Interview with Brian Stevens and Frank Garay of The National Real Estate Post

Interview with Brian Stevens and Frank Garay of The National Real Estate Post

the reasoning over here here I was doing video for loans in sirs in 2007 there are
relatively news this is for twenty years that point market need in so try to find a way to
teach their hopes motivated the right thing to your
videos for themselves my personal users and that was just
stumbled look into the details about that dead Richard everyday Ned half-brother me yes for about six months eventually play me so yep my brother adequate so I need somebody else to help
me with this daily videos does media you today United mortgage boss said said he’d here but features together and you know
that’s how we get connected mindell basically ruined my business to
her you know couple dollars in my pocket
pretty smart at the time and realize what that money just
businessman as but I’m 2007 roll around in everybody’s
wheels phone lands their business my business flowers
2017 my best years ever answer stone I was really focused on the origination
business in and trying to fix my problems that I have in the markets are 74 Richard higher her some colleagues in the office from from but I mean it was from aggressive under aggressive originations
were really mountain taking a loan
application and I are came inches wide interrupting your nap banking this is
going to be a heavy things huge ok needed medicines cloud demaree history and company and the company yep him he takes off and franken’s as a valued partner we
want to do stupid track shirl right so we neither one of us when skipping along into this relationship
but it it’s been a fantastic right what we’ve learned is that we we worked well together small
areas we had you know basically like prison cell right when
did you realize it was gonna be more geared
toward the other was in the business and just the
company well I think what happened was it was
Frank’s model first we want to have a little sales
salesperson on and into a little industry news about
five minutes here senator Realtors unload just intended for office bird remembered missing packing tape here the when we’re in San Diego so women in San Diego for the company’s
decision mortgage brokers I think they were time
convention which is a fairly large robust convention and a you know do anything
for 40 bucks a day I mean making money but
we decided this is who we want to be so when we
went down there this and what is a real nice lunch in the asking noted we’re thinking you know
where this his t-shirts & shorts and flip-flops doing there’s a
reach very ride in there never forget it in there shirt
on the knit hat sound later Charles Manson Charlie’s Angels his hair he was getting
into his area hearings were sitting in were sitting in the back in every
looking at South their beyond belief that we came so
inappropriately dressed but then when when the speaker stops and
a giving each other words you know
everybody wanna come back a picture with Santa Maria assisting
there was a moment realized it was gonna change your life
really human are Western work better yes in up the same stretch legal issues which is never stop after doing what we
do you know a lot of times retail people that the only reason that
right I have this take a success in this space this video blogging space in the industry you’re just too
stupid to start doing it and Yuliya everyday do it every day them anyway Katie getting there ago ice so you against to be near you do this being here yet we do anyway he said after the manager
you know it is it’s I think a lot of his this today city you know that’s the one
thing that we can get across the people who just got to keep doing it speak to nations about when we’re on it
right away we head coaching calls all day literally from 4 o’clock in the morning
till 5 o’clock a6 o’clock at night as your families were doing stripping here drinking in eating in comes down
chiggers you know you don’t need to do this right
now and a I solomon want to do this right now this
is my vacation is what I enjoy doing I think just relieving tenacious more
than anything your best our best attribute certainly in our
children for was more staying tri-star your one orchard noted that the
biggest mistake they made They start they given it one little shot they might get one video out there right and you know the floodgates don’t open you know the brinks truck doesn’t show up
and dump a bunch of money in there office and they go well I guess I am not good at this it doesn’t work or what ever video blogging in particular is really like any other social media where’s it does
pay off it will pay off and big as long as you’re consistent with it and you do it on a regular basis people needed they want to enter into the space and do it effectively at least once a week the two
to three times a week is what they really need
you to gain some traction the biggest mistake is that they do it one time and then stop That would be the biggest mistake there are sub mistakes we can dive into That would be the main mistake. I agree with Frank completely but I
think it’s the whoever’s recording the video writing the video it’s the inability to
understand their needs to be compelling reason for the recipient open it really you know get
here right now you know we’ve we talked about before
opens upwards of 90% of FHA loans are for first-time homebuyers means are past
family and friends are really collectively a position to buy a house
why the hell would I send them anything on rates right because if I am not buying a house or getting a refund at that moment becomes a boring message now you want to stay in front of them but when we send when we’re not aware of
the reasons why somebody’s going to open that email whatever it is video or text
