Korean Loft Apartment Tour + What I Bought with my Birthday Money!

Korean Loft Apartment Tour + What I Bought with my Birthday Money!

hey guys okay so my friend candy is here visiting from America I won’t like her Instagram down below by the way she’s an amazing artist I think you guys would really love her work if you don’t follow her already but we’re staying at an Airbnb and I want to give you guys a tour because this is like a typical Korean loft space and there’s lots of these places around so it might be like a type of apartment that you would rent if you came to live in Korea and I think they’re so cool I really wanted to get a loft myself but my husband was like no I don’t like the idea of a loss so we didn’t get one but because we’re staying in one tonight I can show you guys around so you can kind of like can idea what they look like so this is in yeongdong we’re staying here because we want to do some shopping well candy was in town so yeah welcome to our Airbnb for the night so this place is about $90 a night including the cleaning fees this very tiny compact kitchen so you can do cooking if you want to there’s a little IH stove here and a microwave and this is actually the fridge it looks like a cupboard but there’s a fridge here so you could use that little washing machine the toilet and shower room is even smaller than mine at home so it’s definitely one of those rooms where you would stand here to have a shower and like get your toilet all wet and it would really bother you but when you’re trying to save space this is really all you can do and this is a very compact apartment as you will see there’s a cute little desk space here for doing makeup in the morning I guess and then you walk in the room like this there’s a really cool view of outside I’ll try and show you guys that later here’s the main bed I guess two people could sleep here we have our shopping hall on the bed right now I’m going to show you guys that later we’ve got some really fun stuff TV air conditioner which we will be turning on very soon because it’s hot in here and never the best part you walk up these stairs and there’s like a whole nother level of the apartment look the loft is huge so there’s one bed here a single bed and you look over here and there’s a whole space they’ve turned it into like more beds but if you just lived here like normal you could have you know your desk up here or something you could have like a lounge space with a TV it would be so cool it lofts are so cool I don’t know what’s wrong with my husband but yeah if you want to rent a cool space and you’re here with a group of friends that you there’s room for like one two three like five people if two of you don’t mind sharing and for about 90 bucks a night that would turn out to be pretty cheap for all of you let’s see if I could show you guys the view is a really cool oh damn your reflection it’s a really cool building over here you guys can’t see it that’s a shame yeah can’t really see much outside there’s a PC bung a computer cafe most shops are closing out because it’s about ten o’clock now no I think it’s like 12 it’s pretty late we were chopping pretty late today that is the apartment tour it’s pretty cute right I would like to live here except for the toilet area I don’t think I really like that and the kitchens pretty small but I love the loft okay you guys want to see what we got okay so we got quite a few things I think I went shopping at two three four five six different stores pretty sure I used up all my birthday money thank you family I did some much-needed shopping because I needed some new clothes for summer the weather starting to get pretty hot here and I did a whole ahh the face shop because they have a peach collection right now and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen so I’m gonna do that in a separate video because there’s lots of stuff to look through and I want to test it out so you guys will see that later and then we went to all of young which is a drug store kind of they have makeup and skincare products and stuff like that and they were having a really good sale on wax strips which seems like a really random thing to buy but I love these and these are only like six dollars each for 16 strips so that’s a really good deal they’re usually like 15 here in Asia so not two of those and then I got this 3 concept eyes velvet lip tint I’m just really in love with this makeup at the moment I really love all their lip colors they’re so nice I thought I would try this color the color of this lipstick is really similar to the package and it’s called a near and dear I thought I was like a really good just like you know a little darker than my regular lip color so it would look pretty natural then they gave us a whole bunch of samples for free the best thing about shopping in Korea is they’re very generous with samples so there’s like hair cream acne medication hand cream that’s so cool and they’re all really nice brands so tons of stuff for us to try out later that’s my Olive young hole this is from etude house and sunny recommended this to me I think I got the one that she recommended I hope it’s the right one it’s the matte cheek lip lacquer in the shade Rd 303 Irene red this is the red velvet collaboration I think each member has her own lip color and I just really wanted their bright red because Sonny was wearing it and it looked really really nice the other day since we went to do some Street shopping on youngdong shopping street and I found kpop socks