Instagram Ads For Real Estate Marketing – 56 Real Estate Leads Per Week!

Instagram Ads For Real Estate Marketing – 56 Real Estate Leads Per Week!

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I’m going to show you some Instagram ads for your real estate Marketing and I’m gonna walk through step by step showing you everything that you need to do to get your ads set up So you can generate more leads and then at the end I’ll show you guys how you can actually book more appointments from the leads that you’re generating now also really quick is a special bonus to all those who are watching this video right here right now you guys my 100% free facebook ads and Instagram ads mini-course All you got to do is type down below Instagram ads for realtors in the comment section and then I will share with you guys that course 100% free and also if you don’t mind go ahead and give this video a thumbs up if you guys have not already and With that said let’s jump in I want to show you guys exactly how to set up these Instagram ads if you’re a real estate agent to go through and maximize your marketing so Instagram is owned by Facebook So in order to go through and set up your Instagram ads you’re gonna have to go inside of the Facebook Ads manager So if we pull up our Facebook page right here What we can do is come here to the top to this create button right there and we’re gonna create an ad Alright now I’m gonna show you guys exactly everything step by step. So don’t worry. Just hang with me here And the first thing that we’re gonna do looks like I’ve already started one. So I’m just hit start over is for this example I’m gonna choose the lead generation marketing objective. Now what this is gonna do is it’s gonna create an Instagram Lead form also known as a Facebook lead form So when somebody goes through their Instagram feed and they see your ad they click on it. It’s gonna automatically pop up a form That’s gonna pre fill their name their phone number and their email address with whatever contact information Facebook or Instagram Have on file for that person out the great thing about this is that you have a lot less bogus leads coming in People just putting eight at eight five five five one, two, three, four four their their phone number and so what we’re gonna do is just go and click on lead generation right here and Then we’re gonna come down. Let’s give it a name. You could be whatever name you want So we’re just gonna say we’re gonna do the one two three main street listing campaign All right. Now let’s hit continue. And now at this point what we’re gonna do is we’re going to choose art We’re gonna choose our budget. This is where we choose where we place the ads So this is we’re going to say hey, we want this ad to show up on Instagram And so first we’re gonna go through we’re going to choose the Facebook page that we’re gonna post us from now the cool thing is with Instagram is if you don’t have an Instagram account that you’re actively marketing you can just have your Facebook page show up as the little profile section up there at the top but if you do have an Instagram account You can easily connect that and I’ll show you how to do that here in just a second. Okay now if we come down here Dynamic creative catalog all this stuff. We don’t really have to mess with the first thing You probably want to mess around with this down here in the location section so for this ad This is like one of the highest performing ads that I’ve seen I’ve been doing this for a number of years over four years now and that is going through if you have a Listing to market we want to go through and market that listing Okay And the great thing is you can get buyers for that listing and you also can get several buyers Even if that that listing may be a under contract or maybe closed owner contract you need other buyers for other Properties and you just get a lot of people. It’s kind of like a good little Bait right there to grab some more people So if you don’t have a listing you also can use a listing from someone else in your office. Okay? So for the location we want to go and we want to choose the city where we’re located So whatever city hit you’re in you’re just gonna type it in here. So let’s just say for this one We’ll say we’re in Eugene, Oregon now, I don’t know why that one pops my head, but we’ll do it Eugene Oregon and you can see the potential reach over here two hundred and sixty thousand Now one key thing that we want to do is we don’t want everyone in this location Okay, because this is going to cover all people traveling or whatever So we only want people who live in this location right there Can you see that dropped it down to two hundred and forty thousand people so there’s about twenty thousand people that don’t actually live there Now depending on the size of the city that you’re in You can see this is grabbing Eugene, Oregon with a 25 mile radius Well, you can easily come over here and you can change the radius to ten miles You can see this drop down to two and 10,000 people or if you are like a super rural town Okay, this still works, but you might need to up it’s about, you know, 50 miles or so, and you see his risk increase to 400,000 people on the potential reach now If you’re in some massive city like a Phoenix Chicago Dallas something like that You might want to come over here and just say the current city only now 160,000 people that’s not really that bad about an audience size So we’re just actually gonna stick with that for just Eugene, Oregon if you want a little bit bigger audience Like I say you can just go to cities within this radius you go 10 miles 25 and just like I showed you All right now coming down For the Aged we’re just gonna leave it as is Gender as is languages as is because face book they don’t really like how people will go through