Kaun Hai Villain (Villain) 2018 NEW RELEASED Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vishal, Mohanlal, Hansika

Kaun Hai Villain (Villain) 2018 NEW RELEASED Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vishal, Mohanlal, Hansika

Smoking leads to cancer
it’s life threatening. Drinking alcohol is injurious
to health. Doctor, come on. You are amazing. If you would tell us earlier This place is in your
wife’s name. Do you know each other? Alright.
Then the work will be done soon. You will leave after the
deal is done, right? If everything is fine. Then we can finalize
the deal in minutes. Right doctor? -Absolutely! It is said once you do the deal. Then we shouldn’t prolong it. By the way did you do the
agreement with your relatives? Actually if the place is sold
and then a case comes up. Then it can pose a problem. Not only for us but for you too. By the way you will handle
the other share.. ..holders of this property,
right? Hey! What is this?
What are you doing? You are playing a game
by calling us here? You aren’t aware who I am. I will tell you one thing. We have nothing to do with
what you saw just now. This has been done by these two.
These two. Sir, please! Don’t kill us.
Please! Whatever happened has happened.
I am ready to pay for it. I am ready to give whatever
their families want. Ma’am, take a seat on that table. Ma’am, order? Water please! -Okay ma’am. Excuse me.
Are you in some sort of trouble? I can help you. No! You can’t help me. That means you are in trouble. I am Harshita Chopra. I am a police officer. I can help you. No! Don’t call up the police. If I knew you are
a police officer. Then I would not talk to you. No! No one can help us. Tea! Tea! Sir, will you have tea? -Yes. Sir, this is.. -Yes. Tea. Tea. -Sir,
my nerves are paining again. You can transfer me to any place.
But. Don’t send me on traffic duty?
-Shall I get you killed? Sir! Good morning sir. You and here? Did he join again?
-I will lose my newspaper. I need to buy another one. -Or I
will get bored in the toilet. What will you do reading it?
It’s nothing. It’s nonsense. Mathew sir will join us. Please start your breakfast. Mathew, come in. -Good morning
Mathew. -Take a seat. Good morning…
-Whenever you are late. I feel you have forgotten the
habit of coming on time. It’s fine.
I am late by 10 minutes. Have some breakfast…
-It’s okay. It’s okay. Eat it Mathew. -No sir. You are joining back today after
7 months of vacation? And you are resigning
in the evening too? Did you take the decision wisely? So today is the last
day of your service. Don’t mind what I am telling you. But according to me,
you are running away. Am I running away? -Yes! Where am I running from?
Where am I running? Everyone knows what incidents
took place with you. And no one knows better
than me that how.. ..it has affected you. But voluntary retirement.. ..is not a solution, Mathew. When you will be ideal.. ..the devil will take
over your thoughts. Those are not ideal thoughts. They are memories. And I have only memories left. I live in the past. And that’s why I am
psychologically unfit for policing. Hmm. I won’t force you. So you are leaving on a journey
tomorrow morning. But you didn’t tell me
where you are going. Sir, this is a mission. I want to fulfill Neelima’s
last wish. She asked me only one
thing in life. Anyway, forget it. I will not post anyone in
your place right now. The commissioner will handle
city task force. And placing someone
in your place.. ..is not so easy, friend. But the show must go on, sir. I fear the show may shut down. Sir!
You know about my health issues. Getting tired easily.
Losing weight. Doctors have done many tests. Some samples are sent to Tata
institute at Bombay. And today I will get the results. Sir! Forget that. Before leaving shave your beard. Sir! -It’s okay. You look like a philosopher
in a beard. And it suits you. Come on. If there is someone here
I’ll really miss. Then without any hesitant
I’d say it’s you, Sir. You supported me in the
hour of my need. I want to salute you for
the last time. -No. I hate hearing the word ‘Last’. Go! We shall surely meet again. Very soon. That’s what I feel. See you Mathew! -Sir. Listen Alex! -Sir. I want a big cartoon box. To pack my books and personal
files. -Are you.. Why are you asking me when
you know about it? -Sir. Sir, may I come in? -Yes Srini.
Come in. Tell me, what’s happening? Sir, have you decided? Think over it again. I met the DG.
I told him whatever I’ve to say. It means you don’t want to tell
me anything on this issue. Don’t get angry. Sir! -You understand everything. I can’t do this anymore. Sir, you do not understand. I’ve been saluting superiors
from the last 25 years. And all those who are
ruling this country. But I feel like saluting someone
like you from my heart. With total respect.
After you leave. That’s what I’m going to miss. Srini, I know you feel bad. Sir. -City Task Force
is that unit which.. ..I build with much difficulty. Sir. -In fact when I was on
vacation for the last 7 months. I know you did my job perfectly. Without taking anyone’s
help only for me. I joined duty after so many days. And I’m taking voluntary
retirement on the same day. You feel let down. Sir, let it be. If what happened to you
had happened with me. Then I’d have gone crazy by now. Are you sure? Sir? That I am not mad. You seem to be in trouble…
-Is something bothering you? Didn’t you read the newspaper
in the morning? No! Why? Sir, 3 people are murdered. All 3 were well known people. One of them was our
old colleague. Retired ACP Vinod Abraham. You will find the real thing
after seeing the crime scene. There is no sign of any
force or violence. The face had a black mask. The three corpses were kept
at an equal distance. It’s something strange, sir. Murder. Whether it’s one or three,
it’s strange. Who killed whom? Why? When? All these questions are baseless. There is nothing so unnatural
like this in the world. That a human doesn’t hesitate
to kill another. All the perfumes from Arabia. Can’t erase the foul smell
of blood on my hand. This is what Lady Macbeth
said after she murdered. I love my Shakespeare. Then let’s go. -Sir. Until 5 in the evening today.. ..I am the commander of the
task force officially. Take me to the crime scene first. Anyway you had come here for
this job, right? -Yes sir. I am going to see the last
crime scene of my career. Give me the details on
this case.. -Sir. As I told you three people
are murdered. Doctor Dhanesh Tarakan.. ..the owner of Tarakan
Multispeciality medical centre. Then state drug controller,
Mohan Nair. And our ex-assistant
commissioner who.. ..retired last month,
Vinod Abraham. You know that Vinod Abraham
was a big fraud. When he was on duty he
had good connection.. ..with real estate mafia. After retirement he worked
totally for real estate. The most surprising
thing is that, sir. The building where
the crime took.. ..place was not used for years. As the owners have a fight
among themselves. The family trust had appointed
a cleaning agency. They came every Friday
to clean the building. The cleaning staff saw the
corpse in the morning. Sir! -Sir! -Sir, please! Sir! -Sir! -Sir! -Sir!
