Learn Live Laugh in Luscious Love-Shack Land – [Sustainable natural buildings with cob]

Learn Live Laugh in Luscious Love-Shack Land – [Sustainable natural buildings with cob]

When I’m thinking of ecology,
I’m thinking… …funky things, I’m thinking groovy. Something Rock ‘n’ Roll We are here to learn how to build loveshacks
with Brice Mathey… … who has a project here in Brittany. Brice Mathey
– Oh yes, French pronounciation. Brice started experimenting with natural building
about 20 years ago… …when he decided to build an extension … …for his normal house. He started to build the first loveshack
as a way of dealing with a break up. I decided to make a little place… …to remind me of the beautful nights I spend with her. But to make it strong,
as strong that… …this love will never end. What kind of vision do you have for the loveshacks? To convince the republic president… …to build one for himself. After inauguration here
I decided to… …make a bigger one, because I wanted… …more friends to get inside! Something more rock n roll once again. So loveshacks, what are they? It’s hard to pinpoint,
but here’s a shot. Little houses where… …ecology, spirituality, and art merge… …to create spaces that support an integrated life… …in connection with nature. This is a proposition for a home. More simple. More natural. And probably also more individual. More and more couples I see,
prefer having their own space. Develop their own garden first. And then meet each other with more inspiration. That’s what we want! We joined brice to volunteer… …in building the 4th iteration
of the loveshack concept. For this cob building, we of course need cob. We’re gonna make it now. It’s a mix of sand, clay, water, and straw. So the energy of laughing, sharing, being together… …gets dug into the mud. Wanna bite? So the ‘sausage’ we just made… …is going to be wrapped around the building
as the second layer. I used to fight against the stream. For years and years.
Getting angry all the time. Fighting against ‘the system’. Getting mad. Finally, I met a girl who told me:
Stop doing this… Go with the stream,
and slow with the flow. It’s easier to change things with energy. Rather than angriness and… …rage. So adding playfulness and positive vibes
to the system? Exactly.
– To invite the system. Totally. You understood me. The idea here was to make loveshack 1
and loveshack 2 together. And with a tunnel in between,
and a mezzanine on top. The idea also was to make this place
crossed by those big waves. Like the planet is crossed by
the beta or alpha waves or whatever. You know those waves that cross the universe? So the idea was to get those waves going through. I’m helping to put the final layer of cob plaster on the wall. In this part it’s really important that we make
a nice, smooth finish. This is important to Brice. He’s been teaching us
to really feel, with our hands, the shape. Almost like you’re exploring
a woman’s body. Eventually it’s going to be nice and round
like this part here. This is called loveshack 4. It’s not very poetic,
but I don’t care. Because it’s a prototype. So it can have a scientific name. This was supposed to be
a spiritual place. A sort of chapel, for some… …divine essence of something.. So the idea is to make a chapel
with grass on the floor, and light above. When you sit around
the acoustic is very good. We can sing and get something
alternating very fast. The idea was to make a twist. When you get inside
it’s like in James Bond. Ah, my hat. At the end of our stay the loveshack
was almost finished. Later Brice sent these pictures… …to show loveshack 4 in all it’s cute, cozy glory.

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