Indecent Proposal (3/8) Movie CLIP – Never Negotiate Without Your Lawyer (1993) HD

Indecent Proposal (3/8) Movie CLIP – Never Negotiate Without Your Lawyer (1993) HD

Should have been 2.Our lawyer–
son of a bitch–
caved in on us.That won’t
happen again. We’re gonna get a lawyer
that’s tough, savvy. Someone that’ll step
on his grandmother
for us.[intercom buzzes][woman on intercom]
david murphy would like
to speak to you.He says it’s urgent.Put him on the speaker. This is an old college buddy.
Only take a second. Davey, I’m in a meeting.
What’s up?We need you
to close a deal.What kind of deal?A big deal.Ooh. Big deal.
Go on.We’re in vegas
at the hilton.We met john gage.
Know who he is?Sure, I know. He’s a billionaire And a major poon hound.He is?Go on.He offered us, uh,
a million dollars.A million dollars? For what, your kidneys?For one night
with diana.What do you mean? One night like…Yes.Could you excuse me
for a second? L-l-let me
get this straight. Um, he offered you
a million dollars For a night
with your wife,As in your wife
diana?And you
agreed to it?I don’t know
what to say. How could you do
something like that? How could you
negotiate without me? Never negotiate
without your lawyer.
Never! For a woman like diana, I could have gotten you
at least 2 million! You don’t want
to get screwed And then screwed. Stay, please.
This is damage control. Two seconds.
Eat cookies.You don’t understand.
We’ve heard enough.You’re hired. You’re our man.
We love your style. Great. Gladys, check
the gentlemen’s schedules. Call me next week? Wednesday?
See you then.
Great. Thanks for coming. Thank you. No. Thank you.Thank you.David, before
we go any further, Let’s, um… Let’s get
the moral issue
out of the way. Leave that to us. I was referring
to my fee. I get 5%.

33 thoughts on “Indecent Proposal (3/8) Movie CLIP – Never Negotiate Without Your Lawyer (1993) HD

  1. I love this scene – very funny 🙂

  2. Hardly ever saw a scene that was less funny….*yaaawn*

  3. Watch A Really Indecent Proposal here:

  4. Best scene in an otherwise poor movie.

  5. "Never negotiate without your lawyer! Never! For a woman like Diana, I could've gotten you at least 2 million!"

  6. LOL! 😂😂😂

  7. Lol "No stay, there's cookies. Cookies are coming."

  8. Someone forgot that the a wife ( or husband ) is not up for negotiation. No deal ; period.

  9. AT LAST, an honest lawyer.

  10. @1:53 what kind of fucken wave is that??!! 🤔 it's like, blink blink blink….stupid ass wave! 😒

  11. Unforgettable scene… 25 years later I still remember it from top to bottom. Excellent!

  12. Typical jew lawyer

  13. I dont know what to say….lol

  14. Lawyer : "Let's get the moral issue out of the way"
    David : "Leave that to us"
    Lawyer : "I'm talking about my fee …. it's 5%"


  15. So much for client confidentiality.

  16. these American are so superficial

  17. Yeah, taking the phone off speaker really helped keep it more confidential.

  18. All four major characters acted excellent

  19. Saul liked this video!!!

  20. The movie's ending sucked. It takes a lot of joy out of viewing.

  21. Cookies, cookies are coming

  22. 5% and he's a friend??

    I use to say goodbye like the bald dude when I was a car salesmen
    kinda like a grab-away, wave goodbye.

  23. "poon-hound" LMAO

  24. Excellent scene to offset the tone.


  26. fozzy from daredevil looks just like him

  27. When demi kisses the dice . I can imagine my knob as a substitute .

  28. 1:46 Miles Teller before Miles Teller.

  29. How do you think this would end up in actual life? Just what happen the gorgeous wife starts thinking this old guy ain't bad in bed. Why should I stay with a guy who allowed another man to fuck me for a price. Who got fucked up because I did what he wanted me to do. Now the billionaire tells her he wouldn't share her with anyone she is going to end up with more than a million she's going to be the billionaire’s wife. Hollywood gave it the fuzzy feel-good ending. But I bet it would end just the way it was before what they tagged on for their ending.

  30. he looks like Gene E from ATHF

  31. I like the way the guy with glasses is waving goodbye

  32. 5% to the lawyer, and I'm sure the IRS would be looking for their cut.

  33. Oliver Platt we love u

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