Inside Neil Patrick Harris’s Captivating Brownstone Home | Open Door

Inside Neil Patrick Harris’s Captivating Brownstone Home | Open Door

100 thoughts on “Inside Neil Patrick Harris’s Captivating Brownstone Home | Open Door

  1. Love everything except the dead animals poor monkeys and birds

  2. Didn't know I wanted Neil's house until now

  3. Literally looks like how I imagine 'How I Met Your Mother' if it was a house XD Especially the pub scene part.

  4. Why they are living together? Are they buddies?

  5. Beautiful couple and family. And a beautiful home.

  6. They’re so cute together!

  7. their crib looks like a place of an old rich couple

  8. Is that the one comedians voice jn the animatronic polly? The one from lion king or Aladdin?

  9. I love those ald brownstones

  10. He spent $172,500 for the Haunted Mansion stretching portrait.

  11. I still can’t believe that Barney mf stinson is gay like he’s the last person I would’ve expected

  12. Materialistic narcissist need to bribe their guest.   Like minature trumps. So gross!!!

  13. That flip book is way cool, so much neat stuff in that house!

  14. love it…it's like living in PeeWee's PLayhouse NY style

  15. Oh God!!!!! we got ourselves a couple of FRUIT CAKES this Christmas.

  16. Neil & David are so funny!! I love them so muuuuch ❤❤

  17. They are my favorite couple. I love them so much ❤❤

  18. Ghost Pianooo

  19. Can anyone help me find the song?? I searched the lyrics but I think it's too old for even the internet

  20. You know, this would be a pretty cool place after all the the kitsch is taken out.

  21. You might enjoy this ROUSING Sugar Daddy performance by Neil.

  22. I love their home!

  23. Thought that was the blonde guy from one direction

  24. is that an Elliot Hundley piece on the wall behind the parrot?

  25. I thought he was just pretending to be gay to get all the girls


  26. Before I turned on the sound I thought he had an English accent 🤣

  27. There better be monkey shoulder at the monkey bar 🙂

  28. Absolutely amazing. Fun, mystery, and glamour wrapped in love. I have been a fan of Neil’s since I was a young girl. And I still am.🥰

  29. Kings of Halloween AND Christmas? I'm here for it

  30. Pool table or a poker table should be near that bar

  31. They’re so extra and I’m here for it

  32. Hrmmm… seems a bit incomplete. Guess they just don't have any bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc….. How odd.

  33. Why wasn’t the kitchen in the video?

  34. Ted Mosby, Architect

  35. it's lovely to see that there is always family spirit in every single thing in the house

  36. If Count Olaf got the fortune 😀😂

  37. They're fried

  38. Guests leave a note in the guest book? Is that a celebrity thing only?

  39. Wow, fanciest house ever. And those guys are living in Edwardian times, right?

  40. Omg I didn’t know he was married to scooter❤️

  41. i love the ornaments on the family tree

  42. Amazing Christmas Tree)Real Magic!❤🎄🎁

  43. So, Neil just lives in a more classy Barney apartment?!

  44. Beautiful and homey. Happy fun couple and their beautiful children.

  45. "we got married in the year of the wood… Heheh" that's barney right there

  46. I had no idea he was gay tbh

  47. 1:10 music, anyone? It's a very popular song…

  48. I guess carbon footprint and it’s impact on our climate only applies to common folks. Not celebrities…. Waiting for his endorsement of a democrat socialist candidate for president.. Cause everyday Americans TRULY care what rich celebrities have to say! Hypocrisy at its finest!

  49. Rare to see such a luxe home still feel so homey <3 absolutely love this

  50. It´s more like a Museum

  51. 4:26 This is the years "wood" chuckles
    10:26 This are stage "nutcrackers" snickers
    Neil your Barney is showing

  52. Beautiful house

  53. No kitchen?

  54. Nice

  55. he's not even gay he just pretends to be that way to get girls (and it went way too far)

  56. it feels clustered

  57. Their house would also work great as the set of a horror film. Or maybe it's just me.🤷‍♀️

  58. casually walking past a kehinde wiley painting oh my gosh this art collection

  59. I wonder which one it is. Going through Harlem to get to the Otherside East Harlem let me see a good chunk of the brownstones. They always just remind me of hey Arnold.

