Learn 5 Ways to Save Money with Our West Palm Beach Property Management Service Today!

Learn 5 Ways to Save Money with Our West Palm Beach Property Management Service Today!

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things to look for when you are shopping for a “West Palm Beach property management” company,
so let’s get started. \ \
First if you have the choice between hiring a real estate agent and a landlord, go with
the landlord. \ \
An established property management company that specializes in renting homes should be
your landlord. \ \
Why is that important to you? It is simple. A landlord knows how to find tenants who stay,
pay and take care of your place. \ \
It is your money, so spend it wisely. Hire a company with a proven track record as a
landlord. \ \
What is the second thing? Find out if the company charges you a fee while the property
is vacant. \ \
Our company is no fee while vacant, so we do not charge you a management fee unless
we are collecting rent. \ \
That is truly a win win situation, so look for that. \
\ The next thing is really exciting. I am speaking
to you on a video now. \ \
We actually take a camcorder and we speak to you about your property when we walk through
it after a tenant vacates. \ \
You see the move out inspection video on YouTube. You hear us. You See your property. It is
as if you were walking through the property. \
\ Now that is worth its weight in gold. We have
clients tell us that is the single most important reason why they love working with us. Because
there is a feeling of trust that it is not just a voice on the phone, or an email describing
the problem. It is us caring enough to send you a video so you can see it. \
\ Another exciting thing about video, we do
a video tour and put it on all of our marketing so that it is not just a handful of photographs,
it is an actual walk through with a presentation. \
\ It is very exciting! We actually rent more
and more homes because we use this technology. It is something we pioneered, and you get
the benefit from it. \ \
The next thing is Vendors. Folks, your bottom line depends on who does the work to your
home, what they charge, and what quality work they do on your property. \
\ We have assembled over the past 30 years a
team of vendors that we trust in and have long standing relationships with. When you
work with us, it is like you are joining Sams or Costco or BJs club. You are getting that
volume buying power through our company with trusted, reliable vendors. Check it out, I
know you will love it. \ \
Now the last thing is evictions and collections. A lot of people come to our company saying
I need to hire you to do an eviction and get the tenant out because they are not paying.
\ \
We take over the management of the property and the good news is folks, most of the time
we do not have to do an eviction because we are able to turn things around. \
\ That saves our clients a ton of money!\
\ Even better, once we start placing tenants
in your property, we have a program that covers the cost of most of your evictions if you
ever had to do one. Because lets face it, in this economy folks are losing jobs, we
have divorce, bankruptcy and etcetera and sometimes it has to happen, and it happens
without a large fee to you. \ \
Now these five things are critically important! If you want to learn more about what we can
do with your property, there is a phone number you can call. I want you to dial it. We answer
that line from 8 am to 10 pm eastern standard time, seven days a week. \
\ My team is always ready to help you. We have
been doing property management in Palm Beach County for 30 years. We look forward to helping
you. Give us a call. \ \
Thanks for watching “West Palm Beach Property Management”\
\ \
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8 thoughts on “Learn 5 Ways to Save Money with Our West Palm Beach Property Management Service Today!

  1. Thanks a lot for these tips, knowing about the property management specially in the real-estate management purpose, is a must when you are planning to get the most suitable economic plan and benefit out of it. Being a real-estate entrepreneur is not only enough, having the go-to attitude is also necessary, which can only be done after you have some deep knowledge about these stuffs.

  2. Hmm.. a very important topic – How to save your money and where to invest so as it gives you maximum savings out of it, I really liked this video as it is giving us a golden tips and strategies that will really help to make you smart in the concept of investing to saving your capital – which is the most important factor to run any business.

  3. A landlord really know how to find the best tenants and they have the proven track record, so a landlord has got that thing that we are dependent on.
    Watching videos online (Like this one) also gives us a basic idea and some tips to get well on the track when we are investing.
    People share their experiences and they have the knowledge which we lack, so getting tips from them is always the best way to act smartly before you make any investment using your capital or cash.

  4. Was very well done and interesting

  5. This video technology is truly useful! Imagine if you were out of state or out of the country even, how do you check how your property is being managed or taken care of? How do you see the condition of your property? With video, it's like seeing it yourself! I wish more property managers use it.

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  7. thnk u for a informative add i injoyed this ….

  8. Avoid those guys, they will just lock you in their management contract for one year and leave your properties vacant when tenants are leaving. Not pay your bills or leave properties with code violations. We had a very bad experience with Todd. I do not recommend them, the only they do well are the videos.

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