Indian Student House In America |USA| One Lakh Rent Per Month!!!

Indian Student House In America |USA| One Lakh Rent Per Month!!!

Buenos Dias Como Estas So am not speaking any magical language It means Good morning and How are you? So I was leaning espanol from few days Because I have lot of friends from south america So today I will give my house tour Because alot of my friends where asking me that where do you live and what your house look like So I don”t post everything on You tube because I can’t take my camera everywhere So I post my live moments on my Instagram stories so it’s like my small YouTube so go and follow me there Happy with subtitles like it right now!! So before giving the house tour I will take you to the university because I just saw my friends snap and there is INDIAN food in dining hall After returning from they we will continue the House tour So we are at the university now we have a buffet here in Wellness kitchen Every student at Auburn University has a Tiger card (University Debit Card) And you have to pay 350$ per semester and you can use it anywhere in the campus for food And this buffet is the most expensive one it’s like 15$ for lunch This buffet is the most expensive because it is athletic center buffet and the food is especially for Auburn athletes We just came here for the Indian food you have here today!! So there is Chicken with spicy tomato gravy, Bombay Aloo(Indian version of french fries) and then a vegetable gravy with basmati rice The reason why it’s called atheltic centre buffet because its espacialy made for atheletes with high protien and low carbs American football here is as popular as cricket in India I started my meal from some fruits YOU CAN EAT ALL YOU WANT HERE Sorry for the audio quality I forget my Microphone at home Here you put your used dishes Let’s have the main course The food is super tasty There is an Indian restaurant but It’s not good as this it is more Americanized I think… But this food is like authentic Indian food This is Rasna(Instant Indian energy drink) and It’s called Vitamin water here and Its like 3$ here but in India its 2$ for more than 20 Glasses Alot of you might be thinking that I eat beef items but I do not Most of Indian students eat after coming here and the excuse they have for this is that they are not religious It’s not about religion its about being an Indian From ancient time cow is our pet A cow can love you and shed tears for you, just like humans. It is not about the cow, it is about any animal that shows human emotions. ” The cow is not just an animal. It is part of the family. You drink the cow’s milk. Children are taught that the cow is like a second mother. It is part of the culture. So when you cut the cow and eat it, it is aesthetically impossible in the Indian mind. Most of people don’t understand that and they say it’s about religion So we are at home now I will put my microphone ON and show you around So I couldn’t able to shoot on that day as I was tired This is the backyard of my house it’s nice and green great for backyard party It’s a 3 BHK(Bedroom Hall Kitchen) home with a Laundry room People don’t hang there clothes out to dry we use dryer here But we don’t use dishwasher here because I am use to do it manually and its also electricity and water efficent My new roommate just moved here so house is mess right now Many students live in apartments here and that fully furnished but we didn’t get that in our home So it’s little cheap than that and you can buy used furniture all the time from graduate students Our rent is 1000$ a month and we split it and we pay more 3 to 4 hundred dollars for utilities We share everything and I pay the most around 350$ just for room because I have the biggest room If you haven’t Like and commented this video Please do it now and also share it with your friends So my total rent is around 35k in Indian currency and my roommates pay like 30k Like in Canada students shares bedroom no one does it here to save money I use to live in apartments before when I paid my living to university so I just moved here in this semester So you have watched my house and there is also a horse farm next to my house and it’s nice and green everywhere If you wanna watch more videos like this please subscribe and like!! I was only going to upload travel Vlogs but a lot of people on Instagram who want to come and get education here message me to help in this so I will also upload some of this

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