Kid Invest In Stock Market August Recap – $552.90, First $1.55 Paid Dividends and Reinvesting Cash

Kid Invest In Stock Market August Recap – $552.90, First $1.55 Paid Dividends and Reinvesting Cash

welcome back financial investors my name
is Brent and today we’re gonna have another recording here with my special
guest Jayden and my name of course is Brent and today we’re gonna be jumping
into the IRA account that we made back at the end of July and it’s been a full
month and Jayden here we are using this account to show him how he is able to
make money with money so he’s not having to go out there and work for his money
I’m trying to kind of showcase the skill early on so that way later when he does
get to the age maybe 14 to 16 where he’s maybe looking for some activities that
is able to build him money he knows that he is able to generate he’s able to
generate money without having to go and work for it so with that said we’re
gonna go ahead and get into this video go over the IRA account that was started
look at the performance of it for the month of August and if any dividends
were paid out we’re gonna go ahead and have Jayden here take a look at the
account how much it lost how much a gain and if he made any money this month in
August so if you are brand new to the channel have Naya subscribe hit that
subscribe button below hit the thumbs up and if you have any comments or
questions to wrap them into the comment section below and let’s go ahead and get
into the video I’m gonna go ahead and flip the screen around here now
yeah and that’s that I’m your dad so here’s the account right now in front of
your eyes now we started the count with two ETFs exchange traded funds Jayden
invested in the SP LV which was the invest go is P 500 the low volatility
fun and the S PhD the investig– 500 high dividend fun now the hot S PhD is
actually down 3.5 1% and the investigate ility is up 1.4 7% since we started
buying the specific fund okay now Jaden you started this account with $500 yeah
552 90 right now now in the month of August you lost money well okay so we
added $500 at the very beginning you went from $500 all the
– 481 dollars right yet down we went down here and then we add a little bit
of money because we were down we talked about this in another we didn’t we went
off video and we said look Jada we got to buy some stocks right now cuz your
stocks went down if you buy now you can make more money later on we talked we
talked Oh star the paper they’re paper pieces of a company so you know when you
go to the store and let’s say a good story out there what’s a good store Barnes and Nobles you know the book
store right okay that stock they have a stock and you’re buying a piece of their
company yeah yep so that’s what you’re buying here you’re buying a piece of a
company and that company pays you money to own it okay so in the month of August
you went down let’s see one month performance you went down roughly 48
cents so you lost two quarters you know what quarters are right when you do a
tour yep the little silver coins you lost to 50 cent pieces but oh you’re
right oh that’s not a quarter that’s a that’s a euro 1 euro so we oh but here
we go this account made one dollar and fifty
five cents last month yeah so that’s quite a bit so here we’re gonna look at
the activity tab and Jade in here with his two funds that he invested in last
month he had won the SPL V which paid out fifty cents that you made two
quarters right there they paid you did you have to go out there and work for
two quarters where’d you have to go work out on the house you had other chores
around the house but you didn’t put that into here right yeah you didn’t put any
money into here recently besides these deposits earlier when the portfolio was
majorly in the red earlier in August we add a little bit of money but this other
account here this s PhD this etf paid you out one dollar it’s the paper with
the one the paper dollar with the one so right
now you have a dollar 55 sitting right now in the account that’s sort of it’s a
dollar bills so what right now what we’re going to go ahead and do is Jade
in here is we’re gonna go ahead and look at the two we have three funds in the
account one that’s unfunded one that has two hundred and seventy-eight dollars
and the other that has two hundred and seventy four so Jade in him this one
right here it’s green which means that it’s up right over here so here on the
screen this is up three dollars and eighty seven cents over here that is the
color green over there and this is blue right yeah these are slices showing the
total money that you have invested in these so jaden over here on the right
this one up here you’ve made almost four dollars from this one and this one’s
down almost ten dollars so you have a dollar fifty five set in the account
which one do you think we should buy you think we should buy the one that’s more
expensive or do you think that we should buy the one that’s a little bit cheaper
because you bought it in the past but it came down and it’s on sale right now
cheaper so we want to buy the cheaper one right okay so what we’re going to do
is we’re going to go ahead and select the s PhD right now and we’re going to
go ahead and hit by now Jaden can you find the one on the keyboard and type
that in one and then go ahead and hit a zero find the zero on the keyboard it’s
over towards the right there okay so on m1 financed we have to make a
minimum buy of ten dollars but it will be able to reinvest our dollar 55
specifically into s PhD which Jaden here has selected because it is on sale this
is an exchange-traded fund that has multiple companies within it and it
allows since you have basically a four percent buyback yield on this specific
fund now Jaden if you were to buy this one it’s more expensive right now yeah they’re expensive right now it’s up
1.4 7% which is not a lot but because you’re investing in two or three funds
that are very similar if you buy the one that’s at a cheaper discount you’re able
to buy more of it and you get paid more next month I know I moved them out or
the the microphone huh so right now remember we got paid one
dollar and fifty five cents only one dollar let’s go ahead and bake the
screen so what we’ve done here is I did add another phone in here but we’re not
gonna be fun in it right now at this time I want to wait for this fun to come
down just a little bit further right now we’re gonna be mainly sticking to SPL V
and s pH D and Jaden here has decided that buying into the fun that is
actually negative gives him a bit of a discount and will actually show that an
upcoming video where right now we made a dollar 55 this month Jaden here made a
dollar 55 in cash you didn’t have to go out and work for it right you didn’t
have to go at work exactly he didn’t have to go to work so the money he made
in the account was completely for free and he didn’t have to go and work for it
and you’re too little let’s go ahead and make the big screen here okay
Jaden did you so I know you’re not you’re not all the way understanding all
this right now right kids a little bit confusing
I’m obviously bigger and I’m trying to showcase how you can work you don’t have
to work how you can make your money work for you that’s the main thing that we’re
trying to do here so last month you put in five hundred dollars at the very
beginning you added six hundred dollars in August and you made a dollar 55
without having the work that’s a pretty good deal right one dollar and 55 yep
you’re right so Jaden would you want a dollar 55 back in your pan right now or
do you think next month you would want more money so what Jaden has said here
let’s remember to look at the elephant so what Jaden has said here is
that he wants to not take the money right now instead he’s going to reinvest
those dividends and it’s going to pay him more money next month that’s a good
idea yeah so right now we’ll take that 155 he invested it into the SBHC account
and it’s gonna pay out 4% yield now $1 55 isn’t going to make much of a
difference on a month-by-month basis but over time right yeah next month over
time it’s gonna steadily pay out more dividends and $1 55 over a 12-month
period that is almost $16 that divot that Jade in here is not going to have
to go out and work for and this is just started an early account now if you’re
an investor out there and you’re older than Jayden here at 4 right JD how old
are you yeah he can’t go out of work right now but if he started his own
custodian account and he had money that he makes from chores or he gets money
from his grandparents or somebody out there he can invest his own money in a
custodian account and he will know how can you make money with your money you can buy houses but you could also
buy stocks too right exactly so that is basically all I wanted to cover in
today’s video let’s go ahead and say bye so if you haven’t subscribed yet to the
channel remember to hit the subscribe button below give this video a thumbs up yeah click the like button and give this
button a subscribe and thank you all for tuning in I will see you next time
have a great day bye

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