this is the largest living room in New
York City spanning over 3,000 square feet with 21 foot high ceilings my name
is Erik Conover and I’m going to take you on a tour of this one of a kind of
luxury apartment in New York City let’s go this duplex home is a whopping
14 thousand 539 square feet atop the world’s first Art Deco skyscraper built
in 1927 it has unobstructed views of the Statue of Liberty with over 40,000
square feet of top-of-the-line amenities included home to one of the largest
living rooms in New York City it’s listed exclusively by core real estate
asking just under 40 million dollars now if you’re already subscribed to my
channel you know that in this series we tour the most incredible luxury
apartments in New York City and we have some pretty ridiculous apartments coming
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today I’m doing a walkthrough with one of the top real estate brokers in the
city hi I’m Shawn Asher I’m the CEO of core the number one boutique residential
real estate company in New York City I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years
I’ve sold close to ten billion dollars worth of real estate in my career today
I’m at 100 Berkeley the penthouse and have the pleasure of showing Eric
Conover this incredible space Harry you’re in for a real treat
welcome to the penthouse at 100 Berkeley I will say that in the 30 years of
apartments that I’ve sold this is one of the if not the most spectacular I don’t
know of another foyer where you get a window this size almost 20 feet actually
more than 20 feet high it’s actually kind of tough to get a perspective of
how big these floor-to-ceiling windows are without seeing someone standing next
to them the views from this apartment are unreal the apartment is perfectly
aligned with the Empire State Building and because of the zoning laws in
Tribeca there are unobstructed views of all
Manhattan in one sight line having views like this it’s incredibly dynamic and
just watching how the city evolved dramatically as day it turns in tonight
and the city comes alive when you look at this building from the outside you
know this is one of those buildings that when you’re on the street you look up
and you go wow that’s one of the most beautiful New York buildings we’re
actually standing in that space this building is built out of bricks and you
couldn’t replicate this build in today’s world you know these bricks
were laid brick by brick and that’s not how they build buildings today so you’re
really buying a piece of the New York City skyline here and you’re buying a
piece of craftsmanship that’s irreplaceable welcome to one of the
biggest living room in New York City in my 30 years of doing this have not seen
a bigger living room the one word I get from people when they walk into the
space is wow I mean that really describes this room and I think this is
the quintessential Wow New York City penthouse apartment you
know the kind that you would think your superhero lives in in Gotham City or
Manhattan this is the Bruce Wayne apartment what Tony Stark I love the
Marvel movies and it’s in the new one oh yeah oh yeah I’ve seen it twice oh this
is Tony Stark’s apartment actually I should probably call him because Robert
Downey would be a good buyer for this thank you for that we’ll go through you
know sections of this living room because it’s so big and it’s something
that is pretty remarkable is the buyer for this probably has a
significant art collection and that’s a great challenge when people buy in these
glass towers with floor-to-ceiling glass there’s not much wall space the beauty
of this space is there is more art wall space here than any other apartment I’ve
ever seen so when you look at these walls they’re
a canvas for great artwork relative to the space these pieces of furniture may
seem small but you know this C shaped couch over here could seat comfortably
15 people this l-shaped couch over here could easily seat 10 people the true
beauty of the space is that you can fit two coffee tables in an area and not
feel like one is imposing on the other and then over here you have a dining
area now this is a huge dining room table that seats 10 very comfortable
spaces what’s better than standing or sitting at the head of this table and
looking at the Hudson River with boats passing because this penthouses faces
west door in golden hour the apartment walls turn into almost this living art
museum with the shadows dancing across the oversized wall the warm color that
the Sun creates instantly changes the entire feel of the space as opposed to a
cloudy day if you’re the kind of person who loves to entertain this is the
ultimate entertaining space I think you could easily fit 300 people
in this living room just the living room not the rest
the apartment and be very comfortable you know if you need to lounges and a
dining room and a Reading area in one room this is it now as we’re moving
through this living room the 21 foot windows give you some of the most unique
and breathtaking views no matter where you’re looking in this apartment like
