If I Lived in Barbie’s Dream House!

If I Lived in Barbie’s Dream House!

Hi I’m Barbie welcome to my channel Okay guys so hello! This video I’ve been so excited about for so long I get to be a Barbie for a day I was like really obsessed with dolls when I was younger I played Polly pockets, barbies, brats, myscence So for today’s challenge I want you to comment down below and let me know what doll you played with the most and I am going to sing the beginning of the barbie song Hi Barbie Hi Ken Do you want to go for a ride? Sure Ken I don’t know why I am doing this Okay let’s be done with that Let’s get into the video *phone rings* Hi Barbie. Hi Ken. You wanna go for a ride? Sure Ken. Jump in. I’m a barbie girl In a barbie world So that was it for my video I hope you like seeing my dream beach Malibu mansion Make sure to come back next week I post new videos every Tueday That’s it. And I will see you guys next time Byee

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  2. 1:26
    Chloe: I'm a professional make up artist
    Actual make up artist: you don't have a permit your not legally a professional
    Chloe: shut up yes I am!

  3. Who makes the houses

  4. Do 24 hours challenge in the sea

  5. I wish I had my room like yours like that are you making

  6. I wish my route going to be like yours that

  7. Your hot

  8. Non

  9. Anjali the long legged ones and a flexible

  10. I love jor widijous

  11. Barbie

  12. American Girl dolls lol

  13. I play with lots of Barbies and American girls

  14. Barbie doll

  15. l.o.l suprise

  16. Plz wear bikini

  17. Barbie

  18. Do a pure deneracen

  19. barbie

  20. I played with baby alive the most lol

  21. Hi

  22. Barbie

  23. Barbie

  24. I like your room

  25. American girl

  26. Barbies

  27. What is the need to blow dry your hair if it is already dry

  28. Lols

  29. lols

  30. Barbie

  31. Monster high dolls

  32. Wow wow so cute

  33. والله ماحولك احد حمدالله وشكر

  34. Barbie but i dont really like em now 🤔

  35. Brady

  36. I just played with normal dolls

  37. Barbie

  38. Barbie dolls

  39. becase it is her house

  40. Barbie

  41. I thought your gonna say hi im barbie whats up?

  42. 🧜🏾‍♀️

  43. Brazt

  44. Barbie that is what i played with the most

  45. More than playing with dolls I was into Barbie movies and magazines lol

  46. I really love 💖 you Barbie

  47. Lol

  48. I played with barbies

  49. Hello😘😘😘

  50. 😱 That's kitten kay Sera's house!

  51. Your room is bigger than my brain I think it's time to go back to school

  52. I love your crowns

  53. Barbie

  54. That in my room but fancier a lot More fancier

  55. Where is your ken

  56. Hat

  57. Unboxing toys that u had when u we’re little

  58. But brand new

  59. I never played with dolla

  60. barbes

  61. lo anUhuhbiundwdojxns en ioavdiwtmixdsmicjerriejfcjdfjoijdifj kikw pkiwvkkremdd,kocfesmrrrrrefjroichtvk

  62. Live in a pet store

  63. (barbie song) On Top Of The World (Barbie Princess Charm School)

  64. Poopy butt dial

  65. I played with BARBIES

  66. Please part 2

  67. Barbie

  68. I've. Played. With. Lol. Dolls

  69. U are nasty when u where in the tub I saw something nasty and it your privity part 🤮🤢

  70. Live in gingerbread house it will be lit I MEAN 🔥 LITTTT

  71. if i lived in the doll house

  72. You and ken

  73. None because I'm a tomboy

  74. I like it soo much

  75. Barbie

  76. Lol

  77. You are a barbie

  78. My daughter played with barbies

  79. Probably Barbie!

  80. También hablas español

  81. Iu iu 🤢🤢🤢

  82. The singing one.

  83. That’s from the pink lady from holly wood i know her

  84. I bathroom your all see

  85. At 107 I saw her private part…

  86. I saw your private parts

  87. Barbie Burnett

  88. how about ladybug
    also catnoir
    and store
    Gingerbread man

  89. I'm vloggers nwe my name is Gulhassansoomar

  90. I play with dolls

  91. Barbie and Monster high dolls and My little pony toys and equestria girl dolls

  92. I play with reborn baby’s the most

  93. American girl

  94. I liked to watch barbie life in the dream house now im more in nature then in barbies🌹🥀

  95. Baby aliver

  96. Barbie is the best

  97. I play with American Girl dolls the most

  98. Are you parapet? ©

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