Investing In Real Estate At A Young Age

Investing In Real Estate At A Young Age

So friends, today’s video is something I
care very much about. Its how to invest in real estate and a very young age. And
this is even a video that I’m going to invite you to share with your parents
because I’m going to be chatting with both of you about what you can do. It’s never
too early to start learning right here. What you need to do in real estate and
then what the specific steps are. The same steps that I use that help me crush
it in real estate right out of the gate. So friends, hang tight and stay tuned. Alright friends listen, today we’re
talking about investing in real estate at a young age. This is for you if you
are young or your parents because this video is actually for both of you.
Because we have a little bit of a talk to have and I got to tell you that we got
to bring some serious energy for this video because we’re going to be talking to
you about the mindset and the skill set in a very short period of time, of how
you can get cranking in real estate even at a young age. So Steven to prepare for
this – contest. Steven beat me when we did a contest for push ups it’s because I
had done like the best chest day of my life. I love excuses. And that was
my that’s my real story, I’m sticking to it. But I know there’s something I can
beat Steven at. You probably can. Okay, ready, one, two… Wow it’s amazing! You just
totally like… yeah vaped on that. All the best… Okay here we go. Okay so here’s what’s going down young
fans, we know that we got many of you here that are
watching this video because you’re liking a different mindset about money.
You’re looking at your future, you’re looking at life, you’re wondering do I
want a career on YouTube? You’re thinking to yourself, what do I want to do? There’s
a lot of pressure to go to college maybe. I got to get good grades and I just want
you to know, what Steven and I believe in as education. And for some of you, college
is a perfect place to get that education. Even if you go to college, the reality
is, there are life skills and things that you need training on that school will
never teach you. So whether you do or do not go to college, there’s more training
that you need and that might be why you are a subscriber. You are a subscriber
right? That are the reason why… You click that button right now.
So there’s a reason why you’re here on YouTube and watching this video. I know
because I interact with you guys. Will actually text with each other and email
each other. Like Kris, “I’m young what can I do?” This video is for you, but we
also are creating in a way where we want to even invite your parents to be on.
Because in real estate, this is the perfect time for you to be preparing and
actually also doing real estate because you can set an entire different
financial future for yourself. You take a kid that can save just $300 a month,
every month for the rest of his life. You’re going to be a multi-millionaire. And
if you compound that with real estate, you’re going to be a multi, multi, multi
millionaire. Most people don’t get serious about, “oh that… that’s what you
get. So this is a
family affair and again if your parents aren’t there with you. Get them
too right now to come and watch this video. Parents hopefully you’re here as
well and I want to talk about the mindset of investing. Because this is
something that most Americans don’t grow up with. And this is, no offense to you no
offense to your parents, or your parents parents. So I get your grandparents here
as well. None of us are taught in our society how
to truly grow our wealth. And the problem, or the reason for it is none of us
really know how. We we weren’t taught by our parents. They weren’t taught by their
parents. So we’re all kind of just plugging into a system that’s broken and
not working. So if you want to learn how to do something. If you want to learn how
to invest wisely as a youth, as a young kid or coming into you know coming of
age of sorts, then you have to do things differently. Yeah. Now, I retired at the
age of 26. I did go to college the same year that I got my degree is also the
same year that I retired. And that happened because of real estate
investing and it has changed my stars. It hasn’t been easy, it was a lot of work, it
was hard work, it was training, it was having mentors. It’s doing what we’re
doing here with you right now. And you got to learn and then you got to take
action and then there’s even going to be some risk, but the reason why this
training video is so important for you is because, the reality is that if you
follow society’s advice. And mom and dad if you’re there, you might be able to
like listen about this just a little bit here.
