Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4 buyers review

Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4 buyers review

The Land Rover Discovery has
been around since 1989. The last generations date from 2004,
when the Discovery 3 was introduced. Since the facelift in 2004 it’s called the Discovery 4. It’s a facelift, so we’re talking about
the Discovery 3 and 4 in this video. There are a lot of technical similarities.
The car’s basis is the same. You can use the Land Rover Discovery on-road,
and off-road in the fields or forests. You can go anywhere with this car.
He stands his ground in the terrain. They’re also very good haulers.
Some versions may even tow 7,716 lb. An important part of the facelift was
that the 3-liter SDV6 became available. It succeeded the 2.7-liter SDV6 diesel engine. Those 2 are the most common ones when looking
for a second-hand Discovery in the Netherlands. The 8-speed ZF automatic transmission
is available since 2010. We know this AT from the F-Type. It has
different software, but the basis is the same. For the engine you can choose diesels
ranging from 187-252 hp. If you want gasoline, you start at 295 hp
for the 4.4-liter V8 from the early models; the 5-liter V8 from the newer models has 370 hp. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel About 115 Land Rover Discoveries of the 3rd
and 4th generation are for sale on Most are diesels. Gasoline versions were
delivered, the V8 engines, but those are rare. Another rare thing is the manual transmission. Stick shift Discoveries are available, but
only 10 are for sale at About 50% of the Discoveries has a tow hitch.
50% has the optional 3rd-row seating, making 7 seats available. A sunroof is more rare. About 1/3
of all Discoveries has one. There’s a wide range in prices. They start at
8,000 euros for a worn-out early Discovery 3. They go up ’til 70,000 euros for
a most recent Discovery 4. Some go as far up as 100,000 euros,
if you want to buy one that is as good as new. Of course there are reasons to
buy a Land Rover Discovery. First, it’s a nice car. It handles well for its size.
It doesn’t feel as if you’re driving a huge car. The cabin has a nice finish. Land Rover is known to make unreliable cars,
but that’s not true for the Discovery 3 and 4. Not much is wrong with these. We’ll talk
about the things to watch out for in a bit. Another reason may be that you need a hauler. You
can tow a lot with a Discovery. It handles this well. Finally, it’s a real off-roader, so you can take it…
If I go right here, off the dike, this won’t be a problem. More so, I’m sure about that.
If I wanted to, I could go up again. There are things to watch out for, but not as
many things as you’d expect from a Land Rover. To begin with, it’s a large, heavy car. Maintenance
is more expensive than for a Nissan Micra. Brake pads are more expensive
and wear faster, same for the tires. This goes for everything.
Everything is more pricey, so if you want to drive 4×4 on a budget,
get a Suzuki Jimny or something. Speaking of maintenance, it is important that
the Discovery got its maintenance on time. This is essential for a big,
heavy car such as this one. If the booklet doesn’t have all the stamps and
the bills are missing, keep looking for another. It’s a risk when you’re not sure
about its maintenance history. If you want a 3-liter SDV6… It has a twin-turbo setup, so if something
needs to be done to the turbos or timing belt, the whole nose needs to come off
to be able to reach these things. It’s a compact package, so they
can’t easily reach everything. That’s a disadvantage of the 3-liter, but it’s
a nicer engine compared to the 2.7-liter. The sunroof’s frame in a Discovery 3
’til 2006 may break. If this happens, it starts leaking. If you want to buy
a pre-2006 car, check if the frame is undamaged. There was a software update in 2012,
but this went wrong with 2010 cars. Check if everything works well.
If the software update causes problems, you can recognize this by a variable dashboard
lighting intensity and failing rear parking sensors. It’ll need a new software version or back to the old
one, whichever you want, but you’ll know the cause. Then there’s a problem with
the electromechanical parking brake. It wears fast, especially in the Discovery 3.
Keep an eye on that. The brake linings need to be
replaced every 35,000 miles. The Land Rover Discovery’s air suspension
is sensitive. Unfortunately, it’s not error free. When the car is stationary, check if it’s level.
It shouldn’t lean on its left rear leg. If it’s broken, it’ll stand out, so you can’t miss it. Unfortunately, repairs to
the air suspension are pricey. It’s no system with a lot of small, easy to
replace parts. A lot needs to be done. If you’re going to buy a Discovery,
but the fuel consumption worries you: the diesels are thirsty as well. You may
consider buying a nice V8 and run it on LPG. This may be more economical after a while.
You’ll have to count the miles you’ll be doing. But you don’t have to go for a diesel to save fuel. We borrowed this car at Van Mossel in Zwolle,
an official Land Rover dealer. It’s a car form 2011 with 60,000 miles on the clock.
A nice edition in dark blue and beige leather interior with pretty wood. It’s a nice car with a lot
of options. I had fun today. It’s a cool car. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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