Legal Information Tips : How to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

Legal Information Tips : How to Hire a Real Estate Lawyer

You’re about ready to buy your first home
and you’re just not sure what’s going to go on and whether you are going to be protected
or not and so you need a real estate lawyer. Hello I’m Robert Todd and I’m here to answer
the question how to hire real estate attorney. Well if you are a first time buyer and seller
you are probably going to need a real estate lawyer to answer your questions and make sure
you are protected. In some instances they can help you negotiate your actual purchase
or sale and they can take care of a lot of the details. Now how do you find a real estate
lawyer that you feel comfortable with? One source of referrals is your local BAR Association
and another source is your real estate broker or the real estate agent that you are working
with. Find out who they worked with in the past and who they are comfortable with and
then when you contact this individual make sure you are comfortable with this person,
that you trust them, that you understand their fee arrangement and how they are going to
charge you whether it is going to be by the hour or by the process itself and again make
sure that you feel comfortable with this person before hiring them. I’m Robert Todd and thank
you for watching.

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  1. Some states do not require a RE Lawyer to conduct the home sale process e.g Maryland

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