Land of Storms | Fine Line

Land of Storms | Fine Line

Does it still hurt? Your girlfriend? Yeah, something like that. Better? He felt me up. And I let him. I don’t know why. Are you insane? Why are you defending him? Why did that guy come here? No reason. To visit me. And what is he good at? It’s a sin. What you’re
doing is disgusting. Dad, I’ll stay here. I will live here. With him.

13 thoughts on “Land of Storms | Fine Line

  1. How are you

  2. It's amazing. All your edits are. Can you see my channel pls.

  3. this movie has shitty ending i cant forget that lol…

  4. The ending killed me, not me but it did literally kill and not in a good way

  5. So lovely Romantic and Emotional.
    Every Gay Love story have a trusted Soul and Feel full heart.

  6. Merry Christmas, Feliz navidad…

  7. The movies amazing til the end like wtf even was that ending


  9. English subtitles available!

  10. How did it end did the father kill him , why was he laying there he never moved😭

  11. Name?

  12. and then he kills him

  13. Me emcantoooooooo ❤😭

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