Is Fundrise LEGIT? – Online Real Estate Investing Review

Is Fundrise LEGIT?  – Online Real Estate Investing Review

– I’m gonna guess that
you’re someone like me and that you want to build wealth, you wanna make some money, and you recognize that real estate is one of those ways to do that. I mean it’s no coincidence that over 90% of all the millionaires in the world own some sort of real estate. But you’re probably also like me in that real estate investing
can be very intimidating. You don’t wanna lose your butt, you don’t know how to get
started, so you don’t do anything. But what if I told you
that you could become a real estate investor
with as little as $500? You don’t even have to leave
your house to get started. And you can make some solid returns. Yes, this does exist. And I’m gonna share what this real estate investment
option is with you today. Let’s check it out. (fast upbeat music) Alright, so the first
thing you gotta know, I’m not a real estate investor. I’m not this real estate investor guru. You can check out one of my other videos where I shared seven lessons learned from a failed real estate investment. But there’s also a video
I want you to check out that shares eight different
ways that you can become a real estate investor without
managing any properties and I’m really excited about that video and this is what I want to highlight today is one of those options. So one of those options has
to do with crowdfunding, crowdfunding with real estate. And this is something that has really just blown up for the last few years. I’ve been a big fan of
peer to peer lending, with Lending Club and
Prosper and with this, this is very similar but
it’s also very exciting because with peer to peer lending, that’s something that a lot of people don’t really no much about. So with real estate
people know real estate. People know that the billionaires, the millionaires of the world
are real estate investors. But like many of us, we
don’t know how to do it. We don’t know how to get
started in real estate and there’s a huge learning
curve for a lot of people, you gotta have the right connections, so a lot of times people don’t do it. But, guess what? You don’t have to be
one of those people now you could actually become
a real estate investor and you can do so and all you need is a computer or laptop and
an internet connection because that is what
technology is all about. Now one of those options I’m
gonna share with you today is called Fundrise. So Fundrise is an online real
estate crowdfunding platform that allows you to become
a real estate investor and all you gotta do is
have $500 to get started. So that’s what we’re
going to talk about today. Let’s learn more about Fundrise. So let’s talk a little
bit about who Fundrise is. So Fundrise is and online real estate and investment company that
specializes in crowdfunding. Now crowdfunding is something
that has grown in popularity a lot over the last several years. And if you know anything
about peer to peer lending and I have a video where
I talk about Lending Club, which is by far the largest peer to peer lending company that exists, that’s kinda what they’re
all about is crowdfunding. But instead of crowdfunding
for loans or personal loans, where Fundrise is crowdfunding
for is for real estate notes or real estate investment properties. And that’s what makes it uber exciting and sexy for a lot of investors, because now you can become
a real estate investor without leaving your home and
that’s what it’s all about. So as of right now, there
are over 80,000 members that are a part of Fundrise and they have invested over
three billion with a capital B into real estate investment properties. But as you can see, they
are a force right now making a dent in real
estate investment properties especially in the online space. By investing into Fundrise,
essentially you are investing into a real estate investment trust. That is what Fundrise is. Within their platform they
have five different REITs. Now you might not know what a REIT is, or a Real Estate Investment Trust. And just so I don’t get repetitive, I’m gonna go ahead and
cue to a previous video where I explain where a REIT is. So what a real estate investment trust is, this is a company that
specializes in real estate. And this could be across the board. Maybe it’s shopping
centers, maybe it’s malls, maybe it’s hospitals, maybe
it’s home construction. All we’re looking for is a company that specializes in real estate. But just in case I
butchered that explanation on what a REIT is, let me give you the
Investapedia definition. So a real estate investment
trust is a company that owns, and in most cases, operates
income-producing real estate. REITs own many types of
commercial real estate, ranging from office
and apartment buildings to warehouses, hospitals,
shopping centers, hotels, and timberlands. Okay, now you have a good
understanding of what a REIT is. Alright, the big difference
with Fundrise is that you are investing into a private
REIT versus a public REIT. Now what’s the difference
