Investing in Multifamily Real Estate | Uptown Hustle Ep 006

Investing in Multifamily Real Estate | Uptown Hustle Ep 006

So for those of you guys that don’t know
I with along with a partner Yo, thank you so much for your
help on this. Invested in real estate in secondary markets. So we are in little-known markets, acquiring multifamily and growing our portfolio. So as a result, we
really stay hungry and we stay curious for all different types of knowledge
because there are so many things that affect real estate. 1) Jobs “The Lehigh
Valley’s Economic Development Center’s annual report for 2016 where they kind
of breakdown the jobs by sectors and so forth and it’s still predominantly
manufacturing economy with the largest segment of the employment coming from
manufacturing. 2) Politics: “You know there’s going to be a whole new election, so politics is going to be huge in Allentown, coming up.” 3) Nightlife. Like all different types of
aspects kind of layer into it So as a real estate investor in the area it’s a great interest to me to ensure that jobs continue flowing in. I’ve been having a
lot of fun just kind of bolstering my real-estate chops on one end doing a lot
of venture capital stuff on the other end. nothing I’ve seen a lot of these
concepts but I haven’t seen any of them gets a critical mass I think there’s an
opportunity for in the marketplace I think is a mistake the same pitfall that
I see all these guys making is that they try to have their app be a destination. And
so you’re trying to be destination traffic and that’s really really hard to
do in general never mind in nowadays like
mobile kind of environment. And then lastly doing a lot of like media type of stuff like this. We’re ramping up for the TV show that’s coming up, working on the
book proposal stuff, doing a lot of vlogging Uptown Hustle with Adam and you know… just like really just trying to balance it all I feel that
sometimes I drop the ball and I let it slip and other times I’m on it and I’m
you know never letting it deviate. You gotta find someone whose timing your timing aligns with your timing, whose ambition aligns with your
ambition whose skill set matches what you’re looking for and ultimately who
wants to sink in A good chunk of his/her life
into helping me build this thing so it is it is hard but I appreciate that
you’ve been making doing with what you can. So just got off the phone with a new real estate investor and I see this a lot. He wants
to put his capital to work he doesn’t know how to get started, he doesn’t
really know about commercial real estate which markets to choose, what type of returns to expect, so I had a productive call. I walked them through
our process how we go about it let him know what returns he can expect etc and
you know really I enjoy doing this and you know especially when it’s someone of
color because we’re helping it grow and build black wealth so that was fun for
me and now I’m going off to a meet-up to continue talking about investments as
you can see this is literally all I do

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  1. Been waiting on another Uptown Hustle post!!! keep them coming, always great content!!!!

  2. #uptownhustle Keep on Rocking!

  3. Dope brother 💗

  4. Awesome video, What song is this?

  5. I love your content!

  6. Good Stuff bruh ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  7. hey john, i trade bitcoins and i would to learn more about real estate. Thanks !!

  8. Tai Lopez said u are a stupid ass kid using ur dads money to invest if I were u I would ignore him just saying

  9. I'm assembling a small but powerful Real Estate task force that can consult investors and firms through acquisitions, sales, management solutions, and developments and I want to get started in 2020.

    Would enjoy connecting and sharing.

    – Bryan

  10. Dude this stuff will inspire a whole new generation of kids keep grinding homie lobe this stuff can we link [email protected]

  11. The sweet spot (place) to be is deal making. Much risk but when the right deal is done properly the upside is rain maker/torrential down pour status.

  12. Hello Mr. Henry,

    My name is Kojo Thompson and I am running a podcast for those going through a quarter life crisis. What’s a quarter life crisis? It’s when you’re 17 through 25 or any age for that matter and don’t know what you want to do career wise. So I interview every job occupation from the the trash man to the CEO and ask them how and why they started doing what they’re doing so that people can find their calling too.

    I think people would be very interested in hearing your story and i’m very interested in having you on the show. I’ll leave the link to the first video down below if you’re interested.

    This podcast is solely intended to help those looking to enjoy their career find their calling. It’s also a great way to pay it forward!

    Talk to you soon

  13. Hey John! Really appreciate the videos, I’m in the same boat, I’m a young black entrepreneur , who is from Massachusetts I believe we can work and I can give you insights on properties that are on the rise and you could impact economy near Boston but not on yupy but section 8 and multicultural families. [email protected]

  14. Great work John. Would love to finance some of your deals . I’m Vice President of Business Development for The Tulsa Real Estate Fund. Would love to link up.

  15. Thanks for writing the blueprint bro. This is classic content.

  16. Can you please leave the name of the song and artist at the end of the credits please!!!!🙏

  17. Hey John,

    We need to link up, I’m doing 30 units and about in B class areas/ C class buildings.

    I’m based in NYC, looking for someone to partner with on some of the deals that’ll be coming my way.

    [email protected]

    How can I get in touch ?

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