KW command Training | Complete Overview 2019 by Lori Ballen Coach, Agent, and Trainer

KW command Training | Complete Overview 2019  by Lori Ballen Coach, Agent, and Trainer

hello Keller Williams agents my name is
Lori “Vegas” Ballen nicknamed because I have a real estate team here in Las
Vegas Nevada serving Henderson North Las Vegas Summerlin and the general area so
I am a trainer for my own companies Ballen Academy is my coaching program and
I am focusing now on command because this is the platform Keller Williams
agents are going to be adopting it’s not just a website or just an email program
the way it’s all rolled into one and because we need to use it to get paid
the adoption rates going to be much higher so it’s important to me to help
you learn how to use command I do have a coaching program in courses so you can
check that out at Valentia Demi calm now today let’s go ahead and do an overview
here now I have been seeing a lot of requests for an overview of commands and
I’ve been looking at different ways to bring you the overview and I actually
think this Kelly guides is the best way to get started okay so if I walk you
through this Kelly guide I think you’re gonna get a good understanding of the
beginning point that everybody should be starting with in command and then I’ve
got multiple videos breaking down each individual component how to use it and
then I’m doing some advanced strategies because I’m a marketer so let’s go ahead
and walk through the Kelly guide helping everybody get started now I’m on the
smart plants section so let me go right back to the original Kelle guides so up
in the URL I have that’s how we log
into command right it immediately goes to here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna
go ahead and click get started the most important thing that we can do
to begin is actually not start adding our contacts it’s to set up our
marketing profile the reason for that is as soon as we start adding contacts and
clicking a button to add them to a smart plan they’re going to be getting our
information and having our branding set up is going to be super important so you
can see here that I have already begun mine although my biography is very short
here I’m going to elaborate on that but I want to walk you through what’s what
the first thing you’re gonna see is the branded header click on that little
arrow this here is your branded header so this is going to be your default
header for your landing pages you’re gonna see this in in various marketing
assets inside command so it’s important now the first thing you’re to do here it
says team logo so in my case you can see here I’ve got my lb logo up here so if I
were to click upload photo I can browse on my computer for the logo I want to
load now what we’re going to want to do is we’re going to want to make sure that
we pay attention to sizing here so this says image must be a JPEG or PNG format
smaller than one megabyte and the recommended size is 360 by 360 this is
important that we are changing our image size so that we can have the best image
showing possible now I have not yet played with a specific piece in the
designs component but something you can do is you can go over to canva which is
free and up here just click on custom dimensions type in 360 by 360 create a
new design and then upload your picture so you go to upload find the picture you
want it’s gonna be your logo let’s just say for some reason it’s that one and
this canvas here is already a 360 by 360 so you can play around with cropping or
design it wherever you want to get to and then you can see here it’s already
360 by 360 so then you’re just gonna click that little arrow and you download
it and it will already be the right size so there’s there’s just a simple method
for you again I have not checked out designs quite yet for creating in that
capacity so I’m still using the free canva to do that I actually have a paid
version of canvas I’m not sure what’s available in the free versus a non free
you’re gonna notice in my trainings that I will talk about what I like but I
don’t like a bit about command what’s available and what’s not available where
I’m using other third-party software and as we know keller williams is
encouraging us to use our own software and have our own options until they have
a better option for us and it’s a misconception that everything in command
is going to be free commands a platform is not extra but that doesn’t mean the
third-party components or the items we bring we integrate with from the
marketplace aren’t going to have an additional fee for example MailChimp has
its own fees Twilio has its own fees keller williams is negotiating on our
behalf to get those as low as possible but it doesn’t mean they’re gonna be
free so I’m looking at what tools do I like the best what does what I want it
to do where can I use command and where do I still need additional software so
I’ll be guiding you through all that in all of my training and coaching so we’ve
uploaded our team logo then we’re gonna enter our or our personal logo whatever
you want to put up here that could be your picture up there too but then it’s
going to be your picture here and your picture here so if you have a logo it’s
a good idea to put it up there or you can remove it let me show you what this
looks like and then just not have a team logo up there at all or maybe you’re
gonna put your market center logo up there which I already have down here but
maybe you’re gonna want it up there to cover your licensing so that spot is
whatever you want it to be it can be any kind of icon image logo or it could just
be blank that’s fine too so I’ve got my name I’m serving Las
Vegas so Lori Ballen Team Las Vegas I’ve got my website here
and then we’re gonna click next I removed my team logo didn’t I need to go
back and add that okay so then we’re gonna have upload your photo that’s this
spot right here okay DBA logo so this is going to be anything that is required I
heard somebody say that’s your team logo but it’s actually your licensing
requirements in my case broker logo most of us have the same requirements as far
as the broker logo being a required element so that’s what this is for
so I’ve got my DBA logo down here you can see that’s the kW Las Vegas logo
okay so that’s what goes there then you’ve got your agent license number
which is required you can put your brokerage license number there if you’d
like to or I could just type in keller williams realty los vegas Summerlin
right there okay and that then watch it’s gonna show up down here right
underneath that okay then I’ve got the office phone number or your phone number
whatever email mobile phone the market center name is Las Vegas Summerlin this
is where your bio goes and we can definitely type much much more into that
bio and I think that’s gonna be important so right now I just have sirs
here but I can go in and put designations my specialty is something
that differentiates myself from everybody else you know Lori has lived
in Summerlin let’s just say I’m my target audience is Summerlin
Lori has lived in Summerlin since 1992 from the communities onset and has
raised two beautiful daughters in Summerlin through the Summerlin school
system you see what I’m saying there and this is going to be a much better value
for search engine optimization as we roll around so I’ll expand on that
probably later today and then whatever your credentials are so if you want to
play you know whatever does designations or like
