I-405 Express Toll Lanes: Customer Opinions

I-405 Express Toll Lanes: Customer Opinions

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m Ethan and we’re at the Good To Go customer service center today We’re asking people what they think about the I-405 express toll lanes What is your name?
Jonah Do you use the I-405 express toll lanes?
Yeah, all the time. Conceptually I think it’s a good idea, but I see a lot of people that just go around it. Pretty much every time I’m going north on I-405. I live here in Bellevue. Time’s the only things that I’m never gonna get back so I’ll pay a couple bucks to cut my commute in half. If I’m running late for an appointment and I have to do it, then I would do it. But beyond that it’s just I don’t want to have to give up the money for that. I guess if I was going through rush hour, I might spend the money. As far as relieving congestion, I don’t really notice it. Have you used the express toll lanes before? Yes I have. They’re very helpful. Why did you decide
you wanted to get a Flex Pass? Cause I already have it on my other vehicle and I want to save some money When we saw the Good To Go lanes, I was like we need to sign up for that. It’s going to be great for us. I mean when
you’re commuting or when you’ve got somewhere to go not having something
that’s available to you is like a big ouch Do you mind coming a little bit closer? Why do you think it’s a good idea? Because I can choose to pay or not to pay and it helps people who want to go faster. Do you do anything fun with your extra time that you save? I go home! Go home early, get out of the office. We just
heard a lot of people say they like express toll lanes but others still don’t
think they’re helping. We realize this frustration is out there and we want to
address this feedback. In the face of this tremendous growth we won’t be able
to eliminate congestion but the express toll lanes at least give people a choice
for a faster trip when they really need it. If you want to share your thoughts or
find out more about the express toll lanes follow us online. Take care and have a great day!

4 thoughts on “I-405 Express Toll Lanes: Customer Opinions

  1. this was a simple money making endeavor. Not a congestion reducer. You increased the HOV requirement from two to three? Come on. Coupled w/ the new King County tabs increase. YOu have a PR problem the size of Donald Trump here.

  2. Definitely does not reduce congestion at all. The only time I ever use it is when I can use it for free either by carpooling or on weekends and evenings.

  3. 2-1 odds the 'drivers' they surveyed were WSDOT employees, former employees or state pensioners.

  4. fuck off

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