Jonathan and Yvette Boatwright of Realty Austin – Best Real Estate Company to Work for

Jonathan and Yvette Boatwright of Realty Austin – Best Real Estate Company to Work for

When you have something special to share,
you want to share it with a lot of people. In June of 2004, we went on vacation. We were
going sailing in the Caribbean. We thought can we really start a company and what would
that take and what would that look like? We were looking at different business models
literally on the back of a napkin on the airplane. We had this great asset and this great website
that we could build upon, that we could build systems to help agents automate their business
to create a CRM, which nobody had at the time. And by September, we went into business together. So we took that sailing trip, week of no technology,
you know, no interruptions to plan things out and that’s where Realty Austin was born.
We were literally working out of our living room at our house. We hired our first employee,
who is still with us today, as our accountant. We had two desks in the study, it was Jonathan,
Penelope, and I. By the end of the year in 2004, we found an office on Bee Caves Road.
It was 750 square feet. We were just a mom and pop shop. If you were in the business in 2008 or 2009,
then you remember the financial crisis and what that did to real estate sales. We were
fortunate enough to get people that were moving from Phoenix and Las Vegas and California,
and they wanted to find homes in Austin. Our leads and our systems and our automated
marketing helped us attract agents who just needed a little extra help to succeed in a
harder market. While other brokers were pulling back their resources, we were pushing forward
with ours. In 2009, we made the conscious decision during
our business planning that we were going to hang up our keypads and stop competing with
our agents, and that was really a pivotal moment for us, because we literally grew 60
or 70 percent the next year. We doubled down at that time and we – the gamble paid off. As an industry, we should all be striving
to raise the bar and we should all be striving to hold real estate agents to a higher standard.
The true professionals really want to work here, because they want someone to hold them
to that higher standard. One of my favorite sayings is, “Your vibe
attracts your tribe”. The agents that we do attract are forward thinking. They’re
carrying. They’re compassionate and they’re giving. Our big mantra is work hard, play
hard, and give back, and we, as a company, truly do embody that. We’re fortunate to
have agents and staff that really want to make an impact in the community. We partner with a few organizations who have
benefitted greatly from not only the generosity of the company, but the generosity of our
agents. Who’ve given over a half a million dollars to these organizations in the last
few years. People in Austin need a place to live, a safe place to live and, you know,
the more that we can help that, the better off our city will be in the long run. So we
think it’s really important. We just love Austin, so we want to take care of it. I’m pretty much a geek at heart. I enjoy
building great systems. The better systems I can build, the more efficient our agents
can be and the more productive they are, and that’s what gets me out of bed. The agents
see me as the little Realty Austin cheerleader. I want to see them succeed. I’m happy that
they’re here and I think that they have a great feeling that I’ve got their back. I think every real estate broker should look
at their agents as their customer, and as long as our agents are happy, then their clients,
their customers are happy and the whole company succeeds. We have great technology, we have
great tools, we have lots of leads, but the secret sauce is the people, because all that
stuff wouldn’t matter if we didn’t have the right people to help deliver it to our
customers, who are our agents. That’s just what makes Realty Austin tick. We’re just going to keep doing what we’re
doing and improving and iterating and just – you know, we just don’t really know
how to stop or slow down. That’s not the way we’re wired, I guess. We don’t intend
to go anywhere. We’re just going to keep trucking on. What do I see in the future for Realty Austin?
I guess what I could say is we’ll continue to stay on top of the latest technology to
make sure nobody passes us by.

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  1. I absolutely love this video! So heartwarming!


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