home specialist that’s where that would go then we’re gonna click Next so here
we want to set up all of our profiles so I’ve got Facebook now keep in mind that
this is going to be your real estate clients so you’re gonna want to use your
facebook business page you’re going to want to use your Twitter business
account okay I am not actively marketing for real estate clients on LinkedIn I
use LinkedIn to market to real estate agents which is a whole nother story so
I’m leaving my blank because I actually don’t even want that I don’t want my
buyers and sellers to go there if you have an Instagram and you’re okay with
your buyers and sellers going there you’re gonna put that here if you I have
an Instagram that you’re not okay you might want to start a separate
Instagram that is specifically a brand account for your real estate business
which is what I’m gonna be adding in there shortly okay your YouTube account I forget which mine is so I’m gonna go
to or e Ballentine let me see where my url is so all you do is go
to your real estate channel then you take this URL if you have a custom URL
you can use that we’re gonna copy it we’re gonna go back to our Kelly guide
and we’re gonna paste that right in here then you have your kW app link now
there’s different ways to get that link I showed everybody the other day just go
to my kW dot kW calm go up to technology and click kW mobile app resources scroll
down find this green box that says view your mobile download web address and
it’s on the old agency site here so you’re gonna take that and you’re gonna
paste that URL right in there now another thing you could do and this is
an advanced hack and by the way when you’re training with me or coaching with
me you’re gonna find that I use a lot of advanced strategies I typically use a
system way beyond what it was designed for for marketing purposes and to stand
out so one of the things that I’m already thinking of is rad
than just using the generic kW app link I’m gonna build a landing page that is
better branded to me uniquely and offers that app download so I’ll be making a
separate video on that in the future for those of you that want some more
advanced strategies so what I’m seeing is basically any URL you want could go
in here that that links to that app that has relation to that app it doesn’t have
to be the exact exact Appling although you will need that link
as your offer on your landing page so let me give an example if I want
somebody to go to a landing page that’s all about Lori Ballen not just
about Keller Williams it has maybe a more profile info or you know buyer
sweet services or featured listings that I want them to look at and then give
them a reason to download the app or maybe I have another kind of item of
value where I’m going to capture their name phone number you know something
like that then I might want to do that rather than just send them here’s where
they go by the way if they click on that app link okay so they go here to be
honest with you this isn’t my favorite page and I think we can build better so
I’d rather send them to something I designed myself but I’ll get there so
again for today this is what what I’m using it right all right so that’s
that’s that really quick now let’s go ahead and go to the next legal footer so
this is going to be again for your landing pages I think it’s gonna pair in
other areas as well potentially our idx websites provide you’re doing business
as logo in any legal information here so I have Lori Val and LLC as license with
Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas Summerlin at 90 420 West Sahara Suite
number 100 Las Vegas Nevada eight nine one one seven and then my phone number
now here’s what’s important to notice about this most people won’t scroll down
to a footer a footer is at the very very bottom of your website and/or the very
bottom of your landing page it’s oftentimes grayed out or very subtle and
it’s really there to provide legal information but here’s what I’ll share
with you if people want your contact info they will often just shoot down to
the bottom they’ll do a one thing your scroll and go straight to
the bottom to look for your contact info so I always also include my contact info
in that footer okay so but you don’t want to bury anything else important
there you want to have that you know anything else you want obvious in higher
sections but the legal footer can be used for your contact info additionally
right not instead of another spot but additionally now let’s click Next
okay now we’re gonna configure our accounts so this is what your email
template will look like sync your accounts to make sending emails and SMS
even more seamless okay mine says I have configured my reply email to be Lori at
Lori Bell ENCOM click Edit so maybe I want this to be a team at Val in Vegas
comm because I want it to be to my real estate team instead so I can click Save
Changes and then I can go right to smart plans from here but I’m not going to in
this case we’re gonna keep going okay so if you don’t have anything yet that yet
there you’ll have the option to click a button and set up your reply to email so
this is this is likely to change over time depending on what email programs
are integrated or what you choose to integrate but the mail jet program has
us putting in a reply to email so go ahead and set something up there now
we’re going to configure SMS SMS is your text messaging so in order to launch the
smart plans that have text messaging we’re gonna connect your Twilio account
for any text messages sent on your behalf now I don’t know that Keller
Williams has expressed this so as a digital marketer who wants to protect
her assets I’m going to share something with you we’re actually not permitted to
SMS text anybody that has not explicitly given us permission to do so so I worry
a little bit that we’re just launching smart plans and SMS texting everybody
we’re gonna find over time that that’s going to be cracked down on so my
suggestion is this and all you do some advanced strategies on this
as we go my suggestion is that in your forms where you are offering lead
capture so whether you’re using kW whether you’re using kW command landing
pages or you’re using idx from something like ITX broker or a
third party edit your forms to have a disclaimer that says by requesting this
info you are expressing you are expressly giving permission to be
contacted via your phone number a parenthesis caller text and then let
them know they can opt out at any time they have to give explicit permission so
just be aware of that I’m not a not a high C profile but I do care about not
losing my hard work so that’s just something that we all need to be keeping
in mind and hopefully we’ll have something popping out there with Keller
Williams remember that legal footer we had below we can put it in here okay
actually that’s a really good idea I might go back and put that in that legal
footer okay so then we go to configure and Twilio our Twilio accounts gonna pop
up okay now I’ve already set mine up but what
you’ll do is you’ll put in your first name your last name your credit card
number all of your info here and you can see here that it says allow kW to read
data from my account and use my account to perform Twilio actions like making
phone calls sending text messages and buying phone numbers you are explicitly
giving kW the ability to use read and use your data that’s what you really
