Investor Carrot Review: Is This The Best Website For Real Estate Investors?

Investor Carrot Review: Is This The Best Website For Real Estate Investors?

– Hey guys, this is Seth
from the REtipster blog, and in this video, I wanna give you a closer look at a website
subscription service called Investor Carrot,
and Investor Carrot, it’s basically a monthly
or annual subscription where you can pay to have
very easy convenient access to creating your own website, or websites for your real estate investing business, and they fit pretty much
any feasible purpose you can imagine, whether
it’s trying to create a buying website or a selling website, or just like a homepage
to brand your business, or collect leads and build a buyers list, pretty much anything across the board, it can serve that purpose. And the reason I wanted
to get a closer look at this particular option is because, I’ve just been hearing a
lot about it for years now. I’ve been sort of vaguely aware of it, but over the past few
months, some of the people that have been hanging around my website and my membership site have been talking about how’ve started
using it, and they’ve been really impressed with it,
because it’s really easy to use and it’s very flexible, you can do a lot of different things with it, and being in this real estate space, I figured I should probably be
more familiar with this, so. What I wanna do here is just
give you a really detailed overview of what the service consists of, just so you’re aware of this
option in the marketplace, if you’re looking to build a website, I think this is a really,
really solid way to do that, if that’s something you’re interested in. And certainly not the only
option by any stretch, but it’s one option. And before we get started,
just for full disclosure, I do have an affiliate link that is right beneath this video,
so if you click on that, you’ll go to this page, it should look something like what you
see on the screen here, and if you do end up singing up for it, I will get a small commission from that. Of course, I don’t want
that to affect your decision one way or another, but I just
wanna be totally transparent about that, so. With that out of the way,
if you click on that link, you’ll go to a page that
looks something like this, and if you wanna get
started, you can go down here where it says try now, risk free, and immediately as you can see, Investor Carrot gives you a
few different pricing options, you can just have one single
website if that’s all you need for $49 bucks a month, or you can have up to three website for $99 a month. And if you pay for it annually, you’ll actually save
a little bit of money, so that’s just something to keep in mind. I know it’s definitely not
the cheapest option out there, you can totally build
your own WordPress website or go with another option about there, but the nice thing about
this is even if you do build your own website with a WordPress and just kinda go it alone, that was kinda how I’ve done it a lot in the past, and even after all these years, there’s still a lot of stuff
I don’t know how to do myself in WordPress, like I
have to hire outside help to really make it do what I want it to do, and there’s hidden
costs to that route too, so if you wanna just skip all that stuff and just go with something
that’s really easy for you to have total control and
do what you want on your own without having to get
some third party involved, that’s where an option
like Investor Carrot could definitely come in handy. And not to mention,
these websites are built specifically for the purpose
of real estate investors. Just something to keep in mind, but for this little walkthrough, I’m gonna go with this
cheapest option here, just to build one website
and show you how that works, then we can stroll down
here, I’ll go ahead and enter in my payment information, and of course, I’m just
gonna blur this out for obvious privacy reasons,
once that’s in there, we can click place order. Now, once you get through
that initial signup stage, you’re gonna see a screen like this, where you can choose the type of site you’re trying to create. So for example, if you wanted
to build a buyers list, you could use something like that, if you wanted to attract
rent to own prospects, motivated house seller
site, main company website, note buying selling website, land buying and selling website, that’s
the one I’m gonna choose ’cause that’s the business I’m in. I’m just gonna name my site REtipster, but obviously, if I was
doing this for my actual site I would put my business name in there, so go ahead and create the site. Okay, so this is the first thing you see after your site is created,
and if we wanna click on this, it will take us to our dashboard, and right off the bat, I’m
just gonna click view site, just so I can show you how simple this is. I mean, right there, I
haven’t even done anything, and this site is already populated with all of this content and information, and obviously, I’m gonna
wanna look through this stuff and tweak it and change
things and add the lead and that kinda thing, but
if you’re somebody who, you don’t really know how
to design your website, you don’t know what to say about yourself, especially if you’re just starting out, and you really have no
experience with this kinda thing, that’s a really nice thing
about Investor Carrot, is that they’re really,
really focused on SEO and getting traffic to your
site, and just building it out and making it look really legitimate, and that’s something that they
do just right out of the box, they have all this populated
content ready to go. So, in terms of just ease of
use and just plug-and-play, that’s a really nice thing that comes with this kind of website. But let’s go back here and let’s just kinda go through these steps here. We’ll start by updating
the branding or logo. And if you’re at all