-Sir! -Move away. Sir! -I forgot to ask
you in the morning. How is your leg pain? It’s in bad shape.
I am doing Ayurvedic medicine. Yes. -Take medicine to
reduce your stomach. I heard you are shifting
me for traffic duty? But I can’t stand for long.
Sir, do something. Sir, when you ask him about his
health. -He puts forth his demand. Did you ever think what is
lacking in our department? What, sir? No one will come forward…
-Humanity. Sir! -What’s happening? The forensic department is doing
its work. The place is huge. It may take some time. Did you find out how
did they come in? No sir. Don’t let the cleaning
staff leave now. They have the keys. Maybe they
have a duplicate one. -Yes. Sir, I’ve sent them to
the police station. Yes. -And the dead people’s
relatives are outside. Let them wait outside. Sir!
-Sir, she is Harshita Chopra. She is a part of our Task force.
She was the ASP earlier. Sir, we believe that they were
murdered by poisoning. As all three.. ..have injection mark on
their left hand. -Sir. Uh! -Tell me. Do you want to say something? I don’t know if what I say
is relevant or not. But something strange happened
to me last night. What? That restaurant is just a
kilometre away from here. That incident and this murder? There is some link
between the two. That’s my gut feeling…
-Maybe some girl fought.. ..with her husband or boyfriend
and came to that coffee shop. On your questioning she
said she doesn’t want.. ..police involvement
and left in a hurry. How could she be connected
to this murder case? Ah! I am sorry sir. It’s my mistake. -Yes. Okay. What is happening here?
-Sir, she is new. Forget it. -Srini, I am leaving. Yes…
-Sir. -I saw the scene for you. It’s your job from here. I am starting my journey
tomorrow morning. -Okay. Good luck. -But? Sir, one moment. Sir! -Yes. -You joined the day
before yesterday, right? -Yes sir. I called you up.
But your phone was switched off. I called on the landline too.
But no one picked it up too. Sir, the DG stopped my suspense
on your reference. And the commissioner
told me that.. ..I am again appointed
in the Task force. Sir, how do I thank you?
-How is your daughter, Saiba? She has got admission in medical
college. -I had to pay them. I had to run about a lot. But her wish is fulfilled, sir. Sir! The police haven’t given any
information about the case. We shall give you updates
on this case. But now we shall go to
the studio. -Sir. Sir, can anyone change
so much in 7 months. You are talking about 7 months. This life can change
in 7 minutes. Are you a cop? -Yes, my dear. I didn’t find anything.
Nothing. -Come on. Let them go after they are
checked. -Okay sir. Alright.
Alright. Let me look into it. Yes. -Police! Police? Sir, I am Madhusudhan
Reddy from Hyderabad. What brings you here? Sir, I came here for
my friend’s wedding. My friends called me here. Party. Music. I love music, sir. But no drugs, sir. -I vow. Believe me. -Okay. Okay. I’ll take a picture. -Sure sir. Phillicks D’vincent. The drug supplier based in Goa. He is the most sincere partner
of Russian mafia. Look Mr. Mathew. Let’s do a deal. You haven’t seen me. Just close your eyes. If you want you can take 2 bags
lying there right now. I will deliver the rest
anywhere you want. Let me go.
Or you will repent all your life. Everything will change. Don’t pick up a fight with me,
sir. Come on, Phillicks. I believed that your threat
would have some class. But you disappointed me. Iqbal! -Sir. -Take him away. And shut down the whole place. You will get a good
bonus for sure. Without answering my questions.. ..how long will you sit in
this manner, Phillicks? This is such a place which
is not known to many. You can’t come here easily. Then how can you go from here? Your threat has a class. Sir, go for a walk.
I will investigate until then. My style of investigation
is not classy at all. It’s local. Delivering drugs in different
parts of Kerala. Your dealer network here. Raw material sourcing. I want information on everything. You can’t leave this place
without giving us the information. I am not in a hurry to
leave this place. Actually I like this place. My mobile is dead
since last night. She must be worried where I am. Please go sir. You are going
to Delhi tomorrow, right? She must have some
shopping plans. She has come here for
the same reason. But how I leave Phillicks in
the custody and go to Delhi? You will come back the day
after tomorrow, sir. I will take care of
him for 2 days. I will get the opportunity
to show my strength. No third degree stuff, Iqbal. Did you read the circular
sent by the DG? He asks the police
not to hit anyone. Can a monkey stop
climbing a tree? Our job is to hit criminals, sir. Change yourself. And what about your daughter,
Saiba? Sir, I don’t think she
can get admission.. ..in a college she likes…
-You are lucky in this case. It is great to come third
at AIMS entrance exam. Congratulate her on my behalf. Thanks! Hey Malu! Sorry dear,
I was caught in an urgent work. Shall we go? Where’s mom? Mom is selecting clothes
for me at the mall. She said not to worry you.
But I am leaving, right? So I don’t know when I will
get to shop with you again. Sorry dear. I told you. What to do?
That’s my job profile. You know what work I
hate in this world? Police. Because it involves violence. I was saying. The main job for the police is.. ..to establish law. Sometimes.. ..we need to use power. The profession which
I’ve chosen is best. To be a doctor is
to heal everyone. To heal the whole world. -Oh! The school mom will start
for poor children. I will make a small
hospital beside it. This plan of yours and your mom
will drive me penniless. Being penniless has
its own element. Live adventurously! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Malu, check what I chose for you. Your mom chose it…
-It will surely be good. -Yes! Let me check it. -Yes. Look! I very well know what
you are going to say. I’ve heard this explanation
many times. I’ve seen on television. Dare Devil coming.
