Is Real Estate Investing Worth It? Is Real Estate Hard?

Is Real Estate Investing Worth It?  Is Real Estate Hard?

Kris Krohn here with REITV and you know a lot of comments down below from some of these videos keeps on asking, “yeah, but is owning real estate a lot hassle?” and we’re going to explore that today we’re going to look at the good bad the ugly. so are rental properties a hassle? Depends. Many of my properties most of them, they don’t, I don’t, even hear about them. But that’s because I got people and if you do real estate the way I do it, you’re going to want to have people right? My people will talk to your people. but real estate can also be a massive pain in the bottom. How does that happen? you didn’t set it up right in the first place, right? It’s interesting you’ve probably seen ads if you’re looking at real estate for this idea of making money with a ugly real estate. It’s fascinating that you’ve got to really hone it on your strategy and on your niche. Because, you could take this concept of ugly homes. I’ve done lots of ugly homes these are homes that are a little bit dilapidated need a little bit of work. But, I’ll do seller financing where I’ll put someone in the home that wants to give it the TLC, I’ll give them equity, I”ll give them discounts and they feel thrilled about having an opportunity to step in that home. Meanwhile, I got buddies that are buying up the nicest real estate out there don’t have the equity, don’t have the margins, don’t have the cash flow, and it turns into a massive hassle for them. and so, it’s interesting that ugly real estate can work well, beautiful real estate can work, horrible. and odds, absolutely the reverse as well Hey, I hope you liked the video go ahead and ask more questions. Comment below Love creating videos really based off, of this community and the comments and questions that you have. We look forward to getting in touch. and if you haven’t been watching more of our other videos, go ahead and subscribe so we can let you know when our fresh brand new videos come out so there’s hot off the press and we begin be educating you on what the lay of the land and real estate looks like today to help you experience as much success as possible. Thanks. Take care. I

2 thoughts on “Is Real Estate Investing Worth It? Is Real Estate Hard?

  1. So your basically saying that houses that need some work done to it are better to invest money in than nice big beautiful houses?

  2. I've just started following you the other day and have watched a lot of your videos already. Are you based out of Utah?

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