are you gonna teach me salsa later yeah I’ll teach you some moves so you can get ready okay cuz I don’t like that I’m here with Stephanie and we’re talking about calories Stephanie why do you love Kelly because it’s like a passionate feeling I don’t know how to express it a passionate sitting show what is it passionate about it’s stationary because of the people and the environment is like the vibe that you can feel once you’re here you just feel full of energy okay so I’ve just showed her a little bit of our new prep here in Cali alpenhorn suites the suites we’ve crowdfunded what’s your first impression of the furnished Suites that we have available here classified home / rent if you would like to check out one of these places what do you think what’s your first impression is that mazing I mean a great structure and the view is incredible it is all right should we go check out the zoo all right beso in Columbia my first time they’ve been before but you tell me around which animal do you want to see today yes let’s go pedo but a Samuel Edwin Australia no monster Columbia in full actually as far as we are ovv como se aprender less scent of colonial we’re we’re we’re doing anything how do you learn the colonial accent in Columbia very strong and you have to end up the fray with me okay vamos al so this Zoo is one of the most important in Latin America it’s actually recovering the bald eagle and the Andean Condor the toucans Tigers amuse crocodiles and phibian Turtles zebras hyenas what are the top things to do in Cali the top things are to try the food I’ll recommend empanadas there is the best and they made it here in Cali lu la de so nice how beautiful these days look so many things to doing here definitely you have to try salsa because we are the world’s capital of salsa don’t try that Wow just the river you can hike at the Fifth Crusade you can see the view increase today also get at some typical candy I don’t know how to say but it’s true lado in a very close down here called home indeed South Australia Kahlua it poco de la casa el país de o Garda some in Colombia I think really tons of saludo traditional in Australia g’day mate I’m amazed so we have to be where to be quiet to see the birds you know what they told me that the chalet needs are very loud exactly or not a little bit I’m a little bit loud with my voice or we should keep it quiet [Music] people here I’ll tell you these happy with nothing or maybe everything because you can change the meaning of work what foods should people try when they come to Cali okay you have to try a hyukoh sancocho de cadena empanadas chanted Udo lulaia shampoos masa Mora Salado Marin ITA’s ahora hado chicharrón those are a few sure all right so there’s a scavenger hunt of different foods to try when you’re here what about music what what songs or what band should people start listening to to really get ready for the cali nightlife definitely from South now you can listen to through Peniche do hydro viola there is also a nice vines from the Pacific South Chuck hip town you should listen to it because it’s so nice and you seek the voice you can really feel everything let’s say you’re going out for a weekend in Cali where do you go to eat and where do you go to party okay to eat San Antonio has a lot of different options to try different styles because the food here is very interesting cos it has a mix of different countries but their own style like Colombian study so you can go to san antonio el pinyon or in granada and just walk around and yeah you can walk around and spend the night and go inside to restaurants Vargas favorite restaurant there is one very good but it’s like Italian so it’s called Astoria there more very good Sen that boss is nice little bit expensive but nice your favorite salsa club my favorite salsa club definitely Latifah is the best on Mondays you get classes free classes from 7:00 to 9:00 unusual try because it’s like a single part and then a couple and then you’re ready to party yeah okay what about your favorite club which is not salsa okay I’ll say maybe the lobby or sexta okay those are good okay all right so you’ve taught me a little bit about Cali how about I teach you a little bit about Australia sounds amazing traveling without probably that’s the the pink cockatoo it can say words sometimes if you train it what the most common word for this Polly want a cracker what Polly want a cracker Polly wants a cracker Polly want a cracker yeah Polly want a cracker so why are so many Colombians going to Australia these days why yeah can’t get Ruth no honestly people he’s going to Australia mostly to have an exchange opportunity for English and work and people and great experience I have a lot of friends that are there and they post amazing photos I’m kind of challenged how people have noticed my accent is not 100 percent typically Australian my mom is American my dad is Canadian so my accent is somewhere in between but I was born and raised in Cannes Australia we grew up with a lot of these little creatures right here Oh everything I can give is so slow why did he heats me well