  60. I knew he was gay!

  61. I think they have a beautiful house. I love the money bar! I also like a house that you can live in. Their house doesn’t seem very kid friendly. The family room is cool but it still looks like it meant for the parents not the kids to enjoy. I figure I will get to have these kind of rooms when my kids are grown but they probably have other rooms for their kids to be kids in.

  62. I'm very happy that these two are together its the best and I don't mean to sound homophobic but it's really a shame that Neil Patrick Harris is gay.

  63. So that's what Barney has been up to huh? What about Robin tho? Did he forget about her?

  64. I wonder if they still have their home in Cali. I think Oprah visited them many years ago and there was a house tour. Neil has/had a secret room that was dedicated to his love of magic.

  65. Beautiful people, beautiful home, beautiful life. If I have half of what they have when I grow up, I’ll be a lucky gal 🙂

  66. The stairs wow

  67. Even my fake trees have needles fall 😭🥴 I guess $300 isn’t expensive enough.

  68. I really like the Monkeys above the bar, they are all positioned strategically to see and then not hear and not speak about any conversation heard around the bar as well. We all know that bar conversations are pricelessly.

  69. Bring back the new Spiderman animated series

  70. It needs a reboot

  71. no bedroom shots? lol

  72. How I met your father

  73. It's like a history museum

  74. 2:49 Glory hole? 😵

  75. BROOO NO WAY. Today I just found out that this was not fr a six from Malcolm in the middle. I was like damn first Malcolm in the middle and then how I met your mother and my sister said that’s not him they are two different people so I looked him up on google and it blew my mind cause I always thought they were the same people my whole life

  76. Hole in the wall…. "peephole" ….errrrmmmm, ok:)

  77. Only Americans can have wine on tap. #facepalm

  78. This is one of the COOLEST houses I’ve ever seen

  79. That flip book is something you’ll see in a horror movie: it’ll flip by itself then you’ll see some scary force manifest itself in the flip book. While that spooky gramophone plays.

  80. Two floors is all we saw….not even a kitchen. Most of these homes are for show and are not really lived in by any of the people showing them. Sadly, basically reminds of how much disposable money they have. Aka money to freely waste on things you can use as write-offs on your taxes.

  81. No bedroom and bathroom?? That's fine. Very nice home, cute couple. I love the art on the walls and their Christmas decorations were home-y and not stuffy like some other homes… Those glass cases looked odd though, out of place, like they are from a museum. I loved the parrot! That was so funny. Super nice home guys!!!

  82. That Haunted Mansion painting is the best-est! 😉

  83. Is that birdv real >>> You have to take it eveywhere to LA etc hmmm

  84. "Suit UP!"

  85. wait…is he gay?

  86. When that bird started moving I was like wtf

  87. They have such cool decor like that flip book frame was amazing plus I like that they have a whole dresser dedicated for prizes for guests to receive what a fun treat is that?!?!

  88. No one would hate gay people if they acted like this

  89. 3:34 those are called Gandhi’s monkeys and are quite famous in India.
    The one covering his eyes means—do not see evil.
    Do not speak evil
    Do not listen to evil.

  90. I am David with my tree! Haha

  91. Money don't buy taste! Very old fashion with dark brown oufff hell noooo

  92. 4:24 when your hoping NPH isnt actually gay.. then he just drives the final nail in the coffin

  93. And that's why we need communism 😉

  94. Looking at the size of that house I'm guessing he got his hands on that baudalauire fortune 😂

    EDIT: a series of unfortunate events fans will understand

  95. Don't these two urban gents know that there actually is a restaurant and bar called The Monkey Bar, on East 54th, located in the Hotel Elysee? And it was featured in an episode of "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee".

  96. Did Ted design it?

  97. Years ago in the 80's I wanted to buy a Brownstone in Harlem…everyone thought I was nuts they were like no money now they are worth millions! Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda…I can relate about the perfect tree! But I did let the kids put their Star Wars ornaments and Marilyn Ornaments on the tree! Great video AD!

  98. If me and my future partner don’t have the same energy, then I’m fighting literally everyone including the spirits of the west(not you ancestors and spirits of African spiritual religions) but the other ones.

  99. I appreciate the history of the house but it looks like it would be so damn depressing living in that house. Might be because it's all warm colors.

  100. there such a cute couple

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