familiar with WordPress, I believe this whole thing is ultimately built on a WordPress system, because this kinda follows the same format
that you would normally see in a WordPress site, it’s just that Investor Carrot has kind of
connected a lot more dots for ya and made it a lot
easier, and especially by filling in a lot of
this information for you already based on the personal information you put in when you sign up, like whatever company
name you put in there, or phone number you
put in the signup form, that’s why it sorta has that already and is placing that in
there, that’s obviously not my real phone number (chuckles). But right here, under branding, if I wanted to change this
to like, Sierra Land Buyers, or something like that, and
then I could change the tagline if I wanted to, something like that, it’s very, very easy to do that, and then in terms of like the logo, if I had a custom logo
that I created through like 99designs, or some other
simple logo creation tool, I could upload that right
here if I wanted to, but Investor Carrot
makes it pretty darn easy to make your site look pretty legitimate, and unfortunately in my situation, I’m a land investor and these
are all pictures of houses, so I might want to change
this to like a tree or something like that. If you are in the house or
rental property business, that’s a very easy way to go as well. Another thing that they have available are a lot of different
themes that you can use, so say if, I don’t know, I
just didn’t like the look or feel of this, and there’s
a lot of other options available that I can choose from. Wanna pick a different
theme, it changes it to this kinda layout,
or if I wanted to pick, say, this one here, there’s this as well. I think I kinda like this one the best, so I’mma stick with this one right here, and all I gotta do is
click save and activate, and now it’s gonna update
my site with that theme. And menu’s right here, if
you wanted different pages to be available here on the
menu, you can change that here. There’s also a menu at the
very bottom, right down here, could change that as well pretty easily, I’m not gonna mess with
that a lot right here, but just so you know, that’s
just something you can do. And then I can come down here to colors, say if I wanted to change these colors, I could change this to like red, and then now this turns red. Pretty simple, straightforward process. Actually, I kinda the blue,
so I’ll just move it back. If I wanted this button color to change, I could go ahead and do it this way and make it green, something like that. Widgets is something
that you see over here, these things like this
over here is a widget, this right here is a
widget, so is this thing, and you can sort of move these around and change them a little
bit, so if you wanted a different picture to show up there, you could just select an
image and put it there. That’s a great image there to have, so I’m just gonna leave it. Say if you wanted to change this form, I’m gonna show you in a
minute how to do that. If you didn’t want this form here, it’s pretty easy to take that out. Recent posts, this is
assuming you have a blog integrated with your site,
which you don’t have to do, but if you did, the recent
posts will show up right here, if you wanted to remove
that, it’s pretty easy, you just click remove, and now it’s gone, so it’s pretty simple to
play with the widgets there. For the homepage, you can actually have it just show your latest blog post, again, if you have a blog involved. In this example here, I’m not
gonna have a blog involved, so I would just go back
to the static page. But if it was like a blog-type thing, you could definitely make that be the first thing that people see when they land on your site. Or say if you wanted one of
these different pages to show, like the FAQ page, you could go ahead and put that one there
instead, just like that, and then when people hit your URL, this would be the first
thing they would see, so. But again, I kinda like
the homepage to show, so I’m just gonna leave it like that, and then custom CSS here, say if like all of this stuff still is
not quite to your liking, it is possible to hire somebody, or if you happen to know CSS yourself, you can put code in here and
change things even further. I don’t really see why you’d need that, ’cause this is set up
pretty well to begin with, but if there was just some
unique thing you had to see in your website, you could add that in this little section as well. But that’s pretty much it,
that’s how you can change just some of the design
elements of your site. If we go back here to the dashboard, we can also add social
links, so say if you got all your social media
platforms up and running, you can just get those
URLs and paste them here, it’s very easy to do. Also, if you have a custom domain name, which is something I
would definitely recommend getting at some point,
you can link that up so that when people hit that domain name, it will forward directly to
your Investor Carrot website. Analytics, if you got Google Analytics, which is another very good idea, very easy to plug that
tracking ID in here, and that whole thing is kind of outside the scope of this video, but
it’s very easy to get that enabled and working, and
if you ever just wanna hit the reset button and start over, you can very easily do that right here. So right here, for example,
where it says general, this is where you can change
a lot of the information that sorta automatically
shows up throughout your site. So for example, if I wanted
to change the phone number, I could do that here, if I
wanted to change my address, I could do that. If I wanted to change the
business name, I could do that. Kinda get the idea, and
then once you save it, and go back to your website,
those things will change automatically, like you notice