he’s going to get on his tail and he’s gonna kick you that’s have you seen the kangaroo before never this is my first time and I’m super excited how do you say – I can’t get say g’day mate your date me must get a there you go can I write write with a kookaburra I used to wake up to these birds okay I’m running out of time I have to get back to Bogota we’ve got so many more good videos coming click like and subscribe to catch the next one but I can’t think of a better person to help me out with a little bit of the colonial culture in particular learning how to dance salsa I’m a bit of a reggaeton dancer but I’m trying to dance salsa can you give me a head okay I love it Stephanie what is what does it mean when it does this under attack or he wants the show and Punkie side up interested in the peacock wold the male has these really bright display of feathers to attract the attention of the female how does it work in Kali for guys yeah yours attracting the attention it’s the guys of the females with their Flair and their style well I’ll say the girls the female has liked them since well you that and of course the guys gonna like cuts it and then you feel connected okay okay so peacocking is one way to get attention but it seems like salsa is a great way to get attention here in Cali okay so let’s say someone wants to meet a colonial or a Colonia how important is the ability to dance salsa for me like I’ll say eight from one to ten yes very important or okay how important is that that they speak Spanish I know it doesn’t matter because somehow you get like the body language so if someone wants to make a life in in Cali or Colombia I really recommend Spanish it helps you understand the culture a bit more but as you said you don’t necessarily need it it will be very helpful vibe still you get you know you can use some technology but yeah so what you’re saying is more importantly you should learn salsa yeah it’s a very good slide okay let’s go let’s go in some sense of it [Applause] [Music] first piece of advice Liberty give the female Liberty to move [Music] being relaxed concentrating on the steps and feeling the flavor of the music are all important to do at the same time it’s like multitasking I guess I guess leadership in that is really important to totally new diandra and emelina I would recommend those individual classes because in the group you can you can make some progress but today I think I finally correct a few things which I was having trouble with so learning the count is really really important and this is what happens if you don’t learn salsa you’re gonna be sitting on the sidelines like a chump making a block alright this is my homework for tonight we’ve got some some tuna what did you get baby – oh boy bones I meet you okay and we’re talking about how you know sometimes foreigners appreciate what Colombia has more than Colombians themselves sometimes why is that why is that I’ll say because first when you have like so many things you don’t really you are not conscious about what you have like all these people the energy the nature all the beauty that is about Colombia so when a foreigner comes here he’s like just amazed by what he sees so he really felt love for us is like so common that you know we don’t make it important but we need to because this is like my life or live your lives when you have right now and and how how do they find you how do they follow what you’re doing if you want to see what I’m doing you can check on YouTube diem for reals detection is oh I love Cali there is there will be a lot of videos showing the love for Talia and if you want to find me you can type on Instagram mostly sunny alright so every day there’s more and more Colombians foreigners appreciating and valuing what’s here in Colombia I know you’re gonna get a lot more of that on this channel like and subscribe leave it here we’re gonna finish up watch going back to Bogota next I have no idea what the next video is gonna be make sure they catch the next one when I grew up in Australia one of my biggest fears was dancing and when I got here to Colombia I realized there was something that I needed to learn it was something that provided a way to experience a culture which I was living in I by facing your fears embracing them feeling them I think that’s when we get closer to entering a flow state and snowboarding is something where I find my flow state and dancing is where she finds Buffalo State can you learn how to enter a flow State and I think and I think you can and I think that’s what we do when we go and we challenge ourselves in a new language in a new culture and into new zones grow and we can find new ways to experience see you guys in the next one my name is Sam Miller I’m part of a group of real estate entrepreneurs that are creating turnkey investments as well as taking the Airbnb experience to the next level it means we turn properties like this into properties like this it’s gonna be a wild ride click the like button on Facebook subscribe on youtube right and so good luck yeah


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