(light music) – So welcome back. This is Robert Kiyosaki. And this is my friend’s daughter here Alex and she works. People love you here Alex. – Oh thank you. – They love you here. You bring spirit to the company. And your mom and dad are
dear friends of mine. And it’s been interesting
to watch your mom and dad adopt the Rich Dad philosophy and become very, very rich. Right? – I feel very, very grateful because I had a unique perspective of how I could see the
transformation and transition from the before and after
the Rich Dad philosophy. – Yeah. What was it like before
with your mom and dad? Well, life was a drastic
change from how we live today. My mom was a real estate agent. And I remember she got really upset once because you told her she worked for tips. And she realized after that she
really was working for tips. And I grew up with a nanny because my mom was out from morning to night. And my dad owned his company so, a PO Box international company. And he was gone from 4:00 in the morning until very late at night. And basically, the only
days I truly cherished with my family was Sundays. So that was like a sacred day for us because it was the only
time we saw my parents. And they were very hard working. We never, nothing was ever missing. My dad was spinning his
wheels with his business. So as my mom’s showing this
multi-million dollar home she sees the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. And she thought it must
be here for a reason. The owners of the house read this book so it must be something
that attracts wealth. And so she went to the bookstore she bought it and she gave it to my dad. And from there he became stuck
on the Rich Dad philosophy. He read it within an hour. After that, he started,
actually he retired sold his company and he started investing. And then my mom began to do the same thing after you told her she worked for tips. She started her own
investments in multi-families. And after that our life
changed drastically. From the education that we received to the spirituality of everything and just spending time together. – What I say here is this all your real estate agents stock brokers, financial
planners, and all that you guys all work for tips! (laughing) You know, if you sell
a property in America as a real estate agent you get 6%. And I said to your mom I said, I tip my waiter 20%. (laughing) Who’s more valuable, real
estate agent or a waiter? And she got upset. What do you mean, I work for tips? Well, that’s the S mentality. – Yeah. – You know? They don’t build businesses. And then like most new
investors they run out of money. So now she has other people’s money. – Yeah exactly. – And she has infinite return. And for those who are watching an infinite return means you
have zero money in the deal. So when these financial planners
are telling you you get 8% try infinite. Try infinite. 8% is for chumps, man. – Yeah. – Big difference. And pay no tax on top of it. That’s the I quadrant, okay? – Yeah mmm hmm. – If the marker crashes are you afraid? – No they’re actually really happy. – And what are some of your friends doing? – So I do have a couple of friends that follow the traditional
educational system and the 401K and the traditional way of life. And that is the majority, sadly. But then I have another group of friends that’s a select few that are following the same path as I am toward financial freedom and investing in their
financial education. – All you young people I’ll give you a word of
advice here on marriage. The biggest lie ever told is and they lived happily ever after. There is no such thing. (laughing) It is a lie. Right? (laughing) – Nah, I don’t know about that Robert. – The easiest thing is get a
job, climb the corporate ladder and invest in a 401k. – Yeah. – That’s where most people are at. And they go and they watch football or play golf on weekends. – Yeah. – That’s their choice. I mean that’s a good life. – Mmmm hmmm. – It’s not my game though. So today you have most of these people who have a financial plan. And they want you to
give them their money. You know, put your money in stocks, bonds mutual funds, ETFs and savings. (yawning) Okay. You know. (laughing) And most of that money is gone anyway as we talked about earlier. The last two years of most people’s lives all that money disappears anyway. So what’s the endgame for Kim and I here? And for Kim and I our endgame is the end financial plan is this money goes into
what’s called a CRT. A charitable remainder trust. This charitable remainder trust then means the government can’t tax me. That’s the reason. And you gonna study taxes. The only people that pay
taxes are these people here. Because they’re not doing
what the government wants. Over here I’m a partner
with the government. The reason I get a tax break
here is I provide jobs. These guys don’t provide jobs. I get a tax break here because
I invest in real estate. Most people have a house. I have thousands of houses
and provide housing. I provide oil. You know. So I get the tax breaks because the governments my partner. If you go to school
and get a job over here you will pay this tax. And you should because you’re not doing what
