Kotor Apartment Tour in Montenegro

Kotor Apartment Tour in Montenegro

Okay guys so it is our very last morning here
in Kotor and that means one thing. We still need to show you our apartment so
we figured since we’re staying in the Old Town we would walk out to the gates which
are quite impressive. This is the South Gate over here and we’re
going to give you a little tour. We’ll walk through the old town and take you
to our little pad for the week. So let’s go. So we have now made it to this grand staircase
which leads us all the way to the apartment. This is also where a lot of stray cats hung
out. And we’ve befriended quite a few of them. We can hear them meowing. And that is where we fed them as well. Yeah. I think we bought, we ended up buying 4 boxes
of cat food. No, five boxes. Five. It was five boxes. Oh my gosh. In one week. They were only 1 Euro each so I feel good
about that. So let’s go say hi to the cats and then the
apartment tour. It is sausage cat. Is our best friend. I’m a sausage cat. He likes pets. And we call him sausage cat because he has
the shortest little legs. And a long body with tiny legs. Like a hotdog. He’s a low rider. And he’s we’ve probably fed him more than
anyone else. He’s a sweet sweet kitty. Oh, a little frisky too. And a little frisky. He wants to play. He’s been fed so now he wants to play. Well, shall we go inside? Yes, time for the apartment tour. So in we go. In we go. Only one door opens of the two. Yep. So come on in to our crib in the old town
of Kotor (Котор). Alright. Let’s make sure the cats don’t come in. Haha. Because they are getting a little bold. They’re getting a little bolder. Yeah, by the day. So this is the entrance and I guess the first
thing we can show you is the bedroom since you’re standing right there. Yes. So lead us in. So tada. Yep. This is the bedroom double bed. It was a really good mattress. I slept really well at night. Um, we have a big window here. Yeah, we did have a big window. So yeah and we also had a drawer over here. Yeah, except we never really unpacked our
clothes anymore. No we didn’t. We just live out of a suitcase so it was like
piles of clothes over there. Yeah. That is very true. Also we had I should just point out quickly
we had a laundry rack. Which we did use. Yes. We did use that. We did use that. We did laundry. We did laundry once. Once. Okay. So if you follow me I guess the next place
we can do is the bathroom. Yep. Nearly fell over there. Um and the bathroom is wet. It is very small. Yeah. It is wet so I’m going to send you in. Oh lucky me. Good luck. I get to get my socks wet potentially. Alright, I will go in and give a tour and
then I will be out in a second. So yeah, this is just basically your standard
bathroom. There is a small little toilet. Here is the water heater. And this is the section where we get really
wet. Like we actually had a towel that got soaked. And the shower here uh I would say the shower
is pretty good. It had decent water pressure but it did run
out of hot water if both of us showered kind of back to back so that was slightly annoying. But you know what? I think that is because I have really long
showers. I know. I always go first and it is like sucks for
you. It does. It really does suck for me. Okay, well this is the room that I really
like. The living area and my favorite thing come
closer don’t run away would be this like stone wall. Yeah. I think this is just so cool. It looks really rustic with like the wooden
roof, ceiling, yes. There is the wooden roof. Haha. Ceiling. I think I mean ceiling. Yeah, ceiling. We both got that wrong. And yeah just a nice big couch. We did a lot of work here, watched Netflix
and you can actually turn this into another bed if you wanted to. That is true. People staying here. That is very very true. Um so yeah we also had a TV but we just never
watch tv. Nope. Um, so yeah that is the living area. You need to turn on the light to the kitchen. Next yep. The chicken. The kitchen. The kitchen. Oh and the we also worked here but the only
thing that was a little bit annoying about this was just how high the table was. Yeah. Like for example show us. Yeah. Not great for the shoulders. I mean I guess it is really good if you don’t
want to spill your food right but for working you’re kind of like this. Yeah. Um, but I mean yeah it was spacious enough
for the two of us. I did quite a bit of cooking here. You did. We compared to other places we ate a lot. Yeah. We ate a lot in at home. Yeah. We ate at home a lot I should say. And what do you call these? I think it is basically it is basically a
range. Yeah, it is kind of an electric stove. That is where we’d cook our pasta. Yeah. It was pretty good. Um, washing machine. It was a small kitchen but it had everything
we needed. Mmmhmm. Um, so it was good. Yep. And the location of this apartment right in
the Old Town. I mean we’re just like a few blocks from the
south gate. Yeah, so that was really cool. Um, so yeah that was the apartment. It was small. It was cozy but it was perfect for two people. So next let’s go to the couch and you can
tell us the price. Exactly. Alright, let’s talk about the mula. Yes. How much was this place? So this place for one week with a discount
was $27 US dollars a night. Yeah. And I thought that was a steal. I’m like right now it is November 20th so
we stayed from the 13th until the 20th. Uh huh. And I’m guessing in the summer this place
might run for double or even triple. Yeah. I mean the location is unbelievable. Unbelievable in the Old Town. Right in the Old Town just like this it has
so much charm. Yeah. Just incredible value traveling in the off-season
this time. Mmhmm. Um, in terms of our opinion of Kotor (Котор)
we really liked it. We thought it was a really cool destination. We enjoyed being here. Wonderful to walk through the Old Town. And to hike to the fortress. Yes. That was amazing. Yes. Hanging out around the harbor was cool. Yeah, the hike up to the fortress I think
was the highlight for both of us. Yeah. Um, in terms of like what we didn’t love as
much. It was not the best food city. In fact, I would say for our entire trip in
the Balkans this has probably are least favorite city for food. We tried eating out a few times and we had
kind of okay to average some meals were good yeah but just like we didn’t really click
with us. We didn’t find like amazing restaurants that
we wanted to return to again. So that was a bit of the downside. Also the I should let you know that the city
changes completely when a cruise ship pulls in. Yeah and that happens a few times a week. It becomes bananas but then the rest of the
time it was so quiet. I mean it is in the off-season but uh yeah
it was incredible how it changed just from the cruise ship pulling in for a few hours
in the afternoon. But anyways yeah we really liked it here we’d
highly recommend you come and yeah do if you can get a good place in the Old Town definitely
do that. It just makes your stay so much more convenient. And what is next where are we going today? What is next. We have got a long journey of 30 minutes. Yeah. Haha. We’re heading to our last stop in Montenegro. We’re going to Budva and we’ve got six days
booked there so stay tuned. We’ll have travel and food video content from
there. Tata.

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  34. Kotor Kitties has brought hope to the strays of Montenegro through the first organized spay-neuter program! Hope you'll follow us: www.facebook.com/kotorkitties ! This charity formed in 2018, after a visit to Kotor revealed the magnitude of suffering of the homeless animals. Since January 1, 2019, we've sterilized upwards of 320 cats, working with kind and compassionate local veterinarians. Donation information is included on our page.

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