Substance hunting. I wanted to spend time with
her before she left. But it’s not possible…
-It’s fine. Our daughters are matured now. Anyway what you did yesterday
is praise worthy. Do you know how many mothers
of students.. ..come to me about drug
related problems? Did she tell you her wish? She wants to build a hospital
beside your school. And she will treat people for
free in that hospital. She follows you completely. And also you. Tell me the truth.. ..you are sad that she is going.. ..to Delhi for further education? This is a good opportunity
for her. Yes. Still. You will miss her the most. Looks like you are not sad. I am sad. But I am stronger than you. You have a weak heart. Only the two of us will
remain in our house. Like earlier days. Dad! Sir! -Srini! -Sir! You are here so early
in the morning. Sir, the DG wants to meet
you before you leave. He said I must get
you along with.. ..me and not send someone else. Shall we go, sir? I will come in my car.
Follow my car. I will come with you, sir. The people who died
were well known. And one of them was from
our department. But until now you haven’t given
me any information about them. Sir, this is not an ordinary
case that.. ..we can come to a
conclusion easily. I was ashamed to stand in front
of the CM for half an hour. It is an insult. What do you think?
Any take on this? I have no idea, sir. Mathew, I need your help. No one has the ability.. ..to find the root cause
of the crime. This is your kind of game,
Mathew. I am not worthy of it, sir. Not only that. I am not a
part of this force too. Mathew! I just need your opinion. Whether you are in service or
not. It’s your personal choice. This whole team,
the infrastructure is with you. Mathew, can’t you halt this
journey for a few days. Sorry sir. -Sir, please! Please Srini. -Let him go. -Sir. Srini, just a moment. -Sir. Wait here. Mathew, come with me. I want to tell you something. What I feared has taken place. The test results are out. It’s positive. I have cancer of the bone marrow. And. It can be treated only by.. ..bone marrow transplant. But anything is possible. After the next stage
my pain will grow. We got this case in these
circumstances. I am become weaker. That is why I called you here. I didn’t tell anyone about this. I can tell it only to you. But you.. ..don’t cancel your trip. Srini. -Sir. Start investigating
this case. -Right. I will go for our review
meeting in the evening.. We will do our best, sir…
-Good. In the evening.. -Srini. Sir? -What was that officer’s
name? Harshita. Sir. -She was telling
something about.. ..a girl with covered clothing. She has nothing to
do in this case. Srini, she is involved
in this case. -Sir? Tell Harshita and Iqbal. To reach that restaurant quickly.
I will meet them there. Then did you change your mind? Cancel the review meeting. I will meet you in the evening,
sir. Thank you Mathew.
Thank you very much. He is on, sir. Srini! -Sir. Crime is very easy. A matured criminal tries
to adopt an.. ..easy method to make
it impactful. This case is not as difficult
as it looks. Don’t lose your focus. -Sir. Harshita, how long have
you joined the service? About 10 months. Why do you feel that these
murders are connected to that.. ..incident which took place
with you? -Honestly! I don’t know sir. That was a gut feeling. My gut feeling. I will tell you. Why you feel these two incidents
are connected? Sir! That day when you tried
to help that girl. How did she answer you? No! No one can help us. Okay. Instead of saying me. She said us. Yes sir. -When she spoke. You got a clue from her. That girl is not alone but
someone is with her. You didn’t think of her then. But when you saw those 3 corpses
lying at equal distance. You connected the word
‘Us’ of the girl.. ..with the crime scene. That’s what happened. -Sir. When she opened the
door and came in. She saw outside from the glass. As though someone
is following her. Right? -Right sir. Harshita, did you try to
look outside the glass? No sir. Then go and see outside. Won’t you want to see a thing
from other’s perceptive? An able police officer must
do this. Just go and see. Sir. Sir, you can’t see outside
the glass. -Yes. You said that woman came in and
was looking outside the glass. When you can’t see outside the
glass then what was she doing. She was looking at the shadow
on the glass. -Of that table. The person sitting on that table. That woman wanted to see him. It means her fear and worry.. ..was a drama to attract that
person’s attention towards her. It’s possible she wanted
that person to get up. And ask her what happened to her. Let’s find out who was sitting
on that table that day. Iqbal,
let’s check the CCTV footage. Sir, in this CCTV footage…
-Yes! It’s me. Since many days.. ..I come here at 8.30 at night. Have dinner and leave by 9.30 pm. That girl did this act as she
knew about my routine. Maybe she wanted me to react. But nothing like that happened. But why? I don’t know why. Harshita, what else do you
remember about her? Do you remember how she spoke?
-She was educated. She sounded modern. And sir, it..
it was something strange. What is strange? -She smokes. I feel that. Tell me about her hand.
Her fingers? Nails? Do you remember anything? As far as I remember
her hands were long. She had violet nail polish and
a tattoo of ‘Om’ on her hand. I didn’t notice what happened
here that day. I was not bothered. But I did notice that
girl’s shoes. I have a strange habit. I believe you can talk
of a person’s.. ..character by seeing
their shoes. She was wearing boots. Cigarette smell. Violet nail polish. Tattoo of ‘Om’. Boots. A scared girl with
covered clothing. She was trying to save herself
and she feared for her life. Something is surely wrong. She has some connection
with this case. We need to find her. Iqbal, we need to find details
about dead people. Why were those three
killed together? Tarakan’s medical city Chairman
& managing Director.. ..Dr. Tarakan. -State Drug
controller, Mohan Nair. Retired DSP, Vinod Abraham. How are these three connected? Sir,
do you remember that incident? Ten months ago. It was 23rd October, 2016. A big accident took place
at Tarakan Medical city. They used an imported drug
without licence for Dengue. About 8 children died in the
age group of 9 to 16 years. This was breaking news then. Even the government
asked to file.. ..a report to the
drug controller. Dr. Tarakan was proved
innocent because.. ..of the Drug controller’s
wrong report. It means Tarakan and Mohar Nair.. ..the drug controller
had some pact. They had invested in properties
together, sir. Especially after October 2016. Let’s consider Tarakan
and Mohan’s murder.. ..was because of the case
of drug without licence. But the third person who
was killed. Vinod. He has nothing to do
with this case. He’s an odd man out. Then why was he killed with them. Sir, in the real estate business
of Tarakan and Mohan Nair.. ..the man who was their agent. Was Vinod. And Vinod did his illegal land
business through them. Joint Jolly and Pipe Panday. You are right.