need to know that’s important you cannot do this without that permission next
when my account fail falls below $10 Twilio will charge my credit card
$20 charges will appear as Twilio Inc now a lot of people have expressed the
concern thinking that Twilio is going to be free not free
let me see kW Twilio let me see if I can get the pricing sheet here okay here’s the how-to so maybe I can
put this in okay here it is pricing click here
alright so Twilio comm slash pricing so as you can see we’re only getting access
to the standard Twilio pricing but it’s it’s really not an expensive process but
you can pay as you go you can use volume discounts and you can use committed use
discounts you can get started for free but here you’ll be able to see which
platform is going to work for you but a text message itself is going to be very
inexpensive but I’m gonna encourage you just go through that yourself so that
you can play with that so with any SMX SMS platform you’re going to be paying
for it so that’s something to keep in mind here
you go already having a login account let me see if this is allowing me to log
in from Kelly that’s interesting what I don’t know here already have an account
login okay so I am an affiliate partner or Twilio and if you want to use my link
I do benefit if you end up making a purchase through there I’ll put my
Trulia link below in the description as well so you have multiple ways to set
that up okay so you can do it directly through kW or you can set it up on your
own separately and then integrate through login right so there’s that so
we’re gonna go ahead and set that up and all you would have to do is go to
already have an account login putting your email address and password and
you’ll be able to connect those I’ll do that after the fact here so then we’re
gonna go to continue now we’re able to see our smart plans now smart plans are
going to give us the ability to cultivate our leads these are smart
plans are another word for campaigns so a lot of people have said what’s the
difference between smart plans opportunities neighborhood nurtures well
tech those neighborhood nurtures are a
campaign within smart plans so if you’re used to using something like
Infusionsoft or follow up boss or top producer any of those platforms you’re
used to seeing them referred to probably as campaigns so just think of these as
campaigns but they’re called smart plans so you’ve got the ability to create a
monthly neighborhood nurturer bi-weekly neighborhood nurse or quarterly call
plan mid term nurturer here’s what I’m going to suggest to you I’m gonna be
breaking each one of these down and there these are gonna grow and from what
I understand agents are gonna have the ability to sell their own smart plans
within here so this library is gonna grow quickly and massively so what
you’re gonna see is steps ok so some of these plans are already within each
other so you don’t want to go just willy-nilly smacking every lead on all
of your plans because some of these plans are already functioning within a
larger one okay so for example long-term nurture you don’t want to have mid term
nurture and long-term nurture because your long-term nurture is already going
to contain mid term okay um bi-weekly neighborhood nurture is not
going to be selected with monthly neighborhood because monthly is already
going to contain your bi-weekly so be careful about those types of things so
if you’re confused about which plan to put who on take a look at the steps so
monthly neighborhood nurturer view steps so you get a reminder to manually add
the contacts neighborhoods you get a reminder to send them an email you get a
delay for weeks and it tells you to repeat from here you can add context to
this plan let’s look at the next one reminder to add neighborhoods bi-weekly
neighborhood meet nurture send email what did this one say send email monthly
delay every two weeks and then repeat okay so there’s no reason to have
somebody on both do you want them to be notified every you want this to be a
monthly thing or a bi-weekly thing choose one or the other not both but
they’re the same plan otherwise you see it’s just the when they launched my
suggestion is you add yourself to everything so you go to add contacts I’m
gonna find myself glory ballon all right let’s try last name I’m sure
I’m in there okay let’s do that so let’s sort by let’s store by tags and you can
say anybody that’s a buyer all right glitchy that one not working it for me
today so some of these plans just rolled out this weekend so do keep in mind that
if you’re having any problem we are gonna see glitches throughout this
system I’m just telling you right now it’s it’s still glitchy doesn’t mean
don’t use it what it means is identify the glitches contact kW and let them
know where your glitches are make yourself a note to come back to that
specific thing if you’re having any problems adding anything it might be
because your email program isn’t activated yet or there might be a
missing component that you need to go through and follow for that to be active
so we’re gonna keep work keep looking at that quarterly call plan phone call
delay repeat okay pretty simple basically these are assigning tasks so
when you’re using something like Infusionsoft for example I’m mostly
familiar with Infusionsoft because that’s what my team has been on for the
last few years our campaigns quote-unquote contained calls text
messages reminders suggestion to do a pop by they weren’t all automated things
a lot of them were automated campaigns that assigned a task to the agent these
are very similar to that midterm nurture you’ve got automatic walk in it
automatically okay so watch this midterm nurture auto ad bi-weekly neighborhood
nurturer and in neighborhood nurturer so if you put them on the midterm nurturer
you don’t also need to put them on a neighborhood nurturer because it’s
already included this is why you need to get familiar with the steps so that
you’re not blasting people with the same thing okay so midterm nurture is a
general check in with a recently met contact to offer your expertise for
something specific got it add contacts okay
so if you’ve got contacts if your contacts are working you’re going to
check the box and you’re gonna add that person to that smart plan next up long-term nurture stand top of
mind by scheduling regular regular check-ins with your contacts over the
span of six months so most of your web leads are going to be long-term nurtures
okay so let’s go ahead and look at this now my assumption is that we are gonna
see campaigns like the one that my team and I built at ballon brands the
autopilot is a we’re gonna see those types of campaigns being added in here
by Kay dummy and by other agents but if you look here the 8×8 this is the new
big one that everybody’s talking about this one includes some actual SMS and
emails so what I might do is I might say okay 8 by 8 I’ve got a new lead I want
them to go on the 8 by 8 because they get a text message then they get an
email actually it’s a reminder emails not automated SMS text message anything
I can help with is automated neighborhood nurture email is automated
text message automated ok now what I’m thinking is that’s a great launch for as
somebody that you want to do the 8 by 8 because you want to touch them multiple
times quickly then over here add Auto add to monthly neighborhood nurture we
might want to add the long-term after the 8 by 8 does that make sense so we
might say put them in the 8 by 8 campaign then move them to the long-term
