history and the architecture midn hello in the Sky Lounge this guy bar at the top is around the 53rd floor you’re buying in a older building that needs some renovations that’s where you’re gonna get your best prices and locals who are resisting the gentrification process they want to stay they want to be part of this evolution of the city today’s episode is all about real estate in Cartagena Colombia I talk to locals and foreign experts on the ground about specific prices as well as the big picture in the market so if you’re considering investing or visiting cada Heena or you want to understand what’s happening in the real estate market Kia this is the episode for you by the way a great base camp for when you’re visiting cada Hina Arcada Hina sweets where I am now 12 furnished units available very good prices and a great position to explore the best parts of Cartagena now where were we oh yeah get it in a collectible taxi it’s a taxi that you put up two fingers the drive will give you two fingers back it’s the collective ride-sharing before being carpool just get a nice air-conditioned taxi and sometimes share with Ozzy come on start let’s go have some watch [Music] so what lie far far we’re very focused on those preps and tips those properties that are going to generate that passive rental income for our investors so when we come into a market like kara Hina we need to find partners and allies that can help us understand the lay of the land so that we can identify which parts of town really work for our business model in cata Hina that was Jim main from first american realty no no he didn’t know it didn’t mean he releases her Sam she runs this office so okay all right she’s in charge of yeah and then the Sky Lounge this guy bar at the top is around the 53rd floor this would be the tallest building in the tech but it’s very very nice architectural design this is kind of the view from down around aah – so we’ve got Boca Grande air coming out from the from the old city have some money mr. Billy Bob is here yeah you know you’ve got some newer newer buildings around here which are coming in around ten eleven million pesos down at the end area with the pleasant walk around eh – and the residences up at the top of the the Hyatt Regency top four floors around 12 million but they come fully furnished to highest standards and that’s a real upscale that’s a that’s selling a way of life more than it is selling an investment because who knows how much the rent they hire will rent them for you know what your net will be they don’t warrant anything or guarantee anything show so I mean and then how’d you come along here obviously duh you get a bit of a premium for the beachfront yeah yeah yeah and there are some new buildings over in this area and then along the bay front there this is very exclusive as is the bay front here whoo this is beachfront Castillo Grande and more tranquil Beach very very nice swimming and you get you’ve got the island of Tierra bomba over here and you can go over there for day trips and so because these are good on the a bit more residential warm residential apartments larger units and the family units and still a lot of Bogata Bogata investors their families own here and how much food and many live here that’s a permanent residence yeah for a lot of cardizem and now we how much puts corporation that yet here on average you’re looking at three thousand dollars or nine million pesos a square metre end up some can be more expensive okay okay and then a leg ito is it’s a bit cheaper than this site it is if because most of the buildings are twenty thirty some forty years old and there’s like three buildings that may be around ten years old seven years old and then we’ve got the brand-new and momento sunset going up one hundred fifty hundred forty units and they’re sold out okay and they won’t be finished until spring of next year okay but the vanishing prices now are right above seven 4.0 there but they started out probably in the vibes and okay so the philosophy is yeah so over the last couple years you’ve seen the prices here jump up from around five or six million to six and a half seven dollars or somebody two or three and fours on the old buildings well then you you buy them and then you need to really model or renovate all right Jim I gotta formally introduce you to the vlog where you from originally and Colorado in the United States but haven’t lived in the US for thirty thirty seven years yeah and how did you end up in cotton that’s a long story colonial architecture so I love the colonial architecture sure what’s the most particular thing about the Cudahy know real estate market that people should know the Hanna’s one of the most unique cities that I’ve lived in in six different countries and the people are part of it but they hold city of the Hina’s is magical the cart the hen itself in the old city in particular it’s becoming quickly a world-class tourist destination we’re right in the heart of poker ground in the first District why is Boca Grande the heart of tourism in Cartagena actually the old city is preferred by most tourism but the old hood is very expensive yeah and you can append they don’t have the beach right in front of them like Boca Grande does people do like especially Colombians they do to love their Beach this is the new one [Music] buying in a older building that needs some renovations that’s where you’re going to get your best prices but then it’s going to require going in and figuring out how you want to remodel them redo the kitchens and the bathrooms so you can get in for four million five million a square meter and then once that’s done you’ve got like a big miss youla brand-new apartment you’re still way under what the new construction that’s going for so many liked to do that they like to do some of that work themselves yeah but with you don’t have to do anything it’s uh it’s done then you can spread your payments out on new construction over two years three years yep and then just make the final payment put your okay it’s finished and this month about 10 years old Mountain remember like medicine you can come and enjoy yourself once in a while but it’s not large enough families to live in for a long period of time prices even right now you might get into one of these for around 7 million a square meter a little more a little less depending on the motivation of the seller and as you go down the beach a little bit the units get a little bit larger but it’s still short-term rental friendly mostly on Boca Grande Beach and should go over onto the bay front more residential larger apartments and larger square meter prices the same as Casteel ground a residential neighborhood very upscale this is more for tourism what’s the better view the the ocean view of the bay view that’s a good question he used to be the people think oh I got to be on the ocean yeah well I mean because you get these sunsets right and you get the sunsets at night though and you’re inside your learned that the container ports the cruise