Instagram For Real Estate Agents 10 Tips for an effective Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Instagram For Real Estate Agents   10 Tips for an effective Real Estate Marketing Strategy

today we’re going to be talking about
how real estate agents can be growing on Instagram and getting a ton of leads so
stay tuned roll the intro hey what’s going on guys welcome back to another
episode of Vas talks today like I said we’re gonna be talking about real estate
leads and any other real estate marketing strategies that I come up with
so today we’re going to be talking about 10 steps to optimize your Instagram
account for real estate leads so before we get started if you like what you see
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yeah let’s get into it 10 ways to optimize your Instagram for real estate
once I forgot the coffee alright so number one you’re gonna want to make
sure that your profile is public and not private that’s pretty obvious so let’s
move on to number two number two you obviously want a clear picture of
yourself and I recommend it being a close-up of your face the way they kind
of get to know you a little bit more and if it was like a faraway kind of like up
against a car like inside of a house no no we want it to be like right on your
face so that way when they they can they know exactly who you are number three
you want your bio to clearly tell what you what you’re all about so if you’re a
real estate agent you’re gonna want to put real estate agent in your bio and
then the second thing is you’re gonna want to put something in your bio that
kind of lets them know more about you more about who you are for me I put I
make people famous on Instagram and I make sure the Chicago is in there too
because I’m from Chicago the fourth thing you’re gonna want to do to
optimize your Instagram page for real estate is to give them a clear reason
why they want to be following you so you have to think about your target audience
if you’re trying to attract home buyers you’re gonna want to create content that
homebuyers will want to see it’s great for you to put your personality out
there and kind of let people know who you are and talk about your day to day
life but then again people aren’t gonna want to follow you solely for that
they’re also gonna want to know more about why they’re following you so if
they’re following you for real estate they’re gonna want to
know more about like what you’re up to winter in regards of to real estate not
like your dog not like your gym experiences you’re going to be talking
strictly about real estate and you want it to be valuable content so that way
they’ll be more likely to engage with it like it comment tag their friends DM it
to their friends stuff like that so that’s number four create good content
that is valuable to your target audience no grainy pictures obviously because
you’re representing really nice homes I would hope so you’re all you really want
to make sure that the pictures you’re taking and posting on Instagram are not
pixelated number five you’re gonna want to develop a deeper relationship with
your followers so a great way to do that is by using stories on Instagram stories
on Instagram are one of the best real estate marketing strategies that I know
of so definitely if you can create a relationship via your stories by just
recording and basically blogging your day to day that’ll create a great
relationship with everybody who follows you and they’ll be more likely to reach
out to you if they’re going to be buying a home if they’re looking to sell if
they want to rent you have to remember that everyone who’s following you is
following you for real estate not as much as you might want to think like oh
yeah they’re following me because they love me no no they’re following you
because they love you but also because they want information on real estate and
if you’re doing your marketing correctly everybody that is following you should
be in your area where you’re going to be doing selling houses and all that stuff
so stories on Instagram are great for real estate and building relationships
number six we’re kind of getting into a more advanced strategy that not many
people even who grow on Instagram are really big on Instagram these people
don’t even know it so that is number six waiting to like the comments on your
previous pictures until you post a new post because say you post a picture
people comment on it but then you go and like the comment right away then it
notifies them that you like their comment right away and then they don’t
have any new content to really see but if you post a picture they comment and
you don’t like it but yeah you can you can obviously comment back and respond
to it but you don’t like the comment then once you post your
next post go back and like all the pictures or all the comments that people
left and then they’ll see that they’ll go to your page and they’ll see you oh
my god this person just post it again let me leave another comment and that’s
how you basically ensure that people continue to comment over and over number
seven we’re talking about links the link in
your bio is probably the most important thing when it comes to your Instagram
page you can have everything going for you but if you don’t have your link set
up accordingly or if you don’t have your link set up if you don’t have your link
set up properly then you can pretty much be messing up
your your whole Instagram this could all be for nothing so we don’t want to we
don’t want to just start posting content and not have our followers be leading
down something or being lead led to something so the best way to basically
keep a deep connection with your followers is to use the link in your bio
and create something that they could download and so that we can they can
tangibly have something from you but that’s free so what I do obviously if
you go to my Instagram page you’ll see that I give away all of my Instagram
growth strategies for if you go to my page right now you can actually click
that you can see all of my growth strategies you know the way for me to
create new videos and stuff like that and if you follow me already on
Instagram right here it’s an awesome ‘silly oz follow me check that link in
the bio if you are interested in seeing all my pro strategies or you can just
wait and I’ll continue making more YouTube videos like this about them so
back into the link when you’re creating a link you want that link it’s most
people that I’ve seen in the real estate niche they just kind of have like their
website on there and it’s only their website just leads to the home page of
our website and that’s not a very good idea
I feel like that kind of what people do that they’re just like trying to show
off by hey I have a website but nobody really cares if you have a website they
want something that they that will provide value to them so it’s nice to
have your own website but if you can make a page on your website that is only
an opt-in page it doesn’t show the menu at the top it doesn’t have a footer at
the bottom the only thing on the page is yes I would like to download this 3 this
free thing that you will be giving them and there’s only
a box to enter their email and then the download button and then most people
don’t think okay let me just let me just link up that download button to the free
PDF that I’m gonna give and then yeah that’s that’s I get emails but the thing