straight down below you had the lively West Side Highway then looking south you
have the cleanest view of the Statue of Liberty at sunset I mean it almost looks
like a painting and then what’s really cool is that this corner creates an
intimate moment in a space with this much volume which is really unique you
would think in a room this intimidating and big you wouldn’t be able to have
intimate moments but you know this is an example of one corner that kind of has
that feeling about it part of the beauty of these pre-war buildings is that
they’ve got moments and elements the walls aren’t flat there are really
interesting details like exposed columns and then this is one of them which has
got this little nook where you can actually seat people there a couple of
them in this room you can never have enough storage
even in 14,500 square feet I hope you put things up there you have a ladder
those are things the buyers not gonna worry about when you buy an apartment
like this you don’t worry about how you’re gonna change the light bulb
speaking of lights most pet houses only have one single grand chandelier due to
the sheer size of this living room you’re able to equip the space with not
one but three custom lighting fixtures they add a modern touch to such a
classic space so I’m moving from this intimate corner here we’ve set this up
like an office area but what a cool space to come home work or work from
home turn around look at the Statue of Liberty this right behind us is one
World Trade Center which is actually kind of a glass Moreau facade and what’s
very cool about that is you can see your reflection of this building in that
facade so let’s go from the living room into the kitchen area really has every
appliance a chef would ever need actually if you stood underneath this
hood you would be sucked out of the building that’s a joke yeah this is a deep fryer I mean I think
the owner of this apartment probably won’t use the deep fryer because they’re
probably like one of those really healthy foot people but you know this
would make great french fries you’ve got induction you’ve got six gas
burner you’ve got a grill two ovens everything is gagging now which is the
best appliance that is made in the market today and this is truly a chef’s
kitchen of course there’s a wine storage as every penthouse should have so it’s
kind of like a service entrance into the kitchen if you’re catering and you want
people to be servicing from the kitchen it’s the living room this is a back
entrance where they can do it this is the lap of luxury like it is walking
through the kitchen there’s actually another prep sink over there and this is
kind of an informal dining area this is where you’d probably eat lunch maybe
have breakfast hang out have a cup of coffee it’s a much more smaller intimate
livingroom space with a wood-burning fireplace on two sides also very cool
you can stand here and you look over santiago calatrava oculus which is
pretty spectacular so the other side of fireplace has got this bigger lounge
area and what’s really cool about this is it’s got this fully serviced wet bar
and pretty much anything you would need to entertain and serve drinks to all of
your guests so you know this place is a duplex because you saw the stay case
let’s take a look upstairs this is a temporary staircase but I think this is
a real design moment for someone who’s gonna buy the space it’s an
architectural opportunity to have someone come in and design something
that is a sculptural piece of this living room and I’ve sold apartments for
millions of dollars with stay cases that have cost millions of dollars the buyer
of this also gets with a 40,000 square feet of amenities in the building you
have a 24-hour doorman concierge you have a swimming pool you have a spa they
have a fitness center you have a conference room you have a movie theater
40,000 square feet of amenities in addition to this 14,500 square feet of
private space so now we’re going from public space to private space
and we left this raw so this area here would be part of the private space and
by private I mean bedrooms study servants quarters home office gym this
section here is bigger than most apartments in New York City you know
this allows for the most flexibility for the potential buyer by then I mean you
know there’s mechanicals already in the space plumbing electric air conditioning
heating just to put that in perspective all of the finished space I showed you
the living room the kitchen the dining room is less than 50% of the home that
the buyer would be buying here which makes this apartment officially the
largest single unit that we’ve toured on my channel and that’s something pretty
special comment down below more New York City if you want to see more luxury
apartment tours want to give a huge thanks to my friend Sean here for
showing us this incredible apartment it was fun and if you’re interested in
buying this apartment make sure to get in contact with my friend Sean also go
follow core real estate on Instagram and YouTube and with that I will see you in
the next video

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