nurture campaign all right we’re gonna dive much more into this and we’re gonna
see so much more and we’re gonna have the ability customized but right now
what I want you to know is see where this says SMS text message
great talking with you that’s not what it actually says so put yourself if you
have the ability to add a contact here I have to go and look why my contacts
aren’t yet showing up here it might be because my team has to be selected but
and it might just be done on the contact site instead of in this area here but I
want you to be able to see what all these smart plans are so that you have
the ability to put put them in there okay we’ll look at that after the fact
so that’s what your Smart plans are then we’re gonna click Next okay Kelly guide
Smart Plan overview so it says which smart plans I’ve now enabled and I’ve
been able all of these smart plans and then I’m gonna click continue
what’s next idx sites increase your reach beef up your smart plans
check out the new templates in designs okay
so again this Kelly guide is taking you through all of these steps so that you
can get set up and then then look at what else is here so if we go ahead and
click on IDX sites it actually goes to our landing
pages section so this is another one of those things where you can take a look
at it if you’re not seeing what you want to see skip that segment and we will
wait for those to develop and come back into it
my understanding is ibx sites will be released in October
we do have the ability to use landing pages now you can watch some of my other
videos on how to specifically use landing pages individually but we’re
gonna keep going here so that I can show you the components so beef up your smart
plans add your contacts and then check out your new templates you’re going to
go to designs okay so basically Kelly those Kelly guides right now are
designed to help you set up your marketing profile more than anything
else so what I want to do now is I want to take you through the dashboard again
with it with the concept of giving you an overview as how it’s working today
so that you can see how you might use it so we all now have this section here
this widget here which is going to be tasks let me go back to the double click
on it so again this is another item we see in a lot of our CRM s that give our
ability to see our task so we’re gonna see appointments we’re gonna see
suggestions to add people to drip campaigns we’re going to see suggestions
for phone calls probably pop buys we can assign our own manual tasks to a contact
those are gonna pop up here so this is going to be that tickler that your
agents or you are the agent are gonna log on to every day so that you can see
what tasks are waiting and you can move forward you can’t do your tasks until
you assign until you start adding contacts and assigning smart plans and
manual tasks ok but we have the ability here to do this we can sort these we can
also click through and open it in a larger window so now we can see our
tasks completed tasks archive tasks we can also see opportunity tasks ok I’ll
get into opportunities separately but here you can manually create a new task
so create a new task so I might say book flight to make a camp I mean I literally
could use this as my to-do calendar outside of just my contacts what day is
this do ok I want to make sure I’m doing this by October 31st task description
check dates get tickets booked flights then I could put a hyperlink here so
let’s just say I want to go over to keller williams mega camp i want to know
when the dates are for 2020 so i’m gonna grab this link you can see here
announced soon and i’m gonna go ahead whoops let me go back to they are add my
hyperlink ok now if i want somebody to be assigned to this to do I can click
assign contacts let me see if my contacts yep now they’re working they
just weren’t working in that smart plan view which is weird but they work from
here ok find who it is that you want to get let me just do that Alan so I personally
have found that the search I personally don’t love how it searches
names because it gives way too many options so like if I’m actually typing
in a lorry Vallon I don’t know why it’s pulling up Paul Henderson so that’s a
little squirrely so you’re just gonna have to get used to kind of minimizing
that so I’m gonna go down to Balan and find my name here and I’m gonna assign
myself a sign contacts and then create tasks so now that task will pick will
pop up and my to do so you absolutely can use this for everything from
transaction management to marketing you could you could click it to do so for
here’s an advanced hack here and I’m sure we’re gonna have team project
management but let’s just say I have Sabrina as an admin and Sabrina I have
her in her as a contact I could go in and create a Smart Plan around our
marketing processes or I can just assign a manual task and go to create a new
task run Facebook ad for new listing one two three Gold Street and assign it to
Sabrina right so that task is now associated with Sabrina now that doesn’t
mean that it gives her to do it means I know it’s connected to Sabrina so we’ll
get into more of that later I’m just my brain is going to all these advanced
hacks until we get all of our systems in here but more likely I’m gonna say
something like you know notify Jane Smith that escrow has been opened and
I’m gonna sign that to Monday and then I will assign that assign that to Jane
contacts so when the task shows up it’ll look like this contacts associated
Patrick Freeman so I need to click on Patrick and then I can see all of his
info when I make the call that makes sense so that is that this is not
designed to assign tasks to your admin that was just a an outside-of-the-box
thought but it’s more of assigning it to clients and then this is how we’re gonna
be able to contact them okay you you will notice when I teach I’m always
thinking out slide the box how can i hack this and do
something different so you can ignore the hose or you can go loose sounds like
a good idea let me go explore that that’s my value one of my value
propositions is the advanced strategies on using a system beyond what it was
naturally designed for all right so that’s tasks okay
so this is this is a great way you’re gonna be able to use this I’m gonna go
back to the home screen I just wanted to make sure you understood this over here
we have product updates down here we have a database scoring system all right
now people are gonna get obsessed with this and that’s good because we all a
lot of us love to be graded and we get obsessed with creating as highest scores
as possible I want to warn you of something if you do a massive import and
your import does not have birthdays anniversaries phone numbers addresses
emails you’re gonna have a really low database score because those are the
things that it’s based on don’t panic this is where you might want to consider
assigning tasks to a virtual assistant or assigning tasks to a marketing
company like I like my brothers over at Balan brands you go to Balan brand say
hey I want my database score up so they can help create a campaign that goes out
and helps find you those phone numbers birthdays and things like that maybe
there’s something in your smart plans that can help do that it’s they’re not
there today but maybe they will be there or maybe you say you know what every day
I am gonna commit one hour a day to improving my database score now my