and discriminate and get very specific It’s funny that they still show these options, but they’re kind of moving away from that so the best thing to do is just leave those all completely open-ended and then as far as the detailed targeting I like to just leave it open That’s what I’ve seen the best results with and then if you do want to do something cool right here You can exclude certain people. So let’s say we want to exclude real estate Agents, okay, so we have right here a real estate agent broker. So we have a hundred nine thousand people Real estate agents sales person will type in that again So the reason why we do this is because you don’t necessarily want Other Realtors seeing your ads and jumping in opting in because they’re not real qualified leads right there Probably is more checking out what you’re doing with your Instagram marketing And so we just want to basically exclude all them, you know Honestly, if you guys don’t it’s not like the biggest deal in the world, but this it’s a nice little added benefit here okay now coming down we just leave all this as is and then for Placements what we’re gonna do is says automatic placements was just recommended which if you choose this option it’s a hundred percent fine But it’s not just focus on Instagram You’re gonna be marketing on Facebook on the newsfeed on the right-hand column there audience that will have gone all the different places that Facebook can go through and show your ads now if we are gonna go through and set this up specifically to Instagram which I’ve worked with a lot of Realtors guys in Instagram right now has Actually been performing extremely. Well Denise on our team She she’s a part-time real estate agent part-time works with us and she’s been saying how amazing the results have been With her Instagram posts or with her Instagram ads. So that is why I’m shoot this video So you guys can see exactly What I’ve shown her to do and what she’s doing and what’s working for her so you can see what will actually work for you As well, so we just click on edit placements right here and then down here says all devices recommended We’ll just leave that right there. And then the platform’s. Okay. Do you want Facebook audience Network messenger? We’re just gonna choose Instagram, all right and then coming down here, we’re just gonna do the Instagram newsfeed. So this stories right here We’re actually gonna check this off right now And basically if you’re unfamiliar with Instagram the difference between the newsfeed and the stories So Instagram newsfeed is when you just pull up Instagram You’re scrolling through the feed that’s gonna show up the ad right there and then the stories is those little Circles up at the top where people can kind of do short little videos that they disappear after a little bit of time that is what stories are but for this example, we’re just gonna do the Instagram feed and I’ll show you guys. Why here in just a second? So we’ll just scroll down we’re done with all this and then what we want to do is set our daily budget right now If you’re in a smaller like a more rural town or an intermediate size town or something like that you can get away With like a $10 per day budget now if you’re in a big city if you’re like in an LA and New York a Chicago Dallas anything like that, I highly recommend going with $20 per day for your budget and you might be thinking oh Jason I don’t have the the advertising budget to go through and put $20 per day into Instagram Well, the truth is your lead costs might be a little bit higher in these bigger cities but also the price of your homes are a lot higher and So the commission that you’re making is actually going to be a lot more than some of those smaller towns like with say for example Eugene, Oregon Okay. So for this example just say $10 per day and then coming down We’re just going to leave all this as is and then we’ll hit continue now this is where we’re actually set up the Facebook ad of showing every one of the ad of what we’re actually gonna be showing to everyone Okay And this is as I mentioned a little earlier Where you can choose the Instagram account you want to go through and mark it from now. This is my personal Instagram account if you want to go through and add another one you can easily add another one just go to the page settings Right there. Alright. So now we want to do once we got our Instagram account all checked out right there what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna actually do a Carousel format and that’s because we can go and add Multiple images and if we’re marketing a listing we want to be able to show them the front-of-house we want to show them the kitchen Maybe some bedrooms maybe family room and so we’re able to add multiple images right here. Okay So now what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna come over here and I’m gonna upload a few images right here So what we do is we just come in here. I’ve already actually uploaded the first one right here So I’ve got this is actually my house that we just recently moved into And so we I like to start always with the exterior of the home Okay, and then all we do is come over here to the image number two, we select an image and then maybe we come in here and we’ll show The kitchen right there. Okay, so we’ll hit continue and then we’ll come over here image number three select an image and If we need to upload images if you want to upload it from your desktop, that’s just how you do it right there Super easy. Let’s do the family room right there We’ll upload that and then if you want to add more images, you can just hit this plus button. You see right there So we’ll do four Select image. We’ll come over upload a bedroom right here And then last one we’ll just do one more here really quick Okay, I can’t reach once I’ve uploaded