonna have, you
could have a mortgage email, a Craigslist reply-to email,
a phone number, office phone, alternate phone for SMS
leads, that would be your text messages. You have the option to display or not display Zillow reviews. You have your website. Your city, state. Your license number, your MLS
name, and then you can put in a legal description. Then you can put in whether
or not your MLS allows branded virtual tours, ours does not. If you want to have a property
valuation source, that’s for your instant home valuations. There’s a Canadian version. Use single property website
URL as property detail URL; I don’t recommend that
if you’re doing your own properties here. Use sold, just sold lead form. Okay, then we have templates
with colors, so you can make everything luxury or you can
make it red, and you can play with what your single property
pages look like depending on your branding. Then we have activate
auto-flyer, social media and lead generation campaigns to agent,
so those would be sent to us. You can also automatically
send those to your seller. You can check off if you
have listings showcase enhancements on You can authorize a YouTube
channel so that the virtual tours created on Listings2Leads
will automatically syndicate to that channel. Here’s WiseAgent log-in,
BoomTown log-in, Top Producer log-in, LionDesk log-in. And then of course, we have
our Facebook pages, which actually looks like
mine’s wrong, let me check mine real quick. While I’m in here … Okay, I’m going to replace mine. Because I have an old one on there. Oh, yes, that’s wrong too, so hold on. YouTube. And … Switch account. I want the Lori Ballen Team,
and then I want to get that YouTube, that team URL here. My Channel. There we go. Okay, now I’m gonna paste that in there. Then you have your LinkedIn,
and you have your GooglePlus. I don’t think that’s right either. Lori Ballen Team, GooglePlus. Let me check. There we go. And it is this one. That one? Alright, I’m gonna come back to that one. Okay, and then, Paypal ID
for your, okay, that’s for my referrals, and then I’m
gonna update and save. So that’s how you set up your profile. So you’re gonna want to
make sure you have all that set up correctly. Then when we go over to the
Listings tab, what we’re able to see here is our listings
should be funneling in automatically from our syndication feed. If they’re not, you need to
talk to Scott Pierce over at Listings2Leads and find
out what’s going on with that. So what happens is as soon as
you put your listing in the MLS, after a certain amount of
time, it will funnel in here to Listings2Leads. And then you’re able to go
through and do all the good stuff you want to do with it. The first thing I do is I
edit enhance my listing. So you’re gonna go through
here, and you’re going to fill out everything that
applies to that listing. And then here, you can also
customize this description, you can customize the links. On the left-hand side, you’ll
notice, you can edit the images, you can customize
the Facebook Share image, you can add a custom banner, you
can look at analytics, you can import a property video,
you can add a conversion code. So you’re gonna want to take
a look and spend some time on here and make sure that
that’s all set up correctly. Then, once you’ve done that,
we’ll go back over to listings. Now watch what you’re able to do here. Look at your single property website. (upbeat music) So you can put in a video. Then you’ve got your
description about the property. Okay? And this is all customizable;
these links on the left are customizable back there
with those edit site lead generation links there. You’ve got your property video,
your description, photos if you put more than one photo
in here, maps and locals, schools, print brochure, and
then whatever other links you have in there. Now, depending on how you have
this set up, you can actually choose to have the, if we go
back here to our listing and edit listing for a minute, down at the bottom, there’s
something here that says ‘Follow this home’ display. See it here? Follow this home display. And you can choose to have
it pop up and require that in 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds. Okay? And you can say force
the phone to be required. So then in order to do anything
else about the property, they have to register. If you’re running pay-per-click
ads or anything like that, for these pages, you might want to have a shorter registration time. Alright? Then, you can look at the virtual tour. And, it will, you can import
a property video if you’ve already made one, you can upload
high-resolution photos for it to make a video for you. And you can choose to have it
automatically create a video for you and feed through
to your YouTube feed. Next, we have, see here’s our YouTube. Same thing. Whoops. Go back. Okay. Next you have your e-flyers,
print flyers and reports. So you’re able to go here,
and take a look at all of these reports here. So, now you can create an
email flyer that you can send to your database. Or, you can even copy the
HTML to post on a blog, okay? So it would look something like this. If I go over to list email
database, and I click copy HTML, oh, I need to update my Flash
on my computer, so I’m gonna have to come back and do
