Institutional and rental housing

Institutional and rental housing

Hello today we will cover two more elements
in new areas of the housing development that is institutional housing and rental housing
in the last day we discussed about the cooperative housing as a very important option for creating
community and for creating affordable housing so we discuss that the cooperative housing
is one of the option which offers you a very affordable option because here the cooperative
are basically formed by the end user by the owner. In the beginning of the project and once the
cooperative is formed it is registered under the government acts rules and regulation and
after the registration the cooperative gets the land from the government or it can get
the land from the market both is possible after getting the land they do their own designing
in the with the help of designed and take the decision about the projects every stage
of the project. So here one advantage of the cooperative housing
is that since there are there is no developer involved in the whole process so profit elements
is no longer there therefore the cooperative housing is a very nice option for creating
affordable housing at the same time unlike the other group housing where we have seen
that in the group housing the buildings and the infrastructures are made but the people
at the community is build after a long year so 10 years 15 years or 20 years. Son in this case when the cooperative is formed
the community is there from the beginning so c cooperative housing ensure the community
building in the housing and also it ensures the affordable options for housing for new
areas of housing we also showed you some example as a case study that how in a city we can
take the strategy top encourage or promote the cooperative housing by catering various
options of cooperative housing like small cooperatives medium cooperatives and the larger
cooperatives and for every level like middle income group lower income group and also higher
income group people. So cooperative housing is there is no doubt
that it is a very good option and every housing strategy should consider cooperative housing
as one the option now today we will discuss two more option which are also important while
we make the housing strategy one is institutional housing. And seconds is the rental housing
the institutional housing or it is termed as employs housing
you might have seen that various government departments are directorates or many private
companies they provide housing facility accommodation facility for their employees so those kind
of facilities are termed as institutional or employs housing the basic objective of
these employees and institutional housing is to basically to create a nice balance between
the work and home so that the your travel time between your home and work is less or
manageable that is number 1, number 2 the community is developed through the employees
housing. Because all of them are known to each other
they are coming from the they are working in the same organization same office for this
example reason those can be very good option one for the work home situation to create
a balance between work home. Second could be a very good example for creating
the community and third is that it can be also very good option for short duration of
the people because for the short duration like say 6 months or one year you may not
get a feasible housing accommodation in a bigger cities it is very difficult because
in a bigger city you come there you search for the housing facilities and then the by
the time you get your housing facility or housing accommodation. Your duration is over so if the employs the
employers or the institution they provide the housing facility or the accommodation
facility it is always better, then another is that because it is a short duration it
is also affordable and very much convenient and also it is more safer it is ensures safety
and security also because here your employs and the institutions are in work to secure
the safety and security. So this kind of institutional housing employs
housing can be promoted in the while we made the housing strategy now why where and how
we should build all those kind of housing now please recall our land value call what
we discussed earlier that if this is the central business district the land value curve is
something like that the more you go beyond your city limits the land value becomes less. So this is the
land value and this is the distance, now the commercial office says and insinuation campus
is could be situated in the near the CVD or very prominent place coul be permanent place
so it may not be possible to accommodate every housing in the very near location of the CVD
because the land value near the CVD is very high so what can be done, and also you cannot
make the housing facility. At the extent of the city at the pheri – pheri
of the city only because land value is very less so if you do that your travel time between
your work and home again will be more, between your work and home will be more so this strategy
what could be taken for optimizing the location of the office and the location of your home
institutional housing is to create a compact development create a more compact and high
density development and use and promote mix use. So to solve this problem your strategy could
be you go for compact development
that is high density if you promote high density compact development you can ensure or you
can encourage the companies or the institutions to build up their own houses within their
campus or you can go for so high rise and mixed use development. So with the mixed use development you can
within the same campus you can accommodate the commercial or the institutional facility
and also residential facility. It is not a much problem for the institutions
which are by a large situated at the preferred of the city like the major technical institutions
so major medical institution so by verge of their location in the perfervid of the city
it is no longer a problem for the related to the land value so they can have the compact
develop and the mixed use development in their campus. But it is definitely a problem to afford a
large amount of institutional housing within the very vicinity of the central business
district because the land value is very high, so for those kind of problem we have to go
to the high rise mixed use and compact, apart from that there could be possibility that
you provide your work and livilitude opportunities at the center and you provide the housing
somewhere in the perferry or the near preferry and you connect this two work and home with
a very good connection and if you plan that connection connectivity and mobility in integration
with your work and home then it is possible to integrate if even you do not go for mixed
use and centralized development of the institutional housing. So at the strategy level if we can create
this kind of land this kind of strategy it is possible to create institutional housing
and employs housing. One problem of the employs housing and institutional
housing is that it is maintenance and the poor quality by which it is criticized but
definitely it is one of the option which can create community and which can offer short
duration affordable housing. Similarly, we consider rental housing as one
of the very important option for short duration and even for the long duration affordable
housing which people can afford without purchasing a full house without purchasing or acquiring
