Investing In Out Of State Real Estate | Ohio VLOG Pt. 1

Investing In Out Of State Real Estate | Ohio VLOG Pt. 1

You guys there? All right, let’s go All right, we’re headed out going to Ohio Ohio. Thank you ready We a Nick Nick, there’s vlogs we do not need to be talking about that type of stuff No, cuz and then he has ammo against us moving forward You want this other backpack There’s the drone in here. Do we need the drone drone? Okay, we’re taking this whole thing then so just take the drone in this then Well, then why don’t I just take the whole motherfucking thing then do we need this? Do we need this? Yeah, we need the Mike’s. We’re not doing Mike’s. I thought we were doing Mike’s no mics or mics I think we should do mics because I can do several things out there I can do an ad out there I mean leave one bro houston. We’re gonna be able to film in Cleveland. Everything’s a discussion Are we going? Oh, yeah, Cloudland pleased with babbling Let’s see you see you guys look it When you become baller like Nick you get yourself baller bags, and I see you Shocking shocking y’all don’t need to know what we’re doing. Do we disclose the location? Anyways guys we’re gonna go eat where we going Run a Shake Shack. I’ve never heard of Shake Shack, but he said it’s right. It’s under internet Well, I want to know do you guys know didn’t notice just simply tak below? Yes in and out or Say that you don’t like in and out and there’s a better burger place that you think is better than in and out I want To know I can smell it smells good Shake Shack very right about this That cheese looks good never new order a dress. Thanks, bro These fries We’re so bomb. Yo for those of you who know me know Can’t get on an airplane unless I have an Oreo shake. I’m good the dog I want to Inglewood boys Oh, what are we gonna do it might be on a airplane? We’re out here that’s what we’re doing They already know where we’re going so we booked the ticket and that ticket Was supposed to allow us To pick our seat and now we’re in the middle in middle Not only are we flying commercial but we’re in the middle in economy. I’m saying flying commercial like if I’m like. Oh Like if I fly private all the time, I’ve only been in it and it wasn’t moving Ready ready. Are you ready? Sorry, so we just landed took a red-eye there’s a reason why it’s called a red-eye We’re exhausted. Hopefully we can get some sleep. We’re gonna go pick up the car. Don’t do what we got to do. Let’s go It’s pretty cold Joe so we just got this caddy just whip this nice luxury wet And I’m tired But it’s all good we have a long day ahead of us and Where we’re going we’re going to the gym, then we’re gonna go have some breakfast I’m gonna try to sleep for an hour if it’s possible And then we’re gonna hit the road Look at some real estate, but most importantly guys What I’m gonna do is I’m going to show you how you can out of nowhere. It doesn’t matter What area go you go into you don’t need a phone number you don’t need an ad You don’t need anything how you can simply just get a deal like this and we’re gonna show you how to do it step-by-step Process so stay tuned for the happens Alright guys, we just finished our workout I have multiple drink options going I got the expresso the protein shake but know this is the most important part. We’re back to life Okay, so about the last segment. We just got off of the flight for the red-eye for those of you have taken a red-eye It’s literally a time redeye your eyes are red. You’re tired. You’re lethargic Sometimes you’re jet-lagged, but here’s an important part. Here’s the key part If you can get yourself into motion If you can change your physiology If you can take change your current body the energy that you have you’re gonna change how you feel we walked in here feeling like it and we’re walking out feeling like We’re gonna take over all of Ohio so We are on our way to go eat breakfast And then from there we’re going to go look at an 11 unit complex and then we’re gonna go look at a few different other units and then This is a really exciting part Like I mentioned this, but I’ll mention it again when Nick and I are gonna do is we’re gonna show you guys how to grab a deal out of nowhere so we don’t have Do you ever know hi. Oh so number. I don’t know. We don’t have an Ohio phone number. We don’t have oh hi Oh marketing but we’re in Ohio and we’re gonna show you how we can create a phone number create an ad and grab a deal within the Next 12 hours before we get on the plane and head out So we’re gonna teach you guys that how to do it and show you how you can do the same thing It doesn’t matter where you’re at. It’s very simple. The problem is again. I mentioned this on my previous episodes Complexity is the enemy of execution. So when things are super complex, we’re never gonna do them so we’re gonna show you how to simplify this thing and get a deal right away feeling like And we walked out We’re ready to get this thing. Let’s go In union building this morning we missed it Nick So one thing we do guys is we break our properties into well I don’t say we break our properties we break the area that we’re looking for properties in Into three different air into three different sections and the sections are very simple It’s an a section of B section or a c-section right? And if you look at this area, what’s the number one thing you? See it okay, so so Nick I was asking Nick what what area he thought this was and and at first just by glancing at it you Think see but I want you to zoom in on this whole food sign Because see it may look like a sea but and then you find a whole foods market and you instantly Realize that a whole foods is not going to be in a sea neighborhood Why because sea people more than likely aren’t going to be shopping at Whole Foods. Yeah. We’re putting it in two categories so we understand do we put less money and more money is it less risk more risk and That all plays a factor and what’s a good deal and what’s not a good deal makes sense? So you guys you all know that famous saying when you plan to fail you fail to plan, right? we’re more than likely gonna be late and that’s because Nick doesn’t bid and plan out the Breakfast or like where we’re going or like what we’re going afterwards or lunch or like there’s no itinerary Do we don’t have a schedule we just kind of just I set up the schedules We plan to fail yeah the old plan failed a plan plan to fail However, it goes you get it. I Felt me switch in this in the steam room. I felt to just click things like Dude We were all did you see everybody’s eyes this morning, like look at my video compared to before we walked in honest Yeah after you’re like, okay Good morning, the morning the cameras all sideways then and we walked out of the gym. No straight. Yeah We really are We’re going in here, oh, yeah So this is one unit here here so this will get this is a bedroom This will be the kitchen This would be the bath on the course and another entrance right here when you come into the same place so the weight of the building is sitting on Outside brick wall inside brick wall against a brick wall outside brick wall So technically you can get out every one of these last one apartments and it can be like it look like a studio almost right? Then you can frame it exactly how you want to how long have you been doing this 20 years? You’re the first one I’m not gonna be on the YouTube channel. Yeah, you may be as long as you give your consent All right, go what we just reported this Pretty much give me another one of the bedrooms surprise Who’s gonna get it? You can fish within 60 days we’ll give you a bonus on top of what you’re doing, right because this is an act of God and you know, like Gods like me and you there are planning lucy’s to create that stretch the map. Okay, and that’s really what it is Okay Okay those good guys a Little scary going into that because we have no idea what we’re walking into and that’s what’s always uncertain right when you’re going to these New buildings, especially things that need to be fully rehabbed. You have no idea what you’re about to walk into The good thing is is you got those people over there and they know what they’re doing And so it’s good to always have good support staff Shout out to Nick, you know Nick was the one that lot lined these guys up. He’s been creating relationships with them He’s been speaking with them every single day And then now we’re able to get down here on the actual soil make a conversation with them regain that trust see you look into their eyes make sure that they can actually get the job done and let them know that we’re really serious but At the same time we’re able to see how serious they are to get the job done for us So it’s setting the expectations up front having the right team up front in place And even if it is as bad as that of what you just saw that’s horrible, right? But if you have the right team in place, you can execute it correctly But the key word is you have to have the right team in place

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