so we’ll just use this from right here Alright, so once you have all of the images uploaded right here, you can see down here This is the little dots there where if someone’s on their Instagram newsfeed they can just kind of like flip through easily and see all the images that you’ve uploaded of the home and then What you want to do for the headline just something simple like, you know brand a new home in the Eugene Area, I think I spelled that wrong Eugene area or whatever community you live in something like that, but honestly the headlines not actually gonna show up on Instagram So this is not super crucial And then coming down here as far as the primary text. That’s what’s gonna show up in that description. Now what I’ve got Is I’ve got this copy and paste Facebook ad copy right here Instagram ad copy if you want to call it and all we do is just throw it in here so new this easy before anyone else five beds and you could even say you know, like say for Bass or whatever it is click below so we’re just gonna change us a little bit click below to get Click below to get price and more pics And once again guys if you guys want this Facebook ad copy All you got to do is just comment down below just like I said earlier and I will share that with you guys 100% Free Facebook Ads mini course, right? So then it kind of goes through and tells a little bit more about the home Ok, so then we just down here We’ll just throw this down here again. Click below to get the price some more pics. Boom So now as someone’s scrolling through if they hit more they’re gonna see all of this information right there They’re gonna be able to flip through and see everything that we’ve got going on And then we see where it says sign up right here. I don’t really love having to say sign up So I usually like to do learn more. Okay, so learn more like I’m curious I’m interested about this listing I want to learn more so you go through they click learn more And so this is the actual app now once they click on this ad we need to create what’s called the lead capture Form, okay, so we’re gonna come down here and we’re just gonna create a new form right here You can see we’ve got several other ones that are created already We’re just gonna do a new form and we’ll give this a name. Okay, so we’re just gonna say 1 2 3 Main Street Alright, then form tight Oh Warm tight more volume. That’s perfect intro right there You can kind of give it a headline basically just go through and give it exactly what you were saying before so like brand new home in the Eugene Area and then you can basically copy and paste the same text that you had before in the earlier one So actually let’s just go through We’ll just copy that Just doing this quick for you guys So you can we see the quick run-through and the questions I usually like to grab their name their phone number and their email address Okay. So what we’re gonna want to do right here is add a new question and Let’s see user information Contact fields phone number boom. So I like to go through and usually do their first name first email then phone number and then the privacy policy you come in here and all you got to do is just add a link to Your privacy policy and if you don’t have a privacy policy, you could just use your Facebook page URL for right now Okay, and then the Thank You screen. This is after they’ve gone through and they’ve entered in all their information. It says, thanks You’re all set Your info has been sent to Jayson Wardrop and then hit done or if they click on view website You can add a link to your own personal website or out to your Facebook page All right Now obviously you can go through and you can edit this information If you’d like to you can say hey view website download call business You could have like a link to call out to your phone number. Okay, so now we’re just gonna hit good eggs out of that once you’re done obviously haven’t finished that all up just hit finish and Then once you’ve got all ready to go you’re gonna come down here and then you’re gonna kick confirm Obviously there’s an error because we didn’t finish up the leave form right there But you can’t confirm and then it’s gonna take maybe you know Maybe an hour to go through and have facebook review your ad and everything, but then you’re set you’re ready to go So anyway guys that was a complete Instagram ad set up If you are a realtor looking to go through and boost your marketing instagram has been an amazing platform to go and market your business for just a fraction of the cost in the the thing is once leads come in here and if you guys want me to go in detail on how to actually do the follow up the emails the text messages all that I’ll Also add a link down below in the comment section I’ll pin it to the very top comment and I’ll show you guys exactly how to do the automated email and text messaging follow-up So you’re not just generating leads, but you’re actually booking more appointments From those leads are generated because honestly you can do a generate 100 leads per day and it really just doesn’t matter if you’re not Booking appointments so go down click that link right below Jump on that’s another 100 percent free training. I like to offer you guys as much free value as possible So go check that out They’ll dive a little bit deeper into the lead generation process as well as the email text marketing Follow-up and how you can go and book more appointments to close more deals now Hope you guys enjoy this video. If you did go ahead give it a thumbs up Also, if you guys want that Facebook Instagram ads mini course just drop a comment down below Also if you are brand new here Make sure you subscribe Because we launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I’ll catch you in the next video

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