between private or a public REIT? So just like a publicly-traded company or a privately-traded
company, it’s very similar. Now with a public REIT, so you
have to divulge everything, you have to share everything
that you’re doing, you have to have full transparency, you have to report to shareholders and all of that fun stuff. Now that’s not a bad thing, and there are some
protective measures for that, but still, I mean, when you
have to share everything and you just can’t go do it, that could be very time-consuming because you’re like asking for permission before you actually make an investment. So with Fundrise, they are a private REIT, so they can go out and
do what they do best, without having to wait for permission from shareholders, from their investors, because they have a process, they have a certain way of doing things, and that’s what works for them. So what that in turn does
for you, the investor, is that it makes it more
nimble, more efficient, and also less volatile. Because they go do, they
go do what they do well, they don’t want to ask
mom and dad for permission before they go out and make an investment. Does that make sense? I hope so. Another item that’s
going to come up when you start investing online especially with real estate investment options online, with these online crowdfunding platforms, is if you are accredited investor, now if this doesn’t mean anything to you, then it probably doesn’t apply. But this is what an
accredited investor is, so with an accredited investor
you have to at least have a net worth of one million dollars, or you’re making $200,000 filing single, or $300,000 if you’re filing joint. So what does that mean for you? Now with Fundrise, you don’t have to be an accredited investor to
open an account with them. So good thing is, that
doesn’t apply to you. But there are other real
estate online platforms where you do have to be
an accredited investor. So you have to have that net
worth or income requirements just to open an account. But being an investor
doesn’t just apply to crowdfunding real estate online platforms. That’s why I wanted to bring it up here because there may be some
other investment opportunities that you are exploring where, oh, that sounds really exciting, oh crap, I’m not an accredited
investor, so I can’t get in. So just be prepared. So how do you actually make
money by opening an account with Fundrise and
investing into real estate? But because, you know what, you don’t have to leave your house, so are you actually making
money, are you getting paid? Yes, you are. So, as a real estate
investment trust company, you’re opening an account with Fundrise and they are going out and
finding these properties for you. So these could be apartment complexes, these could be strip malls,
it could be hospitals. It could be a variety of different things. So you are leaning on them to go out and find those properties for you. So by opening an account with them, they’re using your
money with other people, other people, part of the crowd, that’s why it’s called crowdfunding. And they’re pulling that money together and then finding these properties. So the two ways that
you can make money are one, you can collect your dividend, which basically is in the form
of all of the rent payments that they are getting
on all their properties that are being passed forward to you. The second way you can make money is through price appreciation, and it’s the same thing
like buying a stock. So if they are buying
properties at a discount in let’s say different
parts of the country where they can get a good deal and then real estate values increase then that’s how you can benefit. So you can see the net asset value or the price of the
shares that you are buying appreciate or go up in value. With Fundrise, they pay out
their dividends every quarter, so every three months. You’ll be able to log in and
see your dividend payment. I was pretty excited to see
that my account wasn’t open, almost a few months and I saw
my first dividend payment. Now it wasn’t a lot of money, but it was very encouraging to see some money being paid passively just by opening the account
and investing into Fundrise and then for them to go out and find those great real estate deals. As I mentioned previously, Fundrise has five different REIT options. So they have a REIT that
focuses on the west coast, one on the east coast,
or one in the central, or their heartland REIT. They also have a REIT
that focuses on income, so looking for higher
dividends, higher yields, or one on growth, so they’re looking more
for price appreciation. You basically have a say
in which REIT do you want. Do you want to put all
your money into one REIT? Or do you want to
diversify and spread it out all the different REITs that they have? Since I just started investing with them, I just wanted to kinda play
around and see what they offer. So I went with the starter portfolio and just spread it out amongst all the different REITs that they had. One of the cool features that