We will make fake documents. We want the rest ten in cash. I will not do a deal
without cash. Single price. Fifty. And ten in cash. -Got it, right? I know you have lots of money. If you want you can give
it in Mumbai too. We have men there…
-Ramesh, I am Panday speaking. Yes. Pipe Panday. You can take in Karnataka too.
It will cost 5% more. Yes. That’s the best
rate in the market. 5% means.. -What are you doing? How much is 5%? -This fellow. Give it here. Ramesh, I will talk to
you in the evening. When I was fixing the deal
did you need to interfere? I want to sell that place
for the past 8 months. When I got Ramesh to do the deal.
Why did you interfere? Look! I do all the illegal work. So I will decide the
commission too. You won’t use your smartness.
As you are not smart. But keep your mouth shut. The people we are going
to meet are dangerous. They are very dangerous…
-He is suspended. Come with me. What is it? I told you to meet at 1 o’clock. You made me wait for half
an hour. -No sir. We were speaking of a deal on our
way. -What do you have to eat? Sir, will you have snacks? Don’t have it, sir. Sir, why did you want to meet us? It’s nothing great. You both didn’t come for
Vinod’s last rites. You were his assistants, right? We were not in the city then.
We were in Mumbai. Everyone says the real estate
is not doing well. Even then Vinod earned a lot in
such a short span of time. What was the secret behind this? I feel you want to
climb that boat. Vinod died suddenly.
His place is vacant. Sir,
you can fill that place easily. But Vinod was not like you. This is because of corruption.
You have connection everywhere. And you get respect too…
-When will your suspension end? Sir! A suspended police officer. And outdated superstar
is similar. Philosophy. Listen, that bungalow which
is vacant. -Yes. What connection did Vinod
and the other two have? The owners of the bungalow had
a fight within them, right? Did Vinod solve their fight? Oh! This was the reason
for you to meet us. Sir, do you want that property? Yes!
I am planning to invest in it. It’s difficult. We have tried a lot. Not only this, the owners of that
plot are all over the world. Everyone hates each other. Even Vinod wanted that property. When he felt he won’t get it.
He backed off. Then why did they go in
that locked building? No idea sir. Even we are worried
thinking about this. Yes! How did they enter
the locked building. And their corpse was found
inside. -Forget that property. There are other big
properties too. Trust us. You will enjoy it. Living life gracefully. -Even I
am thinking in the same way. Do you still sell drugs? It is very dangerous. Since Rishiraj has come to power
our business flopped. But if there is a good deal
please let us know. Mushroom, fish, chemical.
Something like this. You must be having
good connection.. ..with excise and anti-narcotic. If you say I will start
the business again. Don’t talk of such a business. Why? -Because I joined
duty 2 days ago. If you are seen doing
this business again. I will kill you both. Come here. What did you say? Suspended police officer and
outdated superstar are similar. Why are you hitting so hard? Run away. -Superstar doesn’t
hit in reality. Yes. I got it. The bungalow where the
murder took place.. ..was opened every Friday?
-Yes sir. Looks like Thursday was decided
to execute this plan. So that when the bungalow
is opened.. ..on Friday the bodies are found. Without any loss or without
it getting rotten. But why? So that everyone finds
out who is dead. The murderer is surely
trying to give.. ..a special message to everyone
through this murder. There is something which
we have not.. ..noticed or have not found it. It is surely at the scene of
crime, Iqbal. I am sure of it. Three healthy people. How could they easily agree.. ..to get injected by poison? Isn’t it strange? Maybe they didn’t get the chance
to save themselves. -As.. It’s possible they
were at gun point. Absolutely right. It means the murderer
was not alone. There were two people with him. One must be holding the gun. And the other had the injection. Sir, exactly two weeks.. ..prior to this incident. Vinod had got a call.. ..from Ahmedabad from
one of them. They spoke for 7 minutes
40 seconds. After that Vinod.. ..called up Dr. Tarakan. And
Trakan called Mohan Nair at once. Then Dr. Tarakan called
up Vinod again. Lastly Vinod called up
the same number again. The people who are murdered are
involved in these calls. The same incident took place
one day prior to the murder. We conclude that.. ..Vinod got a call from
Ahmedabad 2 weeks ago. The caller must have
said that he.. ..is one of the owner of
that disputed bungalow. Think about this if
he told Vinod. That they want to sell
that bungalow. Hello! Yes. Yes Vinod…
-The property we spoke of. We tried to purchase it,
that one, right? I am leaving. Wait for 5 minutes. The owner of the property and his
wife are coming on the 24th. Yes.
Where are you? -I am reaching. Both the criminals reached
the bungalow. They opened the main door
with a duplicate key. They were already waiting
for those 3 people. I also have another guess too. It is also possible that.. ..a man and woman were waiting
inside the bungalow. It’s possible they said they
are husband and wife. So that the deal looks more real. Then the woman we met
at the restaurant. Was she one of those murderers? I won’t be surprised. You need not have bothered.
I could have managed. Come on sir. Don’t say that. Junk food and obesity. So you eat food at restaurant
majorily. I hardly cook. I’ve heard about your voluntary
retirement from many people. I feel we must always work. We can express our feeling
in policing. Your anger, frustration
and many other things. It means I will shed my
anger on everyone. Maybe you are going through
a broken relationship. Are you alright now? How do you know? Who told you about it? You spoke of expressing yourself. Your whole attitude. And the mark on your right
hand is a proof of it. I was innocent. He was not worthy of me. I don’t know if I must tell
you about it or not, sir. There is no harm in speaking.
Speak to me. The other name for
love is cheating. Either the boy cheats the girl. Or the girl cheats the boy. And if both don’t cheat each
other then they cheat love. Are you alright? Yes. The owner of the property and…
-Listen Iqbal. -Yes ma’am. Mathew sir.. ..is a strange man. Very, very brilliant. But. A little, you know, I mean.. Do you think he is mad? No. It’s not that. Whatever happened to him
for the past 7 months. Even after that he is here.
It’s a great thing. The tragedy with his wife. And his daughter. -Yes ma’am. His daughter got admission
in Delhi for MBBS. When sir and his wife
were dropping.. ..their daughter at the airport. Yes Srini. -Where are you, sir?