this thing just changed, and the phone number just changed, ’cause these things will show randomly throughout the website, and rather than having to individually
update all of these things, you can just change it right there, and it will populate that
throughout the whole site. So there’s that. Tweaking a bit of your content, this is something you’ll
almost definitely wanna do. When you click on this, you can see all of the pre-made
pages that already exist when you started the site, so for example, Land Owner Financing. If we click on that, and
then if we go back here where it says owner financing, this right here, you can
edit this page right here in this section, so if I wanted to change any of these words, I can do that here, just delete it and type
it in there like that, anywhere where it shows phone
or company in these brackets, that’s where in the previous
screen where I was showing you how you could update that information, that’s where those things will populate throughout the entire website. So say if you didn’t want
to use seller financing in your business, or just
wasn’t a thing you wanted to do, you can literally just delete
this page by checking that and then hitting move to
trash, that’ll get rid of it, or say if you just want this
page to say something else, like reasons to sell your
land, or something like that, you can just go ahead and do that. You can also change the actual
URL of what it says as well if you wanna go that far. So one of the other things
I wanted to show you was how to create a submission
form for your website, which is really, really a
valuable, important thing, especially if this
website is for the purpose of collecting submissions from people who wanna sell their land,
and you wanna give them the opportunity to tell
you all the information about their property, so it ends up effectively saving you tons of time. This is what I did a number of years ago, and it was like one of the
best things I ever did, by just putting a huge
automation tool in place in my business and allowing people to give in information without necessarily eating out my time in
the process on the phone, they could just do it through my website, and you can do that with
this kind of form generator, so if you wanna add a new form, I guess first of all,
there’s a few existing ones that you can click on, and
these are already available on the site, but if you wanted
to just create a new one from scratch, let’s call
this sell your land, and we can say, submit
your property information, and we will send you an offer in 48 hours, or something like that, or you
could just leave that blank, that’s fine too, and then this right here just kinda explains how you
can start building a form, it’s pretty user friendly,
but I’ll just sorta create a very, very short one, this is not what my entire
submission form looks like by any stretch, but it’ll
just kinda give you an idea for how easy it is to do this. So we can start here,
let’s say the first thing we wanna collect is the
person’s first and last name, so we can go ahead and
just drag that over here. We can just say owner name. And we’re gonna make
this a required field, because that’s a pretty
important thing we’re gonna need, let’s go ahead and click update, and there we go, our first thing is done. Now the next thing we’re
gonna add is a yes or no box, so we’re going to edit this and say, are you the owner on title? Get rid of this, say yes, and no, and this is gonna be a
required one as well. So basically, whenever I click that, it just means that the
person can’t submit this form without putting an answer in there, and then another one we’re gonna wanna do is get some of the owner’s information, so for example, we’re gonna
wanna get their mailing address, so I’ll move that over here. And this is the part of
the form where I think some users might start saying, I’m not sure I wanna just
submit all my information to this mysterious website,
so you can kinda explain why you’re asking for this,
and that’s a great use for this description box,
so you can just explain we need this information in
order to send you an offer, if any other questions come up, we may need to ask you for
some additional questions about your property, so you can take some of these fields out if
you don’t want those in there, and we’re gonna make this
a required one as well, and then we’re also gonna
ask for their email address and phone number, so let’s go ahead and drag that over here too. And it’s very easy to reposition
these, as you can see. We’ll say primary email. And the email address is
obviously gonna be required, this is actually something I use a lot, a lot of my communication and
even offers that I send out these days are just through email, so it’s important to
get that item for sure, and then we’ll ask for
the phone number as well, put that right here, I’ll
make that a required one too. And then I’ll also show you an example of what the dropdown item looks like, so in this one, we’re asking the user, if your property fits
our investment criteria, how would you like us
to send you our offer? And they can say, mail,
email, fax, or phone. And this one probably doesn’t necessarily have to be a required one,
so it’s kinda up to you as to whether or not you
wanna make them do that. The next section of my form would be like the actual property information, so we would add another address field, so property address, and
just to sorta save time, I’m gonna stop right there
and not go any further, but just to kinda give you an idea, this form creator is very, very flexible, you can make it say pretty
much whatever you want, there’s a lot of different options, you can move these things around
and change the appearance, I just thought it was
a very, very nice tool. So what we can do with this