suggestion is you do this in segments so for example I might say okay let me go
work on my leads that are through my ID X so I’m gonna go work out all my ID X
leads and see if I can make sure each one has a phone number and an email now
how am I gonna do that well I’m gonna come back and show you guys some
advanced strategies on how to get some of that stuff but it might be that you
imported it and somehow you never reported the phone number over so you
might be able to go back to your ID X login grab those phone numbers okay let
me show you if you click on this you’re able to actually see
where your gaps are in your scoring system so I can see here here’s my total
records so obviously a big import I might I see 29 lead so that would be a
great place to start let me well let me go through my 29 leads and plug in as
much info on them as I possibly can okay here’s your database health score and
you can see here my percentage of my database with phone numbers is 59% with
email is 95% so almost everybody my database has an email but not everybody
has a phone number there is a way I can increase my score addresses 23% I can go
increase that neighborhoods well I haven’t actually started on my
neighborhood nurtures that’s on my tasks for this week that’s gonna that’s gonna
change my score home anniversary and then birthdays so where is the let’s see
hold on let’s grab it kW database score you see if this one has it if it doesn’t
I’ll put it in there there is an actual breakdown I’ll find it and put it in
here so let’s see I believe we have 20% is phone number 20% is the email 20% is
the address and I know like we have it’s like 4% 4% 4% so it’s in this order of
importance so what’s gonna make the biggest improvement in your email is
your phone number it’s the phone numbers and your emails and your addresses and
then it goes down from there does that make sense
so if I want to make the biggest increase I’m gonna start with these top
ones and then go down from there so it’s like 20 20 20 and and then small
percentages after that point I thought it was written on here but I don’t have
it on mine okay see that then you’ll be able to access reports as well from here
and what you can see now is here’s my total contacts how many new were added
in this time frame this month last month year-to-date total
buyer opportunities we haven’t gotten there so we’ll be working on that
together total listing appointments guys this is a agent or mega agents dream to
be able to see our pipeline okay so when i get Christos on my team and David is
on my team using this platform and now every time they’ve got a listing
appointment they go in and update the opportunity to a listing appointment as
the mega agent I’m gonna be able to see that pipeline and better predict what’s
coming what’s coming up I can also quickly see which of my
agents are super busy right which ones are more efficient which ones might have
the most bandwidth to accept another lead or another referral and so this
helps me help them as the make agent which is very important okay so we’re
working on all that then I can see their financial pipeline they’re listing
financial pipeline the GCI each of their total contacts this is
gonna be amazing now I’m going to talk about some models as I go on and one of
my model my models very different than most models in that I have a team but we
work more as a referral team than we do as in I’m coaching them guiding them
providing everything paying for admin you know I lead with leads so because I
lead generate through both agent agent referrals and through web leads I’m able
to generate the leads and then pass them on to Christa and David and then I get
paid a commission from there and everything’s booked under my team
sometimes I will work with agents from other areas to do the same thing but I
brought everybody inclusively in as a team for this exact reason so that I can
better control the pipeline’s and see physically what’s happening if I’m
referring off my team to local agents it’s harder for me to see this unless we
have some way to get people to show up there so I built something like this an
Infusionsoft and it was very expensive took a lot of time to create something
like this so I could see everything and now we have it done for us so this is oh
my gosh huge and since I do live in teams you’re gonna see me spending a lot
of time teaching you guys round robins lead conversion lead cultivation how to
put contacts on smart plans as the Rainmaker or as the is a versus as the
individual agent we’re gonna be get diving into all of that stuff okay
so that’s what this is really cool let’s go back to the dashboard so that’s what
database health is the compare options gonna be really cool you guys I’m
obsessed with this I compare not for the sake of comparison of I’m better than
you are you’re better than I am kind of crap right not that my focus is on how
am i comparing so that I know where the bar is if somebody is knocking it out of
the park at many levels higher than I am I know I’m missing something I mean
they’re missing a system or a person or maybe just a commitment to focus on a
particular strategy and I need to go back well being able to see how I
compared to everybody else then I might be able to see okay this is where I
missing all right we can also compare agents in my state
we can compare all agents now not all of this is gonna be super accurate right
now because they’re just still gathering everything obviously the more of us that
use this this data is can become better and let me just share with you that my
absolute favorite thing about command is the data because the more we use it the
more data we get the more we have a pulse on our on the industry and we the
better we have a pulse on how we are doing in comparison to the industry and
the insights are going to be incredible the insights that tell us hey you need
to call Jane Smith because history shows us that when consumers do this this and
this on our agency on our IEX websites or on our landing pages or on whatever
they are most likely to buy in the next seven days and they’re using because
everybody else is using opportunity phases and they’re able to predict based
on when that person gets dropped into that pipeline that this happens when
this happens and here’s the timeframe so the more we use the system the more
insights we’re going to be able to share the the the hotter our our pipeline is
going to be it’s going to direct us it’s gonna tell us what to do this is
artificial intelligence at its best personalized experience for the consumer
yes but insights to direct us as the agent on how to best use our system okay
huge guys huge huge huge we can also see our sources over on the right and these
are growing we’re starting to see more and more sources being imported here as
the system grows we can also import our own our own sources through spreadsheets
I talked about down on another video okay and then our database activity
scores same thing here so reached out in the last 30 days right so this is based
on information for each contacts what does that file look like phone number
email address neighborhood home anniversary birthday down here it’s
what’s the activity reached out in the last 0 to 30 days reached out and 31 to
6 sixty one to ninety guys this is the no
lead left behind section okay how many times we put somebody in our database
time goes on we get super busy we forget about them maybe we even put them on a