-I am on my way. Sir, Phillicks is absconding. What? -Yes sir, he.. What are you saying? Yes sir. It’s the right news. I am coming. -Sir. Hey! Sridhar, park the vehicle. What happened? Dear, dad.. -You are not
coming with us, right? I am coming. I will be there by
the next flight. I promise. Look,
don’t give her false promises. If you can’t come then it’s fine. I am helpless. -Please go. Don’t worry about us. Come whenever you have the time. I will be with her
till you return. Don’t get angry on dad. Its fine, dad.
It’s fine. Come later. Sure? Okay. Bye. -Bye dad. You didn’t tie your hair well. It’s fine. Alright. My daughter? -Mathew. You can’t meet her now. Mathew! Please! Mathew! Mr. Mathew! The chief doctor
wants to meet you. -Okay. We send Neelima’s case
file documents.. ..to Denmark for other
doctor’s opinion. Do you know? They have no treatment for this,
Mathew. DGP told me that.. ..you and Neelima have
no other relative. In this state. Staying with Neelima
all the time.. ..you can lose your mental state. Why don’t you meet
Dr. Visheshwar? He is our psychiatrist
for counselling. It’s possible meeting him will
make you feel better. Doctors always say that.. ..a miracle will take place.
Is there any hope.. ..that it happens in this case? I don’t want to give you
false hopes, sir. I am really sorry! Sir was in the hospital
for 6 months. When ma’am expired I
went to meet him. He had changed a lot. As though he was some mad person. He extended his leave
for one more month. And applied for voluntary
retirement. Yes. He was a wonderful husband. Wonderful father. Tell me one thing. -Ma’am. You were suspended.. ..as Phillick absconded
from the custody? -Yes. I was the in-charge then. But how could he run away? Ma’am,
that is a mystery even now. There was a power failure
in our shelter. The invertors’ backup
also failed. The generator was damaged and it
didn’t start for 20 minutes. Until the guard reached with
the emergency lamp.. ..he had run away. -There was
power failure suddenly. Backup system was not working. Don’t you feel it’s strange
that it happened together? What do I say about this? Superiors want someone
to take the blame. They suspended me and other 3
officers and closed that case. Mathew spoke to the DG that is
why I was called back on duty. Sir! Sir! Alright sir. No. No. We are here. It was Mathew sir’s call.
He wants to meet us right now. When will he be here?
-In 10 minutes. Iqbal. -Sir. Show me the photographs of
those children who died.. ..at Tarakan’s Medical City
due to unlicensed drugs. Okay sir. Print these photographs. And come with me. The day I left this place. There was something
which I saw here. That image came to mind often. Today I got the answer
to that question. Only the frame of this
one is different.. ..from the other photographs. This looks like a new
and modern frame. So, the murderer wants to
speak to us through this. It clearly tells us why.. ..Dr. Tarakan and Mohan
Naik were murdered? Yes. Just like our doubt. The person who is responsible
for the death of.. ..these children and the
ones who supported him. The punishment our law could give
was given by this villain. Then sir, Mr. Vinod? He had nothing to do with the
death of these children. We need to find the answer
to this question. But one thing is clear. These murders are not because
of some enmity. The reason is the innocent
children didn’t get justice. That is why maybe more murders
will be committed. “You are my love!” “You are my heartbeat!” “What you want?
What you are searching?” “I will show it to you.” “My eyes. My tresses.” “I want to give it to you.” Hello! Meet Mr. Kumar.
He is a renowned builder. Yes. -Hello! -Hello! Hi! Yes. Kumar was saying it
from some time. Why don’t we party somewhere? When you spoke of this place.. ..I thought of bringing Kumar
with me. -Hope you don’t mind. I don’t have partnership
with unknown people. But it’s okay with him. Great! I have a surprise for you. What? -What? You are amazing. So many surprises? What is it? Who are you? Shreya, this.. Seeing is believing. What? What is this? You.. Shreya! Shreya, listen. Please! What is happening here? And I.. ..haven’t done anything.
I don’t know anything. No! Please! Please! No! Sir! Don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me. Please sir. Sir, please! Sir! Sir! Sir! Please! Please! Please! Let me go. I.. Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! -Wait there…
-Excuse me, sir. This farmhouse belongs
to Shravan Kumar. You know about it. He belonged to a big
business family. But he was a spoilt brat. When he kept his meetings here
he send his servants away. He came here last evening
with his friend, Sinog. He sent all the servants away
and waited for someone. The methods of both the
incidents are same. But the way of killing was
different in both the incidents. The people who are forced upon.. ..this is the most prevailing
way to punish them. Did these two have any
such background? Don’t you know ma’am? A few days ago Karuna rape
case was in news. A girl of 20 years was
raped and murdered. Two people were caught
in this case. Shravan and Shannu who were
murdered yesterday.. ..were left free as there
was no evidence. ACP Vinod had investigated
that case. The way he handled this case. There was a debate in
the media about it. The people who did…
-The girl’s parents.. ..stated to the media
that their daughter.. ..told Vinod the names
of the culprit. Speak my dear. -I know. Take these two out.
Doctor, even you. Go out! Tell me. -Shravan. Shravan! They complained to the CM too. Vinod recorded the girl’s
statement wrongly. Save our daughter. Let me see. -That case is still
pending in the high court. Sir, please! Then this was the pattern. The odd man out of the first
case was hinting.. ..at the murder that
will take place. Sir, so according to that. In this case Kumar is
the odd man out. It means the next murder will
be related to Kumar. Yes…
-What is background of Kumar? Ma’am, he was a big name in
Kerala’s real estate industry. You must have heard about
land bank and land mafia. He is one of them. Puffer fish is one of earth’s
poisonous creature. It is more poisonous
than a snake. You will find a poisonous
chemical called Tetraodon in it. It is very complex poison
which affects the nerves. It may be less in quantity but
it is a very dangerous drug. And if you increase
the quantity.. ..then it can be life
threatening. In our case the one who were
killed by injecting.. ..is because of this puffer fish. And I hope this is
very expensive. Yes. -And you find it
with very few people. Iqbal. Sir! Did you understand whom to
arrest? Thank you ma’am. -Sir. Wait! Wait! -Run. Wait! Wait! Go from the other side quickly. Come with me. -Sir, let me go. What have I done? -I will tell
you what you have done. I haven’t done anything…
-Come on. This is not a police operation. I want to talk to you that’s all. That is why I called
you both here. Then sir,
why did he make us run so much? He hit us hard after catching us. He pushed us in the jeep after
he caught us. -Yes. We are human being too. Not a police man. I mean. We are innocent…
-Absolutely right sir. If we complain to the human
rights cell about him.. ..he will have a tough time. Yes. -Show these things to
the human rights cell. Sir, I found this from them. We are not in this business
like we were earlier. I want to know something
very important. Tell me that then you can leave. These things that we
found with you.. ..I will not take
any action on it. I promise you. Do you agree? Sir, what do you want to know? Play it. -It is very dangerous. And since Rishiraj has come to
power there is no business. But if there is some good
deal then tell us. Mushroom, Fish or Chemical.