and they used to be super easy to find in Korea but I find that they’re like more sparse now it’s really difficult to get your hands on them used to be able to get them like anywhere in Seoul but right now they’re really just in the touristy areas like no dong we found a stand that had lots of k-pop spots so I stocked up on socks I got 11 pairs for $10 and they’re really good quality even though they’re so cheap like I’ve been wearing my g-dragon socks the pair that I own already for probably I want to say two or three years now and I wear them constantly like I wear them and then I wash them and then I wear them again like a couple days later and they’re just starting to wear out now so for $1 these are freaking amazing quality so I got a fresh pair of GD socks because I was really sad that my current ones are wearing out I got Taeyang for the first time I really like the design on these they didn’t have these ones the last time I purchased my socks so boom two big bankers then I got Kong Daniel because he’s really cute and I liked him lazily from 101 and then I got Jung gook my bias from BTS and then I got some dingy because it reminded me of the place that I went with sunny we went to the set of the drama that he starred in the other day and I saw these and he reminded me of thought and I was really fun day so I got a pair of those then I got two total pairs it’s kind of you know what this looks like this looks like that daughter my doll that I painted in Japan that looked kind of creepy like a fake girl that looks like this one’s more we’re like a genuine Totoro Snorlax which is super cute and it’s also great so they look nice like they’ll match with my clothes some knockoff comedies our song also really cute they match this shirt that I have friend Taylor these cat ones I couldn’t pass these though these are so cute I really wish they had great ones but they didn’t and then another knockoff comme des Garcons so yeah 11 pairs of really long-lasting cute socks for ten dollars you come to Korea get socks you won’t be disappointed the last two things were clothing stores inside of what station we had so we were inside like oh just a little underground station shopping center here at gyeongok station which is where Airbnb is close to Myeongdong but it’s not in Myeongdong and they had some really cute clothes and the shopping inside of stations in Korea is really cheap like crazy cheap it’s really cool I got this really cute coca-cola t-shirt it’s really big and long which I like and then Kenny notice that it has these cool slits in the side so I think it’ll look really cute to wear this just looked like black tights which I always wear because I don’t like real pants anymore and this was yeah I think it was only nine dollars really nice shirt it feels like really nice quality so I got that I got a plain gray tank top because I never have enough tank tops and this was like $3 or something it was crazy cheap then we found a different store in that same underground shopping mall and I got this long t-shirt dress I want to call it it doesn’t have them at shape to it but we were saying that it would probably be pretty cute to tie like a red checkered shirt around the waist and then wear sneakers I don’t know I feel like you could dress this up really easily and it would be really comfortable I would try it on yet so hopefully it fits and looks decent maybe you guys will see me wearing it in the future and this was $10 yeah this one was like I keep saying it in dollars always thinking dollars it was like ten thousand won so approximately ten dollars if it have you got really similar things to me actually we went to the store called wonder place which is a really sporty casual clothing store they have both men’s and women’s clothing this was the Myung dong branch and they had three floors of clothes there was so much to look through and she got some really cute stuff this one is a black and white skirt and actually matches my sweater perfectly the long block stretch he kind of like pencil skirt shape when you put it on it looks like a pencil skirt and it’s got a cute white straight down the side it looked so good on candy and I tried it on it didn’t really look good on me so I didn’t get one but it looks so good on her this was $29 about and this is cool they had that’s really cool like graphic t-shirts yeah that’s about it so that’s how I spent my birthday money we had a really good day it was Kandi’s first time in Korea so we had to get lots of shopping done because Korea is really great for shopping it’s really affordable there’s lots of really fun makeup products and their clothes or if you like their clothes are really flattering on American bodies like I find their clothes are a lot easier to wear for foreigners than Japanese clothes so we had a lot of fun looking through like the sporty sporty casual clothes that they have here in Korea anyways thanks for watching guys I will see you soon and I will do my actual apartment tour very soon in my own apartment we’re actually getting some shelves built in the kitchen so I’m waiting for those to be finished that I can like properly set up everything so once that guy comes to our house to build the shelves and that gets all finished I’ll show you guys my house which I can’t wait to do alright guys thanks for watching if you’re not subscribed already please subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it I really appreciate it bye guys [Music]

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