nurture campaign and there’s popping up in our tasks but we moved past it too
fast because let me just tell you these tasks gonna be insane
when you put a hundred people two hundred people a thousand people on
smart campaigns your task list is gonna get so overwhelming you’re not gonna
call anybody I’m telling you that’s gonna happen that’s why we’re gonna need
better smart planes plan segmented by tags and fields and audiences but for
right now let me just share with you this right here is gonna be your saver
because this is going to tell you how long it’s been since you’ve been talking
to two people and at some point will be will be able to click through and see
who these are so you can say filter by how long it’s been since I’ve reached
out by text remember SMS is text how long it’s been
since I’ve reached out by email how long it’s been since I’ve reached out by
calendar I’m hoping we add social media to this so you’ll be able to use that
okay so that’s what the the most important reports are that you’re
looking at today getting started guys this is something you can do today this
is functioning today right now we have the ability to add our contacts start
putting people on smart plot plans start adding tasks start getting our database
health today right now do this set up your marketing profile start working on
your contacts if you do nothing else right here
Josh team at mega camp said if you did nothing else but put your contacts in
your database and add them to the quarterly nurture campaign it will
change your world it will change your business so starting
point for those of you they’re overwhelmed right here this is your 101
if you’re a team leader if you’re a tech trainer if you’re a mega agent this is
where we want to get all of our people okay so after contacts you can see here
we have tasks and I just went through that with you already so we’ve already
done that you have opportunity tasks here as well I’m going to show you where
these show up when we get to opportunities so next we have smart
plans smart plans I just showed you how to do
in Kelly so if we were to click right here you’ve never clicked here you’re
actually gonna go right back into that Kelly guide that I started you with okay
so I’ve already enabled all of mine we have that there let’s go to the next one
is referrals so this is what we first were introduced to at family reunion and
we all started using Kelly referrals and this is where we’re gonna be able to
send referrals receive referrals we could go here to my referrals we can see
which referrals are waiting for us to respond which ones have come in which
ones have gone out we can close these I expect this to become a March much
larger component even in reports I think we’ll start seeing our scoring system
around referrals closing referrals I believe that information at some point
may become public so that other people know how many referrals we’ve accepted
and closed and that’s going to help us better decide just yesterday as a matter
of fact I had a referral for College Park Maryland and let me just tell you
something again back to marketing I know a lot of people in Maryland a lot a lot
a lot I’ve taught in Maryland multiple times I’ve had coaching clients in
Maryland I’ve received referrals from Maryland but I could not tell you who’s
in College Park Maryland because we don’t remember people based on their
location we remember people based on where we met
them how we’ve interacted with them what they look like what their role is but
it’s hard for us to remember where people are so it’s really important that
we’re building that database with people that we remember in particular areas so
I immediately went to command went to my personal database and typed in College
Park Maryland under address and quickly realized that I have not done a great
job with putting everybody’s address in and I don’t want to just use Kelly refer
I don’t want to just use Kelly referrals and I’ll tell you why and this is why I
think this is where this is coming if I type in College Park Maryland hold on
I’m putting it on a spot let me go back okay dashboard let’s go to Mack okay I don’t know let me just click on a
button so I can get people to start pop I don’t know why I stopped popping up
let me let me look at my network there we go
alright I want to see who’s in College Park Maryland so this is saying
basically that I don’t have anybody in my personal network that’s in College
Park Maryland but it’s pulling from people that I’ve actually connected with
okay so anyway if I start just typing in all agents on my network I go into
market centers let’s go to all market centers that’s what I was looking for
College Park there we go Maryland alright something’s
happening in there it’s not popping up at this very moment but it normally does
it pulls up a ton of options then I got people that were not just in College
Park Maryland I got people that were nearby the vicinity it was actually
overwhelming for me because I if I didn’t recognize the name it’s kind of
strange so I could broadcast to everybody or I could go in and say okay
show me College Park Maryland has at least two closed units or this many
there are these kind of things but what I want to see is a scoring system that
says okay gene in College Park Maryland has closed for referrals in the past six
months or in the past year whatever so I think this is stuff that’s coming I’ll
bring you a bunch more on this I have a lot a lot of ways I’m using this and
have ideas for this but we’ll come back to it so that’s what referrals is okay
not it this is working better with Kelly in my opinion that it is just straight
out of command so we’ll be watching for how those work better together next we
have opportunities this is where people are going to get overwhelmed because
opportunities look much like the Infusionsoft DNA that overwhelms people
but it’s actually just showing you a process so a listing comes in first part
of the process is to cultivate the listing second part is to get an
appointment third part is to get that listing active
next is to get it under contract and then we want to get it closed this is a
pipeline from when the listing comes in to want to listen close this is a
pipeline this is going to be able to predict our GCI income Oh again agents
everywhere celebrate because when you’re able to log in and see that your
probable income in the next you know probably income base in your listing
pipeline you’ve already taken to listening and where they’re at in this
listing is gonna be able to give you your probable income what what better
way can you control your budget what better way can you know this is one of
has been one of my pain points for ever is the pipeline what do I have in the
pipeline so I had to go and create all these spreadsheets for how many escrows
I had and every time we would get an active GCI an active notification that
something’s been added to the green sheet we would go in and manually put
that into our receivables and that’s how I was able to predict team income and
then we custom-built out on Infusionsoft because I got tired of all the manual
work now commands doing that for us so huge now watch this again show
comparison so how do I compare with everybody else in the pipeline now our
data is not going to show up in here until September 15th apparently based on
what Josh team said we’re gonna log in and it’s all gonna be here on the 15th
okay now you’re gonna have a team so in my case Lori Team is Lori, David Lamer and Krista Porter this is going to be able to show
