KKK Memorabilia in Police Officer’s Home for Sale

KKK Memorabilia in Police Officer’s Home for Sale

So as I walked into the living room on
the coffee table, not the coffee table, there was a large dining room table, it was a
placemat of a Confederate flag. So, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be funny
if this was a Klansman’s house. So I just, you know, thought that to myself and
I just kept walking through the property looking around. So we went to the garage,
went through the basement, went to a garage and on the two walls,
two more Confederate flags. I thought to myself again, this is really some strange
stuff, but okay, I gotta look at the big picture here, I’m doing this for my family.
So we’re walking, coming back upstairs going through the house, my wife seen
a Muskegon police jacket. She said, well we’re a policeman’s home, so I’m
like okay, so I’m telling my son, you know, be cool, don’t touch nothing, then I see a
gun cabinet and it’s a picture of the actual officer and there was another
gentleman in the picture with him, so I was like okay, yeah, this the policeman right here.
So as I turned around, it was a wall and it was just with just one plaque on the
wall so I walked up to the plaque and I looked at it and I read it, and it was
an application for the Ku Klux Klan and I was just so disgusted I told my
son, I said, let’s go, we getting out of here, this is a Klan house really, we have to go
right now. You can’t serve your community and be a racist. You can’t. There’s people of all different colors, of all different nationalities
that’s out there that you have to serve and protect.
You can’t just protect one group of people. And I felt that it was my duty to
say something about it and I prayed about it before I even said something about it on social media. We were told that he collects antiques
and that’s why the stuff was there. It was just very uncomfortable to me
because the way it made us feel, like he didn’t know if blacks or whites or
whoever was walking in there but he left it there proudly. The fact that my
daughter was with me and she’s 12 and she’s asking, you know, her dad why he’s
so upset and what happened, and you know and then we have to break it down to her
and explain stuff like that to her. And then, it was just a lot, it was very
overwhelming, it was a lot. It was basically, to you know, also telling me that, he only wants, whites only to purchase his house. People who had that type of
hate in their heart, he wanted those people so the stuff that was on the wall was
like, you don’t want this house, you stay away, keep out.

31 thoughts on “KKK Memorabilia in Police Officer’s Home for Sale

  1. Lowlife scum family – keep playing the black card – it's all you got.

  2. this is disgusting somebody would talk about what somebody's has inside their own house when i bet he wouldn't like somebody doing it to him, then he causes trouble when i bet he didn't even try learn anything about it first, not surprising he is a black guy, why don't he go jump on ever place of history or museum he can find that has something like that to while he is at it

  3. Sounds like a Masonic Jew plot to me. Look at the shirt he is wearing. Free Masons.

  4. There is a whole lot of Racists serving right now in Washington. On both sides. Hatred is a Classic Divide and Conquer Tactic.

  5. You are wearing one of the most racist symbols on your shirt.

  6. That symbol represents slavery. It embodies it.

  7. I am sure there must be more to the story, if he is a cop he could have taken it from a KKK member as a trophy when the person was arrested for domestic Terrorism.

  8. Before everyone jumps to conclusions we need the whole story.

  9. Its History get over it.

  10. Burn that plaque

  11. While I agree anyone in uniform should conduct themselves as a none discriminatory person. Unless they have hard evidence he’s abused the badge in the name of white supremacy then it’s nothing more then a freedom of expression. Not defending anyone kkk crap but going to look for a house now publicly painting targets on people when it’s behind closed doors makes you just as bad.

  12. There is nothing wrong with freedom of expression, but before you express yourself always think about your tittle and what it represents! Always consider it precious and use it wisely! The KKK is considered an active terrorist group. What this cop has on the wall is the equivalent of having an ISIS, an active terrorists group, application hanging on his wall. It's really not a good look for him, now they will probably look into every case he was ever involved in, resulting in maybe some innocent people freed and some guilty people freed on a technicality! We'll just have to wait and see!!!

  13. That shirt You are wearing is a SECRET Society ALSO…. YOU RACIST HYPOCRIT !!!! It was that man 's HOME !!! He didn't hurt you in any way…. Go buy a different house.. YOU SOUND RACIST !!!!! He never used race in his job ! For you to Say you "Prayed" makes me Sick… You are making yourself sound very Racist….

  14. And? It's his own business! Nothing different than a while guy finding black panther shit in a black officer's home!

  15. It’s called “Freedom of speech”. Kind of like all of those nasty tattoos you and your wife have all over your body. Ugh, I’m offended. Cop can have what ever he wants in his own home. None of your business. MLive should fire whoever did this interview and video.

