Inside Alabama’s largest house

Inside Alabama’s largest house

Meet the man behind Alabama’s largest house. Former Medpartners executive Larry House built a 50,000 square feet of unmatched luxury in the rolling hills just south of Birmingham, Alabama. I’m you host Marty Roach and this is Alabama’s largest home. Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a house slightly smaller than the White House. For 9.9 million dollars you can find out first hand. The home is up for sale after an auction last October fell through. That’s a steal as the home was built for the whopping cost of 30 million dollars. Experience and equestrian center fit for a queen. Drive it down the middle on one of America’s best golf courses, Shoal Creek which will host the 2018 U.S. Women’s Open. If sports isn’t your thing cool off in Alabama’s first residence to use a geothermal HVAC. Or drink some expensive bubbly from your 2,000 bottle capacity wine cellar. Take a stroll through the main foyer and marvel at the hand painted mural telling the life story of Asclepius, the Greek God of medicine. When you are tired of the main house stroll through the 3,000 square foot guest house. Style, luxury, elegance, convenience. 7 Montagel way has it all. I’m Marty Roach for Alabama’s biggest house.

52 thoughts on “Inside Alabama’s largest house

  1. How times are you guys gonna feature this house?
    February 20, 2014
    February 21, 2014
    February 21, 2014
    September 22, 2015
    October 28, 2015
    October 31, 2015
    February 09, 2016
    Stop being lazy.

  2. My gosh this house is mighty close

  3. This site is awesome! It picks out the best investment opportunities in Alabama, and every state!

  4. I'm pretty sure if I bought this house my first night alone in it I would pee the bed from being so scared and lonely.

  5. I appreciate just having a roof over my head. Spending this much money on a house seems ridiculous to me.

  6. The English accent sounds kinda fake..

  7. Loved the fruity voice over – reminded me of the old 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous".

  8. that is not a house,,, it's a castle, and with it comes a nasi to control it,,,,,, lacking everything that makes a HOME

  9. Sharks machinez

  10. This house is about 30 min from me and I never knew about it. Lol

  11. Fuck that’s cheap, $9 million in Australia doesn’t go too far

  12. Sweet home Alabama

  13. Cost bout a mil per year just in taxes

  14. hello  my name  is  david  can you call me  2162354748

  15. but its Alabama sooooooooooo…………

  16. Incredible voice

  17. I didn't even realize there were any rich Persians in Alabama.

  18. #$###$#$# e

  19. Who builds smthn this luxurious in ALABAMA??

  20. I would make this into a hotel.

  21. Style, luxury, elegance. Only problem is, it's in Alabama.

  22. All that for 10Million ?

  23. this is garbage

  24. Love the staircase

  25. I delivered to this guy. His house had dead bugs everywhere and he didn't even tip and was pretty rude too. Lol. It seemed like he was only staying in a little corner of the house as well.

  26. Who didnt think that it was gonna be Nick Saban's house before video started?

  27. How much you take fer the shack if I pay cash?

  28. I want it so bad I live in Alabama but don't have enough

  29. House from the show Dynasty

  30. I bet that heating bill is a whopper!

  31. Alabama. Got shit problems but id be damned if what's good about it isnt some of the best qualitys in the hole country

  32. Asking 9.9 million but it cost 30 million to build?

  33. Am I the only dumbass that was amused by the fact that his last name is House?

  34. It's crazy to think that a house that had a cost well over 20 million to build would sell for 4.1 million in 2017

  35. It took over $30mill to build it, and they are selling it for $10mill!!!It's a steal!

  36. only 9.9 for that? sheesh that's a bargain

  37. $9.9 million? That's a little bit steep.. You can buy the Whole state for $12 million..

  38. The blissfully stupid people of the south strike again. This house is a mess. Anyone who builds a wedding cake staircase is trash personified. I'm from NY so i know.

  39. Talk about the meaning of money laundering this is it!

  40. My house is only 8000 square foot i want that house so bad

  41. Sold for 4.9 million

  42. I use to stay there

  43. what the hell I'll buy the dog gone HOUSE!!!! U only live ONCE!!!

  44. Which he got by denying Alabamans health care. Sorry.

  45. i wonder how many double-wides from Etowah county can fit in that…

  46. Is this Donald Trump accent??

  47. First ever porn house full of sibling and cousins

  48. I think most millionaires, billionaires would not want to live in Alabama that's the reason why it's not selling.

  49. Tacky

  50. Thats a steal. Guest house twice as big as mine lol. Us damn poor folks

  51. great …….

  52. No one wants to live in Alabama at any price 🤣

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