Or something like this. Do you know the fish you
mentioned in this video.. ..someone can be killed
by its poison? Where do we find it? Who is the dealer? Actually sir,
you get it very rarely. It comes only for few
special customers. It’s very dangerous. If there’s a mistake
in preparing it.. ..then that person can
die on the spot. Anyway this is not our product. Did you beat us for this? Your time got wasted. That was good…
-Speak the truth. Come on. Tell me everything. -Look sir. We purchased it only
twice until now. We told you that you
don’t get it often. It comes from a district
of Tamil Nadu. With much difficulty. The first time it was ordered.. By a captain of a ship.
Who was he? -He was a Russain. We delivered it in a boat. We didn’t know about the
buyer the 2nd time. A man asked us to throw it in
a dustbin near Jawahar Nagar. We did exactly like he said. As far as I know you.. ..you would not have left
it just like that. You must have watched secretly
who took the stuff. Yes I did. Didn’t you see who was
inside the car? No sir. I just saw his hands. It was some woman inside. Did you see her fingers? Try to remember? Did she apply violet
colour nail polish? What? -Yes. Did you note the car number?
-No sir. I remembered it for
the first few days. But later I forgot it. I promise. The man who asked you to throw
the stuff in the dustbin.. ..do you know him? Who asked you to do this job? Did he tell you? The accident in which
he lost his family.. ..I was checking the records
connected to that. The truck that dashed
the car was.. ..killed on the spot there,
right? -Yes ma’am. I checked the post mortem
report of that driver. He was wounded behind his back
with something sharp. As per the report that was
the reason of his death. But how did he get wounded? This wound was because of
some heavy metal object. Geeta,
the chief of forensic told us. His head must have
dashed something. And he fell out after dashing
the front glass. After the accident. About 40 minutes. Mathew’s wife and his daughter
were lying on the road. Unattended. But they are targeting
all those people. Who are not punished by law. There are others too. Why did they choose these people? Doctor Tarakan, Vinod.
Mohan Nair. And those 3 people who were
recently murdered. What is the reason for
killing these people? There is one reason. Which is connected to everything. According to me there is one
reason for both the incidents. That is Tarakan’s Medical City. I want the information.. ..of this Hospital’s data base. By data base I mean,
I want the student’s information. Okay sir. -Okay. Thank you. Doctor Shakti Ramaswamy. Shakti was a boy from Chennai
who grew up in Kerala. His father Ramswamy worked
as a security.. ..guard at a neighbouring
medical college. Shakti name featured
in the rank.. ..list of medical entrance exam. But in the final list
of the college. His name was erased. And that seat was given
to a management student I request you. Who let you come in?
-Dad, let’s go. Let’s go. Sir.. my son. Go away…
-When he felt he won’t get.. ..justice after trying so hard. Shakti’s father Ramswamy
took a big step. He committed suicide.. ..in front of the college
student who witness this. Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Shakti saw his father
committing suicide. He lost his mental stability. Do justice with Shakti. You must remember that some
years ago in Kerala.. ..students had gone on a strike. The government had to
solve this issue. Shakti got admission
in the college. He didn’t speak to
anyone in college. His anger grew day by day. It was seen in the articles
he wrote for the magazines. Shakti was different
from everyone else. He got angry suddenly. Shakti had started
the new trend.. ..of throwing shoes
and revolting. He did it for the first
time when Education.. ..minister came to our college. He was imprisoned for
this for a few days. But that case ended there. So Dr. Shakti Ramaswamy
is our man. Using ordinary method in this
investigation is useless. As the murders that
took place here.. ..haven’t taken place
prior to this. Four criminals were proved
innocent in 2 cases. Or saved by powerful people. Or they were saved with the
help of people from mafia. The people who helped them were
killed along with the others. When Vinod became the target
in the first case. We were surprised.
Do you remember? We found the reason for
the crime when the.. ..2nd incident took place
at the farmhouse. The two who were murdered
were rape suspects. But with the help of Vinod,
those two guys.. ..got bailed easily. The same thing happened in
the 2nd incident too. Even in this there
is an odd man out. The famous builder Kumar. His murders hints.. ..that very soon another
murder will take place. I checked Shakti’s Facebook
post and blogs. A great man who is trying to stop
corruption and injustice. A sole revolutionary. He writes on such topic. So you feel. The hospital that he worked in.. ..he is witness of
those two crimes. Two cases where justice
was not done. That is why he started killing. It is not as you are thinking. Dr. Shakti will not kill
suddenly being helpless. This was planned since
many years. I mean to say he was thinking
about this from a long time. We can say without his knowledge. There is some.. ..dangerous violent
animal inside him. Yes. As you guessed it. Whatever incidents
that took place.. ..while he worked
at the hospital. He saw the medical mafia.. ..playing with people’s life. A cruel crime which was ignored. Eight children who
lost their life.. ..because of the medical mafia. The pain of their parents. And their unsuccessful fight. All these incidents. Got that animal out of Shakti. I feel that’s the reason. Sir, there is no source
to catch him right now. He uses different sim cards
and throws it away. His face is not seen
in any CCTV camera. Sir, right now we have.. ..no proof against him. Sir, what about the girl
who was with him? I was about to tell
you about her. Her name is Shreya Venkatesh
from Bangalore. Her father was from Karnataka
and mother from Kerala. Hey! -What is it?
-She was a year junior to Shakti. It’s time up. -Shakti tried
staying away from her. Hi! -But even then she
became close to him. Both became good friends. Only two people can have
such friendship. Some students who knew them.. ..said these two had
a strange chemistry. A man who punishes criminal who
couldn’t be punished by law. A mad man who takes the
law in his hands. You may understand his mental
condition is very dangerous. Who will be his next target, sir?