now, if we go back to pages, we can click add new, create a new page, we’re just gonna call this sell your land, and it’s very easy to add that form, we just have to click add,
and then click on that form we created, and insert form! And it will input this code there, and when we preview the page, we can see what that form looks like
so far, it’s right here. And this obviously is
not the entire thing, but that’s the manifestation
of what I just created there, and you can obviously change this around however you want to, so, just a really, really nice form generator. So that’s how you can create forms, another thing you can do with this thing, say if you we weren’t trying
to make this a buying site, we’re trying to make this a selling site, we’re trying to list
our properties for sale, that’s another great use
of this kind of service, so let’s go over here to properties, and all we gotta do to create a listing is just click add new,
and I’m just gonna make up a fictitious property
here, we’ll say five acres of wooded land in, and
then we can go ahead and click on the type of
property it is, we’ll click land, this is gonna be for sale,
we’ll say the price is $20,000, address, we can put that in here, and a lot of times, vacant
properties don’t have an address, so if there wasn’t one, you could just put the street name or something like that. The main benefit of
having an address in here is that it will be able to
sync up with the map function and show users where it is on the map, so that’s why that would
be nice if you do have it, otherwise, you can just put in, just say, Russell Street, Estherville,
Iowa, code 51334, year built, construction type, all this stuff doesn’t really apply to us except for the lot size,
we’ll say five acres, and then additional features,
if you wanna just list out, and then add media, we
can add images here, something you’re obviously gonna wanna do, so let’s pull up some pictures, take these here and just drag ’em over. It’ll take just a minute for
these things to all upload, and then once those
things have all uploaded, they’re all selected, so
we’ll just click select, and now they’re all in there,
so we can scroll down here and put the property description as well, and then if you had a video,
you could also embed that here, I don’t really have one for this example, but if you did, it’s
pretty easy to add that, and then one other thing
I’ll add is a featured image, and this is like the
thumbnail that will show up on the property listing
page, so we’ll just pick a picture there, once that’s done, you can go ahead and click publish, and then we can go ahead and view this, you can see what it looks like, and this is showing up
here because I didn’t put like a real address in here, so if I had, it would sync up with the map and show us a better look at that, but yeah, this is the listing, we
can click on these pictures and move through it, if the user wants to click one of these and make it bigger, they just have to click like that, it fills up the whole
screen, it’s pretty nice, as you can see, the
property description there, didn’t add a video, but if I had, that would show up here as well. Property details right there,
it’s a pretty sparse listing, I would normally kinda fill
this out in more detail, but that’s what it looks like, and then also, if you wanna see what the main listing page looks like, this is how that looks, and this picture was the featured image that
I set as the thumbnail, and it also gives you
this nice sorting function where you can sort by the type of property you’re looking for, so say if you’ve got 50 properties on here, the
users could sort them as well. And something else you can do is after these things are
sold, you can go ahead and move the status to
pending or sold, like that, and we’ll go ahead and do that, and then if you go back to this page, it’ll say sold as well. So it’s pretty cool, it’s
not a bad way to do it. As you probably noticed up here, there is a FAQ page that’s already there, they kinda have a lot
of ideas here as well. Again, you’re gonna wanna go through this and just make sure this is correct and actually applies to your situation, you can see a company overview,
how the process works, they’ve just done a really good
job of pre-populating stuff and just making it really,
really easy for you to not necessarily create
everything from scratch, but really more just tweak things based on what’s already there. And part of the reason that’s in there is for search engine
optimization purposes, because when this content is there, it gives search engines
something to work with, so that when people are
searching for vacant land in Grand Rapids, Michigan,
or whatever information you put in there, whatever
types of properties you’re selling in whatever markets, Google can actually latch on to something that you have on the
site, because the content is there already. I haven’t experienced this myself, ’cause I haven’t really
been using Investor Carrot in my business, but
what I’ve heard is that they do a really good job of getting a lot of that organic traffic to your site, so that you really get results, and that’s a huge part of the battle when it comes to a website of any kind, is getting people to notice
it, and visit it, and use it, and from what I’ve been told, they kinda have that down to a science,
so if you’re really concerned about getting lots of
organic traffic to your site, that may be another reason
to check out Investor Carrot as a viable option. And one other thing I’ll
show you really quick is that all Investor Carrot
websites are mobile responsive, which is actually a
pretty common thing now with most themes that you’ll buy out there and most website providers,
but they’re not all doing it, and it actually is pretty important, because a mobile-responsive website is a site that’s gonna look