what we’re doing is we’re training at ignore us I think that is the biggest one It can take years to Build up an audience like you said one video is not going to do much. deffently it takes time most people know the average Facebook friends list for somebody if you go over
to Facebook about 140. so the average person has about 140 friends on facebook Not the case with the Mortgage Professional we know this because of our fan page With our fan page we have a certain number of fans with give us a certain reach the average mortgage Real Estate has 450
Friends Because we are all going Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes hoping we might get someone It dose take time to build an audience but with the power of having social media at your fingertips when you can get a little video message and get on to your Facebook page where now you have got potentially 400 people that can see it like that… you can build an audience much quicker then it has been in the past than you started really yep absolutely when we started we did not have a facebook page. in fact we when we’re on a roll platform
it had some inherent problems that were just were too
difficult to overcome it was sending our videos you know we
have 110,,000 people opted in and wanted to see our videos and we couldn’t deliver them to them regularly because the internet service
provider assuming that we were spamming we had other people on our platform that we’re Spamming so they though we were spamming we spent up to 7,000 bucks a month to trying to give somebody email they wanted
see so we had change our platform over to what we currently have and we
effectively took that list and for the most part lost it, so we had
to build back up again we did so the second time around much
more quickly of course we have the ability to
message some of those people that we had to get them to opt in again I think more important is we understand the whole process works more effectivly so you almost started from scratch What year was that? Two years ago, 2010 wow that is a lot of work! what is the best way to attract to attract advertisers to your site you know? Hold on I have this one Frank gets loaded with all the people and the night before we have to speak and stay out to all hours of the night. that impresses the hell out of all of them you know we have to stay tongue-in-cheek it’s funny because the advertisers we didn’t really go out and look for them they came looking for us any word of mouth gets out that people watching this people are looking at this then they start inquiring what kind of views are you getting what kind of audience do you have? comes down to trying to figure out what is that worth? what is that worth to somebody and settling in on a price that people are willing to write a check for you know on the daily daily we only have a limited space
we can’t just take on unlimited number advertisers so in the past we’ve been
fortunate enough to where we’ve been able to pick and choose you know messages we thought kinda went along with it what we believe you know stared away from credit repair for a long time we didn’t find repair company that reflect our values yeah we have in
the past stayed away from recruiting opportunities because we did not want to alienate other
other parts of our viewing audience and this is really trying to come to
terms with what’s the right message for us it is not how we attract advertisers how do we find ones that work for us Last question So you have; the daily show, coaching you have the raz room, you have the rate alert you have you have the blog Real estate marbles what else do you have going on? Speaking Grab a nap here or there Is there anything else you are thinking about doing in the future. I would really like to see is us focus on some the opportunities that we’ve got with real estate marbles that’s a big one for me because it
really comes down to the questions you’re asking what is the biggest problems people are having you know these problems
people have jump into it how they do it you know you Lkken ? David Lkken he was
completely spot on with everything he said up there in terms of how you look and we need to embrace technology My 15 year old son has figures out how to do video editing that I have to club someone over the head to try and help them figure out for weeks and holding there hand he figured out fifteen minutes and that trend is not going to change we would like to see like to see at least see real estate marbles take off a little bit more direction I think
we worked for toward that goal Frank and I are good at writing content and doing our show but when it comes down to direction larger blogging and social
networking platform we’re very much like the daily we we
stumbled quite a bit because it wasn’t our skill set I think as the
years have gone on I think we’re starting to find that voice i’d really like to see that continue to grow
now thanks for coming out and speaking at the MMLA Convention this year at Traverse city Traverse ya I like to say Traverse Thanks for coming out guys and we will be watching the show. I just have down here that Brian Like to cook and plan social events ya you bet ok good that is what Frank told me we not exactly what I said Super!!! here is what I have for Frank Ham radio operator plays guitar and has a BMW motorcycle you like to cook and plan social events I told Brian Brian is they type of guy that is like he will be on the internet looking at something and he will look and see that girl is going to see the pugs The Pugs are playing right here we have to go right now then there’s 8 tickets bought and we’re all going to the Pugs right now I mean is extremely spontaneous and
always wants to do something he is our ring leader Brian is the ring leader thank you for coming

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