-No. No. No. Before guessing it,
it is very important. To catch Dr. Shakti and the girl. Our force will catch
them on state level. And I will call up Sonal myself. Sir, allow me to leave? Whatever job is left is of
the State police force. I did as much as possible. Have you decided? -Yes sir. I have decided. I will complete this operation,
Mathew. I have very little time. Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! One minute, sir. I want to tell you something
before you leave. -Yes. Sir, the accident of your family. It was not an accident.
It was a plan. I want to show you something. So you feel when the driver
got down from.. ..the truck after
dashing the car.. ..someone killed him by attacking
him on his head. After that he broke
the glass of.. ..the truck with the same weapon. Yes! I told you,
you have that police instinct. But as you are not experienced.. ..it takes time for you to
understand the truth. That’s all. The last day of my job,
that day.. ..I went to the police godown
early in the morning. I saw that truck there. Harshita, what you told me,
I already know about it. How can you let them go? We must catch the person
who did this. Yes. I am ignoring some things. Purposely. I know this is not easy. This is wrong, sir. The person who destroyed
your life. How can you let that person go? The things that are lost
are lost forever. No one can bring it back…
-But sir, you.. No Harshita! I am at a border line. Did you hear about knowing
the situation.. ..between committing
suicide and murder? Don’t make me vulnerable. Don’t make me vulnerable. Hi! Shreya here. First I want to tell
you something. The IP address that I mailed
this video from. Don’t waste time in tracing it. It is fake. But before shutting
down the video. Listen to me. The accident that changed
your life. Do you know who did
that car accident? Phillicks Stevenson. He is coming to Kerala tomorrow. I am sending you his location. This is a good opportunity
to avenge him. You can take advantage
of this information. A criminal like him.. ..should be punished. We wish that you do this justice. As the happiness that
you will find.. ..in exchange is far greater. Bye! Sir! Surely this is a trap.
Be alert! Sir,
I feel we must take this chance. I believe we will surely
find something. Anyway, if we are going then we
need to inform the department. Like a full-fledged operation. Some problems don’t
stop pursuing us.. ..no matter how far
we run from it. No one beside us should
know about this video. You know very well about
Phillicks network. Iqbal. -Yes sir. Only we two will lead
this work to its end. You will not come with us…
-But sir. Mathew? Oh my God! Mathew!
Mathew! You are impossible. I thought I finished with you. But look at you. You came again. And why have you come? To avenge. You are not a police man now…
-Stupid fellow. I am still a police man. Sir! My heart melts seeing you. Do you know why? Sympathy. Mr. Mathew, you know nothing…
-Shut up. Why Iqbal? Why should I shut up? Sir, I planned to kill
you and your family. And I planned that accident too. I planned it all in your custody. And before I ran away. Someone from your staff
helped me, right? Am I right? Iqbal? Yes sir. I had helped him. You know my daughter’s wish.. ..was to get admission
in medical college. I didn’t take bribe
anytime in life. How could I give donation to
such a well off college? When I thought of my daughter.. ..I forgot my values. For my daughter’s future,
I joined hands with him. A person does everything for
his family in his lifetime. I didn’t know he would
kill your family. Believe me, sir. Sir, hand him over to me.
I will kill him. I take the responsibility. And I very well know. That’s what Dr. Shakti wants. I should kill this man. He got him in front of
us for that reason. So that he kills him through me. I am not bothered of
Dr. Shakti’s win. But I can’t break my rules
by letting him win. Srini,
I want to tell you something. Iqbal. -Sir. Surrender yourself to the police. Sir, you took the right decision. But why did you do this? If I was in your place I
would have killed him. I would have killed them both,
sir. Srini taking revenge
is a sickness. Which ends the human inside us. My journey which stopped
then will now start. Until Neelima’s dream is
fulfilled, I don’t know.. ..how far I have to go
and for how long? I can understand the
depth of yours.. ..and Neelima’s relationship. So I feel. Really. Really sorry. Neelima’s state is getting worse. The infection has spread
inside the vital organs. Whenever she comes to senses.. ..her pain increases. At this time she is
in severe pain. I shouldn’t say this, Mathew. But pray to God. That he delivers her
from this pain. That’s good. I salute you. You found this place alone
and got it registered too. And got me here to show
me it’s beauty. You are amazing, Neelima. So you now realize this. Look, my savings are over. Now on you must support me. We shall sell our family’s
property. Don’t worry. Tell me the truth, do you have
a problem with this school? Why? Helping the poor is a good deed. And when Malu’s career
is going good. What will we do with
land and property? This place is me. My breath. My life. Even if I die my soul
will be here. I saw this.. ..in Tarakan’s car parking
CCTV footage. The private car of our DG had
come there on 12th July. He went to meet a man called
Khalid Mustafa. He was a social activist. Who had got a stay order from
the court against Kumar’s.. ..mall project. -Some.. On 12th July. -Who is it? The DGB went to his
room with Kumar. I am the chief officer. It means DGB. Did you recognize me? I came here.. ..to speak to you something
important, Mr. Khalid. He is Kumar,
he is one of my favourite. The shopping mall that
he is going to build. You got a stay order against it. Take it back. -This friendship
between DG and Kumar. I found it strange. -No! I won’t take it back. You can’t refuse it.
Take it back. After 2 days Kumar will
bring some documents. Sign on it. This treatment is for increasing
your age, right? It may decrease suddenly. Kumar, let’s go. Hello! How are you?
-The threat of DG and Kumar.. ..Khalid must have definitely
told Dr. Shakti about it. As he was very close to him…
-I will not fear anyone. If something happens
to me then think.. ..those two are involved in this. Kumar and the DGB. Nothing like that will happen. Exactly after 2 days,
right in front of Shakti.. ..Khalif laid dead. A life threatening accident. Harshita, DG’s life is in danger. He will be his next target. When did it happen? They will negotiate
only with you. You will have to go alone. Without weapons. I can’t understand why Dr. Shakti
likes you so much. Ah! Srini, there is a reason
behind everything. Nothing happens in this
world without a reason. Don’t mind,
I want to ask you something. All those incidents which
made Dr. Shakti do this. Happened in Tarakand
Medical City. And this is the same hospital
where your.. ..wife was admitted for 6 months,
sir. During that time.. ..you lived in the hospital…
-Every moment. Sir, do you have anything to
do with these incidents? That I am not aware of. Nothing is white.