I loved about Fundrise was after I made my initial investment and they went out and started
buying those properties where I can see them in my account. You can see the actual
properties that you own. There’s a Google map
that shows the location, it shows how much that they
have put down on this property. They also have a rating,
like a report card rating, how aggressive or how risky is this property versus other properties? So they give you so much
information about what you own to where if you were in that area, you could actually drive by and see the property that you own. I think that’s pretty cool. Okay, let’s talk about competition. Obviously, Fundrise is
not the only crowdfunding real estate online platform that exists. As the fintech area explodes, you’re gonna see a lot more
options become available. So with Fundrise, with their competition, the one, or a few that I’ll highlight, the first one is Rich Uncles. So Rich Uncles is very
similar to Fundrise. So they only have a $500
minimum, so that’s awesome. You don’t have to be
an accredited investor to open an account, so
that’s also awesome. But the big difference is with Rich Uncles versus Fundrise is this, right now if you wanna sell
your notes within Rich Uncles, or sell your real estate
investment property, the fractional ownership that you have, currently Rich Uncles
doesn’t have a platform that allows you to do so. So this is a long-term
investment with them. So if you are investing with
them, you are stuck with them. You’re basically getting married. So just keep that in mind. The other issue with Rich
Uncles is that the way that they make their investments, they are putting 50% down in
cash on all their properties. Now that could be a good thing, you know for foreclosures,
and just protecting you, but that also could mean
that your dividend payments aren’t going to be consistent
if there are foreclosures. Now, the other big issue
with Rich Uncles is that they’re only available in
a small number of states at the time of this recording. When I went to the website,
it blocked me because I guess it recognized I was in
the state of Tennessee, so I couldn’t even
continue on on their site. You have to check their website
to see what is the updated list of the states that
they are currently approved. Alright, another competitor
that I’ll mention is Realty Shares. Now the big difference
between Realty Shares with Fundrise and also
Rich Uncles is that, one, you have to have at
least $1,000 to get started. So immediately you’re looking
at twice the minimum value just to open the account. And the other big difference, which this is going to be
a killer for many is that you have to be an accredited investor. So that means if you don’t have
a million dollar net worth, and making 200 Gs per year single, or 300 Gs if you’re married, then you got no business going
to Realty Shares right now. Now this could change, you know
fintech is always changing, technology is always changing. So they could change
the minimum requirements and also if you have to
be an accredited investor. So you wanna check their website to see. But right now, these are
the big differences I see. And there are other options. As I was doing my research for this video, I found Realty Mogul, it
seemed very comparable to the other platforms I just outlined. So just keep that in mind, there are other ones that exist and there will be more popping up. Alright, so let’s ask the
question that you know that you’re grandmother’s going to ask you, or your parents are going to ask you. Is it safe? Is my money safe in that investment? My money better be safe. Like any investment, you’re
gonna have to weigh the risks versus the return and see
if this is right for you. Now, I’m I going to open
up an account with Fundrise and put all of my money into it? I’m I gonna take my
401K and roll that over into a Fundrise account? No, I’m not gonna do that. Don’t you even think about doin’ that. So if you watch my Lending
Club investment video, in that video I shared
where I don’t think that you should put any more than five to 10% in any of
these online platforms. So with Fundrise, let’s
say that you have $100,000 in your portfolio and you wanna put half, you wanna put $50,000 into
your Fundrise account. You just need to take a breath, you just need to pause a
minute, reflect, and just think, is this safe, is this
the right thing to do? No, but if you have $100,000
and you wanna put, say, $5,000 in it because
you wanna test it out, and you’re okay taking some risks, then okay, then maybe
that makes sense for you. Initially I opened my account with $1,000 and then I added $4,000
to make it $5,000 total. Now whey that number? Well, you’re gonna find
out here pretty soon because I opened up that
Lending Club account with also $5,000 and I wanted to do a comparison analysis between the two, see how they performed
over a period of time. So check back to the channel later on because I’m gonna share those results in the next six to nine months. Okay, a few more quicks about Fundrise so we can wrap this video up. First let’s also talk about taxes because, you know what,