a full house. So rental housing is basically a housing which
is rented by a original owner the rent could be one the yearly rent or it can be different
time duration rent depending on the act, depending in the context. But the advantage for the rental housing is
that you do not have to pay, you do not have to purchase the house but you just give a
premium and a rent monthly rent and with that which is very nominal and which is definitely
within your affordable capacity and you can afford these you can have this accommodation
in your city. The second advantage is the same with the
institutional housing that is the community here you know the persons who are taking the
rent so you know the person after knowing them fully you are giving the rent. On the other side the person who are getting
the rent they know their owner and after knowing them fully you are giving the rent on the
other side the person was getting the rent. They are they are know their owner and after
knowing the owner and the area and the context and they are taking the rent so community
is all develop through the rental housing and also it can serve the short duration purpose
like six months one year or so on, so for short duration accommodation in any city the
rental housing could be very good opportunity for very good option. Now in our country by a large we have made
the policy or the planning for the housing at the for this family purpose we never had
taken such policy for the short duration and the housing options for this single persons
and the fragmented family or the smaller family, for this reason in 2015 Government of India
they have taken a national Urban rental housing policy under that policy they have come up
with the various suggestions and various recommendation which can be taken up at the state level at
the urban local body level. Some of the recommendations are like the rental
housing could be very important part of the housing strategy number one and second could
be that for the rental housing the authority could identify every category of the rental
housing they category in terms of economic group category in terms of the duration it
could be like one month duration it could be two months durations the category in terms
of their size ion terms of their location but right now we do not have that much of
data which can substantiate or which tell you that what kind of estimation what kind
of demand is can focused for the rental housing but yes it is a very essential need for the
city. Because in the cities we have not consider
the rental housing and it is the need for the day and people who are coming from the
other city or the rural area to the city or the urban areas they take that informal house
and make salmons quarter so in absence from the rental housing people are somewhat force
to accept the informal condition or the imperial condition so we can understand that if we
provide the rental housing in more number in an adequate number in proper locations
then the formation of the future slams future squatters could be adjust through making the
rental housing. I request you to recall our discussion related
to Jan nerurm Rajiv Awas Yojana and the currently Prathan Manthri Awas Yojana on those program
you have seen that the rental housing was given a major focus to prevent the future
slam so this is for the first time in our country that as we hold at the central level
we have given rental housing such importance to address the problem of the slam sons quarter. So rental housing and institutional housing
both can offer a very good work on situation short duration housing accommodation. And community development and affordable and
convenient option and also it can offer the legitimate safety and security option, now
based on that let us see some salient points which we could take a note of it and use for
further application, this point we have already discussed the better community development
and the minimum home work distance apart from that if we supply more number of institutional
housing and rental housing it is also true that the pressure on the housing market. By the people who needs housing for short
duration will be very less and the market could act freely for the other category of
the housing need that is one important point low duration it of the low duration purpose
we have already told and also it serves the housing need for the single and this small
family. For example if a person who is coming to the
bigger city for his job location or for his job transfer with his a child so how he will
be or she will be staying in a full apartment and it may not be affordable. So for those kind of purpose the employs housing
or rental housing could be a very good option. So one strategy which we discussed is allocate
land. When we are allocating land at the housing
strategy at the varies sector, varies blocks. We should allocate land specific for the rental
housing and the employs housing and the we can we can have a discussion during the vision
process during the strategy making process. With the some prospect state like major public
sector under taking. Means major public organizations or private
organization for that we can ensure that the land allocated in the city through the housing
strategy and planning will be utilized by them. The policy to ensure work home package to
employees could be done we have talked about the transit oriented development which is
nothing but the development compared development high development mixed development around
the transit centers around the nodes. The basic objectives of the transit orient
development is to reduce the work home travel. So that these could be very good complementary
if we could get a policy for the companies and the government organization as a work
home package, That the job location or the transfer and
you take the accommodation near about which is possible. So that could be another very good policy. One of the major problems in the employs housing
and the rental housing is that poor infrastructure condition and this condition its maintenance. So the mechanism could be taken mechanism
are there in the way, in the public side or the infrastructure development side to provide
this speed housing infrastructure amendments. So that people know that the differentiate
the rental housing and employs housing with the market provider housing and they considered
the employs housing and rental housing as a very important option very viable and feasible
option, to have a quality of life in the city. And also some state government they need to
have the legal reforms some of the legal provisions under the state acts are left mental to promote
the rental housing. So those kind of legal bearer need to be overcome,
so for that wind control reforms is required after the general environment most of the
state government has already done this reform. We have talked about the reform earlier in
the first session I mean the first session of this lecture series. So we are not going into that but please take
a note that reform in the rain control acts, Require to ensure the right of the owner and
right of the partners who are coming staying in the rental housing for a short duration. This is already I have discussed another very
important strategy could be that the use of a floor area and floor space index and makes
us to promote rental housing you can to encourage the rental housing definitely you can give
