I House Web | Real Estate Websites | review | idx websites | Pricing |

I House Web | Real Estate Websites |  review |  idx websites | Pricing |

Okay, this next review is again, this is a
series of reviews talking about the top 20 or so top real estate website providers.
These real estate website providers will fall into a couple of
categories and by the way my name is Robert Newman. I’m probably one of the
most experienced real estate online marketing consultants in the US and if
you’ve been following me for a while and look at anywhere else on my blog you can
quickly find plenty of information about me. What we’re looking at is I House Web.
This falls into the category of being a real estate website IDX provider. Now
what does that mean? So these kinds of providers tend to provide very low value
websites. Now I’m not trying to say that they don’t look good or they don’t do
their job in terms of the way that they perform on the web. All I’m saying is
that chances are strong that you’re not generating a lot of leads off this
website. You’re mostly if you have business cards you’re sending people to
this website and they can search. They can do property searches but the chances
of you getting more than a few leads in your entire career of a website like
this is pretty rare. To demonstrate this point and to continue down the review of
this particular provider. So here’s the pricing they range for $59.98
per month all the way up to $299.98. Some of the
very basic things that they are not including until you start spending more
like a hundred dollars a month is actually integrated IDX search which is
a very basic feature. So you’re probably to get even a modicum of value out of a
website like this you’re gonna have to go at least $90 a month. So if
you’ve watched any of my other reviews about real estate websites. I House Web
claims that they have thirty thousand customers is what they’re saying,
somewhere here on their home page or something like that.
Join thirty thousand real estate agents that have
these kinds of websites. All right, so let’s see first and foremost if that claim
is true. So here’s I House Web and again every time somebody builds a website
they put a signature on the website it’s a link, it’s a liquid website address and
I have a tool that picks up those links. So if they’ve built these websites and
have a link on them they’re going to come back here. Now this is saying 12,251 one links it’s possible that there is one of these
packages that says that they will give out five agent sites. It’s possible
that those sites will be on a sub domain and that it’s not going to come through
as an individual website. So maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe they have thirty
thousand customers. I would be surprised but it doesn’t really matter. they
are one of the top real estate website providers in the country regardless
whatever the numbers are twelve thousand, thirty thousand that’s a pretty big
number. So I’ve identified the type of real estate website it is. What I do as
part of these reviews is I also pull up and I’m sorry I bounced off that page
real quick. So I pull up the top-ranked website and they do have a
very good one, okay. So this right here this is a domain ranking URL link.
So eighty two is one of the highest I’ve ever seen. So they have some very
established websites using their service that have sent a ton of backlinks into
their site. So this is the website in question. So now you get a
feel for what the websites are and I will I do put a couple of examples under
each one of these reviews and then I also probably have a way for you to
email me and then if you want I would create like a list of fifty examples or
ten examples from the same website provider but this is an example
it’s pretty standard and then this, now remember this is the number one site so
let’s say that 12,000 this is the top-ranked site out
of all 12,000 I House websites. My tool is really looking at mostly backlinks.
Now this doesn’t necessarily indicate performance in terms of lead generation
and what I try to identify is do websites make real estate agents money.
Now that doesn’t count if you’ve got a business card if you send someone to the
site and then that person then says I’ve been using your website you
follow-up with them by telephone and you’re always in contact with
them. If you’re doing business that way these kinds of websites can serve a
purpose. If your expectation is to drive people that you don’t know to the
website and then generate a lead off those people that you do not know then
this is not a very good website. So this has 114 thousand backlinks into it,
there’s 228 keywords that are associated with the site but according to my tool
they’re only getting six visitors. Now again I want to emphasize this is the
number one site out of all 12,000. So this is why these numbers are important
it would seem that these guys are not doing any business off their website.
The keyword that is associated with their website is Jerry Diorio and
they’re in position number 9. So another thing that I like to do when
I’m kind of researching companies especially when I’m doing these kinds of
reviews and I know that people get a little mystified by why I do this but I
do like to look at the leadership of the web development companies. Now this is an
interesting case Paul Sheng is the CEO of I House Web. According to his
LinkedIn profile he’s been the CEO since 2005 which probably means that
he’s the founder. He knows a friend of mine, who is Howard Taylor maybe a
friend is a little bit too aggressive. Howard Taylor is a business
associate at one point. He’s head of technology and I was talking about a
partnership. Nothing ever came of it, I never did business with him but I’ve met
the man a few different times. I have a lot of respect for him, he
was the founder of Tiger Leads. He sold Tiger leads and they turned into
Commission Junction. So he and Paul know each other
that doesn’t mean very much because a lot of these guys that run these
companies are very savvy technology business people and their main objective
is to build the company up and then sell it. Now Paul has not done that with I House
Web and that’s one of the reasons I like to look at these profiles. He probably
certainly has a company valuable enough to do it at this point. I House Web has 45
employees listed. You can look at Glassdoor, the reviews because I do
always check reviews when I’m checking a technology company. The reviews are a
little bit mixed in terms of I House Web. So here’s the search that I did I
House Web reviews. So there’s 16 reviews on Activerain which is a go-to for me
when I’m looking at real estate and they’re all good, I’ve read them all,
they’re great but there’s a thread on Activerain that started in 2013 that is
talking about how this person did not get quoted a $15 MLS charge I House Web
weighed in and tried to address the problem and I don’t know if they were
able to or not but then in addition to that on the thread there appears to be
basically a lot of conversations about sales people at I House Web not knowing
the product well enough to be able to pass on or discuss all the fees
correctly. There’s also a lot of conversation about people not getting
calls back. My experience 10 years in this business dealing with every real
estate website competitor that there is out there. Usually on the lower end like
this, actually in a lot of cases I can’t really say that. Some of the higher-end
companies are pretty bad too but in the lower end for sure you really do have a
very uneducated staff that are servicing the customers. It is not at all
surprising and the MLS structure is very confusing and you’re dealing with real
estate agents from all over the country. So honestly I don’t really take this too
seriously. In addition to these, there are a couple of I House Web
customers that weigh in on this thread and they basically say that they’ve been
using I House Web for 10 and 11 and 12 or 13 years and that they’ve always had
very good, very reliable service with them. My overall impression after doing a
lot of research is that this is a pretty sharp technology company that has a good
service, that’s probably going to cost you between$100 and $250 a month. I think there’s other services of this type you
can get more for your money from but if you’re looking at them, I mean and you
understand very clearly what it is that you’re signing up for then, these guys
aren’t bad. This is the I House Web contact information. Now one of the another of
the many things that I do when I’m researching somebody like a lot of
companies are very good about hiding their information not giving great
numbers to call, always sending you down into a customer service process and you
can have a problem in that customer service process. it’s very difficult to
break out of it. So what I like to do to potentially, to maybe figure out a way
around that is to look at who has registered their website. In this
particular case it was a corporation that registered the
website but it does give us a street address and a phone number that might be
different than the other phone numbers the have listed. Ultimately
speaking, my recommendation as with almost all real estate websites. Is that
if your only objective is to put a business card online if
that’s all that you want to do this is not a bad company to go with and they seem
pretty reliable and honestly I have also read their Glassdoor stuff
which Glassdoor is a review service that looks at employees reviews and most
of them say the CEO is distant. I honestly think that tech is a very hard
place to be a leader and yes you’d want to be you know as cozy and friendly as
possible but this company’s shown consistent growth, it has a huge customer
base, so this person that’s running the company has done a fairly good job. They
have a fairly good product, they seem to care about what their customers are
getting or experiencing. You know there’s a lot of information posted, it’s easy to
find who they’re 45 employees are. All together, all in all, I think that
they’re a company that does the best that they know how to do. Having said that
there are a lot of other better solutions out there. They’ve been in
business a long time, they haven’t tried to keep up or really do anything
leading-edge for the amount of money they charge and now there are people
that charge roughly the same amount that will give you a lot more for the money
and I’ll cover them later. All right thanks for spending a moment with me. I
hope that you found this review on I House Web as a real estate website provider
useful along with the written scorecard that will be on the website.