nobody likes to pay taxes. How does taxes work on
this type of investment? So, with Fundrise, you’re
either gonna pay 1099 dividends or you’re gonna get return of capital. Now, when I was on the phone
with Fundrise asking this, they were very, what shall I say, they didn’t wanna talk about taxes so much because, you know,
they’re not a tax advisor, but they did say that
you can expect to pay ordinary income so whatever
income bracket that you’re in, whatever tax bracket that you’re in, you’re going to be paying those taxes. There may be some return of capital, but don’t hold your breath on that. So what I would just tell
you that be prepared to pay the highest tax that you can. So if you are in the 39% tax bracket, then you’re gonna be paying 39%
on any income that you make. Unless, that’s in an IRA, which I’ll talk about here in a second. How do you get your money out? Let’s say that you opened
your account with Fundrise and you’re done, you’re
like gimme me money back, give it back to me, how does this work? As I mentioned with Rich Uncles, they don’t allow you to sell your note, they don’t have a
platform that allows that. Fundrise does, but
here’s another cool thing that Fundrise offers
is they have a 90-day, basically a money back guarantee. So if you open an account with
them and you’re not happy, you can get you’re money
back within 90 days. I like money back guarantees. Now what they did say that if you are trying to liquidate in that first 90 days, you might have to wait 60
days to get your money back. And the reason is that
we’re buying real estate, we’re buying real estate property, (soft soothing music) so these aren’t these
super liquid investments that you can go sell at
the local grocery store or cash out at your bank, so
you may have to wait 60 days. Now after that 90 day
period, you can sell, but they do have a redemption fee, so they have a 3% redemption
fee for anything that is sold, after that 90 day period
and up to three years. After the three year mark,
that fee goes down to 2%, and after the next year,
it goes down to 1%, and after that there is no redemption fee. But the cool thing is like, okay, yeah, you’re paying a small redemption fee, but at least you have access to the money. It’s not tied up into some 15
year note where you have to wait a decade and a half
to get your money out. You can get it, you just
put in the set order, wait about 60 days and
boom there’s your money. You got it back. Alright, so that’s my Fundrise review. It’s an online platform
that I’m very excited about. Anytime I can get
invested into real estate and not have to do much
other than open an account, I mean that’s pretty exciting. I will still be keeping an
eye out on the competition. I’ll be looking at Realty
Shares, Realty Mogul, Rich Uncles, and any others
that come into the space. Because you know what? They could come out with
something, some sort of a feature, that trumps what Fundrise has to offer, or maybe Fundrise raises their game and they just keep
stiff-armin’ the competition. Alright, now I wanna hear from you. Have you invested into any of these online crowdfunding platforms? Is this something that you would feel safe putting your hard-earned money into? I’m curious, I wanna hear from you. Let me know in the comments
if this is something that you would invest your money into. And as always, if you like this video, you know what to do,
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  81. Has anybody experienced a negative depreciation in earning recently in late-May? I initially got started with Fundrise with $500 but realize their was an auto-invest on by default, so later found it they took an additional $500 amount from my bank account adding the total to $1,000. Thus, I put in a request to redeem that unauthorized $500 within the 90-day period, and to my shock I’m only getting $493.41 instead of that $500. Apparently this is due to a sudden and unexpected random deprecation of $6.59, when prior there was nothing but only a $0 appreciation amount. Strange coincidence that I would be getting a depreciation just right when I liquidate 50% of the total quantity I have. This is making reconsider my whole entire further endeavor with Fundrise because I’m getting a bad gut feeling due to this that even though you may be seeing huge ROI numbers on your screen, but when it comes time to redeem, you may all of a sudden be shock to find you lose or hardly earn any money due to a random depreciation. Anybody who wants a screenshot or video of me logging in as proof, I’ll gladly do so.

  82. Is fundrise still worth it?

  83. Great video! Can this be done in the United Kingdom?

  84. If you guys want more information about fundrise check out my channel! Thanks 🙂

  85. PLEASE , PLEASE JEFF can you advise about similar platform for non – US citizens ?

  86. Im convinced. Will do some research on what a portfolio is….Thanks Jeff!

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