Leaving My Job and Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

Leaving My Job and Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

A question I get asked all the time is
how did you get started in real estate investing? Which is also a question I
always ask of other people when I find out they’re in real estate how did you
get started who told you about this it’s like its own little world. My name is
April Crossley welcome to my youtube channel
I’m gonna tell you today how I went from working full-time in health care to
flipping houses and buying rental properties full time give the video a
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walkthroughs of our rehab projects on the houses that we flipped in Berks
County Pennsylvania so here’s my story about how I got started I have a degree
in biology of all things biology I wanted to be the CEO of a hospital so I
actually was working as a respiratory therapist in critical care in a hospital
and when I met my husband we went on a vacation and he had a book about real
estate investing I wasn’t in school for my master’s degree I’m like I’m gonna be
the CEO of a hospital this is what I’m gonna do this is my dream that was what
I was taught growing up is you go to college you work a nine-to-five job you
save for retirement you work really hard your whole life in retirement you’re 65
you all know that you feel right it’s a total load of bullshit don’t follow it
okay so here’s what I did I picked up this book my husband had on vacation and
started reading it it was about real estate investing it was called the one
minute millionaire because I know people are gonna ask in the comments so go out
and buy the one minute millionaire it’s really inspiring and this book was all
about how these people were living off passive income so basically income from
rental properties and how they got started and I remember saying to my
husband on vacation is everything in this book true I feel like this is a lie
like why would people live in a house that’s I own and pay the mortgage for me
and that once they pay it off I get to keep their
rent as cash flow well my husband had two small rental properties in the inner
city where we live they were probably worth like thirty thousand each property
I didn’t even know he had them I knew nothing about them he bought them on a
line of credit we weren’t yet married at this point and
he started telling me no I have these two properties and it is true and here’s
how it works I open them and people are living in them so I’m on vacation and
I’m like wait a minute so I talk about me buy houses and people are gonna pay
them off for me and I’m gonna keep the money from them
he was like yeah it’s really true I was like this is amazeballs
okay amazeballs I gotta find out how to do this so I started googling like a lot
of you guys do and I found one of those $25,000 coaching programs where you go
for the one day free seminar and I went to the one day free seminar and I took
my husband and I was all jacked up I was like they get you all hyped up obviously
this is amazing we have to sign up for the class let’s go they tell you to run
to the back of the room I sprinted I first amid the table I’m signing up for
the three-day so I went to the free one day then I went to the $9.99 three day
and at the three day I just remember being so frustrated there were some
people there that were already investing in real estate and we were playing like
the cash flow game and they were talking about numbers and everything was way
above my head like I wasn’t understanding I just remember feeling
like overwhelmed and I was in tears and my husband who’s been a realtor his
whole life so he’s used to all this jargon and talk and all the terms that
we use in real estate he was getting up like that he was like you don’t we don’t
have to take a course I get it like that I don’t get it and I’m a
little well I work in health care my degrees in biology don’t understand this
real estate shit so of course at the three day they sell a twenty-five
thousand dollar coaching package I was like sign me up so I dropped out of my
master’s degree program my mom this was pretty the first time my mom wanted to
have a heart attack dropped out of my master’s degree program and took this
real estate glassing course and my husband was kind of like alright we’ll
take it because I’ve never gone to college so it’ll be like if I would have
went to college this is how much it would have cost but let’s take it so we
took this course together and I learned as much as I could and honestly what I
paid $25,000 again for this course no I would not you want a cheap easy way to
get started you can go to lazy girl Aria calm but it won’t cost you anywhere near
$25,000 that was insane now I know now that that’s like a huge marketing thing
and they get you all funds up I meant none of that man I was super naive but I
bought this coaching program I did learn some things but most importantly I
connected with a wholesaler from my area which is someone who goes out and looks
for properties and they bring them to you and they don’t buy them for some
reason I don’t pull sale now I never really liked full selling but they
summoned me as a flipper so I met a guy at one of the conference’s so if you get
anything out of conferences and courses it’s the network okay you hear that all
the time your network is your net worth people like to repeat that constantly
because it’s actually really freaking true so I met this guy and the
I lived in my County in Berks County Pennsylvania he found a house from a guy
that was really motivated to sell I’ll tell you a secret I buy my best houses
from drug dealers and drug addicts to this day this guy was a drug addict that
was running from a drug dealer it was a really interesting situation but long
story short the guy that found it brought it to me into the hand of this
guy he needs to sell really quick he needs it to sell because he was running
away so life Florida desert all the crazy people go so he had this so
quickly he came to me and said I have no money to buy this house but I want to
make something on it so I put another contract and I want to sell you the
contract I had no money either I just knew that I wanted to flip a house
because I was a little pumped up because I just went to a $25,000 course and I
wanted to get my 25,000 back by flipping out so I didn’t have any money I had a
lot of student loan debt I had a car payment had all those other
things like you guys probably have but I had no money so I knew a guy in my area
that was flipping we went to this guy and said hey someone brought us this
house it looks like a really great deal we have no money is there anything you
can do to help us and he looked at us and just said yeah let’s joint venture