4 thoughts on “I House Web | Real Estate Websites | review | idx websites | Pricing |

  1. What would be your recommendation for a reasonably priced website provider, but that is not just "a business card online"? We have been using H&H Real Estate marketing for our website www.petrocellihomes.com and have not been very satisfied lately. It doesn't draw the consumer in. It is good for searching properties but we don't get any leads off of it and they are vague when it comes to SEO.

  2. I hate I House Web. I got an obnoxious salesmen that has been calling me for months. He ended the call with "FINE, go to commissions inv or kunversion" and then hung up on me. I was being very polite to him the whole call. When I spoke to him he also tried to talk me out of working with EAP because he somehow found out I had a site with them. I kindly told him I was satisfied with EAP and I would be switching to EXP realty anyways, which provides commissions inc or kunversion for free, though it is a sub-domain. I am alright that it is a sub-domain but that has made me want to also have my own as well.

    I might also mention my former broker, who was trying to make me share half my commission with another agent making it to where I would only make about 28.5% ( I left the brokerage shortly after starting there), uses I House Web. In about 4 months my broker was only able to give me one lead that she generated from the website in a brokerage of only 8 agents, including her, her dad, and me. It's either IhouseWeb sucks at getting leads or she was just keeping all the leads for herself. All leads were routed to her but I think it's a mix of the two.

    Anyways, I appreciate your reviews. In the future when I can afford it I will consider inbound REM. I've actually only been an agent for 4 months and became one right outta high school.

  3. Content poorly communicated. Not geared for the layperson.

  4. Do you have any suggestions on other companies?

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