more floor ratio more if I do the companies to the government organizations to create
a compact development. Otherwise the housing will go to city extent
or the prefers so that is our desirable. So if you are say could be a good tool to
ensure that, in all the state government you have seen that there are varies state rental
housing agency including housing board and varies rental, rental housing agency at the
public level or the private level so how those agency could be strengthen how their capacity
could be build up and those could be empowered to do control and enforce the rent control
act. And to ensure the right of the people who
are staying in the rental housing and the employees housing. Another criticism which the rental housing
gets is the poor maintenance and operation, so there should be a mechanism like a financial
mechanism could be made that when a or a rental house is propagated or institutionalized. The some part of the rent, some amount of
the rent may be 10%, 20% maybe a year mark as a call process on to create a mechanism
to for the maintenance operation for the whole campus. Because it is essential, because the over
period of the time the buildings get detoriated structurally it becomes vulnerable, this service
wise it becomes very vulnerable to the diseases and all those epidermis. So those are undesirable conditions and to
avoid all those condition we have to have the mechanism. Financial mechanism within the rent control
or within the rent pricing mechanism that is said to be taken. Another important scheme which came is the
rent to the own scheme the persons who are not able to afford their marketing provided
housing they can afford a rental housing. And over the period of time they can be offered
the rental housing provided they pay all the rents throughout the period for every month. And we take the premium of some amount; the
house can be allocated to them after some period like 10 years or 20 years. So rent to own scheme is a very innovative
scheme, and this scheme can encourage people to have their in a incremental fashion, like
with the incremental nature of their income capacity or strengthening of the income capacity
after some time they can own the house by giving some premium amount and, and also paying
the rent amount regularly in every month. So these are the challenges one challenge
is we have already discussed, the land supply and the housing infrastructure, poor quality
because of the lack of maintenances so for that we can create a corpus. So we have already discussed and another is
that when we make the planning and the strategy for the housing at the city level we should
ensure the participation of the major or the major agencies or the stake holders. Who can create the rental housing in bigger
numbers and employers housing in the bigger number so that allocate the land at their
convince. So it is possible and now it is whenever we
make any new term or any satellite town or any new various housing developments. We do this kind of exercise based on their
feedback their responses we allocate the land and that become one input in the land allocate
strategy. Apart from the other technical input which
we have discussed in the last few lectures. We have discussed about the legal varies rent
control Act. There are some kind of administrative and
control barriers, financial barriers. For example development control could be a
barrier in some, for some cities like if you apply for a mixed used development with rental
housing. Some of the municipal authority also municipal
cooperation may not allow you to sanction the project. So those kind of barriers could be should
be taken out barriers could be should be addressed. So barriers could be legal, administrative
and developmental control. The financial barriers is a small developer
wants to develop a small rental housing, and they do not have the adequate finance to develop
that, the institutional finance mechanism by their hut co and other nationalized house. In their housing loan, housing bank, nationally
housing financial organization they should encourage and they should promote, they should
facilitate the financing mechanism of the rental housing development by the small developer. Even if it is small so because through this
kind of small and small steps the rental housing could be very good option for a short period
affordable option for the people which can create a robust community. And also we can promote regularization and
PPP. There are rental housing in our country or
in our cities, which are not regularized which may be the rental housing or may be for the
long duration but those are not regularized and staying there like a in a slum like situation. So those rental housing could be regularized
as safari bases in Janiwan and in Rajiv Awas Yojana and in Pradha Manthiri Apas Yojana. We have taken a broad strategy and policy
to regularize as much as possible of the informal housing. Though we will be taking a separate lecture
from the informal housing but we can note here that all the un-regularized rental housing
could be regularized. Which some kind of control mechanism informed
with this and also we can promote the PPP in involvement of the public, private and
partnership. We discussed the affordable housing in partnership
mechanism may be where the government of India is giving financial support to the private
developer to create the more number of housing in affordable option but for the rental housing
also. We can create a, we can promote a this by
inviting the private agency and we can provide land free of cost and we can tell them to
develop the rental housing with the cost and the profit sharing basics because land is
given by the government and the financial investment is given by the private agents. So that kind of mechanism can be explored
in our cities. So if we take all this coping mechanism and
all this strategies. There is a possibility that we can create
more number of rental housing. And rental housing could be very good option
to prevent if you just slams and squatter today we discussed the two similar concept
like institutional housing employees employees housing and rental housing to ensure and to
appreciate and to understand that employees housing and rental housing both can be very
good option for the short duration. Purpose and this can create commodity this
can reduce the work home trouble it can reduce this trace on the housing market it can reduce
this trace on the from the roads by creating the lesser trouble time it can create the
complecity and it can also address the future development of the slams and squatter, so
to create more number of rental and employees housing we can allocate the line. we can take the policy like complict development
using more affair, more high rise ,more mixture development and we can also encourage financial
we can adjust the financial barrier, administrative barrier, legal barrier and also we should
promote the private sector to come up and work in collaboration with the public agency
,to create rental housing and employees we end up this rental housing and employees
housing if a very good option to promote affordable and affordable housing and commodity development
.So next lecture we will discuss about two more option . Of the housing supply we serve different purpose
for the person which is working purpose and still in for this apartments that will be
covered in the next lecture. So thank you for today’s lecture.

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