You go to college, you get a good degree. You work for someone, you do you work for
them for 40 years but where does it honestly put you at retirement? If you’re
like the masses, 98% of you have nowhere near the amount of money that you
actually want for retirement. There’s a lot of pressure and stress. There’s often
not enough money. There’s financial anxiety. And so if you’ve lived 30, 40, 50
years of a working career, then you can look back likely and say, “yep Steven and
Kris you guys might be young but you’re right.” That lifestyle will help you by
the way maintain life and be able to have some opportunities but when it
comes time to retirement and and having some extra money to throw around or
visit the grandkids or do some extra things, the money’s just generally not
there for it. In fact it’s the opposite. There’s a huge lack of money because we
spend 30 or 40 years saving up the nest day and we can whittle it down in years,
right? 30 or 40 years and then what we do is we don’t get enough set aside. This is
what causes people that’ll lead to real estate. The reason
why parents we want you here with your amazing young kids, is because
we want to talk to you about what it looks like for you to work together as a
team. I want to jump in real quick. I’ve got a 14 year old son and my 14 year old
is very entrepreneurial in nature. He’s always looking for businesses that he
can begin and then start and do things with. And it’s been fun for the last
couple years as he’s really kind of started to come into this space, to be
able to help and coach and train him and give him ideas and start to blow out
some of his ideas and really you know, see the inner workings and help him
understand what it looks like to be a business owner. One of the things that
I’ve been talking to my son about and a lot lately, is having his first
investment property purchased by the time he’s 18 or 19 years old. Now, still a
teenager technically, right? An adult but still a teenager and having his very
first investment property. And this is becoming normal part of our conversation.
So one of the things that you can do as someone in your early 20’s or teens
still, as you’re preparing to invest in real estate, is start having some of
these conversations with your parents. Let them know. I want to invest
in real estate, I want to do these things. What can I do to get there? And so right
now already we’re having this conversation of, “hey make sure you’re
putting x amount of dollars away or x percentage away of what you’re earning.
Every time you earn, continue to grow your business ideas and the more you do,
the more you’re going to be able to put away until eventually you’ve got enough.
And you can start investing. Now my hands-down my favorite thing that I’ve
ever seen happen in real estate is when parents and their kids come together and
they form a family business. You know there’s a lot of people that say, “maybe
shouldn’t go into business with family.” My experience, I mean my father-in-law
and I bought 50 homes. He’s made a lot of money and we’re doing more business
together than we ever have before. But I’ve been able over the years to watch
many families come together because a lot of parents want it. They want to pass
something good on to their kids. Parents you’ve either done well for yourselves
or you’re behind and if you’re going to be learning new skills, then you might as
well take your kids along with you so that they can get away earlier head
start than the childhood that they’ve had him to this point. That’s actually
financially got some missing gaps. And so here’s what partnering really looks like.
A family real estate business is the fact that to buy real estate, you need
some money and you’re going to need some credit and someone’s going to need to do
the work. Write those three down. Someone’s going to need some credit,
Someone’s going to need some money and someone’s going to need to do the work.
Let’s first talk to you young people. 17 years old , 16 years old, 18 years old. What
should you be doing right now? Three things – number one, you need to establish
credit. Which means you need to get three credit cards. Not two, not one, three. Why?
Because you need to have a two year track record of using credit cards
responsibly, before banks will say you’re now credit worthy to buy real estate. and
so, I don’t care how small the credit card is. I don’t care if you have to pay
a high annual fee to get access to it. and it has a very low limit. I want you
to use it and pay it off. use it and pay it off. use it and pay it off.
because I want you to have that to your track record that says, “I understand
credit and I can be responsible with credit. “Because banks are going to look for
that. Number two, you’re going to need to have a two-year job history. Either your
parents that are co-signing with you or you. So two year your job history is whatever
job you’re going to be in. Stay in the same industry so like for example, I was
a full-time student and I had a job while I was going to college. It was
part-time most of the time and in the summers I go full time and then enough
the spring and fall I go part-time. Once I hit my two-year mark, I bumped up to
summer full-time and guess what the bank said, “you have to your work history will
absolutely help get you line up a loan for you.” And then the third thing that
you need, is you need a down payment. The banks are going to say, “dude if we’re going to
lend you all that money on a house, then you’ve got to bring something to the
table. And what you’re going to do is you’re either going to bring to the table, a 3%
down payment. Which is a primary residence when you buy your own house. So
$100,000 home 3% is 3 grand. It’s not a lot of money. It’s different
than when you’re buying an investment property and you need to put 20% down.
20% down, this is where mom and dad might actually come in in the family business.
And so if you’re if you’re not going to live in it, you need 20% down. So on a
$200,000 house, 20% is $40,000. On a $200,000 house, 3 percent down is $6,000.