  16. It’s very unnerving in today’s day and age that people still judge a book by its cover. How do we know this gentleman didn’t go to college and major in history? Aren’t people who wear the uniform still citizens of the United States? I, by no means of support any racist agenda. But as someone in law-enforcement, who also majored in history in college, and have a masters degree in history so I can become a professor after my lawn Forssman career is over, I think this is very prejudicial. People from all walks of life, races,And gender should never judge a book by the cover. The first thing that seems to happen when lawn force meant of any color stops in question is a member of the public of the opposite color is, you’re only stopping me because of my color. That’s the exact same example this gentleman is doing here. It’s shameful, extremely shameful. If the officer truly is a racist and justice will be served but if he’s not who’s justice got served today, who’s justice got served?

  17. I hope they re open the investigation of him killing a black man and he frys like a pig.

  18. What I have on my bedroom wall if none of anyone's business as long as it is not visible from outside. Besides, who gives a damn? Anyone notice the KKK application was blank? My great great Grandfather was a member of the Confederate Army. Does this mean that I have to take his picture off of my wall? Don't think so.

  19. what a snitch what a person has in there house is there business.

  20. In 1866 the Democrytic Party developed a new pseudo-secret political action group whose sole purpose was to help gain control of the electorate.  The new group was known simply by their initials, KKK (Ku Klux Klan). During the 1868 Democratic National Convention the former Civil War Confederate Army General Nathan Bedford Forrest (slave owner, slave trader) was honored as the KKK’s first Grand Wizard. For many years, even through the 2016 Presidential Election, the DNC had omitted all related history from 1848 to 1900 from their timeline – half a century worth! Nevertheless, this sordid history is still well documented.  There’s even a thirteen-volume set of Congressional investigations dating from 1872 detailing the Klan’s connection to the   Democratic Party.  The official document, titled Report of the Joint Select Committee to Inquire Into the Condition of Affairs in the Late Insurrectionary States, irrefutably proves the KKK’s prominent role in the Democratic Party.

  21. Last time I checked it wasn't illegal to have KKK or Confederate material in a private residence. What people choose to keep in their own homes is their own business. Government needs to stay out of it.

  22. Dumbass motherfucker.
    Just don't buy the fucking house.
    What this man collects is none of your business. Just because you don't like it doesn't make him a racist.

  23. Hmmmm Hes a Mason?

  24. If he kept touring the house for a few more minutes, he'd eventually come across the antique noose

  25. What a joke, freedom is dying :O( Just another angry black person ! What a person has in their own home is non of your business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I am surprised that the seller's agent didn't inform their client to remove racist memorabilia before showing this house to this couple but I'm glad they wasn't on their job.

  27. The white man has made the black man lazy that he may rule and enslave him by producing and selling to him that which he can produce himself. But the white man knows that he has destroyed the black man's unity, and as long as the black man thinks he cannot love and unite with black, the white man knows that he has a permanent slave.
    10 Come and let us unite under the crescent and do something for ourselves in the way of supporting our own needs. Go after some of this earth for our nation of 22 million here in North America. If it cannot be had here, there is plenty of earth elsewhere.
    11 We want nothing short of a home on this earth that we can call our own — not to be servants and slaves for other free nations.
    12 Let us capture the market of our people by producing their needs. We cannot produce our needs on the soil of another .

  28. Fuck these people. I support the cop 100% . Keep calling people racists you dumb fucks. These people are disgusting.

  29. All the men that are not disabled are Freemasons and or occultists.Black,white and every color in between.Trayvon Martin was a human blood sacrafice by his own Freemason Father.You have to be a 33degree Freemason,to get a life sized statue of yourself.Well,MLK and Nelson Mandela have one,right along with the white,33 degree Masons.These masons,working together,to start a race war,to get what happened in Detroit in 60s,to happen,all over America,to get the guns,and get Martial law declared.So they can do another Nazi Germany.Jesus Christ is the only one that can save.

  30. Satan and his demons get more power from HUman blood sacrafices and sex with children and perverted sex.Why do so many adults like to have sex with children?They have demons of sexual perversion.Gay and homosexuality are demon spirits.Samething for the gay angenda push.They get power from perverted sex,as well.Witches are taking out people`s souls and demons control the masses.See these videos by Win Worley,The Fragmented soul,Loosing spirits of God,his mass deliverance videos.See the video Routing demons by John Echardt.Part of Jesus` ministry was casting out unclean spirits(demons) as in the book of Acts,King James bible).People had demons in Jesus` time,but not in the latter days?BS,they have way more,and the masses,and fake 501c3 churches,serve Satan.

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