so joint venture is when that person has the money and us tima and we buy the
property together so this guy provided the money and in return we did provided
sweat equity so we put a lot of work into the deal we worked out perfect we
did some painting we did as much work as we could and we oversaw the project at
the end we split the profit and this guy had a lot of experience we learned a lot
from him this is why I’m so passionate about who don’t have to have any money
to get started I didn’t put a dime of my money into that deal I’m
20 grand the guy that sold me the contract who said he didn’t have money
made 20 grand just for selling me the contract and my partner made 20 grand so
there was $60,000 profit in that deal I mean each made 20 grand from the deal by
joint venturing on it it totally blew my mind what blew my mind even more is it
the end of the deal the guy that I went to that was the experienced flipper I
found out it wasn’t his money either so I they cut the money the experienced
flipper I went to it wasn’t his own money I found this out because he used a
private lender and after the deal the private lender came to me and said hey
if you are gonna keep flipping houses keep me in mind
because I’m a private lender and I supply money for flippers to buy houses
and you guys did a great job I’d really like to work with you from that day on
we had a private money lender in our pocket all because we started out with a
joint venture with an experienced flipper and experienced flippers we’ll
introduce you to private money lenders maybe not right away okay they want to
make sure that you can like actually make it through a deal so they might
come you join mentor with them first but eventually you’ll meet their network and
their network wills private money lenders in it so that’s why I’m super
passionate about joint mentoring and private money lending so we’ve all made
money and the private money lender made money so during this time I’m still
working full-time flipping houses like as a hobby with this private money
lender who gave us like he had like two hundred and sixty thousand dollars that
he would lend to us a year and then at the end of the year we pay him back
interest that’s not really new things now and I found out that’s an
unusual way for a lender to work but that’s how he preferred to work then I
thought $260,000 was a lot of money now I don’t think what’s a woman money at
all and if only $260,000 could really only float me two projects two projects
a year usually that wasn’t a lot of flips so what we did was we slowly
started I was learning more and more reading books and taking courses and
just got completely obsessed with real estate investing I had a really long
great health care career I then worked at a college that was a state college I
had sneak benefits I taught there everyone told me that’s the best job
ever I taught a healthcare program so I had teacher benefits but also got to
still work in the hospital and everyone was like State College effect because
she benefits it’s great over there five years after five years of us thought I
put as much energy into my real estate business and focused on finding more
money and finding more deals I wouldn’t have to work for anybody so I quit my
job as a college and went back to work in the hospital when I quit my job in
college everyone at that college told me I would regret it and I was crazy and I
was leaving the best job I’ve ever had on my life and I never get that
opportunity again there was one guy that was already flipping houses that work
there that walked up to me and shook my hand and said you’re making the best
decision of your life don’t ever look back and to this day we’re still friends
and do business together but everyone else told me I would fail
so I what I did is I went back to working in the hospital because I could
work from 3:00 in the afternoon to 11 o’clock at night so from 7:00 in the
morning to 3 in the afternoon I Donn’s real estate from 3 in the
afternoon till 11 o’clock at night I worked in the hospital so I can still
make money so when people think that getting into real estate mesons easy if
you’re building a business you’re building a business so don’t fall for
the hype it’s not easy or people do one or two deals and they’re like I’m
quitting my job I’m never wanted to not have a job and
here’s why if you plan to buy rental properties and you do buy them cash so
you do a cash out refinance which I talked about with some other videos on
our YouTube channel you know that when you go to do a cash out refinance for
the bank they’re gonna look at your job history and make sure your income has
been steady and when people up and quit a job they don’t have that job history
so your chances of doing a cash out refinance Olding rentals is slim to none
so long story short when I went back to working in the hospital 3 to 11 I do
real estate all day I worked in the hospital at night I did that for three
years for those three years we flipped anywhere between three to five houses a
year which was more than enough to replace my income then I had a track
record I could show the bank hey I will retire from my hospital job which is
what happened I retired I actually retired 5 or 6 years ago the leak of my
birthday it was my birthday gift to myself watching my boss’s office it was
like I’m retiring and guess what everybody said the same thing everybody
at the college said you will be back in a year you’re gonna regret it
you’ll hate it you’re never gonna make it
no no one was supportive so be ready for that but I
six years ago now I resigned from healthcare I actually let my license go
so I can never go back to healthcare I didn’t want a safety net I know I do
best if I’m sink or swim if I have to have to make it because I
have no fallback plan I know I’m gonna make it so five or six years ago I quit
started doing real estate investing full-time but because I was already
flipping and had that track record I could also buy rentals and show my bank
Hey yes I left my job but for three years I’ve been making $70,000 a year
just flipping houses so now this year it’s October we just picked up our 14
yeah a flip project today I’m hoping next year we do double that amount and
volume while we’re still buying rental properties and that’s my story about how
I retired from my full-time health care career and ended up being a full-time
real estate investor I hope you guys enjoyed it make sure that you like the
video and subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any future videos you can
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real estate investing and you can also follow me on instagram at april Crossley
thanks guys

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