Large Tiny House For Sale

Large Tiny House For Sale

hi this is Bob with Titan tiny homes and
today I’m gonna take you through a tour of a 28 foot Everest model that we just
completed this unit has Foothill blue siding on the exterior a couple unique
features is the five-foot French door that we’ve incorporated into it and also
a little doggie door so if you don’t mind it’s a little hot out here I think
we should go inside so one of the first things you’ll notice as you walk into
this unit is the very wide open ceilings this gives a very comfortable feeling
you don’t feel like you’re in a cost robic space and as you go into the
living room we even incorporated seven-foot high
ceilings here as well again it’s a tiny house but we don’t want it to feel like
you’re living inside of a shoebox so traditionally in this layout somebody
would put their couch here and they’d have their TV over here or another
layout that we’ve seen is they’ll actually put a sectional in where it’ll
be a couch here and I really get this space gives a lot of room for a lot of
different configurations and one of the things that we really like about our
units is the blanks canvas that we have provide to our customers I want to take
you up into the loft because there’s a really cool skylight up here that we
typically don’t do on our units but on this one we decided that it would be a
really good idea and one of the things is and I’ll try to do this here so when
you’re laying down in this loft you’re literally looking up at the stars this
skylight one of the other things about it is that it’s completely operational
so this skylight actually opens to allow ventilation in and just a nice
breeze because with this open this will catch the wind and then you open up a
side window and it’s just a really comfortable space to sleep at night so
we’ll close that and we’ll head back downstairs as we head back downstairs
and we’re into the kitchen a few things that aren’t in the unit that I want to
explain is this is traditionally where your refrigerator is gonna go customer
wanted to provide that when it got to its location so we just left the space
open this is the outlet that you would plug that into underneath here is where
the washer and dryer combo unit is gonna go again the customer decided that it
would be best to just install those two items once the unit got to its final
location we did it because of the antique glazing that we put on the
cabinetry we decided to match that both in the plumbing fixtures but also by
staining the butcher block countertops to really give a nice antique feel but
also brightening up the space with a nice farmhouse sink we also installed an
Atwood rv3 burner range that’s all built in and it has a nice sized oven as well
as we move in in the bathroom a few things that we’ll notice is the very
wide 4-foot shower that we’ve incorporated along with a custom smoked
glass door we also have a standard RV low flush toilet along with holding
tanks for both the gray water and black water an 18 inch wide vanity that’s been
complemented with a very high-end Moen antique fixture so as you look up now
that we’ve left the bathroom you’ll see that there’s a lot above there and the
way that you access that is with this ladder so we’ll pull this ladder off the
wallet from there and then it just hooks right on here
and away we go so this Loft is about four feet deep and while I’m up here I
just wanted to point out a few really cool things about the unit we put in a
very nice oak floor and then also all the modern square stock trim that we’ve
incorporated along with the LED lighting as you’re sitting up here you really
start to notice all the windows that are actually incorporated into this model
and once you’re done with the loft you just hang the ladder right back over
here well listen I really appreciate you watching today be sure to LIKE comment
and subscribe to both our YouTube channel and our Facebook page and if you
found value in this video today be sure to share it with your friends we really
appreciate the support and once again I’m Bob with tighten tiny homes and I
really wanted to thank you for watching this video today have a great day

14 thoughts on “Large Tiny House For Sale

  1. Want to see tiny home for a single parent two small kid's β˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘β€

  2. Any chance that shower could be a European-type standing tub/shower?

  3. That bedroom loft is just another coffin with a skylight! You are sitting on a flat floor and not on a mattress! By the time you lay on a mattress (and it better be a very thin one!) there will be little to no room between your face and the ceiling, let alone room to lay on your side! Sorry guys! No thumbs up for the coffin! It will be a place where no one could live for any amount of time! I'd suggest you get back to the design board because this one is a failure!

  4. From all the tiny house I saw in YouTube this is my favorite. I wish it would've been three bedroom.

  5. Great spokesman. Nice build Bob.

  6. No range hood with a gas stove? Cough!Cough! Do you have ventilation anywhere in this house!? An egress window?
    Also, propane causes moisture problems in a tiny home. The range hood, and other ventilation fans are needed.

  7. What is the total cost on this build? What type of insulation in walls, floor & ceiling please? Thanks.

  8. You did a great job. Nice and roomy

  9. This is my favorite kitchen for Titan so far. I love the antique finish on the cabinets.

  10. sponcer me please it will help my canle

  11. Love the layout. Great job.

  12. How much does this home costs?

  13. It looked good until I saw him hanging over the stove. And then I thought of the ventilation. I think the position of the stove is hazardous but I don't know what to suggest anyway. Just an observation.

  14. Very boring plain house, & looks cheaply built

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