me my own team if your team is not yet showing up right now you need to talk to
your MCA and make sure that your team is set up they’re the only ones that can
set up your team you cannot go in here and manually select it Christa and David
are on your team I’m hoping that comes because I’ll tell you again let’s talk
about hacks advanced strategies sometimes this is gonna sound weird but
this is how I work sometimes I want to send a referral to another Las Vegas
agent that’s not on my team let’s say Christa and David are both on vacation
and I get a referral and I need a buffer while they’re gone this this happens
this stuff happens I want to send this at my referral out to Ed in another
office if I was able to show him at all on my
team I actually could then see I could actually work this contact with him
share the contact with him and he would appear in my pipeline that would be so
cool but again that’s an advanced hack maybe
we’re gonna be able to see a referrals in another way in our pipeline
alright so that’s listings this is buyers this is leases or your
rentals ratio activity I want to see referrals in here that’s my wish list
we’ll talk about that later all right now let’s say you want to
create an opportunity click on create an opportunity all right
so market center Las Vegas Summerlin team Lori Ballen team opportunity
listing Lori Ballen client is ooh yeah can’t yet select another team oh that
would be so cool I hope that’s coming anyway client ok
type in a client so I don’t have any clients in here yet but let’s say I had
one in here I would be able to pop them up right now everybody’s marked as a
leader contact so they’re not marked as clients but if they were I could pull
Mary Smith up here who’s the Coles co seller if I had a CO seller so I’ve got
Mary Smith and Mark Smith are both in here opportunity name alright it’s a new
listing so keep the new listing in here we get a slide custom tags we can
estimate the closed date so Mary Smith I I think her homes gonna close it on
August 31st what’s the estimated listing price 230,000 Commission rate I’m
getting 3% on my side let’s be generous and give me for
opportunity phase all right there in the cultivate phase right now they’re in the
opportunity phase right now we’re nurturing them as soon as we do this and
create the opportunity that’s where it’ll start showing up in your pipeline
right here so what’s it what’s going to be required of you or an admin guys can
I give you my two cents on this if you are a mega agent put your admin on this
have your admin control these pipelines this is going to get messy really fast I
selected two agents on my team Krista and Dave for my model that’s different
than everybody else’s because they will do this I swear to you when I went out
and two agents I sought out two agents that
I knew would follow my processes that were tech savvy enough to understand and
appreciate the processes and he’ll became dependent on the processes
because they would want that task tickler file as much as I would as a
matter of fact when I told them that we are moving away from Infusionsoft and
into command they both had heart attacks because they’ve gotten so used to our
systems and processes being so complete and that they depend on them they don’t
want to switch over and not have the same features so it was important for me
to make sure that these faces were launched before I get Krista and Dave on
but now they’re ready so I’m now gonna meet with them and go
ahead and get that start getting them trained on these opportunity phases and
processes okay this is simple this is a look skirt looks complicated but it’s
actually quite simple all you do is click on create an opportunity putting
it putting your people and what phase are they in and you’ll start seeing
those pipe pipe lines start populating okay but it’s gonna be I’m gonna have to
count on Krista and Dave to go in and update theirs or my pipe lines won’t
work so learning curve getting everybody on it creating the expectations you
could create award systems or penalties around having your team use these if
you’re a team or you could get a virtual assistant or an admin to run this for
you so that you don’t have to but we’ll talk about how I’m doing some of that in
the future with my team okay so that’s what that is
oh I’m drooling drooling drooling can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait all right
next you have campaigns okay this is confusing because in in most of our
brains campaigns are our drip emails or our tasks that we launch in command
they’re calling those smart plans campaigns are advertising so you just
have to learn the difference in the language okay so this used to be called
lead navigator a lead accelerator right so when I used to click over here it
said lead accelerator now it’s saying campaigns so your campaigns
are going to be paid campaigns you’re going to see email campaigns we’re gonna
get into that later right so you might have an a smart plan that has SMS text
it has an email it has a pop-by so they’re action plans
but you may also just have an email campaign that’s just an email campaign
you’re gonna find those there you can go up here to create new I’m gonna teach
you how to do some of that in the separate video once I get that connected
you can have a direct mail campaign you can have social posts okay so it’s not
all just advertised but you have your paid campaigns your emails your direct
mail and your social posts okay I will break down each one of those as we go
but I want to make sure that you get the overview of what this is and how to use
it right now paid campaigns we have the ability to to do paid social ads so like
Facebook Twitter what else is in there right now do we have anything else
Facebook Twitter and Instagram is what we have today
I hope they add Pinterest because I love Pinterest too I’m sure there’ll be more
as we go so we have the ability to add a paid campaign a Google Ad a social post
direct mail and email okay so this is going to be legion you will notice that
when i start teaching i will be in coaching and in your market centers i am
going to be focused on marketing and legion i will teach how to use all the
other components because of how they support lead gen how they convert our
leads better but i’m gonna be living in legion so this is going to be someplace
i spend a whole lot of time and in teaching you how to launch smart
campaigns and how to tag and title and customize because those are part of
legion okay i’ve got a another coach with balan economy that’s going to be
working on more of the basic 101 stuff and I’ll probably be adding more as we
go next we have reports so I already went through all of that we were able to
access from the dashboard and we’ll be seeing more reports as we go this is
fantastic next we have we’ll be able to see all of our
lead sources I would love to see again i’ma give you an advanced hack I’d love
to see ROI assigned to a specific activity hoping that’s coming at some
point next we have design so this is formally sketch house now is called
designs so within designs you’re able to create
emails landing pages social posts and print so they will all show up here you
have the ability to edit this and create a cover so I could have this look like
an email icon or I can have it look like a Facebook ad or something that makes it
more appealing rather than just seeing all these little blocks there but this