with that is people just enter like BS emails so you’ll be getting a bunch of
fake emails and then they’ll just download it right away because let’s be
real nobody really wants to be email marketed to so the way to get around
that is to make them enter the real email you want to wait they don’t get
the download right away they have to enter their email and then the download
will be sent to their email so make sure you do that and that right there that’s
probably the most gold that’s probably the most gold piece of info that I could
give you for real estate marketing strategies especially we’re talking
about Instagram for real estate because leads on Instagram are so easy to get
using that strategy that I just told you about let’s go over it again one more
time for anyone who kind of is a little lost on that you’re blinking your bio of
your Instagram page it’s going to have opt-in page so you’re gonna click on the
link and it’s not going to take you to the homepage of your website it’s gonna
take you to a specifically made page that is going to give them something for
free your followers for free whether it be for me it’s my Instagram growth
strategy guide if you were in a fitness niche you would do like a diet plan or a
real estate agent I’m not really sure exactly what you guys can be giving away
I’m sure you guys know much more about that than I do
just think about something it’s info just think about some info that you
could give away that your target audience would be interested in and
downloading and the key part of this is because once you have their email
Instagram you don’t own your audience you own an email list so once you have
your email you own that email list and you like it’s never gonna go anywhere
you always have that Instagram like the internet could blow up or something
your account could get banned anything can happen but your email list you
always have access to so that’s number seven make sure you’re building your
email list using the link in your bio number eight make sure that you’re
always putting your username and the caption of your photos and some people
are like why would I put my username and the caption of my photos so they’re
already following the I don’t want them to go to my page and those people kind
of just don’t know what they’re talking about so that if you’re one of those
people kind of get over that and put your username in the caption of all of
your posts all of your future posts because if people read down to your cat
if people are reading your caption and they see your username they’re more
likely to click that username and then to click your username like of your post
you know you know how when you post and your usernames like right above it
they’re more likely to click on your username when it’s in the caption rather
than when it’s above like when you’re just posting and your name is just right
there yeah and I’m not just making that up
according to sprout social people are over 50 percent more likely to go to
your page when you when you tag your username in the caption and that means
that once they go to your page they’re gonna be checking out your profile
viewing your stories just seeing whether post you have maybe engaging on other
posts may be sending posts to their friends that they like and yeah it’s
just a great idea to lead to leave another way for people to view your page
that’s number eight put your cat put your username in the caption number nine
this might seem a little obvious for most of you but some of you just never
go on your feet on Instagram and you never really use hashtags either which
if you don’t use hashtags check out this video right here and it’ll tell just
made a video all about my hashtag strategy how I gained thousands of views
every day just using hashtags so check that out right here should be or maybe
it’s over here now I think it’s right here maybe it is over here actually I
don’t know one of these corners click on it hashtag strategy the hashtag
staircase strategy that I use I gain thousands of views every day using it
basically what you’re gonna be wanting to do is go into the biggest hashtag in
tarnish for real estate agents trying to boost their leads you would want to go
into real estate a hashtag real estate and then just start liking and
commenting and don’t just leave BS comments leave really good comments on
all the posts and the idea behind this is yes the
people who post those posts might see you and might follow you and might
engage with you but the idea is when you’re going to these huge hashtags and
you’re posting you’re commenting on the top posts that all of their followers
are going to see that or anyone else who views that hashtag is gonna see that and
they’re gonna see your posts they have a potential to see your posts not
everybody’s gonna see it and you’re not gonna see like crazy growth from this
but these are like the tart the very targeted leaves that you’re gonna be
getting especially if you go in like hashtag like I live in Chicago so if you
do like hashtag Chicago real estate I’m going to go to the top post embed and
then you like and comment on everyone in there that’s gonna be great for you
so not only just the hashtags you’re gonna also want to go in your feed like
your your home page where all the posts are and you’re gonna go in there and
just like and comment on all the posts all of them as many as you possibly can
because not only does that build like a great relationship with them they’re
gonna want to return the favor so when they see that you’re following them
first of all I’ll follow you and second if you like and comment on theirs and
it’s like a good comment then they’re gonna want to return the favor and
they’re gonna want to come to your page and your new posts and and leave a
comment like it may be tagged some of the friends thank new friends is key by
the way number 10 I kind of already touched on this but make sure you using
the right hashtags some people just kind of pick hashtags that are based around
what they’re kind of talking about like hash tag real estate and stuff like that
but you’re gonna want to use hashtags in a very specific way because you can be
taking hashtags that have like millions and millions of posts on them and you’ll
never be seen and then again you could do the opposite where you pick hashtags
that have like 500 posts under them and like nobody’s even looking at that
hashtag so you’re not gonna be seen again so there’s a certain hashtag
strategy that I use it’s called the hash tag staircase method it’s I made a whole
video about it it’s like eight minutes long click right here or right here I’m
not sure what corner it is one of these and it’s a whole video explaining my
hashtag staircase method it’s a strategy and how I gain thousands of views using
using hashtags make sure you go check it out it’s
really good and that’s ten ways to optimize your Instagram for real estate
and gaining more real estate leads histogram is definitely one of the best
real estate marketing strategies on the internet so definitely work on your
Instagram page set up that link optimize your profile make it look really good
and if you have any questions follow me on Instagram
send me a message at Ausmus illios and I’d be happy to help you out that’s ten
ways to optimize your Instagram for real estate leads I hope you liked the video
and if you did make sure you hit that like button you subscribe and when you
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