that, I think; let me try. Oh, there it goes. Okay, so, let’s say you got
the flyer you want, you copy the HTML, okay? Then you go over to,
let’s try Active Rain. I’m gonna write a post, and
I’m gonna access the source code, and I’m gonna paste in there. Look at that. Tell me that isn’t awesome. You can customize this,
you can put links back to your website, okay? I’m gonna do this. Let’s go ahead and load this. I want to see what it looks like. Hold on, let me stop that
from bouncing, there we go. Okay. Um, whoops. I’m gonna customize this. Northwest Las Vegas. See how you can do that? So you can customize it in
the Listings2Leads dashboard, or you can customize it after
it comes over here, okay? So now let’s go and take a
look at what this looks like. Um, we’re gonna say Active
Rain, and this is a listing. And, let’s go ahead and
publish it, take a look at what it looks like. You see how fast this was? I mean, that was a couple
of minutes, and I’m teaching while I’m doing it. That looks great. Okay? Let me make sure my links are
working there; it’s been a while since I clicked
over to that one, yep. That one works. Oh, that just gave me an idea. So let’s just say, on your main
website I wanna rank really high for zip codes. Okay, so I’m working on zip codes. So let me show you this. This is Las Vegas zip codes. And, um, I’m, let’s see. So I’m on page two. Oh my gosh. Where did I go? Okay, this one here. And, I’m gonna take this link,
and I’m gonna over to that Active Rain, and I’m gonna
put something like … Well, maybe, maybe here. Las Vegas zip codes; so these
little backlinks like this can be pretty powerful for
helping to raise your rankings, and you, in my case, the
buyers actually really like to look by zip codes, so it’s
also a good link for the buyer to use while they’re on there. Anyway, see how quick that was? Super quick. And the more you customize
this in the beginning, right here, the better your blog
post will actually work, okay? So, any of these flyers that
have the HTML capability, you’re able to actually do that
with, so virtual open house, pending sales, just sold,
price reduced, coming soon, all of these, um, engagement
email, you’ll know I’ll come back and break down some
of these things in here. You can send a traffic report
to your seller that let’s them know how many times people
have visited the website, that type of thing. And then, here, you have
social media marketing. So, this will allow you to
post this exact thing to Facebook, so let’s just go
ahead and take this single property website, and you can
say today’s date so that you know you already did this today,
then I’m gonna click Send. Social media post for seven
five six five has been sent to Lori Ballen. Now, this is cool, because
what happens is, um … Let me do it another way; let’s
just go ahead and do View. What happens is, you can click
Send; it’ll send it to the seller, well, I actually
want to look at it. Let’s see if I can get
it to pop-, there it is. Okay, look at this. So, ‘Dear Lori Ballen Team,
forward this social media post to your seller with the text below. Edit it as necessary.’ So, ‘Dear Sally Seller,
this Facebook post has been specifically designed
to advertise your home on social media. The more people that see your
home on Facebook,’ so it’s giving them exactly what to do, now watch. All the seller has to do
is click Share on Facebook. Check that out. Boom. Post to Facebook. So, and you can do this
as frequently as you think you want to, if you want the
seller, you know, sharing it every week, you can send
that to them every week. Okay, now, um. Let’s look at, so you can play with this. Here’s all your social media links. Here’s the property website
URL, here’s the short Tweet This, so if you want to
Tweet it, here’s your listing e-flyer. So you can mix it up, do different
things; it doesn’t always have, maybe one day you’re
going to share the single property website, and the next
day, you’re gonna Tweet it, and the next day, you’re gonna
do the single property, the landing page instead, which I’ll show you. This, so this is your
single property website. So that’s the fully functioning website. But then you have, in
here as well, you have a listing landing page. Now look at this. And this is also customizable. Now this performs really,
really well on Facebook ads. Where the single property
website isn’t gonna, isn’t as designed for lead capture,
although it does have the pop-up follows form. This page, there’s nowhere
else for them to go, except for to inquire about that
property, more information. So they can click here to
continue with Facebook, or they can use the email. If they continue with Facebook,
it opens, continue as Lori. Then they can put their email
and their phone number, both are required, get the
information now, we’re generating a lot of leads right now
on this particular ad, um, using that landing page. Then you have Post Your Blog. Now you click here, what
you have is a whole bunch of different options: new blog,
um, you got an open house flyer, you’ve got some different options. What you’re able to do, is you
can say let me go ahead and take this new blog post and
click here to post this version, I’m gonna save it so I