good on any kind of a device, whether you’re using a phone or an iPad, or your desktop computer. And I’ll show you what I mean,
if I take this browser window and just sorta drag it
in and make it narrower, pretty much no matter what I do, the words will reposition themselves, and the menu will put
itself in the right place, and you can just scroll through it and it’s easier to read and it looks good no matter what the dimensions are, so that’s a really nice
thing to have in a website, is something that’s just gonna automatically look right on anything. And just so you know,
that actually does matter to Google when they’re indexing sites, and deciding who gets to show up near the top of the search results is mobile responsiveness. If your website is hard
to read or if the layout is terrible, then that’s
ultimately gonna hurt you, and that’s something
that they have definitely taken steps to make sure
they’re doing right, is by making all the
websites mobile responsive, so that’s just a really good thing to know and be aware of. Couple other things I’ll show you here, if you’re using a submission
form on your website, or if you’re trying to build any kind of a cash buyers list, or really, an email list for any purpose, Investor Carrot can be
integrated with pretty much all of the big name
email services out there like MailChimp and Aweber and iContact and that kind of thing. All you have to do is say,
if you’re using a service like MailChimp for
example, is go down here to where it says content,
and then click on forms, and all you have to do
is click on the option that you’re using, so for
example, I use MailChimp, and you just have to pull your API key from the MailChimp account,
which is not hard to do at all, I actually have a
separate video that shows exactly how to do that. Once you have that API
key, just paste it in here, click update settings
and you’re good to go. What that will do is whenever somebody submits something on your submission form, they can get added to your list based on whatever kinds of settings you have set up with that service. If that’s something you
wanna take advantage of, and that’s something I’d
probably suggest doing, it’s definitely a very
easy process to do that. Something else I noticed
about Investor Carrot is that they’ve got a
very good support system, and even a training program,
so there’s all kinds of webinars and little
courses you can take to figure out how to take
advantage of Craigslist and Facebook, and
generate leads and traffic coming to your site, and
contacting you to buy your property, if that’s
something you’re trying to do, so, those kind of things can
be very, very helpful, I haven’t spent a lot of time
actually watching those yet, but there’s a ton of just education, if you’re trying to get better acquainted with how all that stuff
works and how to take your internet marketing
presence to the next level, and obviously, with anything
you’re trying to do on the site if you ever get stuck
or you’re just not sure how to create a form,
or integrate something, or make something look a certain way, they’ve got lots and lots of tutorials that explain exactly how to do that, so for example, if there’s something on your website you’re trying to do, or building short term
or long term traffic tutorials on your account,
advanced features, appearance of your site,
content of your site, all these things, there’s tons and tons of videos and image
tutorials showing you exactly how to do that. Great resources to have there, and then these are the mastermind
calls that they have regularly that you can either attend,
or watch the recordings of them, and honestly, all
the stuff I’m showing you, this is just scratching the surface, I’ve been looking at this
site for less than a day now, as I’m creating this video,
so I’m not by any means an expert in Investor
Carrot and how it all works, but it really didn’t take me a lot of time to figure it out, ’cause
they’ve made it fairly easy. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily the most user-friendly system, I think the layout looks a little busy, and like the first time you hit this, it’s almost kinda like overwhelming, ’cause there’s just a lot of
different things to look at. But if you just take the
time and just let it sink in and kinda absorb how the system works, it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it and figure out where you need
to go to do certain things. But yeah, that’s really
all I have to show you here in terms of how Investor Carrot works. If you’re looking for ease of
use and great SEO features, and just a system that
is gonna be pretty simple to work with over the long term, you don’t wanna mess
around with the hassle of working with independent contractors to fine tune and tweak the website exactly like you want it, Investor Carrot is a very good drag-and-drop,
plug-and-play system that seems to make it pretty
easy to get your website up and running, like today. So again, I do have an affiliate
link beneath this video, I will get a small
commission if you sign up through that link, but
obviously, no pressure, and I want you to do what’s best for you, I just am honestly putting
the information out there, just want you to be aware of it, I think it’s a solid system,
I’m not currently using it but that doesn’t mean I never will, I just already have my website set up on different platforms,
but if you’re starting from absolutely nothing
and you’re just looking for the shortest route to get
your websites up and running, this is certainly a valid way to do that. And whatever you decide to
do and whatever direction you decide to go with your websites, I appreciate you taking the
time to watch this video, and I wish you all the best
as you’re continuing to build your online presence. Thanks again for watching, and hopefully I’ll see you again soon!

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