Is Someone Watching You Email and Wire FRAUD Protection Real Estate Miami Show [E-97]

Is Someone Watching You Email and Wire FRAUD Protection Real Estate Miami Show [E-97]

– What? What do you want? Is Someone Watching You? On this episode of Title Tuesday’s. (upbeat music) Hey everybody welcome back to another
episode of Title Tuesday’s my name’s Kevin Tacher the founder and CEO here
at Independence Title also known as your title king. Are you wondering who is this person that is looking over my shoulder? That’s called a hacker, that is a real estate specialist that is looking to get your money. On this episode of Title Tuesday’s I’m gonna do another
episode talking about fraud, talking about who is
watching what you’re doing and what can you do about it. You know we are experts in our industry and we are even open to
attack by cyber crimes but we have a lot of measures in place we do cyber training for our employees, we have cyber liability insurance and most important what I
wanna talk about is your email. When you are using email
services like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, you
need to be very very careful. For less than $15 a year you
can register your own domain and have your own email address and then you can switch over to a platform like Google business
which is going to give you what’s called 2-step authentication and even some of your Gmail apps I’m not sure if some of the others do it you can activate 2-step authentication. What does that mean? That means that this guy
looking over my shoulder will have no access to your email without getting a special
code to your cell phone. So many of you log into your email some of you save your password, you save it on your web browsers so all you have to do
is just go to and it automatically logs
you in to your email address. That is a hackers gold mine, that hacker can get
access to your computer by clicking on what’s
called the phishing link and they can get access
to all of your contacts all of your emails then what they do is you’ve seen the video that we’ve put out that’s in the bottom
of our email signature, it’s called phishing, they watch, they phish your email, they watch your email, they see that you’re doing
the real estate transaction and right before they
know you’re getting ready to go to the bank they send
you fake wiring instructions as if they were the title
company or your real estate agent and then you as a
consumer will fall for it wire the money to them and
your money is now gone. So as I said, do you wanna
give this guy that money? I don’t think so, it’s not a smart idea so you wanna incorporate what’s called 2-step
authentication in your email. What is that mean? You’re gonna go to your website you’re gonna look to sign
in to your email address and then it’s going to prompt you to enter a certain digit code that is texted to your
cell phone that’s on file, that means that if they don’t
have access to your cell phone they are not going to get
that code to be able to log in so they may have your email password but they will not be able
to get to the second step which is why it’s called
2-step authentication. Here at the office what we do is you have to log in using
your password to your email and then you have to receive a code and only if you’re siting in our office under our IP address
that we allow you access without entering the code
for a certain couple of days and then you have to reenter it again, but if our staff were to
try to access the email if they were on WiFi at a Starbucks or if they were at their home they would have to enter the
2-step authentication code so nobody can get access to our emails. It’s very very important,
this is a serious topic it is in the billions, that’s right folks billions
of dollars in money and wire fraud that title
companies have gotten hit for and buyers and sellers have gotten hit for for fraudulent wiring instructions. And those of you that are our clients you know we send you
the wiring instructions there’s some information missing on that and you have to follow certain steps in order to get that information so we make it a little bit of a puzzle so you can put the pieces together and get the money to our
office safely and securely. So thanks for watching this
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you on our VIP only list that will get access to these videos right to your mobile phone before they’re even issued to the public. So thanks for watching, give me a thumbs up,
share this on social media hopefully you can protect
someone from losing their money on their next real estate closing. So thanks for watching, my
name’s Kevin Tacher signing off and I look forward to seeing
you at the closing table. (slow music)

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