can show that today I posted this version. Then maybe in the next few
days, I’ll post that one, and then I’ll do my open house,
and save them so you know when you did them last. Click here to post this version. See, now again, you can just
copy here, or you can click here to copy and paste on the clipboard. And I’ll go ahead and go
over to my website this time. Whoops. And I’m gonna go up here to New Post. And I’m gonna click on the
text tab, I’m gonna paste that, and then I’ll go back
to the visual tab, so I can look at it. And up here, I’m just
gonna paste that address. Actually, I’m gonna do this one a keyword. Uh, single family home for
sale in 265,000, maybe I’ll go ahead and add four bedrooms. So I’ve already optimized for the address. Now I’m gonna do one for
the keywords for the title, put Featured Listings, and
let’s just go ahead and take a look at what this looks like. Okay, let’s go ahead and view the post. Look at that. Awesome, and you can customize all this. Customize the banner, you
can delete the bottom half, you can play with different flyers. You can change the links,
all kinds of things, right? So that you have the ability
to drive traffic to other pages and whatnot on your website. Okay, so you got that, and then you’ve got Post to Craigslist. Um, L2L Posting App. You have to drag this link to
your toolbar, or right-click to add it to your Favorites,
so I would put it up here. Maybe I already have mine is why. There it is. Okay, L2L Post, see this? K? So, sort by oldest first, so
I’m gonna put, I want the, um, I’m gonna sort by newest first,
cutting-edge, um, zip code I think was, what was the zip code? 89149? Um, zip code is … 89149. We’ll go back, and we’ll
put postal code 89149. Whoop, I may have to set that
up before, because it looks like it’s not letting
me edit anything now. Okay, there’s the log-in,
okay, um, and now what we do is Post to Craiglist via the App. Once it’s installed,
click or drag the content you need over. Alright, I’m gonna come back;
it’s been a while since I’ve done that one too. So I’m gonna come back to
it, but it looks like what we actually need to do is just
take this, this here, and paste it on to, um, Craigslist. So, we’re gonna come back to this. I’m gonna do a special
lesson just on that one. Let me run through it and see how it’s currently working, okay? So there’s all your
listing marketing tools. Next, you have landing pages. And on your landing pages,
you’ve got the ability to offer instant home values, nearby
sold homes; you can do the growing family landing page,
you can do the empty nester landing page, you can customize
a free report, so give away a free report on anything you want. Run a Facebook ad, and drive
them right here to this landing page where they can
download their free report. So for example, see all the
holiday lights, where the map of holiday lights in Las Vegas,
and drive them there, and they click to register, or top
three loan programs with low money down, that type of thing. Home for heroes program, you
know the special programs for teachers, they can download
the report and find out more information about it. So you have your custom landing pages, um. Then there’s more over here
you can play with: hut homes, condos for lease, mortgage
listing, homes for sale, um, expired listing. Now when these landing pages
open, and I’ll do a separate lesson all on just landing
pages, you’re able to edit them here, but if you want to see
what they look like, just click See Landing Page. And these are great, these
are super, super great for pay-per-click marketing, to
drive people to one of the single property pages designed
strictly for lead capture. And you can play all with
that; you can customize those banners and play with those. You have your video center,
you have your leads, where all of your leads are importing,
so that they can go into your CRM, but they also show up here. Then you’ve got your text
and IVR numbers, and you can play with that, and we’ll
come back and do a different separate lesson just on that. Text is very, very powerful, right? You’ve also got a toll-free number here. You’ve got analytics to kind
of give you, um, let’s see if I open that analytics button. Gives you some insight on how
well your marketing is doing. So this would be really great
if you got a virtual assistant or someone with you that’s actually doing marketing from here. You can monitor how, you know,
you want to see all these numbers going up if you’ve
got somebody hired to specifically use this
marketing program, right? Then you’ve got your tutorials
here, lots and lots of how-to tutorials, and I’m going to be
coming back and breaking down each one of these lessons
myself, um, so that you can also see how to do all this, and
how to set everything up. You do have a great help
file here, and then you can contact support. So that is a look into the
Listings2Leads tool, and if you use my link,, B-A-L-L-E-N, so it looks like this:, you’ll get a free trial and
an extended free trial to try it a little bit longer, okay? You’ve got prices up here you
can play with, and, um, I’ll come back and break down more
of those features; today, I just wanted to focus on the overview of what Listings2Leads is.

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