So we look at a home that you’re going to move into is a little bit of a freebie.
3% is a lot less than 20%. If you buy it as an investment, if you subscribe here,
if you learn, if you work with our team, to help you see to help you do that real
estate, buy a home with a great equity position, a great cash flow and then
you’re putting a very small amount down. The first house I bought, I put
down less than five thousand dollars and I sold that house and made over $80,000.
Between the cashflow, a long way when I sold it for. So you want to
calculate my ROI, five grand in, 80 grand back, 1600%. It’s
ridiculous. It’s 1600%. It’s wild. So that small down
payment, if you’re buying it not just as a house, but as an investment property
can be super wise. But also, this is how mom and dad can get involved. Yes this is
a perfect way for you to get involved with your parents and have your parents
also be able to help you out. Your parents are in a different position than
you are right now. They most likely have some established credit. They’ve got some
money saved up and it may not be in a bank account right now, but maybe it’s in
some home equity. Maybe it’s in a 401k or IRA or some other type of investment. And
they can now team up with you. One of the things that I’ve also learned is that,
the older people get, oftentimes if you hear the saying, “you can’t teach an old
dog new tricks.” Now I don’t believe that, but a lot of people do. And so your
parents may be in a situation where they’ve had a couple of failures and
they’re a little reticent to get after it. They’re very busy. Maybe
they’re busy with their careers or different things and so they don’t have
the time but you do. And so as someone that’s younger, you can go and team up
with your parents and say, “hey why don’t you guys put in the money and maybe the
credit. I’ll get after it and do all the work.” And prove to them that you
will, and all of a sudden, you’ve got an amazing partnership that can begin with
the first property and that first property can turn to another property
and another property and another. You get how this starts to grow. And the cool
thing is, there’s a way for everyone to contribute you know, mom and dad might be
putting up some money or some credit. You might be the young person saying, “I’m
going to put in some sweat equity. I’m going to be the hustler. I’m going to learn how
to manage this. I’m going to take Kris and Steven’s lease option course. I’m going to
put a family in there. I’m going to master that. There’s a way for you to help each
other, so we’re recommending family business and if you don’t have a family
dynamic where that’s going to work out or you can’t work together as a team, then
at least do these three things. Number one, two year credit history with at least
three credit cards. I don’t care the limits, but be responsible and keep them
paid down or paid off. Number two, have at least a 3% down payment for a property
that you can move into and you can treat like an investment property. That’s going to
be three, five,seventy thousand dollars, that’s manageable when you’re young and
not making a lot of money. And the third one is, a two year history on the job,
right? It’ll just help you get that financing so if you don’t have any
outside help, parental help, this is something you can do on your own. I
didn’t have any, I got myself started and going, but we’ve been able to see some
incredible families. I think like the Mathesons.
How they help their kids and they jumped in.They bought deals. Then they
came back to the family farm, we’re getting into the real estate and
by the way when real estates making you 10,15, 20%, you’re making more
money than you were in the market, that’s a good feeling. You’re moving in a really
smart and great direction. So friends, our young friends that are out there and
parents hopefully than watching this video, listen old dog, learn new tricks,
work together as a team, subscribe. Make it a family affair, meet
with Steven and I. Come out to our live events, where we can help show you what
we’ve done now on nearly a billion dollars worth of real estate and get you
crushing it too. You know, probably one of the most useful things that you can do,
is find a way to come out and start your real education by attending one of my
events. If you go check out the website there’s a number of events that they put
on. I’ve got a four day money event that’s coming up. It’s all about what is
money? what is the mindset of money? how do millionaires and billionaires alike?
Think about it. I’ve got billionaire mentors in my life
that are teaching me what is money? what to do with it? how to grow it and how to
multiply it? And it’s a great place for you and your parents to be. So this time
when your birthday comes around or Christmas comes around, you might instead
of asking for a toy. You might want to say, “hey I’m working on my future, will
you take me to this event and can we share this experience together?” I would
invite you to have that experience because I can tell you, all of my events
they’re absolutely life-changing and I put them on special discount for my
YouTube friends and family. So friends come and be a part of my family at one
of our live events, where we can help you absolutely crush it. Don’t forget,
subscribe so I can keep sharing these videos with you every day.

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