Nothing is black. Everything is grey. Hello Sir! I am Shreya! Yes. Sir, before meeting Dr. Shakti. You have to accept a condition. You will be made unconscious. You will sleep for an hour. If you agree to this
condition then.. ..you can come with me. Otherwise I am returning. And forgot DGB. Okay. I will come with you. -Good! Let’s go. You will go in a trans
for some time. Hello sir. We are meeting again. I saw you the other day
for the last time. When your wife expired. I worked in the same department. The medical team which
was treating her.. ..I was in it a week earlier. Whatever information you get.. ..you make a clear picture
of the criminal out of it. You are amazing in it. When you found me at such
a short span of time. I am not surprised by it. In fact finding you.. ..was really my need. See. I’ve done my homework. Not only for me. In fact the number of victims.. ..you killed until today. I did my homework on all
of them.. -Victims? Meaning victims. No one was a victim in them. Everyone was a criminal. The victims were the
ones whom they hurt. And you, doctor? Are you a victim? Or a suspect? I am both. Everyone has both inside us. A victim in a moment. A suspect in another moment. I want to see the DG once…
-Don’t you worry. He is safe. But he won’t be safe for long. You were the best man in
the whole police force. Until you left the job. In a way. You are an image of law. Then taking you as a witness.. I will punish that.. ..state police chief. For his crimes. Why are you starring, sir? This is how I do justice. Sir, only one thing can control
a human being. That is fear. That fear that is inside us all. In fact believing in God. Is a kind of fear, right? The person who will
commit a crime. He must fear me. As now on the new name
for fear is.. ..Dr. Shakti Ramaswamy. Leaving all the happiness
in the world. Believing what you are doing is.. ..for the welfare of the society. Dr. Shreya has joined
you in this crime. Is she with you for love? Or is she with you for fear? There is nothing dangerous
than fear in this world. Right doctor? Talk within your limit,
Mr. Mathew. You have crossed your human
limits much earlier. How can you teach me the
lesson’s of limits? Yes sir. I have crossed it. We have been hearing
it since childhood. The court’s punishment.
The government’s decision. All this is right. But in reality this is not
the system which decides. This work.. ..is done by powerful people. If we talk about the court
then 2 o 3 judges. If we talk about government
then it’s the CM. If we talk about religion
then it’s a priest. The decision of these
people is final. And that is law. So I did.. ..what I thought was right. These words that you just used. The greatest dictators of the
world used such words. I don’t think it is necessary
to tell you. What happened to them? Come on, sir. Even we need a dictator. Our country needs one. Someone like me. Being a blind disciple.. ..is a biggest folly
in this world. He feels he is greater than law. And I am sorry to say. That he is a mad man. Am I mad? Am I mad? Shreya,
did you hear what he said? He thinks I am mad. The people who use
money and power.. ..to save themselves from law.. ..you want to punish
those people. Then why did you kill those
3 innocent policemen. They were the security guards of
the DG. -Oh! -Those people? I couldn’t stop myself. A small sacrifice for a good job. What about those families
who have no one now? Who will bring justice to them? Your justice is limited, doctor. And this girl will be
like those people. One more small sacrifice. Mr. Mathew,
don’t cross your limits. Don’t play this game with me. Doctor, life is a dirty joke. You have to live it. You know that I know it. Yes doctor.
I know that you know it. Even I was waiting for this day. When will I meet you? But pray to God. That he delivers her
from this pain. Not anymore. I can’t bear this pain. Shall I deliver you
from this pain? In life. I never loved anyone so much. Don’t let my dream
remain incomplete. Promise me. You will build that school. I pray to God. That he delivers her
from this pain. After your wife’s death. I realized your decision
was right. If you think about it you
did what was just. You are like me. That is why I didn’t
leave any evidence. Euthanasia! Mercy killing. Killing for mercy. It is wrong as per the law. You still did it. I did the same thing, right? Those criminals which our
law couldn’t punish. Those men who were fit to die. I killed them. In fact. Just like you, I broke the law. Now tell me. Who is the villain among us? Is it you or me? You are wrong, doctor. We are not similar at all. Without feeling anything. Without a blink my wife was
lying like a corpse. And whenever she came to
consciousness for a while. You knew what she was
going through. Even in that pain she asked me. How is our daughter? She knew that she won’t
see her again. Even then she kept asking. And when I asked her.. Can I deliver you from this pain? She looked at me and smiled. Her eyes were shutting down. She was not breathing. I kept starring at her. I then realized. The last destination of love Is death. I killed her out of love. You kill people out of hate. We are different from
each other.. Enough Mr. Mathew Manjuran. I got you here for a reason
and that will take place. Sit down. Shreya, keep an eye on him. My daughter Malu. Hated this job of mine. It was her wish that she becomes
a doctor someday. She wanted to heal. Heal the whole world. Shreya. Please! Life is calling you. You have to live your whole life. Nothing has gone wrong yet. Please! This man’s job was to save
common people’s life. To protect their rights. But he didn’t do it. There was a good person called.. ..Khalid Mustafa. He killed him. -No Mathew. No. His death was a mystery. There was no one to file a case. Please believe me. When I felt I will incur losses. I went to the hospital. I threatened to kill Khalid. But I have nothing to
do with his death. That accident was real. I am telling you the truth. Believe me, Mathew. Please! But I don’t trust you. -Doctor. Don’t make me angry…
-Doctor, please! I told you not to make me angry. Shakti. This man is innocent. He is innocent. He is innocent. Doctor. Please! Listen to me. You feel. That you won. No! Shreya! Even you? I will not spare the both of you. Shoot me. Shoot me. The whole world will then say What I did was right. You are the protector of law,
right? If you have the guts then shoot. What kind of human are you, sir? Even now.. You are doing things lawfully. Why didn’t you kill me? Mr. Shakti,
it is not the way of this world. That one human kills
another human being. You asked me? Who is the villain among us? In every villain. There is a hero. And every hero has a.. ..villain. You are an unusual doctor. You have that understanding
of justice.. ..which is not seen in others. If you correct your mental order
then you will progress. I am sorry, Mathew. Forgive me for my mistake. Sir! Sir! You? Today onwards starts.. ..a new journey of my dreams.

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