ships in a beautiful at night as well as during the data there’s no bad views here the whole peninsula of Boca Grande de stijl Grande two three four streets wide so as you get up ten stories 15-20 stories you’ve got wonderful views in one direction or the other so how about we take a walk to the to the old city a poke and we’re in the old city San Diego in particular this two part San Diego and Central Park a Fernandez de la Madrid and this property I was telling you about here this over a million just starting they serve each area we used to be a cigar shop and finish the apartment then they’ll blow that roof up and this will become two apartments and two more locals I mean the nice hotels around here you took in 350 $400 a night this office 2005 and that big rush especially by wealthy Colombians came into the old city and started bidding buying up these old historic mansions that needed to be totally restored and they turned out fabulously and the rush continues Linda prices went up so fast that now you can pay up to a million or more yeah for a property that needs to be restored yeah that made like 12 million 11 volumes for dinner before you restore it okay so we’re talking very rough averages but you know pre-renovation could be anywhere from nine to twelve million pesos a square meter once the restoration is finished then you’re looking at 12 to 15 million pesos square meter so actually I just found out our renovation and restoration team that did cada Hina Suites actually did this building here too and in the old city with all the wonderful restaurants and some of them are world-class restaurants dozens and dozens of people eat typically pretty late here’s a little bit European you can go to eat a 785 and you think ah pretty quiet by nine-thirty is packed 11:30 12:05 there’s still people so why is the old city your favorite part of Cudahy know the history the history and the architecture isn’t this amazing never get them never get tired of it and usually in the evenings it’s the most perfect temperature tonight it’s a little warm there’s no breeze covering some ground we’re walking fast it’s good to see me Sam thank you how long you been eating the hare chip Oh 10 years yeah we’re walking off a very nice dinner in the San Pedro Plaza with Joe and Joe and Lina Joey from from Florida correct that you’ve been together for years and you’re considering a life in Cartagena we are yeah that’s a nice combination between the playa and the city cheap beer they’re pretty convenience to the airport you know it’s we’re ten minutes away land easy to get back to the to the house so yeah I mean especially from farther they have some really cheap flights no it’s right now traintastic 200 hours Campina okay so that’s the old city but we’ve called them I early a little bit so head cemani you may notice I’ve got a different shirt on and Jim is now Andrea but we’re gonna show you what’s happening in head simony real estate so the people who used to work inside the walls of the old city used to live in head cemani and they still do and that’s part of the charm of this part of town now it’s an eclectic mix of boutique hotels hostels bars nightlife trendy restaurants really good street food and locals who are resisting the gentrification process they want to stay they want to be part of this evolution of the city and it creates a very local vibe with the tourists and the travelers coming through five or six years ago Cara Hina had a reputation of and prostitutes a lot of that reputation came from this part of town over the last two or three years because of the investment that’s going into this part of town the situation has improved dramatically let’s go take a look at what it is now [Music] this is Kat Emilio Luna which used to be where all the prostitution and drug was going on now it has changed a lot you can see that super Z a lot of tourists walking around it’s where all the bars are Cafe I know which is one of the most famous bar [Music] your team stand on a corner falling Yama one people in our room [Music] so this is a very typical Street hostels and cheek hotels and local families with open floor plans watching television and belly [Music] so how much is real estate in pets eminent it depends on the area on the bar that you’re gonna be on but from five to seven million square metre and that’s the full renovation before renovation yes so we just come inside a house that we actually manage it’s available for $1,400 in help you with all the arrangements you want we can also use the house for events so in case you find like a bachelor party or a wedding you can also do that for a night or a day cool kitchen full table bar first bedroom second bedroom third bedroom fourth bedroom bedroom number five minibar jacuzzi [Music] cojito rapido rapido vez por aqui esta casa como como precisely as negotiate I come on Lucy Lister’s Kay Hagan para comprar unless Jesus [Music] mas que hace mucho para sacar no okay muchacha que Kamui Cara see cosas for it to do the paying everything and Clark yeah pravachan Lindo evil Fiasco Tamra car la Luz I love say they had so many a stance and say throw – hasta que ellos no TiVo so don’t even my economical see darling was compulsory and my gosh okay and by three mañana colorful and como el cambio the Palazzo in the recent one is from total alternative a co-lister las vegas lugar is Pospisil g gamble and manor rol barrio or the finale we secure our appreciation and Joseph Rockefeller cartel power tiene mucho más seguro de hecho esto in hex already happening Somalian what’s now Linnea Linda habits owner can yelling at the word I forgot your bar go so there you go Castillo grande le Guiteau Boca Grande Old City head cemani we are returning to Cartagena Suites which are five minutes walk from head cemani those are the areas of traditional interest in real estate in Cartagena we chose a property in Manga this building right here a prep which we crowdfunded the purchase renovation design and furnishing of that we’re now renting out as 12 short-term furnished units why did we do a prep in Manga instead of the traditional areas because when we’re making an investment we look for the best bang for a buck in terms of the cost of real estate to the projected rental returns that we can generate from that property we pick areas that are up and coming that would be manga in an upcoming video I’m going to take a closer look at manga for now if you would like to look at residential and investment properties in Cartagena please visit far international comm if you would like to rent an apartment for daily weekly or monthly please go to apartment and see you guys in the next video my name is Samuel I’m part of a group of real estate entrepreneurs that are creating turnkey investments as well as taking the Airbnb experience to the next level it means return properties like this into properties like this it’s gonna be a wild ride click the like button on Facebook subscribe on youtube right yeah


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