the government wants. I do what the government wants. So at the end of our lives here we’re going to put it here into a CRT. And the goal is the government can’t tax that money. And it goes out. And for Kim and I our goal is every year we’re gonna give a hundred
million to charity. Every year. Most people will be broke
at the end of their lives. So we’re gonna give all this money back and for inter-perpetuity
charities that we support like I’m very much into the oceans. So I support Greenpeace. Kim loves animals. So she supports animals. We support all these things that we can’t do because
we’re working our businesses. So we give our money back to charities. We give it to Boys and Girls
Clubs and other charities all over the world. A hundred million dollars for a lot of people for a guy like Trump not a lot of money for us it’s a lot of money. So a hundred dollars a year is our goal. Today we’re probably if I died and Kim died today it would probably be 25 million a year. But I have probably another 10 years 20 years to live. So this is the ultimate goal. Kim has probably another 30 years. So can we make this? Most likely. And if we don’t make it we’re still at 25 million today. But that’s the endgame here. We just give it back. And because we give it back the government doesn’t tax us. That’s why I love the tax law. That’s why we have Tom
Wheeler write a rule book Tax Free Wealth and All This. So the reason we study so hard is so we can just give it back. But most of these people can’t do that. And that’s why the government
gives us tax breaks. A hundred million dollars
is a lot of money. And to people most that’s nothing. But that’s a lot of myth. That means we have to have several billion in assets to do that. And we’re close. That’s the game. To give it back. And pay no tax. And get rich and have fun. – Yeah. – Any comments on that? – I think a lot of wealthy
people get a bad reputation. And it’s because people
have this misconception that the rich are greedy. But in reality you’re
leaving behind a legacy. You have money being
donated even after you pass. And on top of that you give seminars to teach financial education
when you don’t need to do that. So I think it is a legacy
that you’re leaving behind. And the only greedy are the poor because they have nothing to give. Nothing to provide for others. – Well what happens is when a person dies the government takes it. And in legal terms it’s called probate. So let’s say you have a million dollars they take it. And they spend it. – Yeah. – I don’t want the
government to spend my money. So I get this money and I can say I want for 10
years, 20 years, 100 years I want these charities or these type of
charities to get my money. So the government doesn’t care as long as I’m donating it back. So I’m not being greedy. I’m just taking control of my money my cashflow. Again cashflow is the word. So my cashflow is back
to charities forever. From the grave. You know I’m lying in my grave going oh, I hope they spend that money well. You know? (laughing) – So I think it has a
lot to do with your being and your purpose in life. Both you and Kim have a strong mission as to why you pursue everything you do. – Right. So we all join together as a team here to serve God’s purpose. The same thing when I donate
to Boys and Girls Clubs or to Greenpeace or to Panthera. Which is an organization that saves lions and tigers and all that. You know? That’s my purpose to give back. And if you do that the government will give you tax breaks. And people who are greedy pay taxes. That’s the difference. – Yeah. – Interesting huh? – Yes. – Yeah. And that takes financial education. – It does. – Okay. So as a young person, you have some ideas in the lessons we’ve done have you have a better idea on how you’re gonna guide your life now? – Yeah, I definitely do. And I love being here because
I know that I’m working but I feel like I’m in a seminar. I’m learning with you and
learning all the values that you’re trying to instill
in all these millennials. I’m here learning just like
they’re going to be learning when they watch these videos. – So anyway, for those here
watching Millennial Money thank you. We’ll probably do a few
more as things change. Because the economy is changing. – Yeah. – And we’ll do more of it. But those are kind of the basics. It’s a way as a young person
you can steer your life. And probably add more options to your life then just climbing the corporate ladder and putting your money in 401k. There’s nothing wrong with that but it’s boring. It’s boring. So I wanna thank Alex because we started Rich Dad in 1997. And you were born in? – Yeah in 1997. – So she was born when Kim
and I founded this company. And this is very impressive
to have you working with us. You are the spirit of the company now. And you will carry on the spirit for years and years to come. So thank you for being part of our team. – Thank you Robert for giving
me this amazing opportunity. And learning from you hand by hand. And also being able to give
this message to the millennials.


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