Join us in building the Sharing Cities Network

Join us in building the Sharing Cities Network

Hi, I’m Neal Gorenflo.
I’m co-founder of Shareable, a nonprofit news, action
and connection hub for the sharing
transformation. While ice caps, governments,
and economies melt down, creative people
in cities around the world are rising up. These are people that Shareable’s
been writing about for four years. This is our community. And we are not protesting, and we
are not asking for permission, and we are not waiting. We are building a
people-powered economy right under everyone’s noses. We’re building coworking spaces,
sharing startups, cooperatives, credit unions, tool libraries,
hackerspaces, seed banks, community gardens, farmers markets,
bike kitchens, and more. Many of these sharing innovations
have gone from just a handful to thousands in just a few years. Momentum is building. And how we build is just as
important as what we build. We build for maximum fun. We do it in style. And we include everyone. When we see a city street,
we don’t just see the asphalt. We see the beach beneath it.
We don’t want just bread, we want bread and roses. For we are determined against all odds to create lives and cities we can be
proud to call our own, where we don’t just survive, where we thrive, and we thrive
like a people have never thrived before. We know this is possible, because we taste
the sweet life from time to time. But we want it all the time,
every day. To get there, we’re asking
for your to help to create the Sharing Cities Network, a grassroots network of sharing
innovators to discover together how to create as many sharing cities
around the world as fast as possible. So now is the time to build on the
momentum that’s already there. Now is the time to come together and help each other make
our dreams come true. Because there’s no other
way to do this but together. Please join
our campaign. Contribute, participate in
the network, and tell your friends
about this. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Join us in building the Sharing Cities Network

  1. we are doing this in Berlin Neukölln. Happy to be part of a great network!

  2. Hi Susanne, Thank you for sharing your link with us! We look forward to building community with you. Please help us spread the word about our Sharing Cities [email protected], Danke und Tschüss! 

  3. so how do we connect with one of these places if we live somewhere else??

  4. I've been interested in this idea for some time now too. I've downloaded a huge amount of data in EBooks and videos in all kinds of areas, DIY, green, sustainable, building, permaculture gardening, community organizing.. Lots of stuff. I'm actually still organizing it on my computerr right now. lol

  5. Can this really work? Right now ppl share what's been produced in the money based society. Can moneyless society produce anything except vegetables? I mean technology – can such society make for instance computers if nobody gets paid for the job? (And I'm not talking about assembling PC parts but about making/producing them.)

  6. excellent, excellent

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