is one of the coolest things right here I created this yesterday in a matter of
minutes and I mean like 10 minutes including training so probably 5 if I
wasn’t training so this is an example of what a landing page looks like and it’s
a simple drag-and-drop editor and I’ve got much many videos on that but today’s
an overview so this is really cool I created this saves it as a template so
now just every time I get a new listing I can go in I can take this block out I
can drag the new listing block in pick which listing it is or configure the
widget to go pick the listing boom grab my landing page now I can head over to
Facebook ads and run Facebook’s to this landing page or I could go share
it on social where I can go to email it out whatever I want to do with that ok
so I’ll get into more about this but pretty incredible as you start learning
how to create each one of these designs and I’m going to just take each design
one by one and show you guys how to do all of those as we grow into this okay
next we have listings and this is where we’re going to be able to manage KW LS
2.0 and in kW LS we will be able to go in and optimize our listings for our
marketing materials okay I’m going to come back here and talk
more about how this works with teams it says there’s no listings in my account
because my team takes listings in their own names so I have to
listening by address in order to use it I’m hoping that changes and that we have
a team option let me see if it does hold on Lori Ballen Team maybe they’ll show up
let’s see No okay so we’ll steeples we’ll keep our
eye out on that I need to go back and look at kW last two because it may be
just a matter of me adding them in having them show up as those team
listing till they show up here but we’re gonna come back to that next we have
insights this is what I was telling you about that’s gonna be this that’s my
favorite thing about command and is going to be oh I’m sorry this this is
local insights my bad sorry about that local insights so this is how we’re
creating hyper local information all of these I created so we can go into an
area like arbors tennis and play park I can click it on the map and I can add
information about arbors tennis and play Park that would show up on my hyper
local pages okay again I’ll come back and break this down a little bit further
oh I didn’t create all these you can see there’s another agent and they’re
creating them too so it looks like mostly me and her I’ve done a large
majority of it okay so all tess apartments here’s a picture of the pool
and I’ve got information about all Tess apartments I could way elaborate on this
you know average rents what’s it nearby that’s the idea of local insights okay
next we have landing pages and landing pages again I just showed you kind of it
looks the same way it did in designs so landing pages we can create landing page
and we’re actually back into those defaults that I showed you earlier I
will come down and break that up but break that down even more so landing
pages are independent right now we’re gonna see a whole bunch more options for
landing pages showing up in here as we go and then listing consult is on its
way it’s grayed out on mine because it’s on its way there’s more that’s coming
I’m not showing you anything from a special tech access I’m showing you
exactly what I have as a agent right now because I wanted you to actually be able
to see so I’m not talking about what’s coming as much as I am talking about
what’s already here no pad is cool so we
the ability to take notes and this might be you know something something that I
talk about I don’t know gosh maybe I’m at family mega camp but I’m taking notes
and I want to write this stuff all down somewhere where I have it and so I’m
just gonna put all my bullet points take him away here and go back later or
maybe I just talked to James Smith and I’m in a hurry
and I haven’t opened her contact file and I’m just gonna play ad note to Jane
Smith got a new dog daughter graduated a lot of yada yada right maybe I’m just
gonna call five people in a row and I’m just gonna put all my notes here and
then I’m gonna go into each contact and I’m gonna add the info okay maybe I’m
just literally I could be on here and say you know what oh gosh my daughter my
teenage daughter just told me that I need to log in to Infinite Campus and
renew registration so this is gonna kind of like be my my just general to-do list
for that day because I’m I’m in command all morning and I’m thinking about
things and this is gonna be here or I could go up and add that as a task you
see so this is cool I really I’m really pleased with this dashboard I like
what’s happening here the updates are telling us what’s coming how to get help
we can read tech updates here and then you’ll notice there’s a question circle
up here click on that question right here you can access Keller Williams
University you can chat live with support and you can post an idea so
we’re getting more options now for getting support which is great don’t
overwhelm your command trainers and coaches with all of the what’s coming
because they may not know all those answers you now have options to go
directly to the sources as well okay and share your ideas if you want a third
party integration you can click post an idea and get out there and and ask for
that now another thing I want to show you I’ve given you pretty much the the
general overview of the dashboard and all of the elements that are functioning
today and what’s coming right here if you were to click on that little drop
arrow you can access your general profile that’s being popular populated
from excuse me from your white pages you can
access the marketplace now the marketplace is your third-party
integrations so this is going to be MailChimp and Twilio and you’ll be able
to see other things now that are starting to pop up into the kW
marketplace and how they integrate so we’ve got porch now we’ve got first
American title we’ve got some cloud services we’ve got GoDaddy so
registering domains we have Google Nest we have market leader right so those are
already in there integrating excuse me now we’re going to be able to see more
of these and then you can also request so right here we love feedback click on
feedback and let them know that you want to see optinmonster or you want to see a
constant command you can let them know now here’s all when you click on that
here’s how to get your ideas submitted and then here are some quick access to
more support okay so the database of help is growing we’ve also got people
like me that are coaching in in your office I have a coaching program that
you can become part of where you’re getting live trainings courses drip
emails there’s a bunch of tech trainers out there in the office at office
themselves so you’ve got guides and checklists lots of ability for support
so my suggestion is pick who you want to learn from who’s who’s talking about the
things that you want to learn from and kind of follow that some of us Marty
Miller and I actively super active on YouTube but building out videos there’s
a bunch of training there as well love this post a new idea you can actually
see how many ideas per section are in each category and then you can vote them
up and they’re kind of taking them as they go my name is Lori Ballen thanks
for joining me stay tuned to